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Wishes Project - Public testing

Hey guys, good news, the "Wishes" project is about ready to start public testing.
That means that the product is finished in it's core features, it can do all that we need, but we're still building the extras that we still like to have to it, but there's so many people impatiently waiting to get started that we're opening our doors soon! We're just waiting for the first "wishgirls" to complete their profiles, and we can open it up :D.

For those who don't know what our "Wishes project" is, it's a system that allows people to donate small/medium/large amounts of funds to their favorite model. In return they will keep them up to date with anything they like to share.
Every girl gets a blog, a wall, interviews, pictures, movies, anything you can imagine.
Why? Because some girls just don't have the means to make their dreams come true. And you can help her! And it doesn't have to be much, just a tiny donation will help, because a lot of tiny donations do make a large number to make her wish come true!

You may wonder: But there are other sites for that!
This may be true indeed, however, those sites are built from a business point of view, and they need to make money.
Most of the popular sites charge a 50% fee for that. This means that if you pay 100 dollars to a girl, the girl only gets 50!
The rest of the money goes into the pockets of the company, creditcard company, money exchange and who knows what else.
We designed "Wishes" from the girl's point of view. What the real essentials are. What the bare necessities are. And this makes it possible for the girl to get up to 90% of it!!!
This would be better for the girl, and ofcourse for the donor. We don't think any donor would like half of his money to go up in smoke, that money would be better used elsewhere.

How we managed this? Simple, we use Bitcoin.
No banks needed, no creditcards, no transaction fees, no currency exchange, nothing! And it works everywhere around the world, really easy!
Granted, it's a bit more effort for you to buy Bitcoins, but we will supply you with the best and easiest way to do it, for everyone around the world, and not just limited to the U.S.A.
This means that even small amounts of money are helpful, and it helps the girls to reach their goals a lot faster!
That's what we all want!

We are very excited about the project.
We hope you are too!

January 27th, 2013

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