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Author Topic: New story site  (Read 728 times)


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New story site
« on: March 18, 2020, 09:16:03 pm »

Tit Fest 2025


Tit Fest 2025

My divorce is final as of last week..That angry bitch Devon is out of my life..She hates women with big fake tits..Ever since she caught me jerking off to some of the biggest breasts on the planet nothing was the same..Devon hated my obsession with boobs!..I suggested she get huge implants..Of course that even made her more angry!..A natural DD cup is all she desired..I wanted more..Biggest fucking breasts I could find..California is a 50/50 state so I lost some money..Good to have her out of my life!..So I might have luck on my horizon soon..You see I have been talking to this young girl online..She’s 26 and built..Wants to get more funding to pay for her second boob job..Cindy has 2,000 ccs right now but needs fill ups..I might consider giving her the money when we meet up this weekend..Expanders with super high tech implants..Saline constantly fills those fuck babies up..No end in sight for how big they will get!..Only a select few women have these..Expensive as hell..Needless to say it cost her a fortune..That’s where I come in..First we have to see if we hit it off in person..Cindy needs the money!..The annual Tit Fest is in Las Vegas..I’m about to drive there..This shit is exciting..My job in medical sales has left me with a substantial income..The divorce left Devon with the house..I’m still in good financial health though..

Once I got through the LA traffic it was smooth sailing on the I-15 north..I’m like fantasizing what Cindy will be like with boobs that big!..We did several live chats on skype..She’s this bleached blond girl with a beautiful face..Okay I know Cindy is much younger than me..I’m 42 but I could care less..Love could be on the horizon..She wants those giant fuck bags on her chest..That’s what truly matters!..And I get to pay for the expansion..I hope..Oh there she is on the dashboard phone..”Hey Brad..Are you in Vegas yet?”..”I’m about an hour away honey”..”Good..Meet me in my room when you get here..The MGM grand”..”Right I have it right here..Room 754”..”You got it..This will be fun”..”Bye”..I push the pedal to the medal and speed 10 miles over the speed limit..My cock is getting hard..Damn..

I park in the garage then head into the casino..Walk for ever then check in..Finally get to the elevator..My room is on the 6 th floor..Throw the bags on the bed and take a piss..Hurry up to see Cindy..Knock on her door with butterflies in my stomach..Opens up the door and I’m in love..”Why Hi Brad..Come on in..Let me give you a hug”..She presses her tits against my chest..Cindy has this tiny waist and a big natural ass!..Wearing a low cut white blouse..Tight ass jeans on..”Finally we meet”..”You’re even more handsome in person Brad”..”Why thanks Cindy..Not beautiful like you though!”..”Oh I really try honey”..”It works Cindy..You are amazing!”..”You said you were 5-9 inches tall..I’m only 1 inch shorter than you..I love that man bun and your five o’clock shadow!”..”Cool”..”I have a bottle of wine if you want some”..”I would love that”..She walks towards the fridge and shakes her wide ass..Jiggles her fake tits!..”Let’s sit down on the sofa”..”Cheers!”..”Yes cheers to big tits!”..”We think the same way Cindy”..”Ha..Ha..Nothing wrong with booby greed Brad!”..”Amen to that”..”So how is your job going?”..”Oh I just made vice president of sales”..”Wow Brad..I love a man who succeeds”

“I’m the man for that”..”You sure are”..”How about some dinner tonight?”..”I thought you would never ask”..Cindy leans over and kisses me passionately!..I cop a feel of her plastic tits..”Mmm..Nice..Do you like them?”..”Oh god yes!..Those send chills up my spine!”..”I love hearing that..I should probably wear a bra for dinner..Wanted to show them with my erect nipples”..”Damn Cindy..Awesome”..”My next fill up is next Monday if you want to stay around”..”Oh yes I do!”..”Good..Drink up then”..The buzz is on now..We both feel better about meeting each other in person I think..This is a dream come true for me..We talk about her new  website and how her family thinks she’s crazy for wanting giant tits..Cindy and I have the same passion in life..Huge fucking boobs rule!..She rubs my 12 inch cock while we kiss..”Wow Brad!..Perfect..I thought you had a fake cock stuffed in there!”..”That’s too funny babe!..It’s all me..That feels good”..”After dinner we might try it out”..”Promises”..”Let me get ready”..”I will go to my room and do the same thing”..Take the elevator down to my room..Four huge bra busting women come strolling down the hall..This is like heaven already!

Take a shower and think what 10,000 cc’s will look like on that killer body?..Those fuck bags will need a big dick!..Cindy will be the perfect bimbo fuck!..I will make her cum like crazy!..Totally hyped up now..Get dressed as fast as I can..Dry my hair then put it back into a bun..Keep the beard for a while..I still see a slight hard on in those pants..It’s going to be a tuff weekend with all these giant tits walking around!..Get back to Cindy’s room..”Hey..Just about ready”..”Awesome”..My new tit hound friend is wearing a tight blue spandex dress..Blue eye shadow to match..False eyelashes..All dolled up..”I decided not wear a bra”..”Honey..You don’t need one”..”Kiss me Brad”..I grab her tiny waist then hold onto her plump firm ass..Glorious chick..”Let’s try Morimoto’s”..”Like that Brad”..We head down to the ground floor..Now we see all the women here for the convention..My eyes are distracted to say the least..Check my phone to make sure we have that table reserved..”Some big girls here Brad..Don’t you love it?”..”Yeah..Absolutely”..”Can’t wait to fill these girls up”..”Me too”..

“Here is your wine..Can I take your order now?”..”Sure..How about the tuna tacos for me”..”Sounds yummy Brad..Let’s try a tuna pizza..That sounds crazy”..”You will love it..Thank you”..”Cheers Cindy”..”The bodies on these women get me all excited”..”We will see a lot of them this weekend”..”Can’t wait to talk to them about their experiences having tits that big”..”So you have 10,000 right?”..”Yes..That’s why I’m so in debt right now..Doctor Peterson said they are capable of 13,000 Brad”..”Ug..Hmm..Uh..Wow!”..”Chokes you up Brad”..”Uh like yeah!”..”You are such a cute guy”..”Likewise gorgeous”..”Your food..Please enjoy”..”Looks so good”..”This guy was an iron chef Cindy”..”Tastes so amazing”..”Thumbs up”..We smile at each other like love struck teenagers..Totally forgotten about that bitch ex wife..Cindy and I just clicked..What can I say?..

“Can I get you some dessert?”..”Oh not for me..I need to watch my weight”..”Just the check Todd”..After paying the check we walk around the casino..”There we go..The tit fest is in that hall..Friday morning”..”I’m excited Brad”..”I already bought two tickets online for us”..”Awesome”..We kiss and hold hands..This might be magic..Stop at the slot machine and play a few rounds..”Well I lost”..”No big deal Cindy”..Walk around and see a poker tournament is going on..Several busty broads are watching..”Look..There’s Tulsi Torpedos Brad”..”Oh wow!”..Tulsi owns a pair..I think she might be 13,000 cc’s!..Her man is taking video of her as people stare at those giant fuck puppies!..I wonder what my dick would feel like in between those?..Low cut gown on..Tiny little waist..About 5-6 inches tall..”Let’s go meet her”..Cindy is totally fascinated by her body..She has that shit eating grin on her face..

“Hi there..I’m Cindy Conners and this is my friend Brad Nesson”..”Nice to meet you..I see you have some fake ones”..”I do..They are rated expanders..My doc says we can go to 13,000”..”Good for you honey..Do you dance?”..”Not yet Tulsi”..”When you get to my size it will pay off..Believe me”..”I do..Such a fan..How big are they?”..”About 14,500 Sweeties"..”Can I hug you?”..Cindy hugs her giant orbs like a baby..It puts a smile on her face..Her husband catches it on camera..”Well good luck Cindy..We need more girls like you in our industry”..”We will see you around this weekend”..Holding hands and we walk away..”Can you see me that big?”..”Hell yes girl!”..”She was so cool..I want those boobs!”..”Starting Monday Cindy”..”Yay”..She shoves her tits into my chest and deep throat kisses me..”How about a night cap in my room?”..”Heck yes Brad”

Get into my room and shut the door..Cindy takes her dress off and pulls down my fly..Take my shirt off and Cindy is already sucking on my huge dick..Her nice fake tits are shaking back and forth..”Mmm..You have such a huge cock!..Mmmm”..”Oh crap!..Fuck!”..I’m rock hard and pre cum is already coming to the tip..”I bet you want a tit fuck first”..”Hell yeah”..She slides her boobs in between my dick..”That’s it baby..Oh yeah”..”Mmmm..When I get huge fucking tits you will not even see that big dick!”..”Grow those fucking tits!”..”Mmmm”..Cindy is an expert..Not making me cum too soon..After about 15 minutes I blow my load..”Yeah..Fuck!”..”That’s it..Plaster those tits!..Cum all over them!”..My new lover knows how to please..

Trying out a new breast expansion Patreon site..Let me know what you think..Certainly open to suggestions..I have several stories so far..Plan to keep adding every other day.