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Asian Girls / Re: Kat
« Last post by Shaboigen on Today at 02:20:05 am »

Whomever commented on this being a video is right

Her husband shoots THE worst videos.

What a waste.
Asian Models / Re: Angela Devi
« Last post by 888 on Today at 01:31:28 am »
Angela's breast enlargement progression over her modelling career.

She actually appears to have gotten them reduced right before she killed herself.
There are 3-5 Fox layouts of her - right before she died - where her breasts are noticeably smaller.
Sad story.
XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Blondie Bennett
« Last post by 888 on Today at 01:27:27 am »
I love that she is still trying hyonosis to dumb herself down

I regard that as quite awkward and ridiculous.
Just a scam, and a so ridiculous one.
Really dumb girls totally totally turn me off, and if a super sexy girl who is also intelligent, she turns me on even more than a girl that is only super sexy but only everage between her ears.
I agree completely. I gotta wonder about guys that want women who are completely dumb - makes me think they don't have much of an opinion of women.
Danielle Derek offers a good example. She used to do videos (don't know what her videos are like now) where she acted like a total idiot. Her body turned me on - but her attitude did the opposite. But she also did a few vids where she acted relatively strong and intelligent. I found these much more stimulating.
 Funny enough, I thought she actually looked better when she acted bright rather then an airhead.
Amateurs / Re: Aly Chen / AlyChen777 / /
« Last post by justinsain on Today at 01:21:43 am »
Is it a new account?
XXL Discussion / Re: Will There Be Another Minka?
« Last post by axis on Today at 01:11:17 am »
That would generally be considered XL tho, not multiple Xs

Good point.
Adult Entertainers / Re: Amber Alena
« Last post by axis on Today at 01:03:28 am »
Transsexuals / Re: Emylee - tsemylee
« Last post by SatyR on Today at 01:02:27 am »
Asian Models / Re: Pitta
« Last post by Jackbum on Today at 12:55:12 am »
Art, 3D, Toons & CGI / Re: Siberianar's 3d Muscle and Boob Art
« Last post by tpbuser333 on Today at 12:47:23 am »
Has anyone heard anything new about the artist? is he still in jail? :'(
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