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Author Topic: Upside Down - A new breast expansion story  (Read 923 times)


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Upside Down - A new breast expansion story
« on: July 19, 2021, 12:07:06 am »

When Penny moves into her new place, she finds out that her neighbor is that grumpy old teacher that was so awful to her. However, she finds out that the woman has changed unexpectedly. She has somehow acquired very big tits! Time to investigate ...
This erotic fiction contains breast and butt expansion. All characters are at least 18 years old.

Get it here:

And the preview:
The place was a mess. There were brown boxes everywhere, and although Penny had really tried to put everything in some kind of order, it had all broken down once the delivery guys had appeared. They had quickly loaded her boxes into their truck and had disappeared. When she managed to catch up to them at her new place, they had just dumped all the stuff in the house’s front yard and left. Sure, the area wasn’t a nice place to live, with the houses being even cheaper than renting an apartment close to the university, but Penny didn’t think it would be so bad …

While she gave them a bad rating, Penny sat down on one of the bigger boxes. She just hoped they were clothes and not something that would break down from her weight.

So far, so good. Well, actually, so far, so bad. She had to get those boxes inside, and quick too. After all, it was supposed to rain later on. With a sigh, she decided to ask her new neighbors. Maybe someone would help her.

Crestfallen, she walked over to the next house and rang. No answer. There was someone inside, but the person wasn’t reacting. She tried again, maybe the one in the house didn’t hear the bell.

There were steps now. Penny tried to explain what was going on, but before she could really start, a rather old-sounding female voice growled:

“Go away.”

Penny tried again, hoping for some kind of help, but the second reply was even harsher:

“Leave, now! I want to be left alone!”

“Okay, okay …” Penny shrugged and left. Now that was a weird reaction. Grumpy and angry. She seemed to recognize the voice, though. Had she heard it before? She couldn’t put her finger on it.

With a groan, she walked over to the next house and tried her luck. The rather stoned looking guy who opened nodded and replied:

“Yeah, sure. I’m just gonna fetch my hand truck and I’ll get that stuff inside in no time.”

“Wow! That’s so nice of you. I’m Penny, by the way!”

“Luke. Nice to have you here.”

“I gotta admit, I was panicking. The old woman next door was really aggressive.”

“Oh yes. She’s really bad. All angry, all the time. She only goes out in the evening, when it’s dark and she’s always all covered up and if you even try to say hello, she snaps at you. Sorry that you’re stuck with her as a neighbor.”

“So are you.”

“Uh-huh. Come to think of it …”

Regardless of all the problems, Luke helped her with the boxes and soon, Penny got her things into safety. Moments later, the clouds burst and the yard was thoroughly soaked. She breathed in relief and said:

“Wow, you really saved me there …”

Luke nodded and wanted to answer, but his phone went off, producing deep, sexy moans. He instantly turned crimson and fumbled with it.

“Fuuuck … Uh, let me take that call!”

He stumbled outside, leaving a tired and confused Penny with her boxes.


As if there weren’t enough boxes already, Penny got a notification when she returned home. She had settled in the new place quite well, and even though there were still a few bits and bobs to fix, she was starting to feel at home. One thing she did want, though, were lamps. It was a now or never situation. If she didn’t get the lamps right at the start, it wouldn’t happen. In her last place, she had moved in, stayed a year and left, without any lamps ever fixed.

Now she was going to start studying, and she knew she wouldn’t manage.

She had ordered the fancy sweet lamps she wanted and apparently, they had arrived, but the delivery guy had dropped them off with that horrible woman. She groaned and massaged her temples. In the last week, she had met the other people from around, but that woman had stayed indoors and evaded her whenever she could. For Penny, this was basically okay. She didn’t need that woman in her life.

But now, she did want those lamps.

Penny walked over to the other house and rang.

“Go away!”

“I can’t. You have my lamps.”

“Your lamps?”

“They came in a box. Can I have them?”

“The box … Uh … I … Not now.”

“Not now? They’re my lamps. I ordered them and you accepted them.”

“I just …”

Was there a hint of doubt, even fear, in the woman’s voice? Penny’s eyes narrowed. She knew that woman. She knew that voice …

Oh fuck.

“Mrs. Jenkins?”

There was a pause on the other side of the door. The young woman continued:

“Mrs. Jenkins, it’s me, Penny! I was in your class … ten years ago?”

Strangely, Penny was happy to know that her teacher was there, even though she hadn’t liked her at all while in school. Mrs. Jenkins had been very, very strict, even downright cruel in her work, but such things disappeared after a while, she realized.

The woman inside seemed to pause. Then there was a sigh:

“Okay, come on in and get your box. I just …” The old woman harrumphed. “Just make it quick!”

The door was opened with a lot of clicking and clacking of locks and bolts, then it swung open. Mrs. Jenkins stood there, her long grey hair in a bun and her face looking even older than when Penny was a kid. The worst part was the nose, really. It was very big and crooked, like a witches’. To Penny, she had always seemed very ugly, but when she looked at the class photos afterwards, she realized that this woman actually had a nice figure. Not that she was in any way into women, it was just …

She was going to study to be a masseur and physical therapist, and she had developed a look for people’s posture soon enough.

Mrs. Jenkins was not standing straight right now. Like, at all. She was standing all slumped and crooked. Penny hesitated for a moment, then said:

“Uh … Are you okay?”

The old woman frowned at her and replied:

“Make it quick, please.” She walked over to the kitchen table and got the box. Penny watched her. Something was wrong. Mrs. Jenkins was trying to walk in this way, but she didn’t have to …

As she took the box, she straightened up to be able to lift it. Penny’s eyes opened wide. Just how big were those breasts? Fuck. No wonder she walked all bent over! Those were huge.

Penny quickly averted her eyes and took the box. The old woman probably didn’t notice her look.

“Here you are. Now go.”

“Okay! Got it! Thank you!”

Penny couldn’t get out quick enough. Once outside, she went home fast and took a deep breath once she got rid of the lamps. Holy crap! When did that happen? She knew it was stupid, but she had to figure this one out. She probably shouldn’t, but …

No. She couldn’t just spy after her old teacher, could she?

Better install those lamps.

Much better.


That night, Penny couldn’t sleep. She kept tossing and turning in her bed, unable to find a comfortable position. It wasn’t just the new place, obviously. Somehow, that woman’s breasts kept her thinking. She sat up in bed and stared out of the window. What kind of crazy pervert had she become?

That’s when she noticed that the light was still on next door. Okay …

She rummaged in her boxes until she found her camera, then snuck to the window. Opening it a bit, she peeked outside and tried to get a look through Mrs. Jenkins window. She almost dropped the camera.

The woman was sitting on her bed, massaging the biggest pair of tits she had ever seen.

Okay, she had seen bigger ones on TV and on the internet, obviously, but in real life? Never. Fuck. Those were gigantic. Each boob was big enough to wear a baseball hat or something. The old woman stretched her back with a groan and trusted them out. Now they looked even more massive.

Penny was breathing quickly now. She was a pervert, but she enjoyed this right now. With a grin, she snapped away, taking one picture after the other. Were those scars? Did that woman really get breast implants? Especially ones that size? Why at that age? Why anyway?

Why on Earth would a senior citizen, a retired teacher, get porn star tits? And why was this turning her on like this?

The young woman was feeling like a very horny junior detective … Penny Cooper and the Mystery of the Giant Teacher Tits!

She chuckled.

That’s when she realized she was turned on by this.

Penny put away the camera and slid back to her bed. Maybe she could take off the edge a bit …


Meanwhile, Mrs. Jenkins was furious and confused. That girl, Penny, had looked at her in a way that annoyed her. Ever since that’s stupid surgery, her life was getting worse! She had only wanted the surgeon to finally give her a nicer nose and that idiot had mixed her up with some airheaded stripper. That girl had complained a lot about the situation, because apparently, he had made her nose even smaller and she now looked … well, not so good. It looked really tiny and pointy now, like a doll’s.

Strangely enough, he offered to do her breasts for free now. Mrs. Jenkins certainly wouldn’t trust that idiot to ever touch her again. Instead, she demanded that he pay for another operation from a respectable surgeon to get those absurd tits out of her chest and fix her nose for good.

The guy had shrugged and said he’d take care of it.

Mrs. Jenkins had yelled at him that she would pick the surgeon and he’d have to pay for the operation and he’d better do it! That had shut him up. After all, she could still sue him into oblivion.

Meanwhile, she was stuck with those … monstrosities. They were big and heavy and very, very tight. the surgeon had given her a cream to put on her skin every day to fix this and after a bit of being grumpy, she had started this as a daily ritual. It was astonishing just how much cream it needed to cover all this stretched skin. She had had pretty big, but floppy breasts, and now, they were stretched into ridiculous spheres.

The thing was, the whole situation was confusing too.

Penny had looked more curious than disgusted by her figure. Did that girl actually like what she saw?

She grumbled. Maybe she should give it a try? Was this a thing? She could invite her over and see how she’d react. Maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t too grotesque.

Mrs. Jenkins harrumphed.

Wishful thinking. That was all it was.

She continued the massage and sighed. Soon this nightmare would be over.

Then, she thought, what if it really was okay? She had nothing to lose, after all. She was old, she was single and she was, quite honestly, not going to get any better.

Shrugging, she decided to try.