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Author Topic: Alexa at Allure Massage in Toronto/Mississauga  (Read 733 times)


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Alexa at Allure Massage in Toronto/Mississauga
« on: June 08, 2019, 11:06:11 pm »
Reviews for encounters with escorts and massage attendants aren't common here - but I had such a great time with at an erotic massage parlour recently I just had to share. I've posted this on other escort/massage review boards  - but those places tend to be very anti-implants for some reason. I figure my review would be more welcome here, and perhaps enjoyed!

So, last week I ventured to Allure Massage for the first time. I’ve always wanted to check it out. Their roster is full of enhanced busty ladies. Allure is a licenced body rub parlour. Sex isn't allowed, but touching, body slides and full nudity is allowed. Unfortunately, Allure is quite the hike for me. I’m a non-driver, and it took a over an hour to get there from where I was, and then over two hours to get home after. That part sucks. But maybe it was worth it!

I had the good fortune of booking with Alexa on the same night for 40 minutes. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a very charming and incredibly curvy lady with some of the most massive breasts I’ve ever seen. The lobby/reception was nothing too fancy – but clean and well maintained. She asked for $60 at the door, and explained that I’ll owe $120 to Alexa which I’ll pay inside the room. She then called Alexa to come meet me to escort my to our room.
Alexa is tall, very pretty. Her photos do her justice. There are quite a lot of tattoos that have been photoshopped out or are obscured by what she’s wearing in them. That isn’t my cup of tea – but then her smile and intense eyes made me complete forget about that.
Alexa instructed me to have a shower, and that she’d return shortly. I did so. As I got undressed, I left the $120 in a visible place.

The room, by the way, is really nice. It felt very up-scale. Super clean.

After the shower, I sat on the bed/massage table waiting for her return. She came in after what didn’t seem too long. I noted the time.  We got right to chatting and embracing. We introduced ourselves a bit better. Instantly, she made me feel like I could tell her anything – including what my comfort zones are, what I like and dislike, where my head-space was. She invited me to lie on my stomach and began massaging me. Without question, her massage was the best I’ve ever received in an MP. I regularly see an Registered Massage Therapist who is excellent at their job. So, if my RMT is 10/10, I’d put Alexa at 8/10; which I mean as high praise. The average I get from an MPA? Probably 5/10?

But then, of course, this massage isn’t the therapeutic kind I normally get. This one lead to things an RMT is forbidden from doing. I think the calibre of Alexa’s back and neck technique allowed me to forget where I was temporarily, even allowed me to forget that the woman doing this to me is naked … so when she started getting more erotic, including some amazing ball play, laying on top of me, massaging me with her spectacular enhanced tits… holy shit. I was in heaven. I can even remember consciously thinking at one moment: “That’s it, I’m spoiled forever. This is peak erotic massage. I will never be so satisfied again.”
Then, it was time for the flip. Jesus Christ. Her hands, her body, and then some more more talking. Like I mentioned before, she felt like the type of person you can communicate very easily without shame. So I told her about having a fetish for fake boobs. I love talking about them, feeling them. I also shared that a fantasy of mine would be if a girl really wanted to go even bigger. So, she indulged. She totally played into my fantasy and completely convinced me that she wishes that she hadn’t just gotten 450cc’s, that she wished her doctor had let her get more. Way more. We talk about how much more, totally playing. It was so erotic. She also kept teasing me with how we were going to finish. How her huge boobs were going to play their part. This woman is an amazing mind player. Talking about what was going to happen accelerated just how hot the entire situation was. She kept at it with the fantasy too, saying things like “can you imagine what it would be like if my boobs were like this…” and holding her hands out to what most members on this board would really appreciate.

Eventually, our time was nearing to an end. As promised, I got to finish Russian style – while she lamented that her (huge) boobs would do such a better job if they were 700 or 800cc’s. Man… she played right into my psyche. She even said that if they could be temporary she'd love to have 1200cc's.

After that, she helped me get cleaned up in the shower. I was spent! But, she kept at it, and tried to get me aroused again… it worked! Back when I was finishing, I swear it was happening right at the 40 minute mark. In other words: NOT a clock watcher.

She escorted me to the front door. I was in such a daze. The receptionist asked how it was, I think I was kinda speechless. I don’t know if I actually answered anything that was coherent.

The tragedy is: this place is just too damned far. If I could, I was repeat and repeat and repeat.

Here is a link to her profile page:
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