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Development: Model database

Since the Wishes project is nearing completion, we're building the world's biggest model information database to support the Wishes project.

The model database allows every member of to add a model to the database. He can then add vital information like height, weight, hips, waist, bustsize, cupsize, implant type and implant volume and many many more statistics to this model.
A moderator will then approve/disprove that submission. (It needs to hold up to a certain quality factor).
When it gets approved, you are automatically granted 1 boobcoin, and the model gets added to the database.

Then, the database becomes searchable. A girl who is looking for a boobjob can then enter her own sizes and preferences, and the database will search all the model in her own size range. This way she can see what the implants would look like in the way they are meant to.

As for the implant admirers, they can also search for their favorite size and see which girls meet his ideals.

Everybody wins!

We will keep you up to date as the model database development progresses.

January 27th, 2013

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