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Re: [Update Chapter 7!] New Story - Plastic Flower
« Reply #30 on: April 18, 2018, 12:19:36 am »
Such a great story, You are truly a wordsmith

Thank you Beare! This was a great comment, it warmed my heart! I try to give you all your twice-a-week dose of silicone goodness, and I'm glad to see people are still enjoying this story! This new update is very important, though: with it we enter a very important phase in out story where Amelie will have to truly confront her decisions... and maybe, just maybe... get a few upgrades along the way. Who knows. :P Delve in to find out!

It was during the sixth month of my new life as a nurse I began to think something was missing. I lacked something, wondering about what it could be. Money? No not at all, the new job as a nurse paid a lot, and I had even been on a shopping spree or two together with Julie (though she was the one who bought stuff. I had to save even a red cent to pay my debt. But it was fun nevertheless). Her new breasts, while in no need to be carried or held by a bra, still enjoyed the feeling of one. She had spent hundreds on bras, panties and cute feminine clothes that displayed her assets. And when you see two knock-out girls like the two of us shopping at the mall for new clothes, you can bet your ass off we were having the time of our life! The attention of the clients, mostly male but also a couple women was a shot of adrenaline I was feeling myself needing more and more. I craved attention. Not just for myself, but for the girls. You know, my - still new - E cups. Now that summer was coming, I couldn't wait to show them off on the beach.
And yet, I still had that nagging feeling on the back of my mind. I felt stuck, like I made no progress over these last few months.
Feeling the weight of my new E-cups, I looked at Julie, sipping from a straw. Her lips, nose and breasts had all healed so well. If not for their outlandish proportions on her petite body, one could almost believe they were natural, so well-made they were. Julie now looked like a doll, with her perfect button nose, her plump lips and her large round breasts.

She was having a blast with her twitch stream and pushing thousands per month just with her looks and her smile. I was happy for her, really. No need to be jealous when Directeur allowed us to have such high salaries. And seriously what could be better than having a high salary?
Still, I wondered how it could work. Seriously, my debt with Directeur was in the six figures, and between my job and everything I was doing at Chateau Rouge I was probably going to pay it, if I was frugal, in a few more years.
But I was not being frugal. Maybe because I understood in a subliminal way that when that debt had been paid, Marianne might as well be on the other side of the moon. My trail was getting colder by the day and here I was talking with Julie about her donations and her perfect life while the only person I truly ever wanted to find once again was slipping through my fingers, this time probably for good.
I could not come back to be a sleuth. Not with this body, made for sex and showing off. I was turning myself into a nurse but more than a nurse I was turning myself into a blown-up doll.
Men noticed. And I had had so much sex these last few months I lost count of how many men wanted to get a piece of me. It was good for my self-esteem (and saving on drinks) but it wasn't really where I was going with all this, was I?
No, I had just hid my head under sand these past few months. I thought the debt would pay itself in time. And for the first time in my life I had implants! I had been under the knife and I was so eager, so fucking happy about it I spent the best part of this period just basking in my plastic hotness.
What was there not to love?
However, in all this, while I had masturbated night after night cradling my new enhanced tits and thinking of Marianne, I still hadn't chased after her, did I?
I was not a detective anymore. Chief didn't want to answer my calls and the first time I went there in person to talk with him people almost didn't recognize me.
Which had been hot. Because I had been so fundamentally altered, my new body was unrecognizable against my old, drab, spindly appearance. And more masturbation sessions followed.

"You are always so tense," Julie said from over her strawberry milkshake as she looked at me with a lopsided smile. My eyes fell onto her cleavage, round and shiny in the clear spring air. Fuck she did look good.
"I'm sorry," I answered her, "it's just I became a nurse for a reason."
"Getting big tits?"
I snickered.
"That was a bonus. No, it was to find a person I care about. And these past few months I only thought about myself. And my new fake tits."
Julie giggled, cupping her own with her free hand.
"They can be a lot distracting, for sure."
"Yeah. But... I feel like if I can't find her now, she'll slip away forever."
"It's the internet age, Amelie. How can you actually lose somebody?"
"She's just very good at hiding, I think."
A bit of silence stretched between us. I took the time to look at Julie's breasts, how they stretched the poor white t-shirt she wore, projecting her boobs up and out for the entire world to see.
"It's just... I don't know what to do. I don't know where to look for her, and even if I could go back working as a private eye, who would hire me with this body?"
"I would. Yay!" Julie said, half-joking.
"Heh. Thank you. But seriously, who would?"
"No idea. But you're getting waaay over your head. Just think of what you can do now with your improved chest and body. You can have all the men in the world and make it look easy! What's more to ask for?"
She had a point. I didn't need to chase after Marianne after all. I could have everything else I had always wanted.
What was there to ask for?
To ask for... I blinked, and my own milkshame hit the table with a thud as I stood there, paralyzed. I had heard those words before. Before I got my tits done and became a nurse. It was something Directeur told me:
Nobody told you to ask nicely for something you want?

So I did. Lapedìte took her time before admitting me in her office. I had resisted the urge to bit down into my fingernails for hours, but now my anxiety was mounting as the incoming tide. I sat in a chair, cradling my big boobs and slowly kneading them, watching the implants as they bulged against my skin, causing small ripples, and feeling their firmness in my hands. I had done this to myself. I had turned myself into a doll. To chase Marianne, but also because I wanted this.
Maybe Lapedìte was right. Maybe all this amounted to me being truer to myself and asking nicely first.
I hoped.
But finally the doors to her office opened and I entered. I was not dressed in my nurse uniform as I had opted to make a statement from the beginning. In fact, I was dressed in the very same suit I wore when I first entered Chateau Rouge all those months before while still working undercover. Except now my shirt strained against my breasts and I could feel my already-hard nipples brushing against the fabric of my bra. This would prove distracting, but I had to stay focused. I just had to, there was no other way.
Even if once again I was face to face with Lapedìte's incredible breasts. She was wearing a low-cut blue top that showcased the sphere-like profile of her tits. She always looked so incredible. But today I was going to do what I had never done before and ask for help.
This somehow scared me more than everything else I had ever done up until this point.
But it was worth it. I'd be able to look into Marianne's eyes once again. I'd be able to look at her and ask for...
"You wished to see me? Ah, and I see you decided to show yourself in your... civilian attire." Directeur's voice was as sweet as ever. I walked up to her desk, trying to convey a self-confidence I didn't really feel.
"Yes. I believed it was more appropriate for my request."
She raised an eyebrow.
"Yes. Someone once told me to ask nicely if I wanted something." Lapedìte smirked.
"Of course, of course. I believe whoever told you so meant it only as a remark. But please humour yourself."
This was it. I had to make my statement clear.
"I had not been able to look into your records."
If I expected emotions to show on her face, or some amount of guilt, I got none. Only silence, inviting me to continue.
"I had been told I would have, but it seems like my work here is proceeding too slow to repay my debt."
Another stretch of silence. Directeur had said nothing but given the glint in her eyes, I gathered she was confirming my worries.
"You pay me just as much as the other nurses, but I have a feeling this has not helped me to improve on my debt's payment. In fact, I feel like I'm back at the starting line. And I don't know when I'll be able to see the records. Only that I would. One day. Maybe. This is not a satisfactory accord."
"Really. And yet I seem to remember you signing the contract without a second thought, nurse Amelie."
I bit my thick lip. That, I did. I did it because I had no choice back then. I had been half-drugged on the high of getting implants, and feeling shameful for my bad conduct as a private eye.
"Yes. Yes, I uh, I did."
"So are you asking me to revoke your contract? There a few complications with..."
"No," I interrupted her. "No, I'm not asking you to revoke anything. I'm asking you to add something on my contract." Directeur reclined her head backwards, looking at me from a different angle, as if she was making sure I was still there. Her silence once again pushed me to go on.
"I'm... I just did some math and I figured out by the time I paid up my debt Marianne will be probably lost once again. I can't go back to Chief and being a private eye. Not with the way you made me look like."
I pointed at my bulging breasts.
"So what I'm asking is... there's something else I can do to see those records? Some way I can help you besides my work? Something? Anything?"
A tense silence came back to fill the room. I looked deep into Directeur's eyes for a sign of something, anything that could help...
She stood up. Circled the desk, and stood right besides me.
"You have improved. And not only in your bust department, Amelie."
"Heh. I had a good model for both."
"I'm positive about that. Now... such a request would be considered preposterous. Yet. Yet there are a few... a few things I could have your help with. I can think of three, say, favours, in succession. You'd have to perform all three. And then..."
"And then?"
"So eager! Then, I'll let you look at the complete records. Everything you need to find your mark."
"Everything? Every data?"
I thought that over.

"Do you promise?"
"Ah, I see someone's learning. Yes. I do promise."
Yes. This could work. I could do these favours and find Marianne. At last.
I held up my hand.
"Very well." Directeur shook it.
"Without even knowing what my demands are. I can't decide if it's more foolish or more endearing." She snickered. "My second request. In six weeks, we're going to have a large party here at Chateau Rouge. Half of the Country's high society will be here. I'll need someone to act as arm candy. Show off the real extent of my prowess. Of Chateau Rouge's greatness."
Oh. So...
"... and that would be me?"
"Yes, Amelie. I gather you enjoy being looked at, what with your new additions and all. This could be a riveting experience given your inclinations."
Slowly I nodded. Yes. This could prove interesting, in more ways than one.
Then I noticed something.
"Wait. Your second request, you said?"
"Certainly." Directeur put her hands against my breasts, pushing them together. "I'll need to make a couple upgrades..."

Plot thickens! And Amelie's breast are going to receive once again Directeur's attention, oh my! What is she planning? Find out this Friday, as always! Also, I've published a new and super-hot bimbo-with-implants story on my Smashwords page, which is the follow-up to the last, also very hot, believe me, I checked.
Feedback has been stellar! I'm so glad you enjoy this stuff, and that I'm able to keep the lights on by giving you all what you wish for, which is more bimbos, more silicone! Thank you for purchasing and/or leaving a comment and feedback!
See you on Friday. Same channel... probably not same bust size.

My bimbo stories on TPB:
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Want your own bimbo story? Commissions are open right now. :D
Otherwise, check my smashwords page! Thank you!


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Re: [Update Chapter 8!] New Story - Plastic Flower
« Reply #31 on: April 18, 2018, 01:54:55 pm »
Wonderful as always


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Re: [Update Chapter 8!] New Story - Plastic Flower
« Reply #32 on: April 18, 2018, 04:15:11 pm »
Are her new "upgrades" going to involve butt implants?


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Re: [Update Chapter 8!] New Story - Plastic Flower
« Reply #33 on: April 21, 2018, 10:38:44 pm »
Are her new "upgrades" going to involve butt implants?

Someone wins a prize! Yes, nice butt implants incoming, as well as many, many other changes. You're soon to find out. I hope you're having a blast with this story, as we're about to enter the final stretch of its length. We have a party to attend and a missing person to find, so please delve in and get a little bit closer to the conclusion! Hope you have fun and thanks as always for the feedback!

The day the operations began, I looked at myself in the mirror, waiting for the nurses to call me and bring me under the knife for a further round of transformation.
I looked at my enhanced naked chest. During these months my implants had settled, so that they looked a little more - barely! - natural, dropping a little, gently, like they got used to their new rounded shape and dimensions. I could still cover both my breasts with one arm.
After today, I wouldn't. Directeur had been quite clear on the new proportions she wanted me to have. She wanted me to have really huge breasts, larger than my head, standing atop my chest like ridiculous decorations, a reminder of her craft. She wanted me to leave behind everything natural that was in my body, everything that could suggest I was not a *WOMAN* for her to parade about.
My hand brushed against my expanded breasts as I put a finger to touch my lips. These, too, would be enlarged. She wanted me to look like those Russian girls with huge lips, parading their mouths, making people know they only enjoyed one thing to do with them, and it wasn't eating or kissing.
She wanted me to get butt implants, so that my buttocks would stuck out like a pair of wrecking balls.

She wanted me to become completely artificial.
She had said that after this, I would not recognize myself anymore.
I fell on the bed, feeling the heat in my pussy, barely restraining myself to rub it.
I couldn't enter the operating room having just masturbated.
My hands and arms ached from all those hours spent in the bed, on the couch, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, just rubbing away at my snatch, pinching my nipples and feeling mu enhanced body. I was going to be so fake. I was going to be an utter bimbo. And it was so hot.
I did want to find Marianne, that for sure, but I had realized that if I ever found her, she would not recognize me anymore. I had changed myself too much. Both in body and mind. I had changed my form too much to be old Amelie. Directeur might as well call me Amie, or Alli, something like that. It would have been fitting.
I took long hard breaths to try and calm myself down. I was going to enter the room somewhat recognizable, only to be turned into a parading object. Oh fuck. Oh God. My pussy quivered. As much as I tried to not to think about it, I couldn't escape it. I was getting hotter and hotter.
My fingers crept towards my waiting pussy.

I was saved by the nurses appearing on the doorstep.
" Amelie? Directeur wants you."
I stood still for a moment, thinking those words over. Of course, Directeur wanted me. She wanted me to become her pet. Her toy. And I could only obey.
"Yes... yes."
I lay on the bed as the nurses unhooked it from the wall and carried me across corridors towards the operating room. I didn't know if these were the same hallways I had seen the first time they corrected and enhanced me. The first time Directeur marked me as hers, as a work of art, of her art.
God I was getting hot again. I could not wait to go under the knife. Her knife.
Her hands.
Her art.
A door opened and they brought me inside a large operating room. I glanced at the new implants which were supposed to become my new breasts. One thousand and five hundred ccs.
Larger than my head.
They were going inside me.
Just as I wanted a finger, or three, or five, to enter my pussy and bring me to orgasm now that I was about to become a sex toy.

"There's no need to be afraid," one of the nurses told me as she hooked the bed onto the wall, setting me ready.
"Our friend Amelie is not afraid," Directeur said coming in. She was dressed in red scrubs, her impossibly beautiful body stunning even in the drab, medical clothes. "She's in fact really excited about the changes we're about to make. Aren't you, Amelie?"
"Y-yes," I panted. I must have looked ridiculous. So excited, so willing.
"She can't wait to get a pair of tits bigger than her head. She can't wait to show off her new bubble butt, and all the other changes I'm going to make to her. Are you not?"
"Y-yes" I confirmed. Why was she teasing me so?
"Good. Now..." Directeur walked behind me, removed my medical shirt and plunged liquid deep inside my back. It hurt a little and I felt a jolt, but then, quickly, everything began to fade.
Please make me beautiful, I thought as I saw a smile crease Directeur's medical mask.
"... now you sleep. When you'll wake up, you'll be a new person."
Oh yes please, I thought, and then I floated into darkness, and everything turned into a dream.

I remember waking up in my room already. Light came first, then sound.
Then aching.
I ached all over. My chest, my face, my butt, my legs, my arms... everything.
My pussy, too.
Not just because I was remembering what happened. Directeur transformed me.
She had turned me into her doll, her perfect plaything.
I blinked and saw Directeur enter my field of vision. She was once again in normal clothes, emphasizing her beautiful curves and her huge breasts.
"Good morning."
"Is..." I coughed. My voice felt rough. "... is it morning?"
"You slept more than twenty hours. Understandable. We pumped your body full of chemical of our own making to accelerate your healing process. You're going to be up and running in a week. Ten days, top."
"That's..." I coughed again. "Good. Water?"
"There you go," Director put a small glass of water against my lips. They felt thicker. I was drinking my first glass of water with my new enhanced lips. They felt so fat, so plump. I bet kissing would feel amazing. "I'd suggest you to go back to sleep and recover. You're going to need a couple days before you can walk again."
Now that she mentioned it, I did feel like my butt had had some padding added to it. Lying on the bed felt new and strange. I had been given a new body.
"What have you done to me," I managed to ask Directeur, before she injected something into my IV, and the world began to shake and blur once again.
As if coming from a long distance, her voice echoed:
"Why ruin the surprise?"

Auntie Nicoline had turned out a masterpiece. She wore a tight top, stretched over her enhanced tits. She had to settle for a medium improvement, only 500ccs, but it was her first time, she could still get the enlarged in a few months. Just as I did. The care of Chateau Rouge had melted age from her cheeks and face, leaving her looking in her mid-twenties, if at all possible. Her jaw, defined. Her forehead, creaseless. Her lips, plump and inviting and painted red.
I once thought we could have looked like sisters, with Autie my older, more natural sister, and I the younger, enhanced and plastic-perfected one.
With her new jeans showcasing her long legs and her perky butt, we could have been twins.
Yes, twins.
Except I...
"Are you ready? I'm melting here," Auntie Nicoline said from behind the corner. I finished putting on my own top, feeling the erotic stretching of the material as I covered my new, enlarged breasts with it. Fuck. One thousand and five hundred ccs were an impossible amount. And now they were inside me.
Together with my new butt implants making my behind look especially perky - and staying especially perky no matter how I moved or the position I was in, I must have now more than two thousand ccs in my body, total.
"Y-yes," I said behind the corner. "I'm ready."
I walked on the new, high heels Directeur gifted me for the occasion, and came out from behind the corner.
Auntie's eyes went wide the moment she saw me. Her mouth opened in mute admiration. And now I could also take a good look at myself in the wall mirror.

The first time I had turned out good. This time Directeur... this time it was beyond a masterpiece.
Starting from the face, I was a different person. Gone was any resemblance with the person I used to be: this new Amelie looked like a mischievous teenager, with her green eyes, freckles - how the hell did she do that? - all around her face, long dark-red hair all around her face, a button nose, thick lips which looked absolutely fake on her teenage-dream innocent face.
It was as if I'd been mixed with a prom queen in a Disney movie, except said prom queen received extensive cosmetic surgery before the ball.
Going down, my gaze settled on the now most prominent asset on my body. My new tits were now a pure ornament. Gone were the times I could have laid about them being natural. They were absolutely massive, larger than my head. They hugged in the middle producing a depth of cleavage in which probably echoes formed. Directeur had also provided me with a slimmer waist. Passing my hands over it I felt a tightness that hadn't been there before. I probably couldn't have been able to hug it with two hands, but I was close.
And my hips flared out with a carnal curve, hinting at the round bubble of my new ass, which no matter how much I could bend, would always stand up at attention.
Just like my nipples, the sight of my new body did wonders to make me appreciate their new sensitivity and size: they stuck out like thumbs.
All in all, I looked like a teenager and a porno star, mixed together in one angelic vision.
And I was Directeur's vision. I had her name written all over me new proportions.

"Fuck, you look incredible!"
Auntie Nicoline walked towards me and hugged me. Her breasts pressed against mine, and I felt her own silicone being enveloped by my implants, so much was the difference in size.
"Y... yes. I think so."
But slowly I began to realize that, yes, I did look amazing. And this all on purpose. So that I could finally fins Marianne. I probably would have some explaining to do. But it would be worth it in the end.
"Now we have to show you around!" Auntie laughed. "I've been so proud of my new chest these few last weeks, and then you have to come and blow me right out of the water!"
"Well, Directeur... she... she said I have three hours. Then I have to go back to Chateau Rouge."
"What? What do you mean? It's not like she owns you or anything!"
Slowly, a trembling smile appeared on my lips.
My hand rose to brush against the new, shiny collar on my neck.
"Well, actually she kinda does..."

Once again thank you for all the support you're showing this story! I hope you've had fun, and if you want more bimbofication stories involving of course implants, I'd suggest you take a look at my Smashwords page, home to the bimboest among bimbos. As of late my transformation stories have been greatly appreciated there, and is also thanks to you!
See you next time!

My bimbo stories on TPB:
The Corrector, The Solving Ring, Virtual Cosmetic Surgery

Want your own bimbo story? Commissions are open right now. :D
Otherwise, check my smashwords page! Thank you!


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Re: [Update Chapter 9!] New Story - Plastic Flower
« Reply #34 on: April 24, 2018, 11:29:22 pm »

I hope you're all feeling blessed, because you fucking are. Not only this is the tenth update in a row, is also the single longest one I had ever published here on the site. I hope you have fun reading it. It's also the first time in my life writing breast implants smut I felt a true connection with these characters. I mean. I always knew this scene would come, ever since the first time I sat down to think about Plastic Flower and how it'd end, so I knew we'd come here. I just couldn't foresee how fond I'd grow of Amelie and Directeur. There are reasons, you see. You'll found out.

In other news, this is going to be the last chapter for a while. I would have wanted to keep up the updates, but I need a little time out before I delve into the ending part. And also there's some family stuff to think about, personal stuff. If you're getting all teared-up, please consider this update is more than 4500 words long. That's about three times the average length of a Plastic Flower update. That's three times the number of ccs in Amelie's tits. So do enjoy it. We'll see each other pretty soon. In the meantime thank you all for your support.

Now stop reading about this crap and delve into the good stuff!

The party was already supposed to be an experience to remember, but this time Directeur went all out. Behind the thin veil of the wooden door, the most influential, the most beautiful, and the most driven people in the Country awaited for Directeur. And her pet.
Which would be, well, me.
I shifted nervously in my high heels. And when I say 'high' I do mean 'high': Directeur choose them precisely for me. They weren't overly flashy or thin, not what struck me as typical of Directeur was she, as she later told me, chose those high heels specifically because they'd make my enhanced booty stand out more.
Looking at myself in the mirror, I tended to agree: the woman in the reflection sported a round, carefully-sculpted ass, the kind of which you only saw in renderings on the internet or thanks to some heavy photoshop work. Directeur had seemingly downloaded photoshop into real life. My black dress made them stand out even more, helped by the heels of course. My legs were smooth and almost shiny with my peach-coloured skin. I was a dream, a vision, sculpted into reality by Directeur's utmost skill.
And that was even before I let my sight wander to my thin waist, up towards the massive sphered of my new breasts. Back when I still had my meager - I thought of them as meager now, whereas before they had seemed so huge and imposing! - 600 ccs implants they had made my tits stand out, of course, but not utterly dominate my figure.
Now my torso was almost completely tit. It would have been almost comical if it hadn't been utterly erotic. To think I had allowed myself to look like this, to be subjected to Directeur's changes... dew formed in between my thighs. I shifted my legs and felt my tits wobble with their own momentous mass.

I tried to steady myself by stretching my arms out. Even my fingers had been reworked, any and all wrinkles, any and all imperfections cancelled, erased. My new skin was as smooth as a baby, as perfect as a freshly-made painting. And I was in a way a work of art. Especially my face. Directeur could have had for sure changed my features in a way to make me completely different. Instead I looked a lot like my teenage self, mixed with perfection. I could still recognize myself, in the shape of my cheeks, of the upper bridge of my nose, the distance between my eyes, the extension of my forehead. But I had been perfected in any and all regards.
I looked like a prom queen with implants larger than my head. And I was about to enter the most important party of my life.
I was not ready for this.

"I'm ready," said a voice behind me. Directeur gave the final touches to her tie as she turned towards me. She didn't ask me 'how do I look'?
The answer was obvious. Directeur seemed to suck in all light in the room with her enhanced, plastic presence. She was taller, almost as tall as me even if she wore much lower heels. Radiant in her figure even with her pitch-black hair, falling behind her like the halo of the Virgin Mary. But Directeur only inspired a certain kind of thoughts, a certain kind of reverie: she wore a business suit over her perfect body, the front of her white shirt and navy blouse strained over her plastic orbs. They must be so snug behind all those clothes! Almost as snug as the suit's waist was on Directeur, flaring onto her enlarged hips and bubbly ass, its contours visible even form the front. She was a dream, a dream that was getting me even hornier. She raised an eyebrow at my reaction.
" Amelie? Do you forget you are here as my official arm-candy? Behave yourself."
"Y-yes. Sorry, Directeur."
She offered me her arm. I took it. Her clothes were so soft, her arm so strong. She began to walk towards the door. I followed her on my heels. It had taken me days to condition my gait to walk on such high heels and with such large implants in front of me. My new butt helped to compensate in a way but it was hard work, really, harder than most people would find to balance an egg upon their nose.
Thus we walked quite slowly. And that gave me time to look at Directeur's sculpted features: her round cheekbones, her straight, slightly upturned at the end nose, her thick lips... her breasts, her delicious breasts. I remembered when she had shown them to me, back in the office, all those weeks, all those months ago.
Back then I had been another person. More or less literally.
A second later, the doors opened, and we entered the party.

It was less difficult than I expected, really, and for a time I could even lull myself in the illusion this night would pass without accidents. The party was not loud, and most of the attendants were too busy chatting with each other, speaking about business and beauty, admiring the nurses. For the occasion, each nurse in Chateau Rouge had dressed in shiny white, showing off their engineered curves. I smiled - did not dare to wave my hand when my job was to be Directeur's pretty arm-candy - at Angelique when she passed by. My eyes fell upon her enhanced breasts. Back when I first arrived at Chateau Rouge, looking for a friend I was not even sure would ever want to see me, Angelique had stunned me with her artificial perfection.
Now she was the stunned one, smiling at me and miming a whistle at the sight of my enlarged tits.
If you have never been paraded around with one thousand and a half ccs of silicone sloshing in your chest, I recommend it. It's a bit like going around carrying a black hole. Two, in fact. Every gaze, every conversation gets sucked in as you move around.
And I was only getting hotter. Each gaze, jealous or shocked by women flatter than I had been, lustful by most men, reflected upon Directeur. She was the star here, after all. The entire hall, decorated with holograms detailing procedures and the growth of Chateau Rouge, the wine sparkling from a thousand different bottles, the conversation echoing the tittering of glasses, it was all a complete show for her skill, her power, her ability to envision perfection and make it flesh.
Flesh and silicone.
Walking around with Directeur, I mostly smiled and looked pretty. A far cry from my previous job. I would have killed to be here, less than a year before. Who knows how many of these people would spill a delicious secret or two? Chief would be- Directeur turned and smiled as she regarded a tall man, once again dressed in brown.
I couldn't help myself.

"Hi, Chief."
Maybe it was just the light, or the champagne flute he held in his hand, but Chief looked flushed. Like his skin had been slowly baked by the sun. He looked at me - actually he looked at my endless cleavage, making a dart of starry pleasure shoot atop my clit - and dried his lips by smacking them.
"Good evening, Lapedìte. Amelie."
"It is wonderful to have you here," Directeur's melodious voice carried across the three of us. "I am glad the regrettable incident of a couple months ago had no lasting consequences."
"Eh," Chief said, regarding my upgraded body. "I guess."
I raised a hand to cover my smile. Maybe it was seeing him after so many months, but I missed Chief. Not my old life, actually... which had been strange enough a development, but I did miss Chief. Seeing him so embarrassed in front of my new form was a new rush of adrenaline, tinged by my moistening pussy. Oh, the effect I was now having on people... and all thanks to Directeur, in the end.
I shifted my eyes from Chief to regard her. Regal, divine in her halo of black hair, so distinct from all the other, so otherworldly ageless in her composure and beauty... Chief might have made me a somewhat good professional (my last job proved nothing, I swear), but it was Directeur who had made me who I was now.
Maybe, after this was all over, and I found Marianne, and I excused myself and everything turned right, maybe, just maybe... I could come back to be Directeur's arm-candy?
Not that often! I have a dignity!
A life.
But it did feel nice.
Maybe this was the hardest debt to repay.
Maybe I would never be able to repay the beauty Directeur bestowed me with.

So caught in these sort of thoughts, I almost did not notice when Directeur and Chief started to be surrounded by the most expensively-dressed people I had ever seen in my life. Like the people you see on tabloids, those waste of air and space, but now in real life, all around us, all tittering and smiling and battling for a piece of Directeur's attention like hyenas.
I exchanged a look with Chief, who smiled back and excused himself from the conversation. He walked besides me.
"Aren't those... you know? A bit too much?"
I laughed.
"Oh, no Chief. I love them!"
He tapped his chin.
"I never took you for the, you know? Vain type?"
I shrugged, making my pneumatic chest wobble with delightful firmness.
"I'm not vain, I'm just made that way."
"Ah. I see. Well, as long as you are happy."
"Happier than I had ever been. And as soon as I find Marianne, I'll be the happiest woman on the planet."
"You still looking for her?"
I blinked. I couldn't say 'always' as I wanted. I did forget about her among implants and fillers and getting all this attention. But I did come back, didn't I?
"Best of luck, then." Chief raised me his glass and took a gulp. "I'm going to refill this. It's been nice seeing you again, Amelie." He grinned. "For more than one reason."
I grinned back.
"I can think of two."
We shared a laughter as Chief excused himself and waved at me one last time. This time I waved back. Directeur was deep in conversation with the vultures around her, and didn't seem to be paying me any mind.
Which was a bit of a letdown. Maybe I should ask for something to drink?

"Excuse me, Madame..." a tall woman who looked in her late thirties, with a very nice, augmented pair of breasts openly on display, addressed me, "... are you perhaps Directeur's last work?"
Was I?
I decided I was.
"Yes. Who are you, if I may ask?" I held out a hand, and the woman looked at my hand with an expression between surprise and shock, like I had done something terribly impolite. Snobs.
But she did shake it.
"My name is Francine. I'm a dear friend of Lapedìte."
Huh, go figure. Famous people are full of friends they never mention.
I just smiled.
"And," Francine said, her grey eyes moving to look at my cleavage, "those are magnificent! Did she... can I?"
I looked at Directeur, who exchanged a brief look with me.
I shrugged.
"If you like. They're new."
"Oh-ohho..." Francine's hands on my sensitive skin did feel nice, I must admit. As did her raptured look. "What did you also got done?"
Wasn't it obvious? Or was she trying to just be nice?
"Pretty much everything." I began to count on my fingers. "Breasts, twice. Nose, ears, butt, some liposuction here and there, cheek fillers... the list goes on and on. I don't even know."
"You... don't know?"
"No. Directeur decided herself," I answered with another smile. Fuck. It was so hot when I told it like that. I was truly a doll.
"Magnificent. You must tell me all the details! Can I borrow you from your mistress for a couple minutes?"
"I should ask..." I moved my gaze towards Directeur, who seemed unfazed by the request. She looked at Francine for a couple seconds, than at me. She seemed to regard me in my entirety, implants and all. Her eyes for a moment seemed to bore through me like beautiful drills.
"Are you thirsty?" she asked me.
"Maybe a little."
"Then go drink something. Nothing alcoholic." A smile curved those perfect, plump lips. "Francine can pay."
"But of course," Francine assured the both of us. Then she began to walk towards the bar, a large smile on her face. She looked deliriously happy at being in my company, while I shot back a look at Directeur. Wasn't my job to stay in her care? But she wasn't looking at me.
I followed Francine, feeling a bit empty.

We sat down and began to talk. Francine seemed the kind of person who had used her exceptional conversation skills to go up the social ladder. In a couple minutes I felt like I had known her for year. I was aware she was manipulating me in a way (back in my old life Chief had warned me against this type of person) but she was good, and I was feeling more and more relaxed. It helped she put those magnificent breasts on display.
I decided to get a bit bolder.
"How big are those?"
Francine leaned back, displaying them for me. They were round and sat a bit far apart, but were so big they created cleavage anyway.
"800 ccs. I wanted to start with something big, and believe me dear, they helped me in my life like nothing else!"
"I can relate," I said, taking one more sip of the fruit milkshake I was drinking. No alcohol. I was a good girl.
"You are truly a work of art. How did you end up in a place like this?"
That was my mistake.
Maybe it was I had just seen Chief - I from time to time spotted his brown jacket, usually next to a buxom nurse or two - and memories had been stirred. Maybe it was the fact I had been told for weeks this was the most important evening in my life and had to be at my absolute best for Directeur only for her to seemingly forget about me.
I didn't understand.
And Francine really had a nice pair of tits. Nowhere as nice as mine, or Directeur, but she was nice to look at.
So I opened up.
And I opened up.
And again and again.
I told her about Julie.
And chief, and Angelique.
And Auntie.
And my feelings with my new, enhanced body.
And Marianne.
And the debt, how I could never repay it.
I spoke until my tongue felt dry, and then I ordered another milkshake, and then I talked again.
In the end, I felt somehow hollow. Usually when you speak your mind you feel better in the end.
I only felt hollow, used. Like there was a piece of a puzzle in front of me, that still eluded my sight.
Like coming back home, and not noticing all your furniture has shifted three degrees to the right. Even if you know something is wrong.
Something was definitely amiss.
"Oh poor dear. I mean, poor up to a point. You did get a wondrous body out of this deal," Francine said.
"Yes, but I have no guarantee I'll ever find Marianne again."
"And there's this deal with the debt. And you don't know what this third favour entails."
Ah, the third favour. I did ask Directeur to tell me what it was.
She had just told me I'd know when the time came.
Kind of a shitty answer.
It took me a couple seconds to realize Francine had stopped talking.
"You know... there's a solution to all this."
I snickered, making my huge tits wobble.
"Yeah, right."
"I'm serious. I'll pay up for your debt."
I was stunned.
"Yes! I'll pay up your debt. And then I can help you look for Marianne. You don't have to rely on Lapedìte."
Now that was an interesting thought. Put it that way, I did rely a lot on Directeur. She literally had her hands on my ass. Owned it. She was the one who made it after all.
As well as many other things.
But... what Francine was suggesting...
She looked at me, a smile upon her lips.
I smiled back.

"No, thank you."
And I took a long slurp out of my milkshake.
She blinked.
"No? But I..."
"As I said, no. I'm in debt with Directeur, in more ways than one. Thank you for the offer, but I'll look for Marianne my own way." I was almost at the end after all. This third favour couldn't be that far out there.
"You don't understand... maybe you're confused... I'm offering you freedom," Francine insisted.
Now I was getting a bit annoyed.
"Listen, I liked our conversation and all, but I'm supposed to look pretty and smile, and this isn't making me smile that fucking much."
I still felt there was something amiss in all this. And I could not put my dainty, manicured finger on what exactly it was. But Francine's offer sounded a little too good, a little too... easy. And she'd been completely enamored with my looks. Which I could understand. But still.
Francine stood up.
Nice rack from my viewpoint but I couldn't exactly enjoy the view. She was getting red in the face.
Ever witnessed a person who's used to only hear a choir of 'yes' from dawn to dusk suddenly hit the wall of a sound 'no'?
Because that's what Francine looked like.

"Are you some kind of prisoner? A pet? Amelie, you really don't understand! I can give you freedom! Everything you want! Why would you reject-"
"I told you, dammit! If you are going to insist, I'm going back to Directeur."
I stood up too, somehow making a little more of a show with my huge breasts.
Francine put herself in front of me. Our chests almost touched.
"No! I won't let you go back to that harpy! You don't know what's better for you, Amelie, but I-"
"You, what? You. What? You come here and put yourself between me and my Director?" I leaned forward. My tits eclipsed her mosquito bites. "You think you can? Just because you're some social butterfly and all? Go fuck yourself."
I turned and made to leave, only for Francine to take my arm in an iron grip.
"No! You have to listen to me! You have to-"
"What is the meaning of this?"

Silence dropped like an invisible atom bomb all around us, exploding in waves, in rings, physically pushing people away from Francine and me, who were evidently ground zero. Madame Directeur was walking towards us. The delicious swaying of her huge tits proved distracting, but the dark cloud upon her perfect features attracted my attention a moment later. I had never seen her so pissed off. Even when she had demanded to know my story she had only looked mildly inconvenienced.
Now she was a storm of charisma, ire and silicone.
"Madame Bernard," Directeur addressed who I guessed was Francine, "you will release my associate now."
As if feeling physical pain, Francine let go. I kneaded my arm and immediately walked to stand next to Directeur.
"Madame Bernard. Your behaviour is beyond words." Directeur let her words carry inside the silence bubble around the three of us. Francine looked around for help. She was probably used to throngs of people saving her ass.
Nobody dared to even look at her.
"You will be questioned by one of my underlings." She snapped her fingers. Angelique appeared as if summoned. "Angelique, be a dear and escort Madame Bernard in one of our empty rooms. I will deal with her after the end of the party."
"Uhm... I'm afraid we're out of guest room, Directeur."
"The broom closet will do just nicely, then."
"You can't do this!" Francine cried out. "It's kidnapping! Assault!"
One of Directeur's plump lips turned up in a way that was bot erotic and chilling.
"You will find out, Madame Bernard, that under this roof it is I who decide what is what."
Francine shrieked and tried to get away, but she was escorted out by Angelique, soon to be helped by three more nurses. Francine disappeared behind a corner like a thunderous cloud, the echoes of her shrieks fading out.
Little by little, people moved again.
The tide of ceaseless chattering rose.
I exchanged a look over the attendants' heads with Chief. I nodded, and he nodded back.
A hand took my arm.
It was Directeur.
She was looking at me.
No, I mean. For the first time, she was looking at me.
Not at my breasts, thinking of ways to enlarge them.
Not at my lips, at my butt, at my body. She was looking at me.
The most beautiful woman in the world was looking at me.
I felt... huh... strange. As if somebody had opened an oven right in front of me.
Her blue eyes were an ocean, and I was falling in.
She stopped me.
Without one word, she began to walk.
And I, like the obedient arm-candy I was, followed.

During the walk, Directeur didn't say anything.
Her breath was deeper than usual. Stars seemed to shine at the corner of her eyes.
Once again, I admired her. For the first time, maybe, I truly began to think that this utter perfection of a woman was carrying me around. Her body's heat seemed to seep into me, making me feel more than think. I was getting high on her presence.
Her breasts must be so good to touch, I found myself thinking.
We came to her office.
"You can sit down," she told me.
She stood behind to close the doors. She didn't shut them.
There was, after all, no need.
This was her house.
She walked in front of me. Not behind the desk. She leaned her back against the desk and crossed her arms over her lap.
Was she... for the first time, this incredible beauty of a girl looked... vulnerable?
And was there a storm gathering?
Ah, no. It was the thunder of my heart, rumbling in my ears. Silence, otherwise.
Until Directeur opened her mouth.
And she closed it.
Opened again.
Closed it.
She passed her hand through her hair. She seemed at a loss. Not just for words. For... something else. Something I couldn't correctly place.
So, for the first time, I took the initiative.

"Did you let Francine talk with me on purpose?"
This was part of the reason our conversation didn't sit right with me. Part of the odd feeling I had experienced.
A smile curved those pumped-up lips once again.
"Ah. I see you can take the girl out of the job, but not the job out of the girl."
I shrugged. Old wolves and all that stuff.
"I just want to know why," I asked. Directeur sighed.
"Madame Bernard has long been... an acquaintance of mine. Obsessed with... trophies, you could say, Amelie."
The way she spoke my name.
Like she had taken a dearly beloved thing  out of its golden cage, only for a moment, and regarded it with fondness.
"As such, she has often proved herself... annoying. You have done good."
I was starting to feel annoyed myself.
"So you used me as bait? Was this all? You threw dirt on somebody you didn't like?" Directeur shook her head.
Her blue eyes regarded me for a couple more seconds. She seemed to think words, without being able to say them.
I was getting tired of this shit. If she was done with her second favour, we could call this a night. I wanted a glass of vodka. Two. I wanted to lay in my bed with a large mirror in front of me and masturbate until dawn on my huge tits and enhanced ass. I wanted release.
"Tell me," Directeur's voice asked, fragile as thin ice, "do you like your body?"
I snickered.
"What is this, dumb question hour? Fuck yes I like it. I love it."
"Tell me how."
Was this some sort... of... trial? Of test?
Fuck it, I was getting too hot to care.
"I love how big my tits are. I love how full and round you made them. I love not be able to wear shirts anymore. Or blouses. I love to show off my new implants. I love finally getting over my fear of getting work done and... and becoming beautiful. And I love my new ass. Everytime I have a hard time putting on a pair of panties I have to stop and masturbate. And I love my new face. I look like a fucking teenager! I'm all fake and I love it. Seriously, you're incredible."
That had sounded better in my head. More restrained. Directeur nodded.
A smile curled her lips.
A small one, an internal one.
"I'm glad," she said.
Silence. She fidgeted, seemed on the verge of asking for something else.
Her shoulders slumped.
"Very good, Amelie. You may retire if you so wish."
I licked my lips. This conversation, all this set up... was getting me hot. I had half a mind to masturbate there. After all Directeur herself seemed affected by my new charms.
I almost did it.
But something stopped me.
I couldn't say what. Maybe the same feeling of something amiss I had felt ever since I had accepted this whole deal.
Since I had put foot in Chateau Rouge, actually.
I stood up. Almost leaned forward, against Directeur.
But didn't.
I turned on my high heels.
I felt as empty as ever.
Maybe more.

It was a whisper. Nothing stronger than a whisper.
She had called my name.
I turned my head. Directeur, Lapedìte, Sabrine. She was looking at me, her lips trembling.
Slowly, she put her hands atop her breasts.
"Amelie," she repeated. There was something about the way she spoke my name that felt so right. "Do you like what you see?"
I didn't even think about it.
"Fuck yes," I answered. Directeur walked on wobbly feet. She came closer, seemingly growing larger as she filled my entire field of vision. Her breasts touched mine. Mine were larger, but hers were firmer. Her perfect face leaned forward. Her thick lips opened.
Her hands took my cheeks in an embrace before she closed her eyes and kissed me.
It was the most tender sensation in the world. I felt my enhanced lips against her own, thick ones.
Bit by bit, I closed my eyes as well.
And then I thought no more.

Well that was a blast. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I hope you had a lot of fun reading it. I don't know the exact day I'll come back with an update but waiting shouldn't bee too long. Also expect some pretty naughty stuff next time.

That said, I'm leaving you with an announcement: I published yet another bimbofication story at my Smashwords. At 6500+ words, is ridiculously long. And ridiculously hot. It has mind control and implants and bimbos and if you enjoy my writing you should smash that link harder than you'd slap Amelie's new silicone bubble butt.

Once again thank you all for your support. Thank you for being here. Both people who read and who don't. And the people who keep the forum up, of course.

See you soon.

Nailclip Satan out.

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The Corrector, The Solving Ring, Virtual Cosmetic Surgery

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Re: [Update Chapter 10!] New Story - Plastic Flower
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Simply amazing


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Re: [Update Chapter 10!] New Story - Plastic Flower
« Reply #36 on: May 12, 2018, 08:13:42 pm »

Update at last! I would have wanted to write this sooner, but commissions took precedence. I hope you'll understand, and I also hope you'll have fun with this new chapter! Here we see Amelie about to have loads of fun with her Director... who knows where this session of red-hot making love will bring her? Will she finally find what she wanted? We're about to find out...

There's something special in having sex with the person who has shaped your body. It's a bit like having sex with God. Not in the sense it's a mystical experience - than again the orgasms you get might be - but what I felt the most as Directeur's hands brushed against my enlarged tits was a... holy feeling. This was the woman who had taken me and made me beautiful, striking, a vision of artificial perfection in my huge saline breasts, my enlarged booty and pinched-in waist, my straightened, polished nose, my plumped-up lips, and all the other myriads of lesser operations she had done to my body.
And this person is... is God to you. Because you know that every breath, every moan, every volume and shape of your body is there because this person so whished. That was how it felt. It felt like being used, at last, for what I was made... an image of perfected plastic. Directeur's lips came to kiss mine once again. They were so thick and tender, I felt sparks running from my lips into our wrestling tongues and down to my spine, until they shone in my pussy and atop my clit. I was getting wet, wetter than I had ever been. Was this also thanks to her? I did not have the complete knowledge of the modifications she had done to my body, and this made it all even hotter.

And her boobs. Fuck, her boobs. I put my head atop them, massaging them slowly, earning a few moans and coos from the woman who had made me a busty *WOMAN*. It was so good to hear Directeur's erotic voice in the dim light of the room. She shifted her hips and pushed her leg between mine, brushing it against my excited pussy.
"A-ah-ahhh..." I moaned, not able to withhold my voice anymore. She was here to make me cum, to make me hers once and for all, the object of her desire that she had made with her hands and a lot of silicone.
"I love the way your new breasts have turned out," she whispered to my ear as she roamed her hands all over the expanse of my tits.
"T-thank you... Madame..."
"I love the way you carry them, so proudly, like you're really happy to look like a fake *WOMAN*, an enhanced fuckdoll."
Fuck, she was getting me even wetter. Between her kisses her words and the feeling of our boobs together, my head swam already and I felt like losing traction, slipping away into a dream-like state where only Directeur existed, where only he licks and her hands and her fingers existed.
"Y-yes," I confessed, as her other hand let go of my tits and travelled south, moving aside my dress with the utmost confidence and caressing my folds, already wet and inviting and waiting for her touch again, waiting for her to enter and make me hers. "I love how... you made... me. I love... ah... being a... ah! ah... a *WOMAN* with huge... fake... tits."
"You're my best work," Directeur said as she kissed my neck. I was falling directly onto her now, all strength leaving me. "Your new tits, your new butt." She slapped my enhanced buttcheeks. I felt the implants jiggle, then settle. It was so erotic to feel something inside you behave like your maker wished to. I held Madame directly under my skin.
"Ah yes I love my butt as well... ah! Please... Madame... please..."
"Please what, *WOMAN*?"
"Please... ah!... please make me cum! Please... I..."
"You like my touch?"
"I love it!"
"Good girl," she said as she kept on brushing her fingers against my entrance. Her hand let go of my boobs, instead sticking her own against mine, and went down to tease and grasp my butt. I felt her pressure against my implants.
"So firm! I love the way they sway as you walk, little fake *WOMAN*."
It looked like Directeur's usual confidence was coming back. I snickered, but my soft laughter turned into yowls of pleasure as she pressed her fingers against my butthole.
"And what do we have here... do you like it?"
What was this? It felt like my butthole was on fire, sensitivity being pushed through the roof.
"Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes... but... what have you done to meeeh..."
"A little surprise," Directeur said. She pushed one finger inside my butthole and I came.
No, seriously, came just like that, like a fucking firework. It was as if there was a switch in my butthole, and she had just pressed it on.
"Aaahaaah!" I cried out as I trembled in her embrace. My legs wobbled as my vision swam and more fireworks went off, this time in my head. "So... ah...sooo goood..."
"Do you like my surprise, little *WOMAN*?"
"Yesshsh..." I replied, by then feeling completely out of it. Pleasure was numbing all of my senses. i didn't even know where my tits ended and where Madame's began.
"Now you have to earn it," she said, pushing me against her stomach, and then lower and lower... I got the memo.
I had been with a couple girls before, college experimentation and all that. But as I pushed my mouth against Madame's delicate flower, all those memories completely paled in front of this new experience. She was wet, and warm, and flowing with delightful juices of passion. With every lick I felt my own mind go blank and I experienced a mini-orgasm after the other just from serving her. It was all perfect: our augmented bodies against each other, my nipples tingling and my clit even more. With one hand I rubbed my pussy, with the other I explored my maker's folds. Her skin tasted like honey and cinnamon and all things good in this world. I belonged.

For the first time in my life, I belonged. I belonged at her feet, making love to the woman who had expanded my breasts larger than my head and made me have a cute bubble fake butt with a nice 'instant-cum' button in my butthole. I was born once, and then reborn thanks to the efforts of Madame Directeur.
"Quicker," she commanded and I redoubled my efforts. By then I was confident she was also approaching orgasm quite quickly. I felt her stomach quiver as she contracted her legs, squeezing my head between them as she leaned over, kissing my head and holding my shoulders as I kept on licking and nibbling and-
"Ah! Ah! Amelie..." she moaned as Madame Directeur finally went over the edge. I smiled against her pussy as I felt the satisfaction for a job well done. She trembled and let out a long sigh as she leaned forward, hugging me. Our tits squished against each other. I felt like a puzzle piece finally finding my place. 
Slowly, she kissed me again.
"You did a fine job," she said.
"Thank you Madame. Does that mean... we can do this again? You were not that bad yourself."
"Careful," she said, moving her hand and... inserting the tip of her finger into my butthole.
"Aaaah!" I yowled and kicked as I came. Again. Hard.
I could get used to this.
"Tread lightly, my dear Amelie. Keep a polite tone with your betters."
"Ah... understood... Madame..." I panted as the orgasm subsided and I was left a panting mess. Fuck. This butthole stuff was going to be intense.
I tried to catch my breath as Madame Directeur looked at me. I smiled at her and looked at those deep blue eyes, so intense... drawing me in. She was so beautiful. So incredible. I felt my pussy clench at the mere fantasy of another go with this divine creature.
"So... can we consider this the third favor?"
"What do you mean?" There was a quizzical look in Madame Directeur's eyes.
"Your third favor. You said... you'd let me see the records."
Did she change her mind? I felt uneasy looking at her.
She looked at me for a long moment. She seemed to slump against me, as if she had been caught in a wave of tiredness.
"The third favor. Of course. Yes, if you so wish."
"Really? Great! Thank you!" I hugged her. With all the pleasure I felt, really, I ought to be the one who thanked her!
"Think nothing of it." Madame Directeur withdrew and stood up. She wasn't facing me.
Oh. Was it something I said?
"You can come back and visit the archives next Tuesday. Take a couple days off. You've earned them."
The sudden mood change left her confused. I would have wanted to say something, but Madame Directeur straightened her back, and still not looking at me, pointed at the door.
"I'll see you on Tuesday. The party is over."
Feeling like I had made a huge mistake, I slowly withdrew from her, exited her room, and came back to the hall, feeling empty, for some reason.
I had missed something. I was sure about it.
But I had no idea exactly what.

As we're approaching conclusion, we'll see where Amelie's clues bring her on Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed this update, and if so please let me know. Also, I want to let you know I published a brand new bimbo/implants story on Smashwords, titled The Bimbo Room. A girl next door is transformed into a devoted, plastic girlfriend. At almost 7000 words, it's even longer than the last one, and feedback had been if possible even better (from pre-readers and customers alike). 
All in all thank you for reading, commenting, and leaving likes on this story. If you purchased any of my work, let me double my thanks! Your little gesture allows me to keep delighting you all on the forum! See you soon!


Simply amazing

Thank you sylvaticus!
My bimbo stories on TPB:
The Corrector, The Solving Ring, Virtual Cosmetic Surgery

Want your own bimbo story? Commissions are open right now. :D
Otherwise, check my smashwords page! Thank you!


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Re: [Update Chapter 11!] New Story - Plastic Flower
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Does anyone know what happened to the author of this story? I only just found this and his other work, but he seems to have gone very quiet…

Do you know if he post anywhere else?


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Re: [Update Chapter 11!] New Story - Plastic Flower
« Reply #38 on: December 10, 2018, 08:09:26 pm »
GREAT story!!!!
love her plastic mind
A real woman has a big fake ass, boobs and lips. That´s the only way to be a perfect fuckdoll.


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Re: [Update Chapter 11!] New Story - Plastic Flower
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Does anyone know what happened to the author of this story? I only just found this and his other work, but he seems to have gone very quiet…

Do you know if he post anywhere else?

ditto, anymore stories?