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Re: The Flame
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Incredible. I can't wait for more.


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Re: The Flame
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Perfect. Just perfect! Getting addicted to Brooke. Daaaamn. Can't wait for more.
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Re: The Flame
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Yes! Seriously cannot wait for more. Addicted is the right word.


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Re: The Flame
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As usual, not much time to edit. Hope it's not awful!


The next two weeks flew by. Brooke was growing into her new dimensions and loving every second. The lingering glances, the shameless flirting…she was eating it all up. She and Taylor continued to talk but mostly through text. Work had taken over his life as his company had entered acquisition negotiations with one of their competitors.

She was getting anxious for her next appointment with Dr. Haskins. She knew she was ready but her mind continued to wander. What would this next fill change in her life? Would guys ogle her like a goddess? Would women scoff at her overinflated chest How big could she go? She found her moments of intense excitement often offset by the insecurity of the unknown but deep down she knew was committed to her transformation. Brooke still played with the idea that it was all for a “social experiment” but she knew what was happening. She was in control of everything for the first time in her life and she wanted to exercise that control to the limits.

The one area that was starting to struggle was Brooke’s blog. She’d stopped posting her in depth experiences and reviews and started posting pictures with more and more cleavage. Each pic was uploaded with questions like “how do I look fellas?” and “Should I go bigger?”. She was clearly in it for the attention and most of her female followers were starting to turn on her. Comments like “slut” and “plastic bitch” were popping up in the comments. Brooke tried to convince herself that these women were just jealous but deep down she knew it bothered her. Her once stellar reputation as the honest and unmerciful social blogger had shifted towards bimbo-seeking-attention. The biggest redeeming quality was her spike in site visits. Her viewers had exploded as more people discovered her journey into excessively large fake tits. She was excited for what was next.


Brooke followed Nurse Miller into the exam room. Just as with last time, large plastic syringes filled with saline lined the table next to the bed. She shut the door behind her.

“Go ahead and take your shirt off and make yourself comfortable on the bed. Dr. Haskins will be in shortly.”

Brooke waited for Nurse Miller to walk out and stripped off her top. She stared down at her inflated assets for a moment. Was she going too far? How big would she be after this? Her tits were already massive. She didn’t want to be a freak.

“You told yourself you’d see this through no matter the cost,” she said out loud.

“For once, you’re going to finish something you’ve started.” She took a deep breath and sat down on the bed. Brooke closed her eyes and breathed deeply for a few moments.

“Think positive,” she told herself. She pictured herself with tits twice their size, strolling the boardwalk in a bikini and long, flowing skirts with the eyes of every guy on her. Her unnaturally round chest barely contained by the white bikini top. As she was getting lost in her own head she heard the door open. Dr. Haskins stepped in.

“Brooke, my dear, how are you?”

“I’m great, Doc. Anxious to get this over with.”

“Don’t be anxious. You may leave a bit bigger but it’s completely safe and if I can be completely honest, you’re going to look fantastic. Your breasts look great now but a bit more size and projection will look amazing on you.”

“Thanks, Doc. I think I needed to hear that.”

“We got this. Don’t stress! Now, how many CCs did we want to add today?”

“What do you think is realistic? We were able to do 400 last time. Do you think it’s possible to do a little more?”

“Wow I was expecting you to say 200. But... lets go for it! Lets start with 400 and see where we’re at. Sound good?”

“Sounds great!” Brooke undid her bra and her breasts hung there as if gravity didn’t exist. Dr. Haskins cleaned the ports with alcohol swabs and before she knew it he had the first syringe connected and was filling. The cool fluid once again rushing into her chest giving her goosebumps.

The first syringe finished, then the second. By the third, Brooke could feel the pressure in her right breast increasing. The projection was starting to increase and the roundness was now noticeably different than the left. Brooke was mesmerized. Right in front of her, a simple plastic syringe and saline were inflating her chest to an incredible size. There wasn’t any pain or discomfort, only pressure, excitement and wonder.

Before she knew it, Dr. Haskins had finished the fourth syringe. Brooke couldn’t stop staring. She was now at 1700 CCs in her right breast. It looked enormous!

“Well, that’s 400. What do you think?”

“It’s so big! Honestly, I thought it might be a bit bigger though,” Brooke replied, once again feeling like she wasn’t in control of her own voice.

“I think we have a bit more room for another 100 CCs. Your call.”

“…Let’s go for it,” She said excitedly. Dr. Haskins connected the 5th syringe and began pressing the plunger. The pressure now was very noticeable. Her overinflated right boob was now turning red and the outlines of the implant were more defined than ever.

“That’s 500. How does it feel?” said Dr. Haskins.

“It feels…so full! I didn’t expect it to feel so tight. It doesn’t hurt in the slightest. Honestly, it feels pretty good,” Brooke said, fumbling with her words as she tried to explain.

“Time for the other one. Sit tight,” and Dr. Haskins connected the first syringe to her left breast. Brooke was excited for the impending inflation and stimulation that she knew was coming.

“Watching my tits inflate is so weird but so hot!” she thought to herself. She was loving every second of it.

45 minutes later the last drop of saline exited Dr. Haskins syringe.

“Well, my dear, that’s 1800 CCs in each breast. That’s pretty big! How are you feeling?”

“I feel great! A little curious how different it’s going to be getting around and figuring out what to wear but no regrets on my end! Thank you so much, Doc!”

“Anytime, Brooke. Do you think you’re interested in going much bigger?”

“It’s too soon to tell but I think there may be another fill or two in my future,” Brooke said with a wink and with that she tried to stand. The new weight was noticeably different. Gravity was pulling her from the front much more than before. She stumbled for a moment but caught herself. She felt her back tighten and her posture straighten.

“Easy peasy,” she said outloud. Dr. Haskins had stepped out so she could get dressed. She’d been prepared this time and had brought a few different clothing options not knowing how big she’d end up. Brooke was rifling through the bag when she noticed a crumpled up ball of gray at the bottom. She reached in and pulled it out. It was her Atari shirt. She grinned. Brooke pulled the shirt over her head and despite her new chest’s best efforts, was able to stretch it down to barely cover up her tits. She didn’t have a bra that fit so her tiny, clearly stretching nipples could be seen clear as day. She threw on a loose sweater over just to get herself out of the office without too much judgement and found her way to the sidewalk where her Uber was waiting.

“Starbucks on Main, please”


Brooke peaked in the window and saw Ryan was working

“Perfect,” she thought. She stripped off her sweater and walked in the front door.

Inside, Ryan was just finishing taking an order for a young woman when he saw her walk in. She was wearing the same shirt as last time but now, it barely fit her. Her tits were massive! She’d clearly had more work done. Her nipples were hard and poking through the front. Ryan took a deep breath as she walked up.

“He…Hey, Brooke,” he said nervously.

“Hey you. What do you think?” she said with a smile and began pressing her enormous fake tits together with her upper arms. Her T shirt looked like it was ready to explode as her absurdly overfilled implants were forced together. She was showing more cleavage than she’d ever had before and it was all visible through her completely stretched shirt. If she moved too abruptly it might explode into a cloud of cotton.

“Did you…do something different?” Ryan gulped.

“I just came from my surgeon. Guess how many CCs he put in me?”

“I dunno…200?”

“200!? Try again. 200 is for amateurs.”

“300?” Brooke shook her head no. She looked around to make sure no one was looking and reached her hands up underneath her overly-stuffed breasts. She hefted them up together testing the elasticity of her shirt once again

“500 CCs. That puts me at 1800. Do you think they look good?” she asked flirtatiously.

“They’re…so big and… so sexy,” Ryan replied turning bright red.

“But what if I went bigger? Do you think they’d look good bigger?”

“Didn’t you just go bigger!? How big can you even go?”

“Bigger…” Brooke said smiling. She scanned the room again. Only one customer. She reached across and grabbed Ryan’s hand and held it up to her chest.

“What do you think?”


“Aren’t they big?”


“And firm?”


“I’ll be seeing you soon, Ryan,” and she turned and walked out.


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Re: The Flame
« Reply #64 on: May 03, 2018, 06:47:36 am »
Wow. Incredible! Any updates coming soon?


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Re: The Flame
« Reply #65 on: May 03, 2018, 09:26:38 am »
I actually thought she's gonna flash him at the end ... Greatest Nerdy Bimbo in the making... Please don't take too long to finish the next chapter! Can't wait to see her getting even more in love with all the eyes on her! All for the sake of "research" ofcourse :)

I would like to se her go shopping for more revealing clothes, shoes and sexy lingerie + trying on all the kinky stuff follovers send her.
It is absolutly crazy how she went from nobody (as said by Ferdinand 1 - nothing that would make any guy walking by look twice) to "Drop your stuff and get your ass in the shower. We’re not done yet. You’re gonna fuck me again but this time, you’re doing all the talking."

It's so hard to find anykind of new (good written) Bimbo Breast expansion stories these days. So all we can do is wait for you!

With this pace the story and Brooke herself can go on for a long time and i sure hope this continues to amaze us each week for a really long time. She has a lot more room to expand her nerdy bimbo horizonts (more breast fillers, lips, ass, a tattoo or piercing here and there ...) Not to mention her blog... She could get people to pay her to do  or promote stuff; Cosmetics, cars, lingerie, fitness or pole dancig classes, cameras, ... even intimate toys later on...

Realy grateful you're doing this!


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Re: The Flame
« Reply #66 on: May 04, 2018, 02:06:53 am »
Sorry to keep you guys waiting! Just gotta survive the week from hell and I'll get the next chapter posted.

Dimen - I'll work in some clothes shoppping for sure in the next chapter. Maybe with Jenna...


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Re: The Flame
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Alright I lied. Here's something to hold you over


10 minutes later, Brooke stepped into her condo. She shut the door behind her and immediately ran to the bathroom. She flicked on the light and it was at that moment that saw herself for the first time since her latest fill. Her massive chest now dominating any other feature she possessed. Her T Shirt somehow was still covering her overinflated assets but at this point it was stretched so much that it basically did nothing. Brooke realized how absurdly slutty she must’ve looked while in Starbucks but for some reason it didn’t bother her. It actually made her feel a little hot.

“That poor kid,” she thought to herself as she realized what she’d put Ryan through.

“He’ll be ok. I bet that was one of the best moments of his life. Getting to feel these giant, gorgeous tits? I spoiled him.”

Brooke stood there for a moment analyzing her every curve. She thought back to what she’d looked like not all that long ago: simple, a little bitchy, conservative. But now, now she had the power to turn heads, to control men and make them blush and panic. SHE was sexy. SHE was a bombshell and she truly felt like it.

Brooke turned to the side and stared at the projection of her overstuffed tits. They stood out so far, slightly less round than perfect spheres. She soaked it in. These bags of saline had been stuffed into her chest and filled with fluid, slowly flooding into her chest making her tits bigger and bigger. Brooke thought back to her first fill. She’d been overwhelmed then but now they seemed like nothing. Anyone that had the pleasure of looking at her would know without hesitation that her breasts were as fake as could be.

Still staring from the side, Brooke thrust her chest out. She felt the resistance from her tiny shirt attempting to maintain control but losing. As she gazed at her perfect shape, she heard her shirt slowly start to rip down the center. She froze for a second in contemplation. It didn't take long before she realized she wanted to see if she could finish the job. Brooke thrust her shoulders back further, forcing her incredible breasts out as far as possible. Her shirt continued to rip until nothing was left but a narrow strip at the bottom. This freed her chest from their confines and her tits poured out, finally exposed in all their glory for her to gaze upon in the mirror without any distractions. The sides of her implants stood a good three inches past the edges of her ribcage while the tops of her implants stood high near her collarbone, showing the most unnatural transition from her upper chest to her tits.

“So fake,” Brooke said out loud, turning to the side while standing with her legs posed like an Instagram model. Her hands wandered up and gently explored her giant implants. Despite their size, she could feel everything, the tingling causing her nipples to perk up. What was hotter though was watching herself play with her tits in the mirror. It was like…someone else was there touching her in the ways that felt best.

Brooke spent the next few minutes posing in different ways and taking mental notes on what looked hottest. Her personal favorite was leaning forward while crossing her arms under her implants and squeezing. It forced her tits together making them look even bigger like they might burst.

By this point, Brooke was completely aroused. She needed a release but this type of arousal was new to her. She was turned on by her own appearance, especially the notion that her tits had grown from nothing and were now so big and round that anyone who had known her before and hadn’t kept up with her blog would be floored by the changes. She smiled at herself in the mirror for a moment before walking over to the tub and turning on the water. While the water ran, she walked to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass and headed back to the bathroom.

Within a few minutes, the tub was full and getting bubbly. She stripped off her yoga pants, poured herself a glass of wine and stepped in. By now the water had filled enough to just reach her monstrous chest. She’d read things online about fake tits floating and her curiosity got the best of her. Brooke downed her entire glass and let herself slip into the water. Her head was above the surface and she positioned herself in a way that let her incredible fake tits float up through the suds. The mirror on the wall opposite the tub had the best view in the house. She was primed for a show.

The image excited Brooke to no end. She watched and felt her hands gliding over her assets, gently brushing against her nipples. The bubbles gave them the smoothest feel while shining in the dimmed bathroom light. Her right hand slowly and effortlessly slid beneath the surface, down her stomach and flirted with the insides of her thighs. As she teased herself she felt her left hand start aggressively playing with her tits with more passion than she’d dared use before. She’d always worried she’d be too rough and to be honest, her implants were still pretty new.

As Brooke squeezed, pinched and pressed her enormous chest, her right hand began aggressively working her tight, smooth little box beneath the bubbles. Faster and faster she went as she watched herself playing with her tits in the mirror. In her head she was wondering who she was becoming. The image of herself was turning her on. The more she watched herself play with her absurdly stuffed tits the more turned on she became, which was met by her other hand working intensely in attempts to build the satisfaction.

Before she knew it she’d hit the point of no return. Her hand was now working as hard as it ever had, building the passion to the point of absolute explosion. Her body was screaming for release. She threw her head back and let out the most sexual, animalistic scream she’d ever experienced.

Brooke sat there for a good minute, frozen in orgasmic paralysis. Her left hand was fully clenched like a vice on her right breast while her right hand laid limp between her thighs. Her eyes were closed but Brooke was smiling with every inch of her body. She let out a small laugh before slightly gaining her senses back. Brooke opened her eyes and lifted her head. She saw her flush face in the mirror staring back at her with her balloons floating in the suds in front of her. She took a deep breath. Suddenly, her face turned serious. Before she knew what was happening, her hands took on a mind of their own and began running over her bobbing spheres.

“I guess this is happening again,” she said to herself and her hand inched back down below the surface, ready to bring her to yet another incredible climax.


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Re: The Flame
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Amazing stuff. Can't wait for more.


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Re: The Flame
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Brooke woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. The previous night’s antics had exhausted her in the best possible way and her sleep had been near-coma. She crawled out of bed and with a yawn, stretched her arms and back. As she arched her back she felt the weight of her chest begin to restrict how far she could extend. Brooke looked down at her overfilled tits and smiled.

“Hello there,” she said out loud to her implants and gave them a squeeze. The tank top she’d been sleeping in was now virtually useless. It barely covered anything since her fill and other than adding a little support while she slept could disintegrate at any moment. Brooke walked over to her closet and begin throwing clothes around looking for something that might fit.

After a few minutes, Brooke was flustered. Given the size of her breasts, her entire wardrobe was now obsolete. She had a few sweaters and jackets she could make work but what she really wanted was new clothes that would make her chest irresistible. Brooke pulled up her phone to check her latest ad revenue from her site’s activity. She hadn’t been as vigilant as she had been in the past and had put her efforts into really just getting attention from her viewers. Brooke stood still for a moment. Her account read “$7,436” which was more than she’d ever had at one time. Immediately, ideas of what she could buy and places she could go starting flying through her mind.

“First things first,” she thought. Brooke pulled up her texts and opened her last convo with Jenna.

“Hey girl, I need your help. After my latest fill I realized my wardrobe doesn’t exactly ‘compliment’ the additions. I want a complete overhaul. Up for some shopping? Lunch is on me…” It didn’t take long for Brooke’s phone to buzz with a response from Jenna.

“I’ll be at your place in 20 minutes! Can’t wait to see!”. Brooke was thrilled. Knowing that Jenna never went anywhere without looking like a hard 10, Brooke knew she had to at least step her game up a little. She dug through her mess of clothes and snagged a few things she thought might look good.

A few minutes later, she stood in front of her mirror. Brooke was wearing tight, ripped jeans with black leather heels and a flannel button up that she’d spent the bulk of her time attempting to close over her enormous cleavage. Because of the added masses on her chest, the bottom no longer buttoned like it should so she tied it off showing off a generous amount of stomach. Of course, Brooke had to wear her signature tortoiseshell glasses with beanie. She wanted to look as sexy as possible while maintaining an ounce of her former appearance.

Brooke stared at herself. A few weeks ago she never would’ve dreamed about stepping outside dressed like this. Now, she looked like an absolute knockout with giant fake tits stuffed into an undersized shirt. She was ready to feel those eyes on her.

As she was beginning to pose for herself, the doorbell rang. She walked to the door and opened it. Jenna stood there looking like any guy’s dream. She was in jean shorts that barely covered her perfectly sculpted ass, cowboy boots and a plunging white halter top that showed off nearly all of her 1900cc implants. Her abs were barely visible but showed off her hours of hard work in the gym each week. Brooke had a flat stomach but Jenna was cut. Side by side, they were a fantasy.

“Holy shit…your tits look AMAZING!” Jenna shrieked. She lunged out with both hands and grabbed them.

“Ugh they’re so firm. I LOVE them. How big are you now?”

“1800 as of my last fill. I miiiiight have another fill or two in my future though,” Brooke replied with a smile as Jenna continued to play with her boobs.

“Shit! That means you’re gonna be bigger than me!” Jenna replied still exploring all angles of Brooke’s new additions.

“Sorry! They’re just really fucking awesome. Let’s get a move on!” Jenna said and finally released Brooke’s chest.

The two set off toward the beach, giggling to one another and completely content with everything about the moent. They knew everyone walking past was staring at them and their enhancements. Jenna seemed immune to it but Brooke was soaking it in.

Jenna had made a list of stops to make given her recent experiences with wardrobe updates. The first: bathing suits and bikinis. Jenna loved to wear them just as a top and thought it was a good starting point for Brooke. Before Brooke had a second to digest the vast selection, Jenna had handed her a dozen to try on and was pushing her into a changing room.

The first was a basic black bikini that didn’t appear to cover much at all. Brooke unbuttoned her top and stretched the black material across her chest and tied it around her neck and back. She had to play with it a bit before she could get it to cover her nipples. She looked in the mirror. Her heels made her look so much more dominant than she thought. Brooke eyed herself in the mirror as she was becoming more and more accustomed to doing. Her tits were so big and perky that the bikini was doing nothing to keep them up or in. All it really did was cover her nipples and it barely did that but there was something about the combination of heels, jeans and slutty bikini that turned her on a little bit. She undid the strings and tossed it aside, starting a pile of items she wanted.

Brooke worked through another 5 tops, some of which fit and some that didn’t stand a chance with her enormous tits. The final top in her pile was metallic silver that glistened in the light from all angles. She pulled it up to her chest and tied the first strings around her neck but couldn't finagle the ones behind her back. After a few aggravated attempts she called for backup.

“Hey Jenna, can I use you for a second?” Her curtain brushed aside and in walked a smiling Jenna. Brooke turned towards her, bare tits completely exposed except for the tiny bikini hanging from around her neck. Jenna was a good four inches shorter so her view of Brooke’s epic implants was perfect. She could see them slightly from the bottom in all their glory. She reached forward and hefted them, completely oblivious to the bikini that needed tying. The curtain was still slung over a hook and a few customers in the store could see Brooke’s fully exposed naked tits defying gravity. She tensed for a second before stepping toward the doorway in full view, knowing people could see her, and asked Jenna to tie the back. Jenna stood behind her and like a jockey trying to reign a horse, managed to get the top over her friend’s enormous chest and tied securely.

“Slut,” mumbled one girl who tried to walk off with her boyfriend whose feet seemed to be stuck in cement. Brooke stared him right in eyes and thrust her chest out. He was completely transfixed before his girlfriend came back and dragged him out of the store.

Brooke turned back to Jenna and the mirror, her overfilled tits glistening in their new environment. The shiny silver bikini seemed to add even more projection to their appearance.

“If you really wanna turn heads, you have to get that…” said Jenna staring at Brooke’s tits once again. Brooke yanked on the top strings and the top fell away, exposing her tits to Jenna again. She smiled mischievously. Jenna smiled back and rolled her eyes playfully before walking out.


A few minutes later, Brooke grabbed her receipt and the two headed off to the next shop.

After a few hours, Brooke and Jenna found themselves in a little dress boutique. Brooke snagged a few dresses to try on and Jenna was doing her normal routine of picking out things she thought would look sexy on Brooke. They were about to head to the dressing room when they heard a small argument across the shop.

“Meredith?” Jenna said. Meredith looked over with a hint of tears in her eyes. She’d been arguing with her husband who had the appearance of a somewhat successful businessman with minimal style.

“Oh…oh hey Jenna!” she replied and wiped the tears away from her eyes.

“Everything ok?”

“Yeah we were just talking about some stuff. Holy shit…I mean I’ve seen your latest boob job at our workout sessions but do you exclusively hang out with girls with huge fake tits?” Meredith said signaling to Brooke.

“She just happened to be going on a similar plastic adventure. We also happen to be neighbors,” Jenna said with a grin.

“Babe, aren’t you going to introduce me?” blurted Meredith’s husband, Jack, who had a grin on his face that screamed “sleaze”.

“Of course, my sweet. This is Jenna, my fitness coach and her friend Brooke.”

“Well hello ladies. You are an absolute vision if I do say.” and he grabbed each of their hands in an awkward handshake. His gaze shifted from their faces to their tits and didn’t stray for a few seconds until Meredith coughed.

“Hun, I need a minute with the girls. I’ll meet you outside in a minute.” Her husband turned on a unhappy face.

“Fine. But you know the rules. Don’t forget,” and he walked outside. Meredith turned back to Brooke and Jenna with the best smile she could muster.

“What rules?” asked Brooke.

“It’s complicated,” replied Meredith.

“Is everything ok? You seem pretty upset,” said Jenna as she placed a consoling hand on Meredith’s shoulder.

“It’s just…we saw you two earlier and Jack hasn’t shut up about you and your...and your…boobs.”

“What does that have to do with rules?” asked Jenna.

“I haven’t worked in years. I mean I didn’t even finish college. He makes all the money and said if I want us to stay together I need to try harder to spice things up. He wants me to get another…another boob job. Except this time he wants them as big as possible. I told him doctors here aren’t as willing to go as big as he wants but he said he’d fly me anywhere in the world to get it done. But If I say no then I’m cut off and have to find a job. I could do another boob job a little bigger but could never pull off the sizes you both have or more. I mean, you’re ten years younger and gorgeous.” Meredith sniffled. Jenna and Brooke looked at each other. They loved their fake tits and their own journeys to get there but this poor woman was basically being forced into getting massive tits.

“Hey It’s all gonna be fine. Listen, don’t do anything you don’t wanna do. Don’t get strong armed into bigger implants because of money. I need some time but I may have something for you in the near future if you need work. I have no doubt you’d do great,” blurted Brooke. Jenna looked at her inquisitively before speaking up.

“Hang in there, Mer. Here, you’ve got my number, take Brooke’s as well. Anytime you wanna talk about this stuff, text us. We’re here for you,” said Jenna. Meredith broke into a smile and hugged them both. She wiped her face, put on a pretend smile and walked out to meet Jack.

“That’s kind of fucked up,” said Brooke.

“Totally. That poor woman. She’s a sweetheart. She shouldn’t let her husband force her into something like that. I wonder what she’ll do.” Brooke's mind was wandering. She was thinking about what it would be like if someone forced her to get bigger tits. She kind of liked the idea.

"What is wrong with me?" she thought to herself and forced herself back to reality.

The two strode outside and looked at their surroundings. In front of them was a beachside tequila bar.

“Up for a few?” Jenna asked

“More than a few,” Brooke replied and they strutted in and straight to the bar with tits bouncing and all heads turning.

"Six shots of Patron, chilled," said Jenna who turned and smiled at Brooke.


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Re: The Flame
« Reply #70 on: May 10, 2018, 10:32:08 pm »
I wonder how that couple is gonna fit in... Keep up the good work!
General laws of fake boobage:
1) Fake boobs should not bring unnecessary health risks
2) Fake boobs should look as beautiful as possible, unless this breaks rule 1
3) Fake boobs should be as big as possible, unless this breaks rules 1 and 2


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Re: The Flame
« Reply #71 on: May 11, 2018, 04:16:09 am »
I dunno how much their story will intersect with Brooke but once Brooke's story wraps up I wanna do one from Meredith's world (and Casey if you remember her from Jenna's story). The goal was originally to write one for each: boob job for a guy, for attention, for the wrong reasons and for the sake of jealousy. Each story line will overlap a little but if it hasn't been completely obvious I'm kinda figuring it out as I go (honestly didn't expect to write much past the very first chapter of Jake and Jenna so thank you all for the feedback and support). More to come soon.


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Re: The Flame
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This makes me happy for two reasons. First, Brooke is only two of four :)
Second, Brooke is just now starting to really enjoy her transformation and the effect its having on herself and on others. We can see how bold she has become and how "normal" it is for her to be half naked around people. No more baggy T shirts and hiding. I really like your writing. I think i can speak on behalf of a lot of people if i say Brooke cold have her storry going on for a lot more time than you originally thought. We all really appreciate you work and eagerly a wait your stories. Bimbofication thru Brookes story still has a lot of potencial. She is doing him  the best possible commercial so the doc. could suggest her but implants, he could make her lips bigger and puffier, she could start wearing corsets, she could visit hair and makeup sallon. She cold go full on bimbo with lets say nipple rings and some cool tattoos... There is now a whole new world in front of her... Her blog is actually making a lot of money. She could start modeling sexy underwear and posting on her blog. She could also try to see how it is to be with a woman. She already showed her her bobbs and loved it...
Do all 4 stories but i can easly see Brookes story beeing a stand alone one that cold go on for a year or even more.
Thx for everything.


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Re: The Flame
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Can't wait to see what happens next with Brooke.


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Re: The Flame
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Last chapter before her next fill:
The bar was basic. It had a center area with countertops on all sides, high top tables around the outside, a few TVs airing B level sports and no walls, which allowed the ocean breeze to flow through unhindered. Brooke and Jenna strutted in, fake tits on display expecting all eyes to turn. To their dismay, the eyes that were there did turn but the clientele was seriously lacking; a few  guys in their early 30s sat scattered around the bar with a few couples at the high tops. Brooke immediately noted that none of the guys whose bulging eyes were now transfixed on her chest really stood out as being all that attractive. She loved to tease guys she knew were beneath her but she was ready to try for the next level. She wanted to work a little.

“Four shots of Patron, please,” Jenna said to the bartender.

“Four shots coming up,” he replied stone-faced . Brooke had initially overlooked the bartender but the more she looked at him the more her interest grew. He was wearing basic bartender attire: jeans, a gray V-neck T-shirt and a half-sleeve tattoo that wandered down to his elbow. His arms were toned and upper body looked well-built . The one detail, despite his seemingly powerful physique were the glasses her wore which completed shifted his image. He kind of looked like a fit nerd.

Less than a minute later he came back and laid out the shot glasses and began pouring.

“Limes and salt?” he asked, staring Brooke square in the eyes. Brooke stared back. His gaze was mesmerizing. What amazed her more was the fact that his eyes never wavered down to her absurdly generous cleavage on full display.

“Yes…please,” Brooke muttered. She was trying to wrap her head around the fact that this guy didn’t seem interested in her or Jenna in the slightest. For some reason that made her want him. Before she could get too lost in her own head, Jenna grabbed a shot and spoke up.

“Here’s to new friends, huge tits and tequila.” She and Brooke clinked glasses and threw back their first shot. Brooke saw the bartender glance over. She quickly grabbed the second and threw it back trying to maintain her eye contact with him. He looked away, seemingly not interested.

“Shit I didn’t know we were on to the second so quickly!” exclaimed Jenna who grabbed her second shot and threw it back with ease. The two stood there for a second adjusting to the taste. They were both leaning against the bar on one elbow, facing each other. Their 3700 combined CCs of saline were mere centimeters away from touching.

They looked at each other for a second before smiling. Jenna motioned to the bartender for four more shots. He nodded in agreement. As he made his way around behind the bar, Brooke’s searing gaze followed him. She was determined to get through to him. Women stared at her tits, guys of all shapes, sizes and marital statuses stared…so why wasn’t this guy? She knew she looked good. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head.

“I’ll be back in two minutes. Don’t take those shots without me,” Brooke said and with one quick motion, grabbed one of her shopping bags and stepped into the women’s restroom. She stripped off her top and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

“What the fuck?” she thought to herself.

“I look sexy as hell. I’d do me with these.” and she reached up to give her tits a squeeze. Brooke posed in ways that made her feel sexiest before reaching into her bag and pulling out the metallic bikini she’d bought earlier. She pulled it up to her monstrous tits and began the battle of tying it off around her neck and back.

After a few minutes, she was comfortable that the strings were triple-knotted tight enough to keep her balloons in. She looked in the mirror: the tension she’d maintained when tying off her top had somehow managed to make her implants look even more perky. The shiny material was glistening in the dim bathroom light. Her heals made her legs look extra long in her tight jeans.

“Something’s missing,” she thought. Brooke reached up and let her hair fall naturally. It looked a little messy but it was long and full and paired with her outfit made her look like she was ready for a photo shoot. She smiled to herself, grabbed her things and walked back to the bar.

“Fuck…me,” said Jenna wide eyed.

“I’m pretty sure every guy here is hard as a rock right now. Those tits…look…MASSIVE!”

“Not every guy,” Brooke replied sheepishly. The bartender wasn’t paying any attention to her. A pretty blonde had sat down at the bar while she was in the bathroom. She had a nice body but was flat as a board. The worst part was that the bartender was leaning on the counter talking to her and he was smiling!

Jenna noticed Brooke’s frustrated look.

“Hey…are you into that guy?”

“Crap. I think so. He’s barely acknowledged me since we got here. I mean, look at me right now. I look like a slut! I mean, a hot slut, but still! What’s the deal? Am I not…big enough? Hot enough?”

“Hun, you’re massive. Your tits look unreal and you look sexy as hell from top to bottom. You don’t need his stupid lust. Every guy here wants to be on you right now although I’m not sure any of them could handle you,” Jenna replied looking around at the guys who were attempting to sneak glances at their giant fake tits but were failing to make it discrete. Brooke reached out and grabbed a shot.

“Hey you’re not leaving me behind this time,” Jenna said and tossed back her tequila. Brooke followed. The two raced to grab the second and threw it back with ease.

They sat there for just under ten minutes while the bartender chatted up the blonde on the other side of the bar. One of the guys at the bar motioned to the bartender and muttered something. He looked over his shoulder at Jenna and Brooke and nodded. The bartender strode over and refilled their shot glasses.

“From the guy in the blue polo,” he said emotionlessly. Now Brooke was irritated.

“Let’s try something,” she said. Brooke licked her finger and ran it down her incredible cleavage. She then poured salt on top and grabbed a slice of lime which she wedged firmly between her overfilled tits. Jenna smiled and rolled her eyes as she was becoming accustomed to doing. Brooke looked at the guy that had bought their shots and motioned with her finger for him to come over. He turned red and awkwardly sauntered over.

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“Sit,” she said. Like an obedient dog he sat instantly. He was about 18 inches away from both sets of tits.

Brooke turned to Jenna and smiled. Jenna slowly moved closer as sexily as possible. She placed her hands gently on Brooke’s enormous chest and slowly started running her tongue down her cleavage, licking up every last grain of salt. She grabbed a shot of tequila and downed it effortlessly. Jenna turned back to Brooke and placed her hands back on her tits. She pushed them together forcing the lime to the top where she grabbed it in her mouth and sucked out every ounce of lime juice. As she resurfaced she looked at their new gentleman friend who was smiling like a complete idiot. His pleated khakis and tucked in polo really weren’t doing him any favors but they’d just given the poor guy a great show. Brooke was smiling from ear to ear and looking at Jenna. Then she turned.

“Your turn,” she whispered to Charles. She poured the salt onto her chest and placed the lime between her tits. Charles leaned forward and awkwardly licked up as much salt as he could. He threw back a shot of tequila which caused him to immediately cough and his eyes to bulge. He caught his breath before leaning in, fumbling for the lime and quickly dropped it onto the ground.

“Whoops…sorry I’m not very good at this,”

“Don’t apologize, Charlie. Did you like that?”

“I really did. That was a first. You’re…you’re both really hot,” he said before turning bright red and practically sprinting back to his seat.

By this point, the blonde across the bar was staring as was everyone else except the intended target. Brooke was flustered. She loved the feeling of being watched and desired by all these guys but this one guy was driving her crazy. She now craved his attention.

“What else can I do short of dumping these completely things out?” she thought. Just then, Jenna, flagged down the bartender.


“Hey, what’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you, Mike. I’m Jenna and this is Brooke. Hey we’re sorry if that made anyone uncomfortable. We’ve had a long day and just wanted to blow off some steam.”

“No worries. This place could use a little excitement.” he replied casually. He’d been looking at Jenna during the exchange but Brooke finally caught his eyes slip to her chest for half a second. She was in.

“Hey Mike, can we grab a couple of Corona’s to wash down the tequila? Those are gonna catch up with us pretty quickly,” Brooke said playfully.

“Sure thing,” he replied.

“…and any chance we can buy you a drink? Hopefully we don’t cause too much trouble tonight but we want to express our…appreciation,” she said as she stared Mike square in the eye. He paused for a second before responding.

“You guys do look like trouble…I’ll allow it. I’m a whiskey guy. It feels like a Whistlepig kind of night,” and he broke a small smile. Brooke lit up. She’d finally broken through. She looked across the bar at the blonde who now looked completely pissed.

“I win, bitch” she thought to herself.

A minute later, Mike came back with their beers and a glass of Whistlepig on the rocks.

“Cheers, ladies. Thanks for the drink,” and they all clinked glasses and took a sip. Brooke was staring at him lustfully. Mike let his eyes lock with hers for a second before turning back to the bar.


A few hours passed and the girls continued drinking, laughing and mocking the lousy sports on TV. The bar had died down to the point where it was only Jenna, Brooke, Mike and Charles. Charles was looking a bit rough and was struggling to sit still. Mike came over.

“Hey ladies, last call. I think I’m gonna close up a little early tonight.”

“Nooo don’t kick us out just yet! We’re enjoying the…scenery,” Brooke said, clearly drunk and eyeing Mike like a piece of meat.

“Sorry ladies. Owner’s rules, not mine. Take your time though. No rush at all.”

Brooke looked over at Jenna who stared back. She let out a little grin.

“Hey Charlie, why don’t we find ourselves some cabs and get out of here,”

“Yeshh…yeah ok,” replied Charlies. Jenna escorted him out and into a waiting cab before turning back to Brooke, giving her a thumbs up and hopped in her own cab.

Mike was washing the bar with a towel and despite the basic act of cleaning, Brooke thought he looked incredibly sexy. At this point, the TVs were off and Mike had turned on some mellow music that he appeared to be singing along to. She needed to fuck him. She needed to feel his hands gripping her tits while his eyes admired her surgically enhanced chest.

“Hey, Mike?”

“Yeah, Brooke?

“I never thought this was possible but you make scrubbing a bar super sexy. I mean, I’m all bothered over here.”

“Hilarious,” he replied assuming she was being sarcastic. Brooke walked around the outside of the bar slowly, keeping her eyes on him. Mike was watching her. She made her way behind the bar and walked up to him.

“I’m serious.” She said straight-faced. Mike stared back.

“But I have to know…why were you so cold to me?” she asked.

“ehhhhh it’s complicated.” Brooke stepped closer.

“I want to know,” she said.

“We get so many beautiful women in here but everyone wants something. Most want to flirt and try to score free drinks from me or the staff. Others are here to try and meet rich men to fund their lifestyle. They all want something but never truly want someone. You get numb to it after a while. I don’t want to make generalizations but when you and Jenna first came in I just got that vibe. You’re both beautiful and…very well endowed and I’d love to be wrong but I’ve never known anyone with boobs so big and fake to be interested in anything but money. Sorry if that’s too honest.”

“You’re wrong.” said Brooke seemingly offended.

“I am?”

“Yeah. I do want something. I want you. I want you to fuck me on the bar while telling me how much you love my big fake tits. I want to feel your hands on my chest and your lips on my neck and feel you deep inside me until we both scream bloody fucking murder because we’re cumming so hard…”

Mike was wide-eyed and stepped back for a second. Brooke was afraid she’d crossed the line but the tequila had made her fearless. Suddenly, he broke into a grin. He looked around at the boardwalk which was completely dead. He dimmed the lights and motioned for Brooke to come toward him.

“Wait,” he said. Brooke paused. Mike was finally staring at her tits.

“Those. are so. fucking. big,” and he reached forward grabbing her by the hip with one hand. Brooke looked up at him in adoration as he eyed her endowments. He reached up to untie her top but Brooke stopped him. She reached over, grabbed the bottle of Whistlepig Mike had been drinking early and handed it to him.

“Watch,” she said. In perfect rhythm to the music play, she smoothly kicked off her heals and slowly shook off her jeans. Brooke stood there in her shimmering bikini and black thong, hips gently swaying to the music. She grabbed a bottle of tequila, took a big swig and hopped up on the bar where she sat with her legs crossed.

“Come here,” she said in her sexiest voice. Mike slowly walked over to her. Brooke took another swig before reaching behind her head and undoing the strings. The bikini fell away leaving her overstuffed tits fully exposed, projecting unnaturally like near spheres. They were so big and round on her body. Her upper arms were hidden as she sat there with the bottle in one hand.

Brooke slowly leaned back, resting on one elbow and motioned to her stomach. Mike understood and slowly moved his mouth to her body. She smiled and started pouring tequila down her chest, between her massive assets to her stomach were Mike was waiting. He licked up every drop as if he needed it to survive before slowly working his mouth up to her incredible tits that were standing there, jutting out dramatically as Brooke leaned back. She watched Mike work slowly, covering every inch of her tits with his tongue and hands. She loved the lustful look in his eyes as he surveyed her surgeons work.

After a few minutes, his left hand wandered down and slowly pulled her thong to the ground. He then grabbed her under the small of her back and laid her flat on the bar, her tits standing there defying every possible law of physics.

He started kissing her stomach before slowly moving lower. And then lower. And then lower until his tongue started working the insides of her thighs and beyond. Brooke arched her back in ecstasy. Her left hand still clutched the bottle as if it couldn’t let go while her right had now started aggressively playing with her own implants.

She was getting lost in the pleasure and the feeling of Mike expertly working her tight box was bringing her to the brink of explosion. Faster and faster he went. It started quietly but her moans became louder and louder as if she had no control over it. Suddenly, he kicked it into overdrive and the pressure between her legs became too much. She thrust her chest out and screamed in pure orgasmic ecstasy. After about 20 seconds, her body relaxed and she was able to come to her senses.

“Fuck that was incredible,” she said hoarsely. She moved the bottle of tequila to her lips and took a swig.

“Your turn,” she said and she leapt down. Brooke pushed Mike against the bar and started feeling the outline of his raging hard-on.

“Someone’s excited,” she said and she started undoing his jeans.

“How could I not be? You’re so hot…THOSE are so hot,” Mike responded.

“You like em big, baby?” Brooke said as slutty as possible while still teasing his dick.

“On you? Absolutely.”

“Oh yeah? Well I have something to tell you.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m gonna get bigger. I’m gonna get much bigger. Next time you see me these are gonna make you cum just from looking at them.” At this point Mike was struggling not to lose it. Brooke had managed to get Mike’s pants completely off and slowly lowered her mouth onto his manhood. With absolute confidence, she began working her mouth and tongue and was met with validating groans of pleasure. She continued to work for a good five minutes before Mike spoke up.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum.”

“Not yet,” replied Brooke. She leapt onto the bar and laid flat on her back with one knee up.

“I need you to fuck me.” Mike moved on top of her and just before thrusting deep into her spoke up.

“I don’t have a condom.”

“Good. Fuck me hard but I want you to cum on my overfilled fake tits,” and with that Mike forced himself into her.

They moved in rhythm on top of the bar, Mike thrusting intensely deep inside Brooke. The pace began to quicken and Brooke slowly started moaning again.

“……these…big….tits” Brooke said between thrusts.

“They’re so fucking sexy. I can’t wait to see them even bigger. Those tits. Bigger. In that bikini. At my bar. Bouncing as we fuck. Again and again. Until you can’t stand…” The pace quickened to the point of no return. Mike was watching her tits violently bounce back and forth as he fucked her harder and faster. Her eyes were locked on his face as he watched them bounce.

Brooke was at her peak. She began arching her back, pushing her tits out. With one last powerful thrust she let out the loudest scream she’d ever mustered. Mike pulled out his throbbing erection and exploded onto her heaving chest. She watched as he came all over her plastic tits.

The two laid there for a few minutes before Brooke grabbed the bottle of tequila, took one last swig and hopped off the bar.

“That was fun.”

“…yeahhhhh,” was all Mike could reply. Brooke grabbed a towel and cleaned herself off. She quickly pulled on her clothes before Mike was even standing.

“See you soon… When I’m bigger,” she said and gave him a quick kiss before slipping off into the night.