Author Topic: A term for “active lady” Tittyfuck/Titfuck/titwank/titjob?  (Read 1100 times)


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A term for “active lady” Tittyfuck/Titfuck/titwank/titjob?
« on: January 07, 2022, 12:44:24 am »
This is something I’ve thought about way too much and spent too much time searching! I always have trouble searching for this because it seems there are two positions for the Tittyfuck/Titfuck/titwank/titjob

I’ll use this Wendy Whoppers compilation video as a reference to what I mean:

One is what I call the “active man tittyfuck” where the lady lays down, and the man thrusts. “He tittyfucks her.” Or, is there’s a toy involved, she moves the toy with her hands up and down through the cleavage. I think I see this more often.

The other is what I call the “active lady tittyfuck” when the man is sitting or laying down, and lady strokes (usually combined with a BJ to some degree). “She tittyfucks him.” If there’s a toy, the toy is either a suction toy or a doll where she strokes it with her breasts. This is easily my more preferred scene, but it seems they both use the same terms.

I was so excited to see these scenes with Wendy because she was generally more passive. I think only about 45 seconds of this video is her in the “active” role.

I think the first scene that blew me away was with Donita Dunes. Which I don’t have or know where to find it. It blew my mind a woman could surround a cock like that and take total control with just her breasts. I remember Crystal Gunns had a scene with a bra on, which was just as mind blowing to me (like “I could tittyfuck you without even having to take this off!”) Recently I’ve seen Candy Charms do some, but I get tired searching with not much success. And most searches result in natural boob tittyfucking, which eliminates even more results.

Is there a difference? Are there separate terms? It seems “titjob” might be more lady-dominated like a blowjob, but I don’t see much of a difference when I search for it.

So, if any of you have ideas on what to search for, or just scenes enhanced ladies “tittyfucking him”, I’d be grateful.