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Author Topic: Dating App Situation 2020  (Read 574 times)

Daddy V

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Dating App Situation 2020
« on: October 08, 2020, 04:02:01 pm »
I guess I'm knocking on the old-guy status door, but I haven't messed with dating apps in the past 5 years and I'm curious how much they've improved, especially in a tPB context.

Personally I'm far more interested in a girl's mental position than whether she already has implants (i.e. kinks and what actually turns her on), since I'm into the design process not just a good fuck.

If I were designing Tinder I would have included a bunch of secret check boxes for fetish based preferences so people could more easily run into compatible types without plastering "pegging" or "bloodsport" all over a profile that their boss could happen upon.

Is there anything remotely like this out there in the mainstream? I know there are dating apps "for kinksters" but as we've said before, anything specifically created for people drawn to the weird or overtly sexual is going to have an incredibly narrow audience and probably end up 98% male anyway.