Author Topic: Your ways of making a woman submissive  (Read 834 times)


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Your ways of making a woman submissive
« on: June 14, 2018, 11:44:24 pm »
Maybe It is not directly a boobs thread, but It kinda goes on in my head for a while.
What are your ways of making a woman your sex slave?
My partner is a total newbie into relationships and she likes thinking about BDSM etc. (has zero experience and has never done it though)
However what I want to achieve is not directly beating her or punishing her like in typical BDSM
scenario, I would just like to make her a slave that likes asking me for beating or
making me feel good. For example she admits she likes sucking but she never suggests it first.
Of course please don't get me wrong, I don't want to be the only one who benefits from
sexual intercourse, I also do all kinds of things to make her feel great- but I still need
more submission from her.
Any tips on how to gradually change her mindset?

Also, general 'Making your girl submissive' thread.


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Re: Your ways of making a woman submissive
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 03:55:57 am »
And we wonder why female members here are fleeing this site at a rapid pace? Are we kidding with this??? Some people here really need to do a friggin' head check and start REALIZING that women are not God damn objects...nor slaves. >:(

To the OP: I'm not even gonna' to bother going into how screwed up your fetish and your approach is to all this, but the problem is the moment you try to "make" or otherwise pressure, coerce or manipulate a woman into being a "slave" to just satiate your sexual urges is where you are totally in the wrong. If she doesn't want to, or even naturally lean towards this kind of thing in any way, then encouraging and manipulating her thoughts about it, while only thinking about yourself and what YOU are going to get out of it, is only going to lead you absolutely nowhere. Or even worse, she goes for it against her will or better judgement, and then winds up feeling used and abused by you because all she wanted was to make you happy at the expense of her own happiness. You need to wake up and realize the one way street you are about to force on her is only going to damage the person you supposedly care about. Start thinking with some genuine care and understanding instead of with what's between our legs, man. This is just friggin' sad...
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Re: Your ways of making a woman submissive
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2018, 10:10:53 am »
I would suggest you find somebody that is already submissive 'by nature' or likes that kind of roleplay, rather than manipulating or pushing somebody like that.
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Re: Your ways of making a woman submissive
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2018, 11:19:20 am »
You guys just get my intentions wrong, I really don't want a slave, all I meant is that she wants to get into all this bdsm stuff but she doesn't really do anything towards it.
Also as I mentioned we have talked a lot and we both prefer this to be more about submission than punishment.
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Re: Your ways of making a woman submissive
« Reply #4 on: June 15, 2018, 11:55:26 am »
You guys just get my intentions wrong, I really don't want a slave

Well, to their credit you did actually say you wanted her to be like a slave twice in one post lol

But straight talk here: I believe you when you say you might have chosen your words wrong, don’t worry about. BDSM and sexual (and otherwise) submissive and dominant personality and fetishes are valid and you don’t need to defend your or her preferences.

So, lemme see. What you are actually asking without realizing is how you can be a good dom. Being a good dom is waaaay harder then being a good sub and that’s the whole point. It seems you aren’t into the cruelty and punishing thing (neither am I), but you are more looking for a situation where you are the caretaker and she is thankful and appreciative of that, right? You’d like her to spend her time to look good for you, focus on your pleasure and comfort and be sexually available whenever you want or need her?

You should look into Daddy/lg (little girl / baby doll / bimbo / princess (depending on wether or not ageplay appeals to you guys) or maybe even the whole pet play thing (don’t know a whole lot about that).

The situation I described sounds pretty great, right? Having a pretty girl around the house, always available and ready to cheer you up? Well that’s not for free, it’s hard work. You have to deserve it if you want her to keep it up. This means you need to free her from worries about money issues by having a good income to support you both and afford her princess lifestyle, she needs to be able to trust you 100% so be very loyal and appreciative of her, people might not agree with her submissive lifestyle, be ready to comfort her and be her rock. You get the picture...

Now as to her, how do you influence her? You are already kind of sure she is ready for this life, so take the lead and be the dom she needs. If you are right she’ll feel safe to submit to her desired lifestyle and therefor you. My ex desired to be submissive so much that I had to run to keep up my dominant traits, she wasn’t subtle about it at all, but I learned a great deal about myself and these days I wouldn’t want it any different. Some girls are more subtle and might need even more leadership from you to even get to the first step, so like I said: Get more dom, be a better partner.

Also both of u take the BDSM test @ and have some fun comparing results. It will help you set the first few steps. Good luck and any more questions lemme know.
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Re: Your ways of making a woman submissive
« Reply #5 on: June 15, 2018, 08:42:59 pm »
Thanks, that was the answer I was expecting.
All the bad things you might have thought about me are just caused by
both inexperience in BDSM and my poor english (not my native lang).
I now see that my words could have been understood in a much different
way than intended.
I really do not want to be a bad partner and your tips made me look
at all of this from a different perspective.
Thanks a lot