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Author Topic: Lease Contract  (Read 2820 times)


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Lease Contract
« on: August 27, 2019, 04:18:10 pm »
Hello there. It has been a while. I would have wanted to post more sooner but you know how life is, it gives us little to no mercy. Do you know when inspiration bites you in the ass? I was merrily skimming through the boltedonlips subreddit when I stumble upon this gif. Something woke within me, and I just had to sit down and write a little scene. I hope this becomes the beginning of an interesting story which I would like to share with you all. Thanks to all the people who have commented, left a thank you or read during these past months. I am glad what I did left a smile upon your face. If you want to contact me my pm box is always open. Without further ado, let's jump into a story of law, lawlessness, and cosmetic surgery. Is that not what we are all here for?

Contracts are written with a pen,right?

I watched Hester as her blue eyes scanned the page, a boring expression on her face. She spun a lock of brown hair around a finger as she flipped through lines and points and clauses. In a way, I was doing something terrible to her. But another, stronger, stiffer part of me was jumping with joy. Each page she skimmed through was one more clause she passively accepted.

It was not even her fault. Maybe it was my way to get back on her mother, for everything she had done to me. Hester stopped, her eyes moving back to read a certain passage. I shifted my gaze to meet that of Robert, my lawyer, the guy who had prepared Hester’s lease contract. His green eyes were confident and relaxed, almost as bored as Hester’s, as if this was a normal meeting and not my chance to have my own daughter sign off her freedom on to me.

“What is this?” She said as she pointed at some fine print. “Behavioural and emotional enhancement? I mean, I am all-in for enhancements…” she softly passed her finger against her thin lips, maybe not even noticing it, nor how erotic the gesture was to me. The way those lips would soon be thick, bloated and curved, sticking out with collagen… “But I do not even know what this stuff means.”

“Miss King,” Robert said, slightly opening his arms in a welcoming, accepting gesture. Miss King. Elizabeth had taken away everything I owned. Even my daughter. Even her name. But now it was my turn, and Hester would come back to her family name soon enough. “This clause is here to protect you.”

“To protect me?” Hester blinked, her blue eyes stunned.

I died a little more inside. Hester should be in college already by now. Instead her mother had siphoned her away into her own vapid lifestyle, and ever since I had met her, I had seen little more than lust, greed and shallowness in those deep blue eyes. The easiness by which Robert had convinced her to actually sign the lease contract had enraged and aroused me.

“Indeed,” Robert calmly nodded, a soft smile upon his lips. Damn. He was good. Probably paid his college expenses by tricking hookers into covering his bills. “Allow me to explain once again. This contract allows you to partially lease your body and its use to Mr. Henderson, here, in exchange for certain cosmetic procedures. In the terms of the contract there are clauses such as these which allow Mr. Henderson to protect and enhance your emotional response to the lease, if any emotional damage might occur.”

“Can you explain it a little simpler?” Hester crossed her arms over her petite chest, pouting.

Robert smiled.

“Of course. Mr. Henderson will be able to apply some auditory and behavioural therapy in case he deems it necessary for your emotional wellbeing. Such measures include music recordings, meditation aid and the like.”

“So, I will have to just, what, listen to some stupid stuff?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “Music and soothing audio. It has been proved to greatly help the mind relax in case of…”

“Okay, whatever,” Hester nodded and skipped the page.

Robert and I exchanged a brief look. To everyone in the room, he might have looked the perfect lawyer, patient and with the best interests of his client at heart, but I had known him for too long. He was enjoying this as much as me.

“Yadda, yadda, yadda,” Hester said as she reached the end of the contract. “That was the hardest stuff I ever read. Seems fine to me. I thought Henry would put some weird stuff in. Mom always said he could not be trusted. And don’t think I am stupid,” she pointed her finger at me. “I can revoke the contract at any moment. Can’t I?”

“Of course,” Robert nodded. “At any moment. Depending on the moment, though, you might not receive further compensation in the form of cosmetic procedures.”

“Yeah, I know that,” Hester replied, rolling her eyes. “So. Where do I sign?”

And with that, it was done. I exchanged another brief smile with Robert as we exited his office, Hester walking a few steps before me, already looking at her phone. I held a copy of her lease contract, Hester’s signature still warm. This was it. The day I had been working on for twenty years. Vengeance might be cold, but I was burning inside. Hester skipped and jumped ahead of me, careless in her dress, not a worry in her mind.

Driving her to my home, I kept glancing at her. This was mine. I had bought this. Flesh, bones, and, soon, soul. How ironic.

I had met Helen back when I used to work as a programmer, last year of college. She was a former cheerleader who went into computer science more as an excuse to find an accomplished boyfriend who could pay for her expenses, but this was something I only realized much, much later. Of course, the unlucky winner was me. The first three months were amazing. The best ninety days of my life, up to the moment I saw Hester sign the lease contract. Helen knew how to fuck, but she was at her best when she unsheathed her claws and plunged them deep into a man’s heart. For ninety days, I had a girlfriend who was not just gorgeous with her blonde hair, blue eyes, D-cup breasts and long gymnast legs, but who cared for me, bought me small thoughtful presents, was there for me, always replied to my messages, and even gave me time to breathe and work on my projects.

For ninety days, I was in heaven. I would pay for that with twenty years of hell.

We arrived at my home. I parked the car outside. What sense in buying a Maserati if you do not show it off a little? Hester jumped off the car, her eyes on her phone, so she took a minute or two to realize I was checking out her long, toned legs. She took after her mother. Long legs, blue eyes. Gold-digger.

“Where are you looking?” She asked, turning to the side.

I scoffed.

“Better get used to it,” I replied. Twenty years ago, being looked at like that by a girl would have left me in a puddle of stress and anxiety. Now it was my turn. “I own your ass.” I walked over to her and deliberately smacked it. Her cheeks wobbled under her fine blue dress. “Better get used to it.”

“Creep,” she muttered as she walked inside. My frown turned into a smirk. She had no idea what I had in store for her.

For the time being, though, I decided to let her leave a little. I put my copy of the contract inside the safe in my office, on the third floor, and decided whether I should work a little or go down to the gym. I ended up calling Jessica instead. I was too aroused, and keeping my dick in my pants was harder than I thought.
Twenty minutes later, Jessica came to my house, parking her car next to mine, a nice-looking Volvo, though a far cry from my own. I saw Hester look at her from the terrace on the second floor, her blue eyes widening and then frowning at her. Hester had met Jessica already, and in fact Jessica had been one of the main reasons I had managed to squeeze the lease contract out of her. Jessica was a vision: a tall, doll-like woman with a large round pair of wobbling tits, fighting for release in her white tube top. Her augmented lips curved in a smile as she saw Hester, and waved at her.

Hester replied by putting her sunglasses back on and withdrawing her head back inside.

I welcomed Jessica inside moments later. The blonde waltzed in, grinning from ear to ear. Her thick lips were truly amazing, thick and bow-shaped, and obviously not natural. Apart from her boobs, she had also had some light work done on her butt, so her buttcheeks stuck out, looking especially perky no matter how she walked in my lounge.

“So?” She asked, conspiratorially. “Is it done?” Her green eyes sparkled.

“It is done,” I replied, coiling an arm around her waist and leading her upstairs. I made sure to slow down when we passed next to Hester’s new room, just to make sure to give her time to look at us through the keyhole. I could not be sure she was looking at us, but if she was, I wanted to make sure she took a long hard look at Jessica. After all, this was what she wanted to become...

Jessica and I entered my bedroom. I left the door unlocked, you know, just in case. Turning, I pulled Jessica towards me, kneading her large boobs. They were so round and firm, too large to be palmed by my hands. At most, the tips of my fingers covered half of her spherical silicone tits. Her second upgrade had really done wonders on her.

“So eager!” She laughed, pushing her tits further in my palms. Her eyelids fluttered as I lightly pinched her nipples. Jessica never head particularly sensitive nipples, not before she got her tits enhanced. By her second upgrade, it was almost like she had two extra clits. “Hmmh… yes, but… tell me, first,” she said, pushing me away and sitting on the bed. Her tits wobbled against her chest, jiggling in that contained way huge fake boobs did.

“What should I tell you?” I replied, starting to take off my shirt, button after button. “Robert was as professional as ever. The contract is done… and her ass is mine.”

“I bet you must feel like the greatest dad in the world right now,” she said biting on her nail. Her eyes burning with desire.

“Since I never had the chance to be.” I shrugged, and began to unbutton my pants. I walked up to Jessica, passing my hands all over her enhanced body. From her spherical tits down to her augmented, wobbly ass, up to her neck and her slim, upturned doll nose, to brush against her thick red lips. She breathed in, clearly as aroused as I was getting.

“You want her to start with these?” She asked as she kissed my knuckles. “You want her to get thick, duck-sucking lips?”

“It’s an idea.”

“Because I started with my lips too?”

I laughed.

“Nah. But if you want to think so.” Better not to feed Jessica’s ego too much. She had been my first project, and still held a special place in my heart after four years. She licked her lips.

“You want your stuck-up little daughter to have big fake lips like me, hm?” Her hand moved to caress her pussy. “That’s so fucking hot.” Her other hand finished unbuttoning my pants. “Let me take care of you….”

She kissed my hard dick with her soft, warm, wet lips. She looked up at me with her green eyes as she began to bob her head up and down my length, taking it in slowly, fraction by fraction of an inch, just the way I liked it. And she kept looking up at me, her eyes open in faux innocence, knowing I was imagining blue eyes and brown – for the moment! – hair as Hester looked up to me as well, bobbing her head as she sucked me off with her new set of lips.

I did not just own her ass. I owned her lips, I owned her face. I owned her tits, I owned her entire body.

“Fuck,” I said, pulling away from Jessica.

“What’s the problem?” Jessica asked. “You did not want to cum inside my thick fake lips?”

My cock twitched. Jessica did know how to get me up and running, but I just grinned.

“It’s just you always turn me into an ass man.”

“Oh, I see...” she said, turning and presenting me her beautiful cheeks. They were as rounded and as firm as her tits, courtesy of 400ccs of augmentation. Firm, and yet they wobbled left and right in a way natural butt could not. But yet again, if were made to stay natural we would still be living in fucking caves. No, I said to myself as I took my lubed-up dick and began to grind it against that tanned, augmented ass, I had never been one so interested in the natural side of things.

As I pushed in and out of Jessica and she moaned and thrashed and began to call me daddy, I heard the bedroom’s door creak slightly. I did not look, but I grinned.

Hester’s turn would come soon, and yes, we would begin with a little adjustment to her lips… and to that attitude of hers. 

I hope that was fun and you had a great time reading it! If you want to chat and/or discuss this story or others, you will find me on the ThePerfectBoobs chat (the Riot one)@nailclipsatan. At any rate, it's great to be able to write something here again, best wishes to you all and thanks for reading!

My bimbo stories on TPB:
The Corrector, The Solving Ring, Virtual Cosmetic Surgery

Want your own bimbo story? Commissions are open right now. :D
Otherwise, check my smashwords page! Thank you!


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Re: Lease Contract
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2019, 06:13:12 pm »
Damn, that is really twisted but hot


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Re: Lease Contract
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2019, 10:50:49 pm »
such a tease! great to see you back, hope to see more of this  ;D


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Re: Lease Contract
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2019, 09:49:57 pm »
please continue this!! so promising

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