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Fitness models / Re: Lindi Nunziato
« Last post by IHNB 2.0 on Today at 12:43:11 am »
Bodybuilding models / Re: Tish Shelton
« Last post by 89techman on Today at 12:42:14 am »
thank you!
Adult Entertainers / Re: Victoria June
« Last post by boobguy101 on Today at 12:40:08 am »
At the risk of being contrarian, I like her new nose. To me it looks cuter, more sexy. But as always it's horses for courses with these things.
XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Beshine
« Last post by HUGEisElegant on Today at 12:37:48 am »

Is it just me, or does anyone else like the stretch marks on her hip too?

i LOVE them!

Same here. Not just on a girl's boobs, but on her hips, butt, thighs and midriff. It's all good IMO. ;D
Models / Glamour / Re: Courtney O' Connor
« Last post by jrfan1986 on Today at 12:17:40 am »
Old pics from Miami fashion week

XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Penelope Black Diamond
« Last post by binsky on Today at 12:10:09 am »
   I don't know who's aware that there are lots of free pics, on the soft side, available at her dot com.
XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Blondie Bennett
« Last post by SuperJizz on October 19, 2018, 11:59:09 pm »
I heard some whispers of indeed a video coming along with something involving a bikini ;)

My prick is ready
Fitness models / Re: Samantha Kelly
« Last post by dolanpls1 on October 19, 2018, 11:21:54 pm »
Well, I'm a bit late to this... too late, maybe, considering the description: "Flexing my quads, my biceps, my abs... and my back! You can't handle my ripped back! You can see every muscle in my back and I know you are hard now." - just what I asked for, you're amazing, Sam, thank you! Anyway, here's a little review of the new video - definitely worth getting!

Right from the beginning we see some really sexy triceps flexing. Sam, you've really nailed this one! I mean, look at that big, bulging triceps, how can you not like it? That's what Wonder Woman's arms should look like!

After some more posing, we get to one of the biggest highlights in this video: bending the steel rod. Good thinking here Sam, this is actually a great way to achieve a sexy full upper body flexing! Just look at how imposing and pumped she looks:

Whatever that bar is made of, Sam puts on a great show. The moaning, the way every muscle in her upper body flexes... it's an incredible display of muscle and beauty.

After all that steel bending, she gets topless, and squeezes her boobs between her arms, and starts pec flexing... those boobs look like they might hit her chin anytime now! Beautiful, flexed triceps, shoulders, and big boobs. Can it get better?

It seems the answer is yes, because she now turns around... woah! Look at that huge ass, those nice hamstrings, that sexy thigh gap and that muscular back, as she's bending the rod again.

For some reason, I find that bra around her booty unexpectedly sexy, I don't know why. Maybe because it seems to fit just right around it? The idea that her tight booty could be as big as her 40"+ bust? What if we were to find out how big that ass really is? Put a measuring tape around it in a new booty flexing video? Or even better, measure, pump it with some lunges and squats, and then measure again, see if it gets bigger! Sam? ;D

Anyway, back to the video. If you thought the previous shot was sexy, look at this. She rises, and... holy fuck! That back is so huge and ripped, look at all those muscles, look at that sexy back line, and you can even see a huge boob on the side! And look at those beautiful glutes! They're huge, but they're so firm and tight, just look at that beautiful crease, and how they jiggle while she gets naked!

We definitely need many more shots like this, it's a relatively unused pose, and just LOOK AT HOW SEXY SAM IS HERE! Firm, huge booty, check. Big, ripped back, check. Sexy, bulging arms, check. Giant boobs, check. Muscled legs, check. Thigh gap, check. What more could you want? This is the ultimate pose for Sam's perfect body.

But this is just the beginning. Now we get to see her from behind full nude. Bending over slightly, we see her nice booty and muscular back, and that line that seems to go uninterrupted from her neck to her pussy. Truly, this woman's body is a work of art.

And then... holy shit! Just... wow! This next pose got me harder than ever. You really have to see the video to appreciate its beauty completely, how she rises and her back muscles start to contract, and all of a sudden it looks insanely ripped, and how her booty jiggles as she moves and that nice crease appears again.

FUCK ME! I knew Sam had a muscular back, but now that we get a proper glimpse of it, I realize it's even bigger and more ripped than I imagined. Holy shit, just look at it! You really have to see the video to appreciate how muscular this woman really is, and keep in mind she's natural! Yes, she got that tight, big, muscular, ripped back just through hard work. And now she's finally showing it to us in all its glory!

That back! That booty! I don't even know where to look anymore. And if you look closely, you can even see her boobs. Yes, both. At the same time! They're that huge, you can see them even from behind, even past all that back muscle.

Now, if you were wondering where the promised quad flexing is, it's here. Not very long, but it's a start, I'd say. You get to see her in a full shot, flexing those strong sexy quads, and showing those beautifully shaped calves. Muscular and robust, but also very shapely and feminine. And a glute through her thigh gap as a bonus! Just as you can see her boobs from behind, you can also see her glutes from the front, she can't hide those huge sexy assets!

The video ends nicely with some more pec flexing, muscle flexing, moaning, and Sam saying "Show me you're ready to fuck me with that big hard dick. You better be hard as fucking steel. I expect the best." Well, I don't know who'd have lasted through the entire video, but if that ending hints to a part 2 where our sexy Wonder Woman does some serious fucking, then I'm all for that. End with a Wonder Woman pose: big tits that can't be covered by her arms, lean abs, big quads, tight pussy, and... look at those glutes through her thigh gap!

"I wanna know that you have a big fucking cock that's worthy of all this muscle." Hell, in this video she sure succeeded in giving me an extra big, extra hard boner. Great video, lots of new, original content. Definitely one of her best. Especially the back and booty part, I really hope this is the beginning of something new! I'm dying to see more of your big muscular back, Sam, and your booty in that standing position looks amazing, you need to show it more like this! I'm sure your fans will now start appreciating your back more, you really put it in a new, sexy light with this video!

The rod bending was a really good move as well, it's a nice way to showcase your whole upper body muscle and strength at the same time, great job with that too!

The quad flexing was also very sexy, although short. Your legs are very beautiful, Sam, I'm sure everyone can see that in this video. I hope people will like it and you'll do more leg-focused videos, because they're very sexy!

Also, I think it would be really sexy to do some booty measuring with that tape, possibly with some pumping and remeasuring, if that would work. :)
Models / Glamour / Re: Kelly Bell
« Last post by PMFN1 on October 19, 2018, 11:09:13 pm »

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