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Author Topic: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)  (Read 134511 times)


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #15 on: December 06, 2013, 01:30:19 pm »
Plastic and dirty, great Story!



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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #16 on: December 07, 2013, 09:02:20 am »
So here's the next chapter. I was on a roll these past few days. Hope you can dig the new bimbo I've introduced.


It was big news around the school when Principal Stanford stepped down. The entire school was full of gossip about who the school board would pick to replace him. John had spent the last few days with his fuckdolls. Feeding load after load of his hot cum to them as Sarah and Ashley both sucked his cock off one after the other. Now sitting in class John was getting hard just thinking about the fact.

Mrs. Barbie was at her desk browsing Facebook. Ashley was next to John chatting with her friends. Life was good. John kicked his legs back on the desk and was about to close his eyes when he heard Mrs. Barbie giggle with joy.

"Hey John! Like the new Principal is totally here today! Its like a woman too! Its all over the teacher chat!" Sarah squealed. John eyes snapped open and he sat up.

"Is that so? Excellent. What's her name?"

"Mrs... Jackson."

"Alright, thanks Barbie." John smiled at the plastic bimbo. She smiled back as much as her frozen botox face would allow.

"Barbie did good?"

"Yes, Barbie did good." John said as he got out of his seat and grabbed his laptop case.

"Where you going baby?" Ashley said as she turned towards him; her plastic face looking worried.

"Just to make you a new friend." John smiled as he leaned in and pressed his lips to Ash's fake plump pillows.

"I'll be back soon. If you need entertainment go play with Barbie."

"Okays! I'll like miss you." Ashley smiled happily. John nodded and then turned away before heading out of the classroom and down the hallway of the high school as he headed towards the Principal's office. It had been a long time since John had been in there. He remembered briefly staying in the Principal's office freshman year after he'd been texting in class and gotten a referral.

John stopped outside of the office door and looked up at the golden plaque. It had once read: Principal Stanford but was now replaced with an identical one reading: Principal Jackson. John lifted his arm and knocked on the door a few times.

"Come in." a female voice said from within. John opened the door and stepped inside. He examined the woman sitting in Stanford's old desk quickly. She had a sort of classy elegance to her. Her skin was a rich brown color and her hair was raven black and long. Though she kept her hair up in a neat bun. Her face was rather plain. Her nose a bit large on her face and there were frown-lines on either side of her mouth and a few wrinkles on her forehead. If John had to guess she was probably in her late thirties. Dark black glasses covered her dark brown eyes. She was dressed in a modest grey dress. She hadn't been what John was expecting, but he felt excited at the new canvas before him.

"How can I help you?" Principal Jackson asked as she looked up at him. She looked busy he could tell. She didn't sound like she wanted the interruption.

"I just wanted to welcome you to the school," John said as he sat down in front of her. "I know this must be a big change moving to such an historical and large high school."

"And this is why you are out of class?" she asked sternly. Damn, she seemed strict already.

"Yeah but... I just wanted to make sure you were fitting in good." John said.

"It is true however, this school is definitely different then what I'm accustomed too. The school I just transferred from was much smaller." she said.

John then placed his laptop on her desk.

"What's this?" Jackson said as she arched a brow.

"Everyone knows this school is quite old," John began. "I'm interested in history so I've put together a little video that details much of the history of this school. I thought you might like to see it to give yourself a better background." he smiled.

"How very thoughtful. I hope this video isn't a waste of my time. Running a school is a big job you know. But you can play the video." Jackson nodded. John grinned and got up as he began to set up his laptop. Once it was all set-up he clicked onto the video on his computer and then he hit a secret new key he'd installed. Suddenly a pink cloud of gas shot out of his laptop and into Mrs. Jackson's face.

"What the?" Mrs. Jackson coughed. "What is this what are you... ohhh..." she said as her voice trailed off. A smile crept over Mrs. Jackson's face she looked happier then she probably had her entire life.

"I feel so happy and bubbly."

"That's good." John smiled. "Now let's start that video I mentioned." he then hit play on the video.

Mrs. Jackson blinked once as the array of colors began to flash and then she fell still as the video put her into a deep trance.

John chuckled as he got up and turned to lock the door to her office. "Now I have your attention." John said as he sat down and stared at Mrs. Jackson. She was staring at the screen unmoving with an unemotional expression, her lips parted slightly and her eyes glossed over and unblinking.

In the past few weeks John had refined his brain-washing technology. Now the video still did the same thing as it did in the past, but the person watching in a trance, but now John had tweaked it so he was able to give them their commands verbally from his own mouth. He'd also edited the program so that the person he was brain-washing would be able to respond and talk to him during the process. He'd also engineered his pink 'happy gas' which made people increasingly happy and kept them from thinking. The more happy gas he used on them their intelligence would drain lower and lower. John had yet to test it on anyone so he was very excited to see how it fared on Mrs. Jackson.

"How do you feel Mrs. Jackson?"

"I feel strange..." Mrs. Jackson said. Her voice was void of emotion and sounded as if it was from far away.

"Tell me Mrs. Jackson are you happy with your life. Be honest."
"No I am always very stressed and I am getting a divorce soon." she said. Her mouth moving even though the rest of her was still.
"And why are you getting a divorce."
"My husband cheated on me several times."
"I see," John paused. "Well I want you to be happy Mrs. Jackson. Do you want to be happy?"
"Yes I want to be happy."
"I can make you very happy." John said. He hit the button and another plume of pink smoke flushed into Mrs. Jackson's face. She smiled again and giggled softly.
"So about your marriage. I think I know why your husband cheated on you. You were probably too boring, to plain, you never wanted to spice things up." John said. "Is this true."
"Sometimes I think that."
"Okay. Well you want to be happy right? You want to be wild and a party girl. You want to have fun and not worry about responsibilities."
"Yes I am a party girl I love to have fun."
"Good. You need to look the part too Mrs. Jackson. You need a makeover."
"Yes I need a makeover."
"You're now obsessed with plastic surgery and the bimbo look. You want to be a beautiful black Barbie. You're idol is Nicki Minaj."
"But I hate Nicki Minaj... and plastic surgery is terrible."
"No... I think you need to reconsider." John said as he pushed the button again and more pink gas poured into her face.
"What about Nicki Minaj and plastic surgery?"
"I love her... I want to be like her and I want to be so fake."
"Do you think of yourself as a smart woman?"
"I think I do... or I did. I'm very confused right now."
"That's okay. Being confused is okay. You shouldn't try to think Mrs. Jackson. That will only hurt your small brain. No, the only things you need to think about is sex, big cocks sliding into you, new plastic surgery, clothes and money. Being a perfect bimbo."
"Thinking is bad..."
"Yes there you go. Also to be a bimbo you must be horny. All of the time. Your pussy is always wet and you can't stop touching yourself and your breasts." John watched as Mrs. Jackson moved a bit in her seat and opened up her legs and sighed.
"Yes... so horny..."
"You love being pleasured more then anything. Pleasure is your life. All you want is to be pleasured and fucked all the time."
"Yes... I need to be fucked all of the time."
"You need cock in you all the time."
"Yes I need cock."
"Do you like women Mrs. Jackon?"
"No I only like men."
"How can you be a bimbo if you're not attracted to other bimbos? You know you just love other beautiful women, especially fake bimbos like what you want to be."
"I love other women so much and fake bimbos too."
"Do you have money Mrs. Jackson?"
"Yes I am sort of wealthy."
"Good. You want to get some tattoos. To show off your wild side. You want big fake injected lips to suck lots of cocks. You just love pumping your lips up bigger and bigger. You want to get some blue contacts to prove you're a barbie. Teeth veneers will help as well. You also want a navel piercing. You need lots of botox to make your face prettier, cheek implants and even a nose job. After that you want huge fake tits, like 2000 ccs. You want a big fake ass, as big or bigger then Nicki Minaj's."
"You want to dress *WOMAN*ty now. In bright colors and like a true Barbie bimbo. Go buy yourself tones of new clothes and heels."
"You need a new name too."
"A new name?"
"Yes Mrs. Jackson is too boring."
"But I like my name." John pressed the button and more pink gas shot into Mrs. Jackson's face. She began to giggle loudly now.
"Pretty pink gassy!"
"That's right its very pretty. Now you're name is Lacey now."
"But my name is like Mrs. Jackson." he pressed the button and even more gas hit her square in the face.
"What is your name?"
"I like *giggle* ohhh I don't remembers my name..."
"Your name is Lacey."
"Ohs! Yeah my name is totally like oh my god Lacey!" she giggled.
"Your new job here is to fuck and suck as many cocks as you can Lacey. Also you will want to keep the school super clean at all times. You love cleaning and perhaps a nice maid out-fit would look nice on you at times."
"Yay! I get to fuck and suck lots of cocks *giggle* an I like get to clean an dress like a sexy maid!"
"That's right Lacey. You are my bimbo fuckdoll now and you will forever follow my every command."
"Fuckdoll Lacey obey."
"Good." John said as he finally turned the video off. It had been displaying non-stop images of blonde Barbie bimbos having sex and plastic debauchery. When the video ended Lacey blinked a few times and then began to giggle.
"I think you need to go out and start using your money on your makeover. Start with the surgery and then the other things. Don't come back until you're the bimbo fuckdoll you want to be."
"Yes! Lacey like has lots to do! Lots of like surgeries and manicures and hair-appointments! Oh Em Gee! I have to go like right away!" she said as she got up from her desk and hurried out of the room.

John sat back and smiled to himself. His new technology had worked wonders. Now he would just have to wait for a while until Lacey returned to see how well she followed his instructions.


Three months passed and Lacey did not return to the school. John had brain-washed the school to not find this strange. In fact no one really thought about their new Principal for those three months. One day while eating lunch in the cafeteria with Ashley and the rest of the Plastics John's cellphone got a call.
"Hello?" he said into the phone.
"Like hello! This is like fuckdoll Lacey..."
"Oh hey Lacey! I was wondering when I'd hear from you. Is your makeover complete?"
"Like yeah! I think I'm totally a bimbo fuckdoll now... oh my god I'm so hot... *giggle*"
"That's good," John said into the phone. "So when do I get to see how you look now?"
"Well I had like an really hot idea *giggle* so yeah like I'm going to like go up on stage in like the lunch-room place and I have like a little show planned and set up to show the school... Barbie has like helped me."
"That sounds like a great idea! When will the show be ready?"
"In like 1.... 2... 4... 3... 5.. 5 minutes?"
"Okay. I look forward to it." John said. He sat and waited while lunch went on like normal until Mrs. Barbie walked into the front of the cafeteria holding a microphone. Like usual all eyes were on her.
"Like hello," Mrs. Barbie said into the mic. She then giggled loudly. "Today! I totally get to like per-sent like the new high school Principal Mrs. Lacey!" she giggled. She then stepped back and suddenly the black curtains over the cafeteria stage were pulled back. Spotlights suddenly turned on and blared to life as they illuminated someone on stage. It was Mrs. Jackson. Or rather it was what she had become.

The light reflected off of Lacey's now frozen plastic face. Her cheeks were now bigger and obviously implanted or injected. Her eyes seemed bigger as well as if she'd gotten them widened and she'd placed dark blue contacts in her eyes that made them more striking. Lacey's lips were injected and filled up to a massive size. Her new pouty fake cock-sucking lips looked obscenely huge on her face and she had painted them with bright red lip-stick. Lacey's hair was down and it was super long and beautiful. John wondered if her hair was real or extensions but it looked wonderful.

She was wearing a small skimpy yellow bikini that clung to a pair of fresh and super massive fake melons. Lacey's new tits had to be around 2000 ccs and bulged off her chest like two massive beach-balls had been attached to her. Her waist was incredibly slim, unnaturally so that John knew she had gotten extensive lipo. Expensive diamond jewelry clung to her neck and wrists along with a few *WOMAN*ty tatoos on her left side and above her massive round fake bolt-on implants. As John looked down he noticed the pink leopard skin-tight leggings she was wearing. The leggings showed off Lacey's now huge supersized juicey thighs and the bulge of the biggest fake ass John had ever seen in his life.

Lacey's fake ass was so big it could be seen from behind. She turned and spun for the crowd showing off the massive ass and shaking it a bit. Her fake ass was twice as big as Barbie's and could probably fit two of Barbies massive fake ass implants in each of Lacey's huge round cheeks.

Suddenly music began to play. A song Nicki Minaj is in began to blare. "Ass so fat, all these bitches’ pussies is throbbin’, bad bitches, I’m your leader, Phantom by the meter, somebody point me to the best ass-eater." Lacey mouthed out to the song. She then turned and grabbed a pole she must have brought along and began to dance on the pole and twerk her massive fake ass for the entire school.

When the song ended Lacey kept going, shaking her ass and rubbing her huge fake tits. "Yeah I'm like a Barbie bitch! Fuck me in my horny *WOMAN* pussy! Yeah! Fuckdoll Lacey needs cock! *giggle* Fuckdoll Lacey needs all the cock!" she shouted as she threw her hands up in the air; her massive fake tits moving as she breathed.

"Wow! That was like soooo good right!" Mrs. Barbie said as she began to clap her hands. The student body began to shout and cheer. John smiled, happy that their programming was working and none of them thought it weird or appalling that they'd just seen their new bimbo Principal do.

"Wow that was so hot, like Lacey makes me super horny." Ashley said from besides John. He turned to see her fingering her clit under her short pink dress.

"Yes it was. Now I think its time to go meet the new Lacey." John said as he got up and headed up onto the stage.

Lacey smiled at John as he approached her. As her huge fake injected lips parted he noticed her shining white and large dental fillers. Up close her face looked even more fake. She'd had more work done then he thought. Her face looked totally different, like the face of a plastic doll.

"Did fuckdoll Lacey do good?"

"Yes, fuckdoll did good." John nodded.

"Lacey wants cock."

"Then you shall get some." John said as he pulled down his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

"In your ass. Get in doggy position and pull those leggings down." John commanded.

"Yes, Lacey obey." Lacey said as she got into the position and then stuck her massive fake ass out before pulling her leggings down. John sighed in awe as he stared at her massive shiney fake ass. It was more beautiful then anything he'd ever seen. It was so huge he could hardly see the rest of her from this view. John approached her and then slid his cock into her asshole and began to fuck her ass.

"Yeah! Ohhh! Lacey loves getting her ass fucked! Yeah fuck my huge fucking *WOMAN* fake ass so hard! Ohhhh! Cum deep in my huge fucking fake ass!" John continued to fuck Lacey's ass even harder. As he fucked her another student jumped onto the stage and then pulled down his pants. He shoved his cock into Lacey's open injected pillow lips and began to moan as she started to suck his prick. John grinned at the other guy as Lacey sucked him off while he continued to shove his cock deep inside her ass; grabbing her massive fake ass cheeks and playing with them while he fucked her.

"Good doll, you're taking my big cock so good. Don't you love it inside your ass?" Lacey couldn't respond since she was too busy sucking the other guy off. John continued to fuck her ass this way until he finally exploded inside of her; unleashing a torrent of his hot warm spunk into her ass. He groaned as his cock twitched inside her ass before he pulled it out.

The other guy finished soon and Lacey pulled away as some cum slipped passed her huge injected lips before she liked it all up and swallowed.

"Mmmm cum in Lacey ass and belly... sooo yummy."

"Good fuckdoll. I think you're going to be well used around here." John smiled.


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #17 on: December 30, 2013, 10:17:13 pm »
Great Bimbo Story!  8)

Awesome work man!

Greetings form Germany!


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #18 on: January 05, 2014, 07:49:31 am »
Thank you man :)


John stood within the school smiling down through a booth at the school's new 'lab'. Since turning Lacey into a bimbo and being able to give her commands in a way John now controlled the school. He also controlled the minds of the staff with his videos. John had been working on his plans for some time. With Barbie's large fortune he was able to catch the attention of a few local plastic surgeon offices.

John had met with them before giving them his presentations. He remembered the frozen looks on the plastic surgeon's board members as they watched the videos. Once he'd taken control of the owners he'd moved on to the staff of the plastic surgeons office. With the combined fortunes John had begun to build a new wing onto the school. A new lab built by the best, the plastic surgeons people and staffed by their people as well. John had spent millions on them installing the best top of the line equipment and tools for plastic surgery.

The workers had been brainwashed as well to not find it odd what they were building secretly inside the school. John turned to his three bimbos: Lacey, Barbie and Ashley. All watching with frozen and excited faces. Then he smiled.


Her name was Ashley. Currently she was standing in front of the mirror admiring her fake plastic self. Her thin sculpted unnatural nose. The plumpness of her oversized and overfilled injected lips. Her round implanted cheeks. Her face was completely smooth and featureless other then that with a frozen vapid look to it. Her face also reflected the light a bit unnaturally due to all of her botox use. She loved it. She loved how plastic and fake she looked, like a living Barbie or a plastic fuckdoll.

Fuckdoll. She loved that word so much. As much as she loved a hard cock being shoved into her almost always sopping pussy. Even now she rubbed her thighs together causing her clit be pleasured, making more wetness drip down her juicy thigh.

Ashley twirled her long platinum blonde hair with a pink fake nailed finger while another finger on her opposite hand hung out of her large plump lips as she lightly sucked on the finger wishing it was a hard cock.

Ashley was only 18 but she already looked incredibly plastic. She moved her hands down her body now; rubbing her 850 cc round bolt on tits. Ashley loved how big and overly round her tits were. She loved the fake contours of her tits, loved how they barely moved as she took a hard cock. So unnatural and sexy. Her hands grasped her fake tits through the thin pink material of her *WOMAN*ty pink tube top. The tube top barely covered her fake tits and showed off her entire flaunt and skinny stomach, sculpted by the surgeon to swoop in unnaturally thin.

She looked down at her thighs. Injected to be more curvy and match her large fake ass. Ashley rubbed her hand on her thigh seeing wetness around her pussy through her light blue and skin-tight fake jean spandex. They looked just like jeans except they were made from spandex-like material and hugged the contours of her thighs and her round ass. Still Ashley's fake ass and tits were hardly as big as Mrs. Barbie's. By now Barbie was like Ashley's mom. She even lived with Barbie now and called her mom even though she wasn't her real mom. She loved Barbie so much and she so loved playing with Barbie.

They shared the cocks of John and a few of his friends sometimes. Other times just fucking each other with dildos, sucking and fingering.

Ashley glanced back at her fake tits. "Fuckdoll Ashley needs even bigger tits..." she said. As she said this her fingers slipped below the waist of her spandex and began to rub her wet swollen clit as she slid two fingers into her pussy. Ashley moaned as she fucked herself with her fingers with one hand while the other hand remained planted on her huge round fake tits. Her hand continued to grasp and massage her huge fake tit rubbing her super hard erect nipples and sending flashed of pleasure down to Ashley's pussy.

"Such big swollen fucking fake tits... people will like think I'm even like more plastic and *WOMAN*ty oohhhh..." she moaned; her fake plump lips bulging as she did. Ashley tried to think about something. All she could really focus on was plastic, cocks, money and sexy *WOMAN*y clothes. But there was something she knew was important. Oh yeah, John's new lab. He had showed it to her when it was almost finished. She wanted to use his new lab so bad. She knew it could make her tits bigger for her.

The door opened and Barbie stepped in. "Hey Ashley! Like OMG the lab is done! John like just told me! Let's like go get even bigger fake tits!" Barbie squealed.

"Yay!" Ashley yelled as she jumped up and down for a moment trying to make her fake tits bounce as much as they could.

"Ash gets bigger fake tities! Ash gets bigger fake tities!" Sarah bounced with her for a moment a look of pure bliss on her face.

"Yeah! Like me too! Barbie is soooo excited! Barbie can't wait to fill her tits up soooo much bigger!" she moaned before biting her big inflated lip. The older bimbo then pushed Ashley against the bathroom stall as she moved her plastic face close to hers both sets of large inflated pink glossed lips just inches away from each other.

"I'll fuck you so hard when we both have new faker tits." Barbie moaned.

"Yeah that will be like so hot *WOMAN*mommy." Ashley moaned as she pressed her own bloated fake lips to Barbie's and they began to make out for a few moments. She could feel Barbie's superior inflated implants pushing against Ashley's smaller ones and crushing her chest. She could feel their hard nipples brush as they pressed their fake tits together. Ashley groped Mrs. Barbie's huge fake ass wishing the round implants on her cheeks were as big.

Barbie pulled away from Ashley. "Let's like totally save like this hot stuff for like when were done making our chests like get so much bigger, it will be so hotter." Barbie said as she twisted a strand of her own super blonde *WOMAN*ty hair.

"Yeah lets like sooo goooo! I want my tits so much bigger right fucking now and then I want like hard cock and sexy plastic bimbo fun!" Ashley yelled. Together they ran out of the bathroom.

They then ran down the hallway giggling as they sprinted as best as they could towards the new lab. Since they were both so plastic and running in heels they didn't go very fast but did achieve making their fake bolt on implants bounce within their stretched the max skin as they continued to run down the hallway.

"Fake tits! I get bigger fake tits! Yay!" Ashley yelled as she ran down the hallway. She didn't care what people thought. She knew the normal girls turned towards her. Jealous and wishing they were as fake and *WOMAN*ty as her. It was true a lot of the normal girls were dressing more *WOMAN*ty now, she knew they wished they were just like her.

She burst into lab with Barbie sliding on the smooth floor with her heels; her round fake ass shaking a bit in her tight spandex pants as she slid. One of her nipples was visible over the rim of her tube top as Ashley stood all the way up.

"Bimbo Ashley has come for bigger tits."

"Then we will give you bigger tits." John smiled at her. He was standing inside the lab with a few other people. Plastic surgeon people.

"You could also use a refill on those big fake lips, what do you think?"

"*giggle* Ashley no think but Ashley wants bigger lips too!"

"Like me too!" Mrs. Barbie said as she began to feel at her own big fake lips.

"Then come lay down on these cots and we can begin."

Ashley obeyed; laying down on one of the cots and waiting. Soon one of the plastic surgeons came over with a few syringes. She giggled as he jabbed one of the syringes into her lip. She then began to moan as she could feel her upper lip start to swell as the collagen began to inflate it.

"Yeah inflate my lips so fucking huge! Mmmm the faker the like better! I want to suck like even more hard cock! Ohhhh!" she moaned as they continued to fill her upper lip until it dominated her face. Then they pulled the syringe out and jabbed another one into her bottom lip. Ashley began to moan again and finger her wet pussy as her bottom lip began to swell as well.

She glanced over to see Barbie moaning and ramming a pink dildo in her pussy as her own lips were getting filled. The two bimbos fake lips were already huge, and now they would be even more so.

Ashley suddenly orgasmed from the feeling of her lips growing. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and when it was over the last syringe was pulled out of her lip.

"There all done." the technician said. He then pulled out a hand-held mirror and showed his handy-work to Ashley.

"Like OMG my lips look so much bigger and faker!" she squealed as she looked in the mirror. It was true her lips were fucking massive now; the top of her upper lip almost touching the bottom of her fake nose from how big it was.

"Now for some botox." the technician said. "Yay botox! Ashley like loves botox!" she was still then as the plastic surgeon began injecting her face now in various areas. Ashley loved the feeling as the botox began to kick in and she could almost feel her face becoming more frozen and plastic-like.

When it was over she was able to look back in the mirror. Her face was now even more frozen and perfect and looked great with her swollen plump cock-sucking *WOMAN* lips. Ashley sat up and giggled. She looked over at Barbie to see that her face was super frozen now and her lips so fucking huge also.

Barbie licked her fake lips and then got up moving towards Ashley. The two fake bimbos then met as they began to make out fiercely. Rubbing their new even more swollen together as their tongues twisted in their mouths. Getting more plastic made them so horny.

"Fuckdolls look at me," John commanded. They both blinked before turning towards him. Ashley's eyes widened with happiness. John's pants were off and he was holding his huge hard cock and rubbing it.

"Both of you come try those new lips on this hard cock and then I will fill up your breasts with more plastic." John said.

"Mmmm Ashley want to suck cock so bad for bigger fake tits." Ashley moaned as she walked towards John before getting on her knees. She could feel Barbie kneeling next to her both of them looking up at John's erect cock and opening their huge fake lips. A line of drool slipped off of Ashley's huge lower lip as she grasped John's cock and began to jack it before she slid his cock between her huge cock pillows.

She could feel John grasping the back of her head and thrusting his hard cock into her mouth hard. Her inflated fake lips hugged his cock and cushioned it so much. "Yeah you fucking dumb cum *WOMAN*! Suck this big cock so good! You love sucking cock so much!" Ashley moaned as she continued to suck John's cock; her tongue licking his shaft as she did so. Suddenly John pulled his dick out of her lips. Ashley over and watched as he now slid it into Barbie's lips and started to fuck her face. Ashley reached down and started to rub her swollen clit. Her thighs twitched as she pressed her clit down hard and slid two fingers into her wet pussy. She couldn't wait till John's cock was back in her mouth.

John forced Barbie's head all the way down on his cock until Ashley knew she was deep-throating his prick. He pulled out a few minutes later without Barbie even gagging. He then moved his cock back to Ashley before thrusting his cock all the way in and down her throat. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he fucked her face so hard. Suddenly John moaned loudly and his cock began to throb.

Ashley felt hot ropes of his cum squirt deep down her throat. She moaned as John pulled out; still cumming. His cum splattered onto her huge over-filled lips. John then aimed his cock away from her and she turned to see him squirting cum onto Barbie's big fake lips as well.

"You're new lips feel so fucking good girls. Now lick that cum off each other's lips."

"With pleasure *giggle*" Barbie said as she moved towards Ashley still on her knees. They pressed their fake lips together and began to lick John's cum off each others lips; enjoying as they swallowed what was left of his delicious cum.

 "Now... are you two ready for even bigger fake tits?" John asked.

"Alright lay down on these cots here. We have new tools here to make enhancing your breasts so much easier." John said.

Ashley giggled and then laid down on the metal table. "Am I going like under?" she asked.

"Nope," John said. "I'm medicating you and then doing it while you are awake. Here take these pills." John said as he offered Ashley two white pills. Ashley allowed the pills to slip past her fake pillows and she swallowed them. She giggled.

Ashley continued to giggle as the world around her changed and the lights became more bright and intense. Her plastic frozen face couldn't even move as she giggled. She was giggling as hard as Ashley was.

"Fuckdoll Ashley is sooooo high!" she giggled loudly. John smiled at her as he pulled her tube top down. As she looked up a metal instrument began to come down until it was raised a few feet above her chest.

"Ohhh shineyyy."

"This is one of our new instruments. It uses a laser to cut open your breast with computer precision. No more knives. Then it seals the cut with another laser once we've put the new implants in."

"Yays new implants." Ashley moaned.

"Start it." John nodded to someone. Ashley watched as suddenly the machine lit up and then a red light went down and touched the bottom of her breast. Ashley giggled. She couldn't feel anything but she swore she felt something burning. The machine began to slide to the right rotating slightly as it went. Then the beam turned off as the machine moved over her next breast. She giggled as the beam came back down.

"The incisions have been made..." John said. "Here we go." Ashley could see his hands moving towards her breasts. Then something tickled slightly inside her breasts.

"Ohhhh *giggle*"

"And here we have your old 850 cc silicone implants." John grinned as he held up the clear plastic bags for Ashley to see.

"Sooo pretty..." she said as she looked at the bags.

John placed the implants down and pulled up two large round implants. "And these are your new implants. Only 1000 ccs... but they are expanders and we are going to fill them up to 2000 ccs to start with."

"Yay big fake tits!" Ashley giggled.

"Yes... you're going to have such huge fake tits." John said as he began moving again. Ashley felt something tickle inside her chest again as if something was being stuffed inside. She watched as her skin tightened around the new bigger implants as they were shoved inside her chest.

"The implants are in place... now time to seal the cut." John said. Suddenly the machine came back to life as lines of red came back down and moved in the same pattern as before.

"All done... they look amazing already." John said as he held up a mirror to show Ashley. Her tits did look bigger. She could see a new red scar-line on the bottom of her tits where the implants had gone in.

"They look like so hot but I want so much bigger..." she pouted with her fake lips.

"Who said we were done?" John grinned. He pressed a button on the table and suddenly four tubes fell down from above and dangled above Ashley. She giggled as John showed her the tubes with a fine needle at the end of them. He then jabbed two of the tubes into each of her breast. Ashley felt nothing.

"And now to fill them up... I'll be pumping them full of liquid silicone." John grinned as he pressed another button. Ashley watched as clear liquid began to move through the tubes and suddenly she began to feel a tingling in her breasts as if something was pushing at them from the inside out.

She stared at her chest with her eyes wide open as her tits began to swell and expand. Her fresh implants grew even bulkier and rounded by the second she could literally see her skin stretching as it fought to contain the expanding bags of silicone on her chest.

"Yeah my tits are growing! Yeah my tits ate growing!" Ashley moaned as she watched them swell even bigger. Finally the liquid stopped pumping and John pulled the tubes out.

"So fucking beautiful..." John said as he touched her newly expanded melons with one hand. "2000 ccs of fake silicone tits strapped to your young cheerleader body..." he said as he held the mirror back up. Ashley stared at her 2000cc tits and moaned wildly. They were so fucking huge. So immense and fake. It looked more like she had a body strapped onto two fake tits now then fake tits strapped into her body.

"Its time to fuck these huge fake tits." John said as he got onto the table on top of her. He pulled his pants down and then slid his hard cock between Ashley's new huge tits. She moaned as she pushed her fake bags together and felt his warm cock sliding between her bigger fake tits as he fucked them.

"Yeah fuck my new tits so good... fuck them sooooo good."


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #19 on: January 05, 2014, 06:50:40 pm »
What a ride!
I hope you haven't forgotten about Barbie ;)


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #20 on: January 06, 2014, 11:34:16 am »
Hard, cheap and fast, Love that Lab, Doctor!




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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #21 on: February 06, 2014, 05:49:52 pm »

Here's the continuation. Not my favorite chapter but at least I'm still putting stuff out right? lol. Also this drawing is done by me of what I think Barbie to look like.


"I'm a Barbie girl, in a plastic world, life here is fantastic, my fucking tits are plastic *giggle*" Barbie said. Lost in her own little world as she laid on her own metal slab. She could distantly remember something... John handing her white pills to calm her down...

Her own twisted version of the Barbie Girl song played again in her head and she tried to smile as she giggled but her lips were so newly swollen and her face so frozen from fresh botox neither moved an inch.

Things she'd heard Ashley yelling was driving her so horny as she laid there strapped into place. Her arms were even spread apart her big 2000cc fake tits sticking up into the air. They'd pulled all of her clothes off. Barbie could feel her pussy gushing cum but she could do nothing about it nor could she see over her implants.

She heard Ashley moaning for a long time as she yelled for John to keep fucking her new tits.

"Barbie wants new tits." Barbie said. "And then Barbie wants cock." she giggled. She missed guzzling down John's warm cum already or feeling his cock slide into her. Her back was slightly arched and raised because Barbie was laying on her large implanted ass.

"Yeah cum on my huge fake fucking tits!" Ashley shouted and then moaned.

"Lick all that cum off your face *WOMAN*."

"Ashley licks, tasty so yummyyy."

"Here Ashley. You wait here with this plastic dildo and fuck your plastic body with it."

"Like yeah mmmmm."

"Think about my cock as I tend to your *WOMAN*ty mother."

John was standing over Barbie now and he was very red and sweaty. "How is my sweet Barbie doing?" John asked as he grabbed Barbie's big erect nipples and started to rub them.

Pleasure burst through Barbie's pussy as John rubbed them. "What does Barbie want?"

"Barbie wants bigger fake tits. Barbie wants them sooooo bad." she moaned.

"How big?"

"As big as you can fucking make them! So biiggggggg."

"Well your skin can only stretch so much. Even having stretched to 2000ccs already. Today I will double them in size. leaving you with 4000ccs in each breast.

"Yes...! Do it!"

"Once you have new breasts you will get my cock." John said as he pressed the button. The machine above Barbie hummed to life as tendrils of red lasers came down and began to pass over each breast. Barbie's breasts tingled. She giggled and felt that someone was rubbing her clit as the machine was working causing more pleasure to burst through her and her pussy to continue to cum. She could almost feel her pussy clinching as if it was looking for cock.

Then the machine turned off and John began to do something to her tits. She felt something tickle inside them and then he was holding the clear bags of silicone.

"Here are your 2000cc implants... Placing 2500cc implants in now." John said. He then held up larger plastic bags.

"Yeah shove them in my fucking tits..." she moaned. John did just that; shoving the implants inside her chest.

"Almost done..." John said as he pressed a button again and the red lasers came down. When it was done Barbie's tits looked rounder and faker then before.

"Ohhh yeahhh soo big and fake..."

"Not through yet." John said as he pressed another button and clear tubes came down from the machine. Barbie watched as John jabbed the needle on the ends into her tits and then pressed another button.

"Ohhhh yeahh!!! fuck!" she moaned as she watched her round tits begin to swell and grow larger.

"So fucking hot! Yeah! Fucking like make them so much bigger!" she moaned as she felt pressure in her chest as her tits continued to expand as the expander implants filled with more silicone.

"There... 4000ccs..." John said as her tits swelled to a huge size.

"More! Give me more!" she moaned.

"Fine... I'll swell them as big as I can before your skin will tear or pop." he said as he continued the machine. Barbie watched as they swelled even more becoming huge massive round plastic balls attached to her chest.

"There... 4500ccs... that's all I can do for now." John said.

"Oh yeah they are so much bigger and fucking hot." Barbie moaned.

"Yes they are." John said as his warm hands began to knead Barbie's tits and massage them; rubbing her erect nipples hard.

Suddenly Barbie gasped as a hard cock was thrust into her naked and soaking pussy. John was on top of her now shoving his cock into her pussy. Barbie moaned and realized she still couldn't move because of the restrains as John continued to fuck her hard.

"Mmmm! Yeah! Fuck my *WOMAN* pussy so hard! I just filled my tits sooo fucking big! Ohhh!" she moaned as John filled her wet pussy with his hard cock. Barbie continued to moan loudly as he fucked her harder. This was all she wanted... to be fucked by a hard cock all the time...

John pulled his cock out of Barbie and now shoved it between her huge fake tits as he began to fuck them.

"Yeah fuck my huge fake tits! Yeah! Fuckdoll Barbie likes!!" Barbie moaned.


John sat in a special booth overlooking the football field with a smile on his face. Principal Lacey was sitting in a chair in front of him applying bright pink lip gloss onto her massive swollen injected lips. She was also wearing a sexy sleek black wig that made her look like Nicki. Her big round fake implants were stuffed in a revealing white-laced tube top that barely contained her 2000cc fake tits.

One hand was groping one of her huge bolted-on tits while the other rubbed the gloss on her cock-sucking lips. Lacey was also wearing skin tight matching light-pinked laced booty shorts that showed her entire thighs and went up her ass crack like a thong showing her bulging fake ass cheeks. Even sitting in the chair John could see how massive her fake implanted ass was. Tall 6inch heels were on her feet while a pink Barbie necklace hung around her neck.

"Are you ready Lacey?" John asked as he stared at her.

"Yeahhh! Lacey is like sooo ready!" she said as she stood up. "Like how do I look?" she giggled as she turned around; kneeling over to show off her massive fake ass it looked like two giant basketballs in each cheek alone.

"Perfect," John said as he smacked her fake ass and pressed himself against it. He stared out the window again while pressed against Lacey's ass; his eyes glancing at the stands of the football field. The stands were full of highschoolers. That morning after finishing his surgery on Barbie and Ashley he had broadcasted a video about the Homecoming game that night. The video had programmed the entire school to attend the game. John had big plans for the game.

"Well then let's go out there and address the audience and let the festivities begin." John smiled. Lacey giggled and got up before waddling out of the box in her heels; her giant fake ass swaying as she made her way onto a lit stage with a microphone.

School cameras turned onto Lacey and broadcasted her bimbo-image for the whole school to see easily on massive plasma screens above the bleachers on either side.

"*giggle* like hello! This is like your principal Lacey... happy like homecoming!" she cheered before bouncing on the stage trying to make her big fake tits move.

"Now... um, we have like a video about the school you need to like watch!" she said. The screens then began to play a video for the entire school. All of the students froze as they fell into a trance. John smiled as he let the brainwashing continue for several minutes until it ended. When it ended a new video began to play. The screen turned pink and started to talk about the new homecoming acitivites. John had programmed the school to enjoy the new format and like what the bimbos had in store.

"Now is time to pick homecoming queen!" Lacey giggled. Loud rap music began to play after Lacey's announcement. She turned around and began to shake her huge fake as and twerk for the whole school which got the crowd roaring. John slapped her big fake ass as she shook it until the music stopped and she turned back around a smile on her frozen plastic face.

"Homecoming queen obviously has to be like the *WOMAN*tiest, dumbest bimbo in the school with the biggest fake tits... the winner is... Ashley!"

Ashley ran onto stage wearing a skimpy and *WOMAN*ty pink-cheer leading outfit. It was super short and strap-less showing off her new massive fake tits. The cheer-top read: Plastics on it in bright pink letters. She was wearing heels and had a pink pom-pom in one hand. Ashley grabbed the mic from Lacey giggling.

"Oh my god! I like can't believe I won!" Ashley said. "Well it must be because like my fake tits are even bigger now? I like got them done again and they are now 2000ccs! Yay!" Ashley said. She then pulled down her top flashing the entire school her new rounder fake tits. The school cheered as the guys went crazy and the girls became jealous since they didn't have huge fake tits.

Lacey grabbed Ashley's tits on stage and squeezed them hard before pressing her own fake inflated 2000cc implants against Ashley's and rubbing them together.

"We're like not going to have a homecoming football game this year... instead we're going to have like a super sexy show by our cheer-squad the Plastics! Like enjoy!" Ashley giggled. Lacey moved off the stage as the lights brightened and loud music began to play. The rest of the Plastics ran out onto the stage getting behind Ashley. All of their smaller fake tits glistening in their pink uniforms. They all looked perfectly plastic and vapid as the music continued to play.

"Go Plastics!" Ashley yelled as she raised her pom-poms. "Go fake boobs!" she yelled as she thrust her fake boobs out as far as she could.

"Yeah I've got fake boobs, f-a-k-e b-o-o-b-s! Faaakkke boooobs!" Ashley yelled, her squad mimicking her every word a minute later.

"Yay for bimbo *WOMAN*s! B-I-M-B-O S-L-U-T-S!" Ashley yelled as she jumped on stage her huge round fake tits nearly slipping out of her *WOMAN*ty uniform. They looked so massive and round attached to her small frame, John had worked wonders by filling them up bigger. Her now even larger lips were so fake and unbelievable she looked like the perfect bimbo teen *WOMAN*.

"Go Plastics!" Ashley yelled. The music continued to play as the Plastics tossed away their pom-poms and began to do a dance number. There dance was incredibly *WOMAN*y, John watched as Ashley rubbed her tits and shook them and her fake ass as her girls felt each other up and made out while dancing, it was more of an erotic make-out session with some shaking of plastic assets then anything else. Soon the music ended and Ashley raised the mic to her inflated fake lips.

"And now for everyone's favorite bimbo teacher! Mrs. Barbie!" the crowd went crazy as Barbie came onto the stage. She was dressed in a pink tube top that barely clung onto her massive and newly enhanced fake tits. Skin tight pink leggings were formed over her thick thighs and her round fake ass. Barbie licked her even bigger fake lips as she took the mic.

"I just got my tits like even bigger too! Now I have 4500 ccs!" she moaned into the mic as she began to rub the massive and outrage fake balls shoved into her chest. The crowd went crazy as Barbie turned to Ashley and mashed her big fake lips against the other bimbos. They began to make out as they rubbed their fresh fake tits together hard pulling down their tops so their erect nipples could rub each others.

Barbie pulled a dildo out of her pants which had been shoved into her own pussy before shoving it into Ashley's pussy under her skirt. Ashley moaned as she began to finger Barbie under her tights. The school went crazy as they watched the two plastic bimbos fuck each other's pussies on stage, passing the dildo between each other and taking turns, licking and sucking on each others tits.

"Lacey needs to suck cock..." Lacey moaned as she got to her knees and pulled John's pants down. She wrapped her inflated lips around his cock and began to suck hard. John moaned loudly as he watched his two bimbos fuck each other as Lacey's inflated lips serviced his cock. Now this was a show.
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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #22 on: February 07, 2014, 12:40:21 am »
Here's the continuation. Not my favorite chapter but at least I'm still putting stuff out right? lol.
Still, you should have warned us about it's levels of hotness  ;)
Barbie is incredible! Loved the description regarding her choice of her boobies size. So cool!


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #23 on: February 07, 2014, 10:15:29 am »
Love the Language, the Botox, the insatiability and those ever filled up Tits and Lips.

Thx Man,



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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #24 on: February 20, 2014, 02:38:09 pm »
This silence is killing me. What's happening with our sexy bimbo protagonists? :D


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #25 on: March 20, 2014, 05:40:20 pm »


"Do you like know why 4500 CC tits are so great?" Mrs Barbie said as she massaged her huge round and faker tits in front of the class.

"Because their humongous?"

"*giggle* No silly because they are big and huge and feel so fake." Barbie moaned. "So new filled with new plastic... such fresh big fake tits..." she moaned as she continued to rub them. The implant stretched skin moving subtly as she massaged and moved the implant beneath her skin; feeling the plastic overfilled bag.

"And my lips are like so much bigger and faker too... *giggle*" she said. "I can't like stop sucking on things mmmm...." she moaned as she continued to suck on a banana she said was supposed to be her breakfast. Instead of peeling and eating the banana she was repeatedly suck on it. Wrapping her big inflated Barbie cum-factory lips. She loved how they looked even more fake and nasty. So big and inflated no man would ever deny putting their cock between those pillows. Engineered to milk every drip of cum from their warm hard cocks.

"Oh my god! I like have an idea!" Barbie squealed as she jumped up. "Today I will have like a group project! Teaching you girls how to suck big hard cock! Okay *giggle* class everyone totally find a partner, we need to like pair girls with boys here! If we don't have enough men then like girls can share a boy's cock!! Just don't like finish him, duh if you have two girls if you're like first girl to suck his cock. Now listen to your teacher and start like finding groups *giggle." Mrs. Barbie clapped her hands while the class of brainwashed horny teenagers began to form groups.

She giggled and waved to Ashley as she got on her knees sitting by John's desk. Around the classroom girls were now kneeling before a guy, some of the guys had two girls in front of them.

"Fuckdoll's new overfilled lips will feel so good on your cock..." Ashley moaned.

John's friend Erin was grinning from head to toe since he had two of Ashley's plastic clique girls kneeling by his desk, even with their smaller fake lips and tits they were still hot. Like plastic clones.

"Fuck yeah I love this class!" Erin grinned. Barbie giggled she couldn't wait to suck on John's cock herself... or any of the cocks of these boys to show them how it was done.

"Unzip your pants boys and like show us your hard cocks... don't be afraid..." Mrs. Barbie said as she looked around the room. Then her vacant bright blue eyes fell onto the nerdiest girl in the class. Amanda. The girl with thick glasses and braces and who had asked Mrs. Barbie is being a *WOMAN* was a good idea. The girl who had always gotten straight A's until it came to Barbie's *WOMAN* and having sex tests.

Amanda was sitting quietly in her desk at the back of the room. Not kneeling on the floor waiting to suck a cock. "Amanda like what the fuck? Why are you not on the floor getting ready to suck a big cock?"

"I... um... I don't want to suck a cock."

"What? likeohmygod how can you not want to suck a cock? Its only the best thing ever?"

"I'm sorry... I just don't want too."

"Okay... Amanda go see Principal Lacey right now! You're like getting a referral for like not sucking a hard cock! Go see her right away!" Mrs Barbie said. Even though her voice sounded stern and mad her plastic face hardly changed expression thanks to her fresh botox. She still looked flawless and swollen lipped, ready to suck a cock.

Amanda quietly got up. Then turned and left the room without a word.

"Okay class! Now start sucking those hard cocks!" Mrs. Barbie giggled. She watched as the girls began attacking the boy's cocks and started to suck.

"No.. use less teeth honey... you don't want to like bite his cock." Barbie said as she watched one girl.

"No like this..." she said as she pulled one girl off a boy's hard prick before lowing her mouth down and swallowing his hard cock between her fat injected lips. She began to suck hard on his cock, taking it deep down his throat and not using her teeth at all. She eventually pulled up a look of bliss on her face.

"And that's why big fake lips are so good." Barbie giggled with a look of pure vacant bliss on her plastic face.

She looked over at John and watched as Ashley's plastic filled lips were wrapped around his shaft as she sucked him off. Ashley giggled and licked his cock jacking it for a moment before going down on it again.

"Like soo good Ashley... keep up the good work... *giggle*"


Amanda walked slowly down the hallway of the school on the verge of tears. She just didn't understand... she was being sent to the principals because she wouldn't suck a guy's cock? She'd never been sent to see the principal before and the thought scared her. She would rather be at home right now... curled up with a book to read then in school anymore... she knew this was how things were now... that they were normal, but they didn't feel right. Teachers weren't supposed to teach girls to suck cock, right?

She stopped outside the principal's office. She didn't know much about the new principal other then she looked like a plastic stripper. She knocked on the door.

"Like cum in!" a high pitched voice said from within. Amanda pushed open the oak door and stepped inside. Her green eyes immediately fell upon Principal Lacey. The Principal was dressed in a hot pink maid outfit. The corset hugged Lacey's round huge fake tits and made them pop out even more. Her skit was short and frilly and when Lacey turned Amanda could see her almost entire huge round fake ass. Oh god... here I go...
Amanda thought, fearing Lacey would be just like Mrs. Barbie who disliked her.

Lacey currently had two fingers in her big pouty full lips and she was sucking on them her eyes unfocused as she stood there. "Ohhh giggles right so um why are you in here?" she asked finally as she pulled her fingers out.

"Mrs. Barbie sent me here because I wouldn't suck a boy's... in class..." Amanda said.

"A boys what?" Lacey giggled.


"His cock silly!" Lacey said as she moved closer.

"Yeah that." Amanda nodded. She felt uncomfortable saying the word around the principal of the school.

The door suddenly opened and Amanda's classmate John now stood in the room with her and Lacey. He was breathing heavily and looked pretty smug.

"John!" Lacey squealed before moving over and hugging him.

"So... Amanda here has gotten in trouble hasn't she?" John said to Lacey.

"Yep! She's been like so bad! What do you like think her punishment should be?"

"She will have to come with me to the new science lab for her punishment." John said. He then turned to Amanda and grinned.

"Don't worry the lab is really neat I think you'll like it."

"Okay, is this really my punishment Mrs?" Amanda asked. She was confused on why the principal would ask a student what her punishment would be but Lacey was the principal after all... it was her decision.

"Yep! you totally have to go with him."

Amanda sighed and then looked at John. "Alright, lead away then."


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #26 on: March 21, 2014, 01:00:03 am »
So naughty! Love the language. Great descriptions and overall fun with the plot.
So chapter 10 is Amanda's Makeover? I'd love to read a vivid description of her looks before the visit to the lab.
Just to be once again mind blown by your idea of a newly enhanced Amanda afterwards ;)
Keep on doing AWESOME job!  8)


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #27 on: April 14, 2014, 03:23:17 pm »
Loving this, I can't wait to see more.


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #28 on: August 14, 2014, 10:57:38 am »
Any update coming? :(


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Re: Class Room Barbie (A Bimboization/plastic surgery Story)
« Reply #29 on: August 16, 2014, 09:08:19 am »
Sorry my computer is down, I will try and write a new chapter soon I promise.