Wishes making your wish come true

What is it?

Wishes is a tool to help girls to get the cosmetic surgery they dream of. It's a support platform where people can encourage them, help them and see them make their wish come true.


This platform's main goal is to help and fund the girls. There are perhaps other platforms around, but we optimized our process so that the least money disappears somewhere, and up to 90% of your donated money goes to the girl!


We realise how important anonymity is in this business, for you and for the girls. Because of this, we provide full anonimity. The completely anonymous Bitcoin platform is our primary payment processor, so you are sure to remain anonymous.


When a girl reaches her goal, who is to say she will actually use it for that? Well, we do! We will transfer the funds to the clinic itself. This prevents any fraud and you can be sure she gets what you helped her achieve.

Wishes is currently unavailable due to maintenance on our systems

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