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Author Topic: Wife and Mistress  (Read 1943 times)


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Wife and Mistress
« on: May 21, 2020, 06:19:27 pm »
I guess quite a few of you will enjoy this one ...

Wife and Mistress
Jeffrey gets confronted by his wife and his mistress. He wants to apologize, but they have something entirely different in mind ...
This erotic fiction contains breast, belly, thigh and butt expansion. Basically inflation! All characters are at least 18 years old.

And the preview ...

I stared at the two women in the living room. I had fucked up and now, I knew it. My wife Jodie looked at me with a glare, while my mistress, Dora, seemed a little amused. The contrast between the two of them couldn’t be bigger. Jodie was plump, shapeless and constantly dressed down. Her bobbed brown hair lacked any shine and she looked tired. Sex was completely uninteresting to her. Even while I craved her, she didn’t care. Dora, on the other hand, was a sex bomb. She always dressed in tight clothes, revealing her enhanced tits and her pert ass. She wore makeup whenever she could and spent a lot of my money at the hairdresser. And the clothes shops. And the beautician. God, I lusted after her.
Now they knew of each other and I had them sitting in my living room. I was screwed. Jodie got up and said:
“Jeffrey, as you can see, I met your lady friend here. We had a long and … intense talk and …”
I stared at her. Dora got up. She walked next to Jodie and grinned. What was going on?
“… and we found out we have a few things in common.”
I hesitated. Dora laughed:
“Oh, don’t worry. It’s nothing against you. Actually, we both kinda like you. You’re generous, you can be funny and you’re a good fuck. It was just that Jodie was unhappy with herself and she projected that on you. When we talked, she realized this was about her and not you, and we decided to change.”
I was dumbfounded.
“Okay …”
“So we’ll take your money, and we’ll be back soon. When we are comfortable. Bye.”
And they left.

I didn’t hear a thing of them for the next months. That was a good thing, since I had to work my ass off to fix the hole they tore in my finances. I wasn’t in the position to complain, but fuck, did they bleed me dry. Anyway, after all this time, my phone rang and they had me come to a very expensive hotel. They really had no shame at all. Not that I put up much, or even any resistance. I just got in my car and drove there. It was a nice place alright. Secluded, private and, as I waited for the concierge to announce me, filled with the rich and unknown. I have never seen women like these in my life! God, each one of them must have cost a fortune in plastic surgery. I wondered what my women were up to.
The concierge told one of the valets to bring me up to the suite and I swallowed. That sounded like even more money. Fuck. I’d never get out of this.
We reached the floor, and the young man told me which door to take. Then he disappeared, leaving me alone in the hallway. I walked up to the door and gently knocked, very, very nervous.
I heard a voice answer. It was Jodie’s but the tone was different. As if she were more confident and assertive.
“Come in!”
I opened the door gently and saw a large room with elegant furniture, a large window that led to a massive balcony and the two women, sitting there in their bathrobes. They looked incredibly relaxed and very, very pampered. Also, while Dora was her usual glorious self, Jodie seemed changed. Her hair was now silky and shiny, with a lot of volume, but looking elegant, not cheap. She had obviously lost some weight, and her face was perfectly made up, giving her a sultry glance I had never seen on her. She grinned:
“Ooh … I like that look. I guess you didn’t know what you were going to find, did you?”
“No. I didn’t. How are you?”
“Oh, we are both fine, aren’t we?”
Dora chimed in:
“Better than ever. Amazing!”
I hesitated:
“Okay … So, what did you do?”
Jodie smirked:
“He’s curious, isn’t he?” Dora nodded. “Well, we can show him now, can’t we?”
She got up and I noticed she was wearing heels. And not just some simple pumps. Real high heels. Stilettos. Fuck. Somehow, even that turned me on. Dora got up too. Jodie had this fluffy bathrobe on, but I could tell her figure had changed. I couldn’t help staring. My wife stood there, relaxed, and untied the robe’s belt. She opened it slowly and I got a good glance at a pair of round, majestic tits. Where did those come from?
She saw my look and said:
“Oh, you noticed them? Good. You know, Jeffrey, as I spent my time with Dora, I realized I wanted to be sexy. I had enough of dumpy old me. First I was jealous, but then I understood: I can have this too.”
She dropped the robe, revealing a trim, lightly muscled body, with a hint of a six-pack and a rounded, hard butt. She grinned, spun around to give me a good look and added:
“Oh, we had a lot of fun together, Dora and I. She showed me things I never thought existed and I found that we shared a hidden side. A little bit of common crazy. Maybe that was what attracted you to the both of us.”
Dora dropped her robe too and I was amazed by her tight muscles and her majestic tits. They were even bigger than before. They were now both naked if not for some tiny amulets around their necks.
She said:
“Actually, I discovered that kink with your wife, Jeffrey. I put it into words and then, I did it.”
I couldn’t bear it anymore:
I almost shouted.
They came very close now and Jodie said:
“Dora took a while to find a doctor who would even think about doing something like that, but we did find a guy.”
Dora added:
“He did seem a little shifty.”
My wife nodded:
“Oh yes. More than a little. I have to admit, I was a little afraid when he put us to sleep. But it was worth it.”
I was starting to panic:
“What the fuck did he do to you?”
“Nothing we didn’t want. Come here, and touch my skin.”
She held up her arm. I was surprised by the way she put it, but I did as she told me. When my fingers brushed over her forearm, I shivered. It felt … strange.
“What is this?”
She smiled. No, she grinned:
“He replaced our skins with a special polymer. It’s silkier, firmer, stretchier and it regenerates incredibly fast.”
“But how is that even possible?”
Dora smirked:
“I don’t know and I don’t care. But it worked. This skin will last our lifetimes, even longer, maybe. We’ll always be young and pretty.”
I took a step back. This was so bizarre, it felt terrifying.
Jodie chuckled at my retreat:
“Oh, don’t be like this, Jeffrey. You wanted a young and gorgeous woman, you got two! And here’s the best part: The surgeon even implanted us with some little extras!”
She squeezed her huge tits, then sank her perfectly manicured fingers into them. They welled up between her fingers, looking completely artificial. My dick was hard. She grabbed me by the hand and added:
“Come on. We’ll show you what we’ve been up to!”
The two women took me along to the bedroom, the heels clicking on the floor and their breasts bouncing. I followed them, both confused and terrified. What the fuck was happening?