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Author Topic: 888's furious ranting room  (Read 31965 times)


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Re: 888's furious ranting room
« Reply #300 on: December 24, 2020, 08:25:49 pm »

Obviously, none of the spineless losers who are for lockdowns own small businesses that 1 in 4 might close permanently due to lockdowns.

I actually own a small business. Guess what, i'm still running just fine, i just had to change my business strategy.
I'm convinced that any business owner worth their salt can do this and survive. The sheer fact that one doesn't have a financial buffer to survive emergency situationssays enough about how good of an entrepreneur you are.
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Re: 888's furious ranting room
« Reply #301 on: December 26, 2020, 01:51:40 pm »

'It's OFFICIAL: Sweden's 'No Lockdown' Approach WORKED BETTER than UK, Belgium & France'


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Re: 888's furious ranting room
« Reply #302 on: December 26, 2020, 02:07:20 pm »
Still going on about Sweden I see...

What you seem to not understand is that Sweden is pretty unique in the way society operates and even its location, resulting in less strict regulations.

However, the practical effect of these regulations is quite on par with that of more strict policies in different countries where these need to be taken to get the same effect in the effective movements of the population.

Check out this interview with Anders Tegnell, lead of the team of experts in control of designing policy around COVID-19 regulations in Sweden. This should clear up some misconceptions.

Here you'll find more about Swedens' regulations and strategy, they have become more strict as time passes and Sweden has seen a huge spike of infections.

We tried the same strategy in the Netherlands, but apparently the group of people that just don't give a rats ass is too big to let guidelines be effective, so we end up in a lock-down again as hospitals are getting flooded with patients again.

Stories you hear about Sweden reaching herd immunity...  Yea, that's not working out so well...

Sweden has a much lower rate of obesity than for example the UK or USA, one of the important comorbidites related to COVID deaths.

If you want to compare Sweden, you have to do so with countries that have a similar profile, comparable population density, culture, location, etc. So, the Nordic countries.
When we compare Sweden to them, it doesn't look so wonderful anymore.
Sweden has a mortality rate 4-10x that of Norway, Finland or Denmark

And again also, it's not just old farts that die from it that is an issue. Prolonged compromised health is quite common.
Unfortunately the paper doesn't go into detail about the demography of these issues, since you do not value the life of elderly, that may be relevant to the interpretation of this information on your end.
My guess would be that these prolonged health issues are spread out over the population much more than the fatalities and hospitalizations are.
I personally know various people that had to quit their studies and jobs because of their continued degraded well being, months after infection, without having had severe symptoms. As much as many people are asymptomatic, it's no joke and certainly not 'just a cold' when you do get symptoms either during or after infection.

So, as you'll probably not read any of what i posted, i'm just curious, what are your thoughts about all the deaths that would occur when we don't slow down the spread of the virus and hospitals get flooded with patients?
Just let the old farts that get COVID die in the hallways or refuse to take them in? The alternative is to DO take them in and provide care, and other people in need of medical care will then be the victim of that, as there is no capacity to treat them.

You also talk about the damages to the economy. Do you think the economy would be doing better with a fully uncontrolled pandemic, you think people would not be worried and stay home instead? What about the workers in all the public places that you want to keep open? You think they want to keep doing their job in a highly infected population? What about policy, they have to work? You'll fire them because they don't want to gamble their health?
I don't even know how to begin comparing the psychological impact of losing people or your own health to COVID compared to biting through a prolonged lock-down.
It's extremely difficult to make policy in this situation, impossible to satisfy 'the vast majority' of people, so much at stake and everything affects everything else basically.

I was bored, so I thought I would read your links (I read none of your closed-minded comments - especially since you banned me for speaking frankly before...there is no point).

First - you are posting links now. That's better. 👏 Seriously.

What the heck is your point?
Sweden is not doing a perfect job? I never said they were perfect (were it up to me? I would have zero restrictions except possibly travel restrictions for foreigners and put aside some dough so the very sick/old can self isolate).
But compare it to lots of other countries who have locked down - (like here in North America) and the difference is night and day.
Here, during lockdowns, in many places, you are not allowed to go to church AT ALL. And you are not allowed to peacefully assemble AT ALL. And most stores and bars/restaurants are ordered closed or are only allowed take-out/drive through. Who the fuck drives through a nice restaurant?
Also, your link says 'Schools, public transport, private events and visits to shops are excluded.' In other words - kids can go to school. NO WAY they can here in most of North America during lockdowns.
What the heck are you talking about? Sweden has only tested >4 million Swedes.
That is not even 40% of their population.
Who the heck said 'herd immunity' for Covid-19 was 40%? Fauci just came out and said herd immunity for Covid could be 90%. Sweden is (to my knowledge) nowhere near that figure.

When I was skipping over your comments - my eyes caught site of 'Sweden's economy'. I assume you were saying that there is no proof that Sweden's economy was not hurt bad.
Yes there is - tons of it - I typed this on YouTube the other day:

'1) I could care less what some monarch thinks about anything. And who cares what Scandinavia does? Do humans breath differently there?
 2) I never said Sweden did it perfectly. I said what Sweden did proved 100% that there is NO factual, statistical evidence that lockdowns save ANY lives since LOTS of countries that did lockdown had far worse death rates per 1 million than Sweden did.
 3) And economically? You are obviously misinformed or guessing.
 Sweden's GDP dropped 8% in Q2 2020. America's dropped 31%.
Sweden's fiscal deficit for FY 2020 will be about 3.9% of GDP.
America's will be over 14%.

Sweden did not get NEARLY as economically badly hit as many countries that used lockdowns.'

(I am the poster 'McRocket', BTW)

But, of course, you will undoubtedly ignore all the unbiased, statistics I post because they do not conform with the 'government line' and you appear to be nothing but a closed minded sheep on Covid-19. Blindly believing whatever the government tells you to believe and their 'experts'.

Have a nice day.
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Re: 888's furious ranting room
« Reply #303 on: December 28, 2020, 08:57:57 am »
Delusions of grandeur, narcissism, and conceit.  All the signs when the cops ping on this.  Years of intense psychotherapy.  Wish the best.

So...all you have is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) but strawman arguments.

So noted.

Have a nice day.


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Re: 888's furious ranting room
« Reply #304 on: January 03, 2021, 04:56:45 pm »
Of course, with people literally getting stupider each generation by a whopping 7 IQ points since the mid-1970's?
It's hardly surprising that people would act like such cowardly sheep over Covid-19.
While those of us with higher IQ's (mine is government tested at 125 - 95'th percentile) and actually have spines...we know better what is right.

Have a nice day.

Imagine being so desperate to feel significant that you go on a porn website to tell everyone you have a high "government tested" IQ 😂


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Re: 888's furious ranting room
« Reply #305 on: January 04, 2021, 08:41:22 pm »
I don't know if TPB off-topic it's the better place to reach people and start a dialogue about this subject.
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Re: 888's furious ranting room
« Reply #306 on: January 10, 2021, 10:19:59 am »
Imagine having lived a long life, having paid taxes and worked your whole life and finally getting ready to enjoy your last years.

Only to read cancerous comments from sociopathic incels like 888...