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Author Topic: My Busty *WOMAN*  (Read 2767 times)


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My Busty *WOMAN*
« on: October 31, 2019, 11:04:09 am »
My mobile rang. Another number I didn’t recognise, probably someone wanting to sell me something again.

“Hello” I said.

“Hi, Billy Big Bollocks” came the reply. No one ever calls me that. Although Julie used to. Yes, I’ve big bollocks, and a big belly now too. Good living. Julie was a shag and a half donkeys years ago. A real exhibitionist was Julie. Tall and a bit chunky, with flaming red hair, a big arse, big tits and filthy as fuck. God knows why we split up; I think we just had enough of each other. Ah, and she could squirt like no other. THAT’S why we split – I had just enough of dumping mattress after mattress.


“Yep – how are you doing? It’s been a while”.

“It certainly has. Must be 10 years or so”.

“More like 15.”

“Christ – really? That long? So how are you doing?”

“I’m doing good thanks. I was just having a wank about you so thought I’d catch up”.

Julie was always direct – some men were intimidated by her, both by her stature and her approach but I liked her that way. She loved her sex and if there was something she wanted, she usually got it. Threesomes, foursomes, more-somes – it just kept getting wilder and wilder. My cock began to twitch as the memories came back.

“You must have kept my number then Julie. Sorry but I lost yours ages ago. So how was your wank – was I good?” I asked.

“You always are” she replied. “Fancy meeting up?” I was flattered.

“Erm, yeah. When?”

“Nothing like the present” she said. “What are you doing later?”

“Not much. It’s Saturday so my day for doing nothing”.

“You’ll be doing something later if you want to pick me up. I’ve moved so I’ll text you my address. It’s not far from my old place. 3 o’clock fine?”

“Fuck yes. See you soon”.

Time for a quick shower and change. I looked at my phone and her address came through. I knew where it was and shortly after I was there at her house. It looked a bit smarter than her old place – nicely presented, with a garden at the front. I was about to get out of the car and go through her gate when her front door opened. She came out and locked her door. That can’t be her I thought. Christ, she’s lost some weight. She came walking down her path with a huge grin on her face. Places lit up when she smiled – one of those almost mischievous smiles that suggests something filthy is about to happen.

But it wasn’t her smile that I was staring at. I was transfixed by what she was wearing. Julie was six foot in her bare feet but with the heels she was wearing she must be six foot six. Then her legs. Christ, they were long, except there was much more on show than I ever had seen her display before. Her legs seemed longer, probably as they were slimmer than I remember, but that skirt, jeez that skirt was more like a belt. I was getting stiff just looking. Then I noticed her top.

Fuck. Fuck me. Fucking fuck me.

That denim waistcoat was just straining to contain her. I know she had big tits – I knew every inch of her tits, but now they look huge. Much, much bigger than I remember. The way she was jiggling was like…. well like two fucking big puppies fighting in a sack. The waistcoat didn’t meet her skirt, given that her skirt was microscopic, and that midriff was so much flatter that I remember. But it was the top of the waistcoat that transfixed me. Those tits were just ready to spill out.

I was also aware that I was rock hard by now.

She came through the gate and got in my car. She immediately noticed the bulge I had straining in my jeans.

“That looks nice” she said, staring at my crotch.

“You look fucking amazing Julie” I replied, still transfixed by the sight of her massive tits, attempting to burst out of her waistcoat.

“Come here”, she said, and stuck her tongue right down my throat. We had a delicious, spit-swapping kiss and my hands were all over her jugs.

“There’s plenty of time for that later”, she said, brushing my hand away “but let me have a go on that” as she unzipped my throbbing cock. She took me in her warm, wet mouth. I lasted what seemed about ten seconds and I flooded her mouth with my cum. She rose up from my lap, looked me deep in my eyes and swallowed heavily.

“Mmm…. You still taste as good as I remember”, she said. I got my breath back. “Fucking hell Julie, I’ve missed you”.

“There’s less of me to miss now”, she said.

“You’re joking, aren’t you? Just look at the size of your tits!” Julie giggled and gave them a little jiggle side to side. I was just mesmerised.

“I lost a bit of weight, but the new pill the Doctor put me on just seemed to increase the size of my tits”.

I was still staring. “Oi”, she said, “my eyes are up here!”.

“Sorry Julie, I just can’t help it”.

“Like I said, there’s time for that later. Shall we go to the pub?”

“Fuck me – with you dressed like that?”

“There’s a quiet pub not far from here – there’s no TV screens so everyone will be at the match or other sports bars. This place is cosy. I want to tease you over a drink or two, then we can have a bit more fun”.

So off we went. I had to swerve a couple of times as I couldn’t stop glancing over at her bouncing tits, or looking down at those long, smooth legs. Fortunately, we soon arrived.

“Come on then Billy” she said, getting out of the car.  As she did so, she gave me more than a glance under her skirt, when I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. It was all I could do to stifle another growing erection. We locked up and walked hand in hand into the bar…


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Re: My Busty *WOMAN*
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2019, 01:30:37 pm »
On opening the entrance door, all you could hear was the ‘click, click’ of her stilettos on the wooden floor. She was right – this was a nice, cosy pub. Very quiet, except for a couple of young lads playing pool over in a quiet corner.

“I’ll find us a table”, she said “you remember my usual don’t you Billy?”

Julie loved a red wine. Wine just turned her from a *WOMAN* to a complete *WOMAN*.

“Large red wine and a pineapple juice please” I asked the barmaid – a pleasant gilf, who gave me a knowing look. The sort of look that knows I’m a lucky bastard.

Julie had sat herself down on a table in full view of the lads playing pool. She knew they had seen her as they were nudging each other and trying to glance without her noticing, but Julie knew what she was doing. I took our drinks to our table. Julie sat there, smiling as she undid a button at the top of her waistcoat. What seemed like acres of tit seemed to squeeze out, teasing me to touch them. She giggled, then undid another. My cock started to twitch again. I longed to just slap my cock into her cleavage there and then and get one of those tit-fucks like she used to do, only with her much bigger tits.

One of the lads noticed her again and gave his mate another nudge.

“Can I tease those lads some more?” Julie asked.

“Yeah, why not?” I replied. “I couldn’t stop you if I tried – I know what you’re like”.

Julie stood up and strutted over to the pool table, placed a coin on the table and said, “Mind if I play the winner?”

One of the lads nodded while the other one just stood and stared at her jugs, which were almost hanging out. Julie giggled and strode back to our table.

“You’re such a tease Julie”, I said.

“I know. I’m your filthy *WOMAN* today”, she replied.

We took a sip of our drinks. “We may as well go over there and wait”, said Julie. So up we got and over we went. I couldn’t help admiring her arse as I followed her over. Her cheeks were almost on display as that skirt was just incredibly short. One lad was just sinking the 8 ball while the other stared again at Julie’s tits.

“Looks like I’m on then boys”, said Julie. She took a cue and chalked it up like an absolute hustler.

“I’ll break then shall I boys?” as Julie racked up the balls and placed the cue ball in the D. One of the guys stood at the bottom of the table, gazing down her cleavage, while the other stood right behind her as she was about to take the break shot. Julie bent over, lined up her shot, then craftily thrust back her arse into the crotch of the guy behind her.

“Oooh”, said Julie. “Is that your cue or are you just pleased to see me?” The guy spluttered as Julie began to grind her arse into his crotch. Cheeky bastard was almost getting a free lap dance when she said, “My arse feels a bit damp – you haven’t cum have you?”

Sure enough, she was too much for the young lad and he’d shot his load in his jeans. He must have shot a good load as it was visibly wet in his crotch area.
The other lad managed a sly smile. Julie caught him staring at her cleavage.

“I bet you want to cum on these don’t you?”, said Julie, as she walked around the table towards him. He stood there, almost terrified as she stood close to him, his face almost level with her tits. She buried his head into her cleavage, while reaching down and unzipping his jeans.

“I just love young cock”, she said, reaching into his jeans and pulling out his solid, stiff cock. She gave him a couple of strokes, then knelt in front of him.

“Go on, wank yourself off over these”, she said, undoing two more buttons and releasing those heavy, fabulous, huge tits.

He grabbed his cock, wanked furiously and seconds later let out a stifled groan as spurt after spurt shot over her. Over her neck, down her cleavage and all over those humungous jugs.

“Mmm… thank you. Looks like you needed that”, she said as she stood up. Without any warning she grabbed the lad’s head and pulled him into her cleavage again, rubbing his face into his own jizz. His mate laughed as his friend emerged from her soaking tits, his face dripping.

“A gent always cleans up after himself”, she said. “Enjoy your game”.

Julie buttoned herself up, gulped down the rest of her wine and said, “thank you Billy, you know I can’t resist a bit of fun with young cock don’t you?”. I knew what she meant, she was a complete milf, and when she was up for fun there was no stopping her.

“Let’s go and have some more fun”, said Julie. “I fancy a sex cinema”.

“I fancy a fuck now”, I replied.

“That’ll come later – be patient, I’ll make it worth waiting for”, she said. Sex with Julie was always eagerly anticipated.

Leaving the pub, we got into the car and headed off, destination ‘Cinema xxx’.


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Re: My Busty *WOMAN*
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2019, 01:54:35 pm »
“I’m soaking in anticipation now Billy - feel”. I slipped a couple of fingers between her thighs and straight into her hot, moist slit.

“You could have worn some panties to soak that up, you *WOMAN*”, I said.

“You know I just wanted to tease you, so I didn’t bother today. Anyway, don’t bring me off Billy, wait until we’re there” said Julie. I withdrew my fingers and she grabbed my wrist and placed my wet fingers into her mouth, greedily sucking off her juices.

“I wanted to taste you”, I said.

“You can later Billy – straight from my cunt, but I’m in the mood for a wank now. I hope they’re showing something really filthy today”, she said.

The cinema club was a seedy old place that we’d been to in the past when we were together. We’d often go in and either wank together, or more often, Julie would just suck me off while old perverts stood around watching, and wanking.

A short drive and we were there. “Cheeky bastards have put the price up a couple of quid”, I said.

“Yeah, probably to clean the sticky floors”, said Julie. “Well, if they can’t put enough tissues around the place then spunk will land where it lands”, she said.

We paid our entrance fee to the guy on the door, who continually stared at Julie’s heaving tits. She teased him by undoing a couple of buttons, encouraging her tits to peak out even further. He buzzed us through and into the foyer. The foyer had shelves full of dvds with a couple of guys browsing through them. The click-clack of her heels caused everyone to look around and stare. I loved showing off Julie – and she loved showing off. I put a hand on her bare arse cheek and guided her through the door into the cinema room. Practically all the guys who were looking at dvds decided to follow us, or rather follow Julie.

A large screen was showing a gangbang – a small oriental girl taking about ten black guys in each of her holes.

“Fuck, I love gangbangs”, said Julie, “I hope she swallows everything they’ve got”.

Looking around the room, a few guys were stood, openly wanking, while a few seats were empty. Most other seats had guys sat there, wanking. A room full of wankers, Julie and I included.

“I want to sit at the front”, whispered Julie. “Let’s sit there”, she said, indicating a few empty seats right at the front row. No sooner had we sat then some of the guys shuffled closer for a better look at Julie. Her skirt had ridden right up to her waist, exposing her shaven pussy, which was glistening with moisture.
She took my hand and placed it between her thighs. “Finger me Billy, frig me off”, she said.

First two, then three fingers entered her moist slit. I began to finger-fuck her as she unbuttoned the rest of her waistcoat and released her mountains of tit flesh. I could hear some of the guys gasp at seeing the sheer size of them. I wasted no time and took hold of her huge, soft tits with my free hand and began to suck on her stiffening, thick red nipples.
She moaned softly as I quickened the pace of my fingers in her cunt. As I sucked her nipples harder, she started to squirm, with her eyes transfixed on the screen. She was gazing at the performers, many of whom had the most enormous cocks, easily twice the size of mine. She watched as they fucked the woman in every one of her holes, each taking turns between throat, pussy and ass. Julie looked around as many of the wankers in the room were stood, wanking furiously, cocks all pointing at Julie. She looked at one, deep into his eyes.

“You - get over here and fuck my mouth”, she said to one of them. I looked up and saw him move towards us as Julie’s mouth opened wide to savour his cock.
Julie’s legs opened even wider as I continued to frig her, while I sucked on those amazingly huge tits.
The guy she was sucking soon said “I’m going to cum”. Julie just carried on sucking him while he gasped, flooding her mouth with his spunk. I could hear her greedily gulp it down and as she did so, she pushed my fingers away as a huge torrent of cunt juice came flooding out of her. First one, then another, and finally another as she bucked in her chair. A couple of guys wanked off where they stood, their spunk joining her juices on the cinema floor. She moved her head as she got her breath back and the guy who came in her mouth removed his softening cock from her.

“Thank you, baby”, Julie said to me. I got up from her tits and looked at the soaking floor. A pool of cum and pussy juice looked like a milky puddle.

“You’re welcome Julie, and you’re a lucky bloke too”, I said, looking at the guy who was just putting his cock away.

“That’s all you’re getting fellas”, said Julie, standing up and pulling her skirt back down so that it nearly covered her arse again. “Time to go”, she said.

“What about me?”, I asked. “What am I going to do with this? I asked, pointing at my stretched jeans over my crotch.

“Soon Billy, very soon I promise. Can we go to the club now?” she asked.

“You mean THE club?”, I asked.

“Uh huh” she said, doing up a couple of buttons on her waistcoat. “It’ll be open by the time we get there”, she said.