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XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Kristhin Gomez
« Last post by shmitt on Today at 03:31:06 pm »

Identify her (Vids) / Re: Hot TS BJ NAME
« Last post by Charlie on Today at 03:14:53 pm »
just reading the comments :   agatha lira 
XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Sofialovelyxl
« Last post by flint1979 on Today at 03:13:08 pm »
She is perfect like this  ;D Not sure if she's at the size she wants, but I hope she stays this way.
I know there are a lot here who like bigger, bigger, BIGGER. But to me every body shape has a perfect size to match, for her I think this is it  :)
General Discussion / Paying for fake tits
« Last post by gtc15 on Today at 02:54:58 pm »
So my GF has openly said she wants her boobs done which I'm pumped about. She already has D to DD cups, but they are starting to sag. She wants them perkier and a size or two up. The problem is I currently am saving up money to buy a house. Do surgeons take payment plans? Is paying on a credit card a good idea if I definitely can pay off half of it immediately?
Does anyone have recommendations for payment if you can't pay in full?
Models / Glamour / Re: Laura Blake-Hahnel
« Last post by Goodeye on Today at 02:38:08 pm »

Models / Glamour / Re: Layla Lynn CWH
« Last post by Barr66 on Today at 02:31:07 pm »

Models / Glamour / Re: Amber Emery
« Last post by Goodeye on Today at 02:20:52 pm »

Latina Models / Re: Dannita Bruna / Daninha Love
« Last post by Goodeye on Today at 02:04:53 pm »

Models / Glamour / Re: Meryy Cheryy
« Last post by Goodeye on Today at 02:00:44 pm »

Models / Glamour / Re: Gloria L'Amour
« Last post by Goodeye on Today at 01:48:26 pm »

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