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Author Topic: Law and order  (Read 278 times)


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Law and order
« on: January 04, 2021, 03:15:17 pm »
Dear community,

so... I found this early-20 hottie which would love to go plastic. She's from an east European country, wants to go fake, but needs a sponsor for it. I've done this before, on a trust & friendship base, and got ripped off most of the time. So I agreed with her that I would finance her bimbofication only with a contract.
Well, and this is why I post it here: As this lifestyle usually requires some financial base meaning it's attractive to well-off, generous, financial secure gentlemen with higher education, my hope is that some legal expert or lawyer here would might have a look at it whether I'm on the right track with that. You can also see it as a naughty idea or theory that we might even expand to kind of a 'bimbo' contract...

Private loan agreement

Contracting parties
Lender - me
Borrower - her
Content of the contract
The lender provides the financial means for a cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation) for the borrower. The provision follows under the following conditions:
  • The decision to undergo breast augmentation is made of the borrower's free will.
  • The operation takes place in a reasonable time frame, not more than 4 weeks after the provision of the loan, at a plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic
  • Provision of payment is made by direct payment from the lender to the plastic surgeon
Interest and repayment
Repayment by personal presence and interaction
Repayment is made by providing personal presence and interaction of the Borrower at and with the Lender by mutual agreement. Personal attendance in the amount of xx hours shall be provided for the equivalent of the loan services.
Repayment based on hours of attendance rendered shall be acknowledged in writing by both Parties in the amount rendered, in duplicate (once for the Lender, once for the Borrower) on the performance voucher attached hereto as an Exhibit. Services shall be deemed to have been rendered only if they are acknowledged by both in agreement.

Provision of attendance is possible only in person and directly. By mutual agreement, attendance may be provided by telephone (e.g. text chats/phone calls/video calls). 

The Borrower shall actively and regularly offer to provide attendance. If an offer of attendance provision is not made within a period of more than four weeks since the last provision, the lender has the right to call the loan due.

Total hours of attendance/interaction must be provided within the one-year period. Otherwise, the loan will be called due and must be repaid monetarily in accordance with section 'repayment' with appropriate surcharges immediately upon maturity.

If the attendance is provided on a regular basis, the loan is interest-free and repaid in full upon provision of the agreed hourly service.

(Monetary) repayment
Alternatively, the loan can also be repaid by (monetary) repayment. 

The following scale applies in this case:
  • Repayment before or after the operation without any personal presence and interaction of the borrower at and with the lender: 200% of the loan amount
  • Repayment before or after surgery with personal presence and interaction of the borrower at and with the lender of less than 20 hours in total: 150% of the loan amount
Each repayment is subject to a 50€ processing fee, which is not credited to the repayment amount. 

Monetary repayment must be made within one year of loan provision.
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