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Author Topic: A new story, a bit of an outlier - Pregstasy  (Read 721 times)


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A new story, a bit of an outlier - Pregstasy
« on: February 06, 2020, 10:56:46 am »
Dear readers!

I have finished a new story, which is more about belly inflation and pregnancies, but some of you might enjoy it anyway. There's a bit of breast expansion too, obviously.

Patricia remembers that she used to be so happy when she was pregnant. Thankfully, there's this experimental drug that promises a safe and, well, massive pregnancy in no time. Soon, her daughter Kathy joins the fun. Chaos ensues ...
This erotic fiction contains extreme pregnancies, futa and breast expansion. All characters are 18 or older.

Here's a preview:

Dear diary!
I’m not sure how to start this, but here you are. I am now finally, successfully, incredibly studying organic chemistry at Lukesville University. Incredible! It took forever to get accepted and I had to move halfway across the country to come here, but this is going to be amazing anyway!
I’ve been preparing all summer, and I sure hope the classes are going to be interesting. I should be able to focus on that stuff, because I have literally made my home here. No, it’s not just some tiny apartment or a bunk bed in a dorm. I am staying with Aunt Patricia!
It's a cool thing and something of a coincidence. You see, Patricia’s daughter Kathy used to be my babysitter years ago. I mean, she was only twelve years older than me, but since Patricia and Kathy lived next door, my mom asked them if Kathy was interested. She was, and now, all those years later, I am staying with her mom.
I’m paying for my room, of course.
I wouldn’t want to force her into anything by giving her a bad conscience. That would be horrible. She can really use the extra money, too. Her husband died and she’s just been getting by, renting out some extra rooms in her house.
My parents have decided to make this a good deed and they just might be paying a little extra.
The thing is, I think my mom and dad are a bit afraid about how I’m going to do in college. With my … special situation … they don’t want me to get bullied. When we moved to the coast, people were more understanding, but here, things might get a little uncomfortable.
People around here aren’t used to hermaphrodites. Actually, very few people are. The condition is very rare, and most of the time, the parents just decide to go one way or the other. My parents were hippies, though. They had me very late in life and they wanted me to make my own way without me living out their dreams.
So I got to keep both my penis and my vulva. And this is where I blush: I like them both. I just don’t flaunt them. When people see me, they see that tiny redhead, all short and slim. I always dress down because I don’t want to draw any attention to me. Even when I’m going swimming, I wear a kind of burkini. Not with a cap or anything, but I don’t want people to see my bulge. The thing is, my … cock … is pretty big. Like not porn star big, but, to quote my best friend:
Which is why I’m not showing too much skin. Especially not, if there could be cute girls or boys around. I wouldn’t want to get an erection in public. That would make things awkward.
Anyway …
Patricia knows about my condition, and she’s very relaxed about it. She never brings it up and she doesn’t stare. It’s wonderful. Also, she’s a tremendous cook. The food she makes me is amazing. If I go on eating like this, I’m going to look like her.
Yeah, I wish.
God … I have to admit, I love, love, love her figure. Seriously. I can’t say this out loud obviously, but hot damn, if you pardon my French. She’s got those big soft breasts, round and heavy and actually quite perky, and that huge soft butt …
You see, she’s like the dictionary definition of zaftig …
And here I am, stick figure, or even worse, matchstick girl.
Because of my red hair, get it?
Wow. This is the worst documented case of solitude. I am literally making puns with my diary. Forever alone, here I come …

Dear diary!
It’s been a while. If I continue doing this like that, it’ll be a very short and unsatisfying diary. I can see myself finding this book in my stash in a decade or so, with like ten pages filled and the rest blank. Yeah. That’s going to be disappointing.
The thing is, I’ve been horribly busy. Classes at college have been long and tough and there’s so much to do! I really can’t believe it. Just getting all the registration stuff done and understanding my schedules was incredibly complicated. And the assignments! I don’t know why there’s got to be so many of them.
What I mean to say is that … I had a lot to do. I got up in the morning, stuffed my breakfast into my mouth, then left as fast as possible, hit the classroom, ate, returned to studying, then went back home and studied some more, I did the assignment, had a small dinner and …
Basically fell asleep.
On the couch.
Yeah. So it has come to this.
The weird part was that Patricia didn’t mind. She let me sleep, only waking me up when I was about to fall off. She helped me upstairs, got me undressed and had me brush my teeth and tucked me in. I felt so cozy in my bed after this …
There’s one thing, though …
To no one’s surprise, I got sick right after this. I must have overdone it. I stayed in bed, sleeping and getting well again. All the while, Patricia cared for me. When it got really bad, she laid in bed next to me, stroked my head and helped me eat my chicken soup and drink my tea. It felt comfortable, but also weird, because having those big breasts right next to me … was nice.
Once I got better, I woke up in the morning, still a little dazed, but well again. I sauntered downstairs to tell her and I had a big, awkward moment again.
Two things.
First, Kathy was there and she was really sad and exhausted.
Second, I had the most massive morning wood in months and it was kinda on full display. My penis had plopped out through the fly and was pointing at them. And throbbing. Fuck.
That was one more of the moments when I just wanted to melt into the background and disappear forever. I excused myself and left to get dressed. I don’t want to know what they thought of me.

Dear diary!
Hey, guess what? I’m doing this right now. Seriously, it’s the next day and I am writing an entry! Maybe this whole diary business has a future after all. I just hope my college education has too. I think I should be fit again by next week.
Also, I just might have acquired a little extra job.
You see, Kathy is back and she’s crushed. She left the town with the guy she loved, they had a wonderful life together, built a house, he built a career and she supported him while he set up shop and … fucked his secretary. And his sales representative. And one of his customers. And the IRS agent, I guess.
Anyway, Kathy found out. It was like a cascade of shit. Every time she discovered another one of his side shows, he told her it was the last one. Ha. Things got bad. Real bad. She left him, got a divorce, the works. Only problem was, that scumbag had an excellent lawyer, which he fucked too, probably, and she got nothing from the divorce. Zilch. Nada. Not a single cent.
She could have fought this, but by that time, she felt she couldn’t bear it anymore. She left and went back to her mom.
Now she’s here, trying to recover and I get to be her best friend and confidante. That’s the plan, at least. I’ll also be accompanying her when she goes out to rebuild her confidence. Her wingwoman, or something like that. I told her that this might not be a good idea because I am the least intense partygoer in the world, but she said she needs someone she can trust.
That makes me proud.

Dear diary!
To put it very simple, I am a failure at wingwomaning. No, seriously. I literally managed to score her zero touchdowns or whatever successful party love moments are called. Maybe I tried too hard, maybe I said the wrong things, maybe she just wasn’t into it … I don’t know.
It absolutely didn’t work.
Actually, I don’t understand why. Basically, we should be drowning in people wanting to date her! I mean, look at her! She’s got everything a man would ever want! She’s got big boobs, a big butt, a rather slim waist, she’s got just the right soft milky coffee skin tone … She’s incredible! Seriously.
Oh, and she’s also funny and charming and she’s got a beautiful voice.
Basically, what is happening here is impossible.
She should be single for seconds.
I guess it’s kinda her fault, though. She can’t relax. The moment she starts talking to some guy, she gets afraid of him treating her like shit and sleeping around. She gets nervous, she gets clingy and that is bad.
You can’t get clingy before even the first date! That’s stupid.
Wow, look at me explain the world to someone who’s almost twice as old as me! Of course, I would never, ever, say something like this to her. I just tell her to relax, and of course, this makes her even more nervous …
As I said, I suck.

We’re at that club, people are having fun, we’re both dressed the right amount of sexy. She’s wearing a tight dress, red, with polka dots. She has major cleavage, you see. She basically screams:
“I am single! Talk to me! I am very interested in basically anything you’re willing to say, because I am horribly, horribly single!”
I dress girly for the occasion. No sense in going for any androgynous look. I don’t want to cock-block any people who end up being interested. Besides, I like being cute once in a while. Not every day, because if you’re thin and small like me, being cute makes you even worse. People literally just walk over you.
But that night, I am the cutest. I wear a nice dress, slim, tight, but not too tight, because I don’t want my package to show. I can’t have that. A wingwoman doesn’t attract attention to herself. She’s there for emotional and general support. The call of duty, you see …
Anyway, this is the sixth time we’re at a party together. We dance. She shakes her hips, she shimmies her tits, she goes all out. I can tell she loves the music. But she’s also horribly nervous.
After a while, we move to the chillout area. We end up at the bar there, the conversations are muted, people are hooking up. There’s this rather normal-sized guy, wide shoulders, beard, scruffy hair. Nice shirt. I nod towards him. Kathy blushes. She instantly gets awkward. It’s as if I flipped a switch. I give her a little jab:
“Come on, give it a try. The guy looks normal. I’m sure it’ll be fine. And don’t forget: This is just for fun. You deserve some of that!”
“But what if I screw this up again?”, she says.
“Who cares? If it works, it works, if it doesn’t … Screw this. It’ll work! You’ll have a nice conversation, and who knows? Maybe I’ll go home alone.”
“But …”
“No, do it!”
I give her a little push. The guy looks at us now. Kathy hides her eyes with her hand and tries to be invisible. I stupidly push her again, thinking this will be funny. She slips from the chair and almost falls, but happily, she catches the edge of the bar, so she swings against its side and hits her face.
She gets fucking nosebleed.
I start blurting out that I am sorry, the guy comes over, it looks worse than it is. He smiles at her and I, the most stupid person in the room, send the guy away, because I seriously believe in that moment that you need to go to the bathroom and fix your nosebleed now.
Screw this. I mean, wasn’t that pathetic? She doesn’t deserve this. I just have to be less of a dork and help her get better.

Dear diary!
Well, that didn’t work out. It’s hopeless and it’s making us all very sad. We’ve reached the point where we’re now three women, well, two women and me, hermaphrodite extraordinaire, sitting at the kitchen table and being depressed. The chocolate box goes round and round and we’re just kvetching along nicely, complaining about men, infidelity and general disappointment.
Also, it seems that Patricia is just as single as her daughter. This is shit.
After another round of self-pity, I said:
“Okay, but seriously now: I think the problem is that you don’t feel sexy. That is the problem! That is what you have to fix!”
Kathy groaned and dropped face first on the table, immediately snapping back when she noticed her nose was still sore from that accident. Patricia, however, looked at the ceiling, thought for a moment and said:
“The last time I felt sexy was when I was pregnant with you, Kathy.”
“Gross, Mom!”
“No, seriously. Your dad couldn’t get his hands off me.” She produced a mischievous grin. “We did it so much I’m surprised you don’t have a little dent on your head.”
Kathy got up and threw up her arms:
“You’re not helping. Gah! I hate all this.”
She slammed the door and went to her room to cry. I blushed. Patricia was both amused and embarrassed at the same time. She said:
“Okay, that didn’t work out.”
“It’s alright: I keep screwing up too. It’s like we’re all cursed.”
“Maybe. But you were right. I did feel sexy. Wanna see a picture?”
She went to the living room, got a box from the shelves and opened it, looked around for a moment, then handed me a photograph. I stared at it. Wow. Now this was quite the sight. She was kneeling on her bed, the picture probably having been taken by her late husband. Her belly was huge and round. It was resting on her thighs and she was very clearly late term. Patricia had an outie navel, the big dark line going down all the way along this spherical hugeness. On top of this super large midsection, her two equally massive breasts rested. Each one was easily as big as her head and obviously full of milk already. Her bra was doing its best to keep those babies under control, but it was obvious it was under a lot of strain.
The whole image was all the more striking because she had her hands on her belly and they looked so tiny! Patricia was looking younger, happier, and she was glowing!
And here’s the problem … I got aroused by this. Why? Why can’t I be normal? That is, not normal, normal. Just not kinky. That would be nice once in a while. Here I was, in the living room, getting a hard-on from looking at my babysitter’s mom’s pregnancy picture. Yeah. That’s going to be great …
I just hope Patricia didn’t notice. Fuck. I really gotta learn to control myself. The way this is going, I am going to end up in so much trouble …
The problem is, she is sexy. She looks confident and relaxed. Isn’t that what we all want?
I gave back the picture and mumbled something along the lines of “Cool picture, I love the pose …” She nodded, put it back and said:
“I felt great back then. It was a very nice pregnancy. Almost no morning sickness and I never once threw up. Just smooth sailing along the way. The only thing that was annoying was that Kathy was such a big baby. I went up like a balloon …”
I did my best to stand in a way she wouldn’t see my cock.

Dear diary!
Okay, confession time: Seeing that picture was … inspiring. What kind of a pervert am I anyway? I mean, okay, I have a dick and a pussy and I tend to look like a girl, so there’s got to be a bunch of pervs on the internet fantasizing about me, but up until now, I was under the impression that I was a normal person.
Apparently, I am not.
When everybody went to sleep, I snuck back out of my room, went downstairs to the living room and found the box. I had to move extra silently because I certainly didn’t want to get caught like this. Once there, I opened it, using the light of my phone because I definitely didn’t want to attract any attention.
The picture was there.
I switched my phone to silent and took a picture of … the picture. Then I replaced everything and crept back upstairs. Of course, Patricia took just that opportunity to go to the toilet. I had to hide behind a potted plant and wait for her to pass.
I don’t think she saw me.
Then, once she was back in her room, I returned to my own and looked at the picture again.
I know it sounds stupid, but fuck was she sexy. I love, love, love that look. So I did what I always do when I run into something that makes me really horny. I get my dildo and I do myself on both parts.
This is a cool bit about having both a penis and a vulva. I can cum on so many levels! Sometimes, I even manage to make both synchronize and then … It’s incredible.
Here’s the rub: I am still, technically, a virgin. I mean, I do masturbate a lot and if it means anything, my dildo is a pretty big tool. But I have not had any sex with anyone else. Which is both understandable and weird, because on the one hand, most people wouldn’t like a girl with a cock and a pussy, and on the other hand, there is so much porn about this …
Anyway. Here I was, masturbating to my ex-babysitter’s mom’s pregnancy picture. There’s a word for this: Pervert. The problem was: It felt amazing. I came and I came and I came. I imagined myself caressing this huge, taut belly, to run my hands over those amazing breasts, to give those sweet nipples a nice little tug and maybe even lick them until they were all wrinkly and hard …
I came so much.
And this wasn’t just on one evening. It happened again and again, every night, I would look at her, smile, then rub my cock until I blasted myself with my cum.
It got bad. I started getting random hard-ons whenever I saw Patricia in the morning or the evening when she wasn’t fully dressed. She wasn’t too embarrassed around me and tended to walk around in her underwear. I made sure I was seated at a table when I spotted her. I didn’t want her to see my erection.
She wasn’t dressed too sexy anyway. Usually, she wore either a big nightdress that went over her big tits and her huge butt, sometimes she wore a comfortable sports bra that squeezed her boobs … Both were okay. Imagining her in lingerie, on the other hand …
I was starting to obsess about her. I just hoped this would end well.

Dear diary!
While I was “busy” being horny, Kathy was sinking deeper and deeper into depression. Let’s put it simply: Maybe my wingwomaning wasn’t the problem after all. She was getting nowhere and it was starting to show. She went on dates, she tried online platforms, apps, the works … Nothing helped. She was frustrated and angry now.
Happily, I was able to detach myself from my lust for a moment and listen to her. We talked a lot, we had some nice long walks, we even went to the movies together. It was a nice friendship now. Unexpected, but beautiful. While this was still not good, it was better than before. Maybe she was starting to recover.
Meanwhile, things with Patricia were getting odd. I think she might have noticed something. I’m not sure. I really did my best to hide my passion. This was a good idea too, because I was starting to lose it. I was looking at other stuff on the internet, so much porn, so many weird pieces of artwork, but I always went back to that photograph …
This wasn’t going to end well. She was going to find out for good …

Dear diary!
So the cards ended up on the table and I’m still not sure what to make of them. I mean, I handled this whole situation in literally the worst possible way. It’s all my fault, but the outcome is interesting … Actually, I might just as well end up liking it. It’s just horribly embarrassing.
The point is, I was in the shower, masturbating. I had the water running, and I think that masked the noises pretty well. I worked my pussy and my dick, and it felt great. Of course. I was thinking about Patricia and her big rounded belly. And her beautiful breasts, and that cute little smile. Yeah.
The problem was, I got called on my phone just then. I had left it in the living room and I didn’t hear the ring. Obviously, that was why I had the shower on. Patricia wanted to be friendly and also to stop the phone from ringing. So she took it and went upstairs to the bathroom. She called out, I didn’t hear her, the phone rang and rang, she decided to pick up the call.
She missed it, but somehow, she unlocked it. Maybe I should have come up with a better code.
Anyway, my browser app popped up. It opened the last pictures I looked at, which were her photograph and … some other ones. Several, actually. With more very pregnant women. Some were real photos, some were manipulations and some were drawings.
I had been kinda obsessing on all of this …
She looked at the pictures. She looked at the poses. She looked at the expressions.
Meanwhile, I was done showering, having successfully shot my load down the drain. I dried myself and got out. I had the towel wrapped over my chest. My boobs are really minimal, but I prefer to keep them out of sight.
I stepped out into the hallway and I saw her, still staring at the screen in the staircase. It took me a moment to understand what was going on. Then I started blushing. Then I tried to explain things. And then, I fainted. Simple as that.
Is it possible to die of embarrassment?
I sure hoped it was.

I woke up a little later, in my bed. Patricia was sitting next to me. She had somehow managed to get me on my mattress and she had put a cool towel on my head. I looked at her and started making apologies.
“Listen, I … I didn’t mean it. I thought … You know … It’s like … I didn’t really find you attractive and it’s all a big mistake and …”
She leaned forward towards me, her big soft breasts coming into view. God, she was so close now. She smiled.
“Hey, stop babbling. It’s okay. Although I could be annoyed about you not finding me attractive …”
“I … No … This is …”
“It’s embarrassing, yes. It’s also strange. I really didn’t expect that. But it is a little … flattering.”
Her breasts were so close now, I could feel their warm softness. God. I wanted to touch them, to caress them, to squeeze them, to lick them … I was pretty sure she sensed all that. That’s when I felt her hand on my dick.
“I just might also think the same … You are a strange person, Maura, but … I like you. A lot. I like your cute little face and your tiny body and that big … dick of yours. You know, Kathy’s dad used to be roughly your size. And I loved that shlong. It was amazing.”
She started moving her fingers over it and I got hard. I mean, what else could I do? I asked:
“But that can’t be okay, can it?”
She looked a little amused:
“As long as we’re both into it? Why not? After all, we’re both adults and single … Who’s to stop us?”
“But won’t Kathy be angry?”
“So what? We don’t have to be too loud about it, do we? And also, it’s not her problem. As soon as she found a new guy, she’ll be out of here anyway.”
“But …”
She put a finger on my lips and leaned back, her magnificent tits coming into view again. Then, with a smile, she pulled her top off. Those huge knockers flopped out, all thick and big and proud. They bounced in their bra and I was instantly rock-hard. I grinned stupidly.
Patricia said:
“You like my boobs, don’t you?”
“Oh yeah …”
I was practically salivating.
“Then you might want to give them a good squeeze …”
I did.

Yeah. So this is how it happened. In retrospect, it went well and I got what I wanted. It’s just that it’s still super-awkward. I mean, we have to be discreet around Kathy. I can’t just go around fondling her mother in front of her. Nope. But as soon as she’s out, we get to it. So much. It’s logical, really. Patricia has been single and unfucked for years and I had so much to learn anyway.
It turns out I was quite the talent. Even though I am nowhere near Patricia’s husband’s muscularity and roughness, I still got a major cock and I can go on and on. And she’s starting to like my pussy too! She was skeptical at first, but getting both my cock and my pussy licked at the same time … That’s amazing!
She’s really skilled at that too. Apparently, her husband, Martin, liked to experiment. As a result, she ended up being quite open-minded. For me, this is wonderful. I get to try so many new things! Some of them are a little scary and maybe even gross, but that’s fine with me. Just watching her sitting on me, reverse cowgirl style, with those huge round butt-cheeks bouncing on my dick while she strokes my clit … I can only tell you: Wow!
I also got to fuck her tits and I have to say, this is one of my favorites. Having her on the side of my bed, squeezing her huge boobs against my cock and rubbing it until I cum … That’s something else. We even tried a double-header dildo which she ordered online. It was a bit strange to see my real cock wobble about as we scissored, but she wanted to try and I can only say: Why not?
So, to sum up, I was having a great time. We were on a sexual exploration journey and I was learning a lot. I just wonder how long this is going to work out.