Author Topic: Kathy (Elatherina) Verversrui 20 Antwerpen  (Read 23664 times)


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Re: Kathy (Elatherina) Verversrui 20 Antwerpen
« Reply #45 on: January 04, 2019, 08:35:24 pm »
Last time I saw her, 10 days or so, I could grab and squeeze her boobs at will... there was no issue with her boobs at that time for sure.

Ok. Thx. Good new information.

Does anbody know if she is working right now.
I am thinking about to visit her or Amsterdam in January.

What did you pay ?
In the past - years ago - 1 hour was 200 EUR but i dont know if this Fee is still up-to-date.

the prize depends how long you stay, I paid 200€ the last time I saw her and I stayed about one hour. she takes the time to make you come ;-)

If you like kinky stuff, she is the best! for GFE, she is not that good...
have fun, she is still a safe bet.

Yesterday, I was in Antwerp but i didn't vivit Kathy. She was busy all time. I saw her for a short moment when a guest leaving her room and another one went into. Today I will try to visit her.

By the way, Britney the Thai is working in the RLD in Anwerp. I saw her in the evening. She is located in Verversrui 28.

Thx for your feedback. Finally somebody else who tells what happened after he was asking for some informations.
Most people just ask but give no little feedback in the threads after all.
Its very helpful to know if a lady is just available or not.

Good Luck meeting Katherine. When visited her 3 years ago she had many dates in the evening and at night. Only after 4 days i could caught her. Did you try any Phone number to date her in advance ?
Otherwise i think - also Polish Anna from Amsterdam told me - best time to spontaneously meet a busy is beween 10am and 14pm.
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Re: Kathy (Elatherina) Verversrui 20 Antwerpen
« Reply #46 on: January 05, 2019, 03:44:29 pm »
Yesterday it finally worked. I had to wait a while but then I stood in front of her door and waited. When the guest came out, I went directly to Katherina. I was surprised, as she recognized me directly although my last visit was 13 months ago. We had a lot of fun together. After I went out again, the next guys were in front of the door to visit. You are right that it is better to visit her early in the day if you want to spontaneously visit her.