Author Topic: [Complete!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery  (Read 20956 times)


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Re: [Update new chapter 6!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Reply #45 on: January 31, 2018, 01:15:09 am »
Too bad , it's too fast ... In one chapter she got:

- mind altered
- 1000cc
- huge lips
- she is now sucking her brother dick without asking ..

Too much in just one chapter ... she did not even had the time to try what her implants will do in public and change her mind for bigger
I could not disagree more. I think actually the fun starts here. Can't wait to see their parents reaction when Marie's funbags enter the room a couple of minutes before her. Keep up the good work man and let us enjoy how she would not be able to hide her assets from anyone she meets!


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Re: [Update new chapter 6!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Reply #46 on: February 01, 2018, 12:59:01 am »
I suggest to make her lips and vagina lips enormous, would be great to read about givimg her an THICC ass and thigs :)


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Re: [Update new chapter 6!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Reply #47 on: February 01, 2018, 01:01:33 am »
Guys be a little nicer here.  I love what he’s doing.  Just keep doing your thing, this is fantastic


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Re: [Update new chapter 6!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Reply #48 on: February 01, 2018, 09:56:22 pm »
Awesome. Can't wait for the next one


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Re: [Update new chapter 6!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Reply #49 on: February 03, 2018, 05:06:51 am »
Yeah the unnoticed mind alterations was inspired

Really, really hope you keep adding to this.


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Re: [Update new chapter 6!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Reply #50 on: February 11, 2018, 12:33:50 am »
Probably the best fantasy implant story I have heard.


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Re: [Update new chapter 6!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Reply #51 on: February 12, 2018, 12:52:58 pm »
Is the story going to be continued? The last chapter was full of events and since the iPhone was broken it looks like final.


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Re: [Update new chapter 6!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Reply #52 on: March 15, 2018, 10:36:11 pm »
First of all, I want to let you all know how amazed I am at the wonderful feedback and support this story got. I couldn't even image how much you'd enjoy this. As I said, I thought this could be goo,d but this good? I had no idea! And this is also the reason why I'm about to present you with a final chapter and conclusion to the story: you guys just deserved it, it couldn't be otherwise.
Another thing: I have been suggested to set up a Patreon. I might do it in the future, but right now I prefer to stick to commission, because between work and real life I can't get out words constantly and if I do set it up I want it to be from a place where I can consistently provide you with fun. I'll try to write a couple more posts soon, and we'll see how that goes! Hope you're excited!
I want you to know that reading your amazing comments has been a highlight of my day and I hope you find this final piece interesting... as it points out there will be more, at least in this kind of story. As you might find out once at the end, there's a certain character here who still wants to have some fun.
I hope you have fun too!

Epilogue I

Things didn't get much more interesting after that.
The amazing, mysterious app now gone, there was little André could do to change his situation, or the predicament his sister was in, in fact.
Their mother went into shock when she saw Marie's new look. Her straining fake breasts against her shirt, her enhanced lips, her permanent and happy smile. She got used to it, though. New and improved Marie would probably never be that smart again, she would not go to law school or anything, but she was sweet, she was kind, and she did her chores, helping in the house much more than before.
As for the new... additions to her chest, their mother just had to buy new wardrobe for Marie's expanded assets. André would have wanted to keep his parents in the dark about the origins of Marie's fake tits, but Marie had seen no evil in telling them... luckily keeping out the fact Marie and André had been fucking like rabbits the moment their parents turned their heads.
It had seemed impossible, but for Marie to get extensive cosmetic surgery, the equivalent of liposuction, at least two breast augmentations, a nose job, together with all the minor cosmetic stuff, without spending a cent, and in the space of a night... it begged any kind of explanation, really. A magical app that went haywire was as good as any.
Kids these days, at any rate, always playing with stuff they don't understand, their mother had said in the end. Serves them right.
So, in the end, their mother seemed to have accepted it all. In fact, André caught her a couple times looking on youtube for breast augmentation procedures. He kept his mouth shut about it, though.
Better not to say anything. If his mother wanted to bring herself up to Marie's proportions, it was her choice.
He had stopped tampering with people's bodies. Mostly because he had lost the mean of doing it, but, well. He considered himself reformed. An upstanding citizen. And thanks to Marie's generous, uh, help, he had even managed to start focusing on school work for once. His grades had gotten better, just as Marie's plummeted for a time, before some magical intervention (most likely the judicious application of Marie's improved lips on professor's cocks) made it so they floated back into excellence in a span of weeks.
Everyone was happy.
Marie was even on better terms with Annette, her once-rival, who now was completely overshadowed by her fake, 1000ccs tits. There was just no beating a teenage plastic *WOMAN*, even for one as naturally blessed as Annette.
And in all this, André began to find the peace of mind he had been chasing for so long.
Indeed, things didn't get much more interesting after that.
For a while.

Epilogue II

These last few days had been horrible for Annette. That... that *WOMAN*, that *WOMAN*, that huge stinking pile of human waste that was Marie Rodin stole the spotlight in the school! Stolen! From her! She couldn't believe how such a huge fake *WOMAN* could attract any attention. She was dumb, even more as of late, she was tiring with her constant giggling and fake smile on her fake lips... she was... she was...
She was better than Annette, that's what she was.
At least in the eyes of boys.
Which. Wasn't. The. Real. Way. Of. Looking. At. Things.
Annette had always been so proud of her real beauty, her real breasts, her real ass, her real luscious lips. All taken away by a huge fucking *WOMAN* who sucked professors cocks and, she was sure, even sucked her own brother's dick!
Annette fell down on her bed, exhausted from her rage and frustration.
Well, maybe not her brother's dick. Maybe that was a little too much even for a *WOMAN* like Marie.
She was a huge *WOMAN*.
And she had Annette beaten.
Annette cupped her breasts. They were so full, so soft. They were perfect. What was there not to love?
Sure they might turn into sagging bags of fat in forty or fifty years, but they were still perky even with their size, and they were hers. No need to compensate with silicone.
No need to.
Not ever.
Annette sighed and opened up her youtube app. Might as well check out a few makeup videos...
Still, her heart was not satisfied. And after mindlessly droning through one youtube video after the next, she found herself dialing her father.
She had a huuuge favour to ask.
Papa would understand.
He always understood.
"Papa? It's me. Listen... about what I wanted for my birthday..."

Epilogue III

Marie entered Professor Dubois office. The man was middle-aged, though still pleasant-looking, with his sharp eyes and squared jaw. That jaw fell when he lifted his eyes from his desk to look at the new and improved Marie.
"M-m-m-iss Rodin? Is... is that you?"
"Like, yeah!" Marie pirouetted, showing off her new, large and augmented breasts, their profile positively inflated. There was no way such a petite and slim girl like her could possess such a huge pair, or that they would grow so big in a couple days. She wore a low-cut top that seemed about to explode from the pressure inside her bra. Her nipples were already hard, denting her bra' surface. Marie giggled, cupping her mouth with a manicured hand, highlighting her new full lips. They made her look so *WOMAN*ty.
"Miss Rodin, what have you done... what have you done to yourself?"
"Like, nothing much. And Papa said I must not tell anybody, so, uh-uh! Not telling you. Like my new tittes anyway? They're silicone!"
"S-silicone," the professor said between himself as his eyes were drawn to those beautiful inorganic orbs, sticking out like bolt-ons on her petite frame. "You got implants?"
"Yeah! Good, nice ones! Do you want to see them?"
"What? Miss Rodin, what are you thinking?"
Marie giggled and hopped closer to the desk, making sure to show off her cleavage and the creamy expanse of her naked thighs.
"I'm thinking, like, professor Dubois is always so nice to me it would be nice to give something back!"
"S-something like what?"
"I was thinking..." Marie touched her inflated lips, "something nice. Something you'd like."
Marie leaned to the side and crouched next to the professor' shocked form. She did a quick work of his belt and pants and took out his already-hard cock.
"Whoa! Like, so nice! Mind if I give it a little liiick?"
Not waiting for the professor's answer, Marie took his cock in her mouth, starting to slurp with her inflated lips, moaning as the professor slowly let go of all his scruples and began to move his hips, starting to fuck her face.
Maria moaned even harder. She loved some cock in the morning. What were her collagen-filled pillows good for, after all?
She couldn't wait to get back home and tell her beloved brother all about it. It would get him so hard... and Andre was so cute as he complimented her new fake tits!
He was so nice! Maybe today she would tell him to fuck her in the ass. He got Marie her new life, and her new tits, after all. He deserved something back.

Epilogue IV

Auguste Rodin sat at his computer at the end of a long day of work. He stretched, moaning after his tired muscles. Damn, he needed a break. Maybe a vacation. Maybe more.
But he loved working. He loved working and he loved his work.
No one else could do things the way he did after all.
"Marianne," he called the receptionist, "a glass of sauvignon, please."
"At once," Marianne obeyed. She stood up from her chair, wobbling on her five inches heels, and strutted towards the liquor cabinet, moving in such a way to highlight her perfect, long legs, the smooth curve of her ass, made especially perky every way she moved by the two 400ccs silicone implants inside them. She turned just enough to show off her large, augmented breasts, 800ccs each of inorganic silicone mounted inside what once used to be her natural Ds. Which were the reason Marianne had been hired two years before.
Marianne and Auguste had quickly become friends.
And as of late, Marianne was an even better friend. So helpful. So nice. So augmented.
She poured the drink inside a crystal glass, handing it to Auguste.
"Thank you," he said, sipping from the wine. "Uhm, you know what, Marianne?"
"What, sir?"
"My teenage daughter has tits bigger than yours now."
  Marianne looked half-jealous, half-overjoyed. Her fascination with everything plastic battled with her natural girlish jealousy.
"Uhh... good for her, I guess? Who did them? Are they under the muscle or..."
"Thank you, she's in love with them. Under the muscle as far as I can guess. I didn't have a chance to... inspect them."
"Uhh, sir, under the muscle? Silicone or saline?"
"Uhh... I hope she has good projection then. At that age is the most important thing they can hope for, projection."
Auguste agreed. If only because Marianne had been sharing his own views for a while.
"She's a hot little tart. So fake. You would love her."
"Teenage plastic *WOMAN*s are the best."
"Indeed. As for who did her new tits..." Auguste snickered. "Well that would just be ruining the surprise."

And this is it... for now. I hope you liked this conclusion, as it leaves a couple things to be discovered...   ;)
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Re: [Complete!] New Story - Virtual Cosmetic Surgery
« Reply #53 on: July 01, 2018, 04:42:07 pm »
Is there anyway you could continue this..  ?   I absolutely loved how Taboo and awesome this was.  It was just hot.  By far my favorite story.  It has so much potential.