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Title: Objectify Me
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At the request of a few followers from The Flame thread, moving this new story line over to a new topic. As always, comments/criticism always welcome (of course criticism will only be taken somewhat seriously as my delicate ego can only take so much  ;)


Objectify Me


Kate couldn’t break her eyes away from the computer screen. Her boyfriend stood a few steps away, completely humiliated. He tried as quickly as possible to button his pants but no amount of awkward fumbling could distract Kate’s gaze. He realized the video was still playing on his computer and immediately slammed the laptop shut.

‘Babe, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you’d be home so early and I needed to…blow off some steam”, he said, red in the face.

Kate could hear what he was saying but all she could think about was the video. Admittedly, when she’d first walked in and had heard moaning she assumed the worst. The relief that her boyfriend wasn’t cheating was immense but a new insecurity was beginning to arise. She’d opened their bedroom door to see his back to her, his arm obviously being put to use as he aimed to satisfy himself. In the background a young, thin brunette was getting dominated from behind, her balloon-like breast implants wobbling artificially with each thrust.

She stood there for a minute before making her presence known and that’s when her boyfriend, Ryan, went into panic mode.

“Is that was he’s into?” she thought to herself. The sex that was transpiring on his computer was definitely more intense than she was used to with Ryan. Kate had always said she’d try anything with him, as weird or rough as he wanted but Ryan had never taken advantage of it. She’d often surprise him first thing in the morning with a blowjob or if their schedules aligned would sneak into the shower and make her way down to her knees and expertly work his manhood until he came in euphoric explosion.

Unfortunately, Kate’s efforts were rarely reciprocated. He put in some effort in the bedroom but made sure he got off and if in that time she was lucky enough to orgasm, great but rarely was her satisfaction the focus. For some reason it had never bothered her. She loved him and wanted to make sure she pleased him when he needed a release.

Up until a few moments ago she’d thought she was enough and was doing exactly what she needed to be a great girlfriend but now she was questioning herself.

“Why doesn’t he fuck me like that?” was her first thought but it didn’t take long for her mind to wander to the two biggest items on screen: the actress’s enormous, artificially enhanced chest.

“How can he possibly like those? They were kind of gross looking and he’s never mentioned breast implants before to me…”, she thought to herself. It was less the porn or the fake boobs that were bothering her and more the notion that there were things that turned him on that he’d kept from her.

At this point, she’d wandered back out to the living room with Ryan following, clearly still embarrassed and afraid of what she might say.

“Babe I’m so sorry. Please say something” He said half pleading.

“Ry, it’s fine. I guess I’m just surprised. I mean you’re a guy and I get that guys watch porn. It happens. I guess I just never realized what sort of things you were into.”

It took a couple hours to shake off the awkwardness but eventually they were both relaxed and lounging in front of the TV like any other evening.

The next day at work wasn’t easy for Kate. She worked at a small hedge fund as an office assistant simply because she’d failed her Series 7 exam twice. She’d graduated a few years earlier with a degree in Finance and knew she wanted to be a trader. Not so much because she was overly talented or interested in Finance as a career but because she knew there was money to be made. But when it came time to take her exams she blanked and inevitably failed. Twice. She wasn’t dumb by any means but the failure had left her feeling extremely insecure.

She rolled the previous day’s events around her mind. Ryan hadn’t done anything wrong, per se, but the woman he’d been watching just wasn’t what she would’ve expected from him. Kate was thin, pretty and had modest B cups. She wasn’t someone guys would go out of their way to talk to but she’d caught men sneaking a peak from time to time and those glances were the validation she needed.

She and Ryan had met through friends just under a year ago. Kate was immediately infatuated with Ryan: he was tall, handsome, took care of himself physically and came from a very well-to-do family. It took Ryan time to warm up to Kate and want to commit to something serious. He’d been reluctant to use a title for whatever they were until nearly their 14th date. At that point he knew he couldn’t make any more excuses. Now, a year in and living together, she still hadn’t met his family but was just excited that their relationship had gotten to this point.

Kate always did what he wanted whether it was going out with friends or staying behind so he could enjoy a guys night or weekend away from her. She never pushed back or demanded he spend time with her. Letting him take charge and do things his way made her feel like she was being a great girlfriend but deep down it slowly was chipping away at her self esteem. She tried her best not to let it get to her but she hoped someday his priority would be to spend time and spoil her.

It was a Thursday afternoon and markets had closed. Usually by 4:30 the office started to clear out but Kate had to stay until 5 to take any last minute calls that might come in. As the last of the junior traders made his way to the door, Kate opened up a new window in Chrome and searched two words: Breast Implants.

Chapter 2

It’d been a week since she’d seen him. Her heart was so full of excitement she could barely contain herself. When she’d originally told Ryan she was going away and he’d be on his own for a week he’d seemed unaffected. Hopefully this would change that.

Everything had changed the moment she hit search that June afternoon. She’d stepped into a world she’d been completely ignorant to. Sure, there were women out there who were pursuing the biggest, fakest chests that surgery could accommodate but Kate was relieved to find that breast implants were much more common than she’d initially thought. Women were able to achieve a variety of looks, shapes, sizes and completely determined by their personal preferences. Before she knew it, the office lights had shut off at 9pm as they always did and she snapped back to reality.

Over the next few days she started taking more bathroom breaks and would sit on her phone looking at different models and scanning plastic surgeon before & after pages. She even messaged some on instagram asking them who their doctor was and what size/shape they’d chosen. Many didn’t reply but some offered their support and guidance. The recommendations she did get all seemed to point in the same direction: “go and see Dr. Haskins. He can do anything” and before she knew it, Kate had a consultation scheduled.

Kate’s consultation with Dr. Haskins was nerve-racking at first. It didn’t help that as she walked in, a beautiful brunette with impossibly large fake breasts and swollen lips was wobbling out. She questioned if she should even be there but decided to at least get through the consult.  All of this was so new to her and she felt almost embarrassed to be thinking about implants purely to appease her boyfriend’s sexual tastes. She loved him though. So very much. And would do anything to make him happy.

Kate only waited a few minutes before the door to her room opened and in walked Dr. Haskins; a handsome man whose presence was instantly soothing.

“You must be Ms. Carter. I’m Dr. Haskins. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” and he extended his hand before sitting down across from Kate.

“So you’re here for a breast augmentation consult. is that right?”

“Yeah I’m still not sure if it’s for me or if i’m totally crazy.”

“Well what makes you want them in the first place and what makes you think it’s crazy?”

“I guess I’d never really thought much about breast implants until recently. My boyfriend won’t admit it but he loves them and I really want to give him everything. Is that silly?” Kate asked in her shyest tone.

“My dear it’s not silly at all but usually when it comes to something like this, I make sure to emphasize with my patients that doing it for anyone but themselves usually isn’t the right reason. I’m sure you and your boyfriend have a bright future and if you’re considering something like this you two must be very much in love. To play devil’s advocate for a moment, people change. Lives change. Careers change. If we’re making a decision as serious as elective surgery you want to make sure it’s something you could live with in any scenario. Does that make sense?”

“It does, Doctor. But I know he’s a big part of my future and I want him to have everything he wants.”

“If you’re sure. Now what is it you’re looking for in terms of size and shape? At first glance it looks like you have some tissue to work with so maintaining a natural appearance wouldn’t be too hard.”

“Hmm what other the other options? Maybe something that doesn’t look too fake but are a little more…rounded?”

“We could try high profile implants. They’ll stick out a bit further from your chest and give a bit more of a rounded look. Easy enough to downplay if you want or play up when you want the extra attention” Dr. Haskins said with a wink.

“I think I like that. I bet Ryan would like those more than the natural look” Kate said thinking about the actress from the video. Dr. Haskins rolled his chair over to the table where dozens of implant samples were laid out. He picked up 3 and handed them to her.

“So these are all high profile. The smallest is 250 ccs. This is 350 and the last is 450. Any thoughts and what size you’d be comfortable with?” Kate spent a few minutes playing with each of the implants.

“I think the 250 is too small but the 450 might be too big. I have an office job and don’t want to look like some bimbo,” Kate said thinking about the woman she’d passed on her way into the office

“Out of curiosity, I saw a woman earlier with enormous implants. What size were those?”

“Ah that’d be Brooke. She’s an interesting case. Comes in every few weeks and adds more saline. After her last fill she was around 2400ccs and still going.”

“2400! That’s a lot of Saline!” Kate responded, completely shocked. Suddenly the 450 cc implant didn’t seem all that big.

“I think I’d like to go with the 450 high profiles, Doctor”

“Great! I’ll send the nurse in to schedule your surgery. It was great to meet you and I promise you’re going to love your choice!” and with that Dr. Haskins walked out

Chapter 3

Kate stood outside their apartment. She didn’t know if she should surprise Ryan and just walk in or text him first. Her nerves were getting to her and she stood there almost paralyzed. This was the moment she’d been waiting for. She was so excited to surprise him. To BE his fantasy. She’d wanted this for so long and now it was time.

Kate turned the door knob and walked in. Ryan was strewn across the couch watching some SportsCenter. He barely moved when he saw her walk in.

“Hey Babe. Welcome home”

“Hey you” she replied and walked over to him to give him a kiss. She was wearing heavy jacket that didn’t reveal and of the changes underneath. She stood back up and walked back to her bags, dragging them into the bedroom.

Kate immediately tore her jacket off and threw it on the bed. Underneath she was wearing a tight white dress with a push up bra that made her new chest pop out of the top with incredible cleavage. Now was the moment.

“Hey babe can you come here and help me with something?” she yelled in her best sultry tone.

“Sure hon one minute.” It took almost all of that minute for him to come in and to Kate it felt like an hour.

“Hey what…what do you…what?” Was all he could say.

“What do you think my love? Like what you see?” Kate said slowly moving toward him.

“Babe…what did you…what the fuck did you do!?” he yelled out in anger. Kate was in shock. This wasn’t at all how she’d pictured this.

“Why the fuck would you do this to yourself!? Do you know how ridiculous you look!?”

“But I thought you’d like them…I mean I saw you…what you were watching…I wanted to get them for you…”

“Porn is porn, Kate. It’s not real life. How the hell am I going to introduce you to my family when your chest is stuffed with silicone!? You know how conservative my parents are. They’re never going to be ok with this!” That sent Kate into tears. She’d been so excited for all of this; to give Ryan everything he could ever fantasize about but now she just felt like a monster. Her intentions had been so good but now she was full of regret and shame.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t believe you’d do this shit. I…I gotta go,” and he walked out. Kate fell onto the bed in tears. She buried her face in the pillows and sobbed for what must’ve been a few hours before she finally fell asleep.
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Already pushed the notify button :)

Can't wait to see if she will love them for herself , and start to play with them :)
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As said before, great start.  I love the direction that this story is heading
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next chapter on deck for friday
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Chapter 4

Kate woke up confused. She knew something had happened but the previous night’s distress felt like it’d been a bad dream. She lifted her head to look for Ryan but the empty bed reminded her that everything had been real and not just the lingering residue of a nightmare. Emotions immediately came over her. Kate pushed herself upright and to the edge of the bed as the tears welled in need of water and tissues. She slowly made her way to the bathroom fighting her gentle sobs.

As if the thought of losing her soulmate wasn’t enough to send her into hysterics, Kate was quickly reminded of the cause behind her boyfriend’s absence: there in the mirror looking back at her was a mess of a woman. Her hair was in complete disarray and her mascara stained her cheeks from hours of streaming tears. It wasn’t the makeup and hair that broke her down completely. It was the two artificial orbs popping out of the top of her dress that reminded her of what she’d done and what it had cost her.

Her chest pushed out further than it had no more than a week before when she’s bid farewell to her modest natural curves. The thought of Ryan pouncing on her out of sheer lust was the last thing on her mind before she went under for her breast augmentation. Before she knew it, she was waking up from surgery with incredible pressure sitting on her chest. Kate knew whatever she’d done was going to be a big change but it was worth it for Ryan. Instead of having to hide his porn search history and tastes he’d have his own little actress laying next to him anytime they were together.

After a few minutes lost in pitiful thoughts, Kate slowly wandered back to bed and laid her head back on the pillows. Everything felt so hopeless. She’d done this to herself to please him. All she’d ever wanted was to be everything to him but he’d thrown her away simply because of what his family might think. Now, she was stuck with these ridiculous plastic tits and more debt on top of her student loans. She’d fronted half of the procedure but couldn’t afford it in full. Obviously she couldn’t ask Ryan when the intent was to surprise him and she wanted this to be her gift to him.

As she lay there deep in thought her phone vibrated. She leapt to pick it up, hoping it was from Ryan saying something. Saying anything. She just wanted him. To her relief it was from him but not the message she wanted. Her stomach sank.

“This isn’t going to work. I need you out by tomorrow.” Kate read it over and over as the pit in her stomach grew in intensity. Not only was this truly the end of their relationship but the lease was in his name and she’d just spent her savings on the implants currently stretching out her chest. The reality of the situation was too much. Comical almost. In a slight moment of clarity, she realized it was better if she left sooner rather than later. She typed “Ok”, hit send, and walked to the closet to begin grabbing her clothes.
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Wow. That escalated quickly. I can't see where it goes next.
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Wow. That escalated quickly. I can't see where it goes next.

haha yeah I didn't wanna prolong Kate's collapse to rock bottom. It'll be a shorter story but we'll get her back to the good stuff soon enough.
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It'll probably be one more chapter of drama before we get back into the reason we're all here (yay boobs). Stick with me for a couple more chapters and I think you'll be happy with it
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Chapter 5

As is often the case in lopsided relationships, Kate had made the common mistake of neglecting her own friends as Ryan became her sole priority. Now, in desperate need of a familiar face she thought about who she could count on in her worst moment. She’d had friends who had warned her of her complete infatuation with her boyfriend. It was clear to everyone except her that she was infinitely more committed to the relationship than Ryan. Being the impressionable girl that she was, her friends did what they could to help her find her backbone, knowing full well that Ryan was merely selfish and entitled. Kate was always able to convince herself that they were wrong, trying to justify in her mind his actions. She’d defended him to no end, even to the point of cutting out friends who simply wanted what was best for her.

Kate flipped through her contacts looking for the right person to call. She stopped on “Maggie” and thought for a moment. They’d never had a falling out, per se, but had grown apart during college. Kate, wanting so desperately to feel liked and included, had joined a sorority. The culture had been toxic but being apart of something had made her feel appreciated and accepted on a level she’d never really experienced. Maggie was more of the “I want to change the world” type. She spent her free time volunteering and was always a vocal environmental advocate at all campus events. With a lack of similar interests, the two slowly grew apart to the point where they hadn’t spoke since school.

Kate thought for a moment. Hopefully Maggie’s passion for helping others hadn’t faded and she’d welcome Kate with sympathy and compassion. She clicked on her name and began typing.

“Hey Mags. I know it’s been a long time but I could really use a familiar face. Do you think I could swing by?”. It was less than a minute before the response came.

“Hey Katie! Of course come on by any time today” read the message with a pin for her location. For the first time in the last 18 hours Kate felt a sense of relief. She turned on her car, set her gps and headed over. Maggie’s apartment was only a few miles down the coast.

“Hi Katie! I’m so happy you reached out!” Maggie exclaimed standing in the doorway. She lunged forward giving Kate a hug. Not realizing how sore she still was, Kate recoiled slightly.

“Come in come in. Can I get you anything? Coffee? Wine?” Maggie asked.

“A glass of wine would be great. Thank you so much” Kate replied. Maggie walked over to the kitchen and began pouring two glasses.

“So you said you needed a friend. Is everything ok? I’d heard you were in a pretty serious relationship with some guy”

“Well that’s kind of why I’m here,” and Kate launched into her story from the past week.

Upon recanting the past day’s events, Maggie sat there in awe, digesting what she’d just heard.

“Wait…so you…you have them right now?” Maggie asked staring at Kate’s hoodie-covered chest. Kate began unzipping the sweatshirt. Her boobs were crammed into an old tank top that clearly wasn’t made for her 450CC implants. They popped above the top of her shirt still looking impossibly firm from the recent surgery.

“Holy shit…you went pretty big! I mean those things…are significant.”

“I know. I’m such an idiot, Mags. I don’t know how this even happened. I wanted to make Ryan happy and on an assumption went and had my tits stuffed with silicone? I mean who does that? Why am I always trying to make others happy? When do I get to be happy?” Kate said, clearly distressed.

“Katie you’re a loving person. You want to better everything around you and you’re so committed to that mentality that you even put your physical wellbeing on the table. It’s a sweet and endearing quality. Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re nuts for getting bigger tits for a guy, but if I’m being completely honest they don’t look half bad. Sure they’re still a little dramatic but that goes away over time as they adjust. Hell, this is California…half the women out there have fake tits”

Kate sat there digesting Maggie’s comments. She wasn’t completely wrong but she still felt so embarrassed. Here she was, sitting with one of her oldest friends sitting in a top made for the flattest chest while her plastic tits poured out of it. She felt somewhat at ease in the moment.

“Kate, obviously you can stay here as long as needed. Make yourself at home in the living room. One question: what’re you going to do about work?” Kate sat there deep in thought. How could she have not even considered her job? She sat at a desk at the very front of the office for christ’s sake. She couldn’t take any more time off and because of her job, she had to see both employees and clients daily. Panic quickly caught up with her.

The two continued to talk through the evening, catching up on lost years and throwing around wild ideas for Kate’s future.

That night, Kate felt slightly more at ease knowing she had a friend to turn to but the thought of work on Monday lingered in the back of her mind.
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Can't w8! Next amazing chapter, please... :P
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As always, apologies for the lousy editing. It'll start to heat up soon. In the meantime, here's the next chapter

Chapter 6

Kate stood outside the daunting steel and glass doors that lead into the offices of Arbiter Funds: the hedge fund she’d worked for since graduation. She remembered being intimidated during the interview process but since accepting the position had never appreciated just how intense the entrance truly was. The detailed architecture was meant to be a symbol of the fortitude and endurance to any large investor who may step through the doors but the reality was it was just excessive. The fund was still young but growing with 25 employees and $100 Million in assets under management.

She took a deep breath, the pressure of her recently implanted chest fighting her full lung capacity and stepped inside. Despite the temperature being a flawless 75 degrees, Kate had opted for a white blouse with a heavy wraparound sweater and tight skirt. The large sweater did a relatively good job at keeping her new assets hidden from plain sight and Kate convinced herself that if anyone asked why she was dressed for Autumn she’d just tell them she was feeling under the weather. She prayed she could get in and out that day without too many questions about her prior week’s “vacation” and odd attire.

Kate stepped through the doors and did her best to keep a low profile as she walked across the trading floor. Her desk was just outside Sue Clark’s office; one of the two head traders who had made a name for herself in the renewable energy world before splitting off with a colleague to found Arbiter. Kate and Sue were polar opposites in terms of personality but had found a solid, reliable connection between them. Sue enjoyed the impressionable, always-eager-to-learn and be-better nature that Kate brought to the table while Kate soaked up every ounce of wisdom that Sue threw at her. Sue was one of those women whose outspoken nature and confidence could bowl over just about anyone and her handful of failed marriages stood as testament to her unwillingness to back down.

Kate sat down, so far unnoticed. Sue’s door was closed meaning she was either on the phone with a client or an ex-husband. She turned on her computer and started sifting through the emails that had accumulated during her absence. It wasn’t long before she heard the office door behind her open and footsteps approach.

“Thank god you’re back. We’ve got a VERY busy day ahead. Tom McShae comes in an hour. Can you make sure we have our latest deck printed and that all…all… the stats are updated with the latest performance? We need to make sure he keeps his money here.” Sue’s pause made Kate’s heart sink. The only person she’d never want to disappoint was her and Kate was panicking that she may have noticed that something was different.

“Of course, Sue. I’m on it now”, replied Kate.

“Thanks. Hey how was your vacation with Ryan? You look…tired”

“Oh. Um. Well we broke up actually. Not the best week I guess,” Kate replied, trying to fight back the emotions that had plagued her the past few days.

“Kate, I am so sorry. Look I wanna hear all about it after our meetings. Lunch on me. First we need to get through this morning ok?”

“Sure, Sue. Sounds great. I’ll get the decks now”, Kate said and immediately pulled the latest copy on her computer. She quickly validated the statistics and printed four copies. The urge to think about Ryan and what had transpired was teasing her into going down a dark road but she fought it as best she could.

As she sat in conflict, she felt the sensation that someone was watching her. She looked up and caught one of the junior traders attempting to recover from what could only be called “oggling”. It took her a second to realize why; her sweater had loosened and her blouse was failing at keeping her new assets hidden. If anything, the now undersized top forced her implants together and up toward her collarbone, creating cleavage that resembled two small balloons being pushed together. Kate immediately panicked and adjusted her top and sweater to hide her chest. She sat there pretending to be unaffected but the blood in her cheeks told a different story.

It wasn’t long before Tom McShae stepped through the front doors of the office. He was a handsome man; a bit over six feet with dark hair, a well maintained beard and suit without a tie. He exuded confidence and wealth with his charming smile and swagger. Tom had come into a small amount of family money when his parents had passed but had used it to his advantage. Now in his late 30s, he’d built a small fortune. Kate had known him as a client for the past few months but had never noticed how attractive he truly was. Her commitment to Ryan had clouded her to most other men.

Tom walked up to Kate’s desk with his big smile on full display

“Is she in?” he asked in his kind tone. Kate stared at him, admiring his symmetrical face and calming eyes. A quick cough from Tom let her know that she’d been staring for a few seconds too long.

“OH. Sorry. Of course. She’s expecting you”, replied Kate, once again feeling wholeheartedly embarrassed for the second time in less than an hour.

“I’m Tom”, he said reaching out his hand for a polite introduction.

“I know, Mr. McShae. We’ve met before. A few times. I’m Kate”, Kate replied in her shyest voice.

“I am SO sorry, Kate. My head just isn’t on straight. Of course we’ve met before. Sincerest apologies”. She felt slightly relieved that for once she wasn’t the only one embarrassed,

Kate stood up and walked to Sue’s door.

“Sue? Mr. McShae’s here to see you”, she said in her most professional tone. As Tom walked past her he spoke softly to Kate.

“Please, call me Tom”, and he walked into her office. Sue quickly closed the door behind her.
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Really interesting story! It is great you continue to write and I'm waiting new chapters!
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Chapter 7

The morning moved by quickly without any other incidents. Kate was settling in and feeling mostly back in her usual work rhythm. Thoughts of Ryan would attempt to creep in hourly but Kate found ways to distract herself with work. It was crazy to think that all of this had transpired within the last few weeks. She’d fallen asleep the night after she’d caught Ryan satisfying himself to his outrageously overstuffed bimbos thinking the next day would be like any other. She never could’ve imagined that this was the position she’d be in. Honestly, when it came to him, she would’ve been his little bimbo if that’s what he wanted; the *WOMAN* that did anything to please his needs and fantasies but he had an image to uphold with his family whose uptight and outspoken ways were more influential on him than she was.

Lunch time came and went and Sue’s door still hadn’t opened. Kate was getting hungry, realizing she hadn’t eaten in days and contemplated finding something to satisfy her hunger. Just then, Sue’s door opened and Tom walked out.

“All I ask is that you think on it for a bit. Give me some time to convince you”, Sue pleaded. She never had that tone or asked anyone for anything. Kate immediately knew their meeting hadn’t gone the way she’d hoped.

“Look it’s not that I don’t believe in the fund or your vision. It’s the markets. Renewables are going to continue taking a beating as our government throws money back into coal and focus on fossils. If I pull out I promise I’ll be back after the next election. I’d feel safer knowing my money’s sitting in a low risk ETF or Money Market for the time being”, he replied in his melodious voice.

“I’ll set up a meeting for two weeks from today at the same time. Don’t do anything until then ok? Give me a chance to convince you to stay,” Sue pleaded.

“Alright Sue. I owe you that. Talk then”, he said and reached out his hand for a shake. As he turned to leave, he saw Kate and gave her a little wink before continuing out the front door. Kate’s eyes followed him until he disappeared from sight. She was snapped back to reality at the crash of Sue’s door slamming. The entire floor went silent.


“Ugh I wish you had pictures”, Maggie said in response to Kate’s explanation of Tom from earlier.

“I’m sure if you google him he’s online somewhere”, Kate replied and took a sip of her Margarita. The two had met up after work and decided some tequila and the sun was in their best interest. They’d met up at a local Mexican hot spot a few blocks from Kate’s office.

“Katie…I know you’re still self conscious but it’s sunny and hot as hell. You have to take that sweater off. You look like a crazy person”.

“I dunno Mags what if I run into a coworker? Some people already think something is off and I know one of the junior traders caught a good look earlier. I just don’t want them to think I’m some little *WOMAN* or something using these things as a means of getting attention”, Kate replied giving her boobs a heft.

“Look, no one is going to think you’re a *WOMAN*, Kate. You got breast implants. People do it all the time these days. Don’t get me wrong they’re big but they’re not outrageous. Honestly, they look pretty good. Let ‘em breathe a bit”, Maggie replied with a wink.

“Fine. You win”, Kate replied and untied her sweater. She sat still looking tense and miserable.

“haha Katie c’mon. It’s not that bad. And here, do one thing for me”, Maggie reached over and undid the top bottom of her blouse. Kate’s cleavage immediately sprang into view, finally exposed in all it’s silicone glory for the first time.

“Now we’re talking”, Maggie said before quickly reaching over and grabbing the arm of their waiter who happened to be walking by. “ Can you get us a couple shots of tequila. We need something to take the edge off.”

It took a while for Kate to shake her overly visible discomfort but began to care less and less as the shots and second, then third margaritas caught up with her. She managed to catch a few glances from men walking by on the sidewalk and at first felt slightly objectified but the more people looked at her chest the more she liked it.

“Alright Mags it’s getting late and I gotta be in early tomorrow. Can we head back?”

“Why!? I’m enjoying this. All of the cute guys are staring at you which means I get the second-hand glances and admittedly it’s not the worst thing in the world. I need to drag you everywhere with me.” Kate smiled. Maggie was definitely drunk but Kate loved the compliment that she was the hot one for a change. She’d never felt more than average.

The two walked down Main street in the direction of Maggie’s apartment. People were out and about despite it being a Monday. All of the outdoor tables at the boutique restaurants were full with the crowds in raucous conversation. It was then that Kate noticed him: that suit, that smile…Tom was sitting at a corner table of one of the patio restaurants. To his right was an absolute bombshell of a blonde. Her face was flawless in every way, blonde hair slightly wavy that was meant to look natural but had clearly taken hours to do. The key feature though, other than her outrageously tight and toned legs was her impossibly large chest on full display. Her dress left very little to the imagination with a neck that was so deep it came down to her stomach, showing off her tight, smooth midsection professionally crafted after hours at the gym.

Kate stopped. She couldn’t stop staring at Tom’s date’s chest. They were at least twice the size of Kate’s implants and she wasn’t even wearing a bra. This woman had clearly wanted her tits to be as round and perky as possible. They pressed together in the middle creating the perfect image of plastic cleavage with the edges of her implants clearly defined against her natural chest.

“Katie? Hey! Katie! Come back to…to planet…holy shit”, Maggie said trailing off as she caught on to what Kate was staring at.

“Alright THOSE are fucking fake tits. They make yours look tiny. I mean..,holy shit they’re like grapefruits shoved under her skin. Do you think she’d let us touch them?”, Maggie joked.

“Haha Mags! Don’t be ridiculous. But that’s…that’s Tom. The guy I told you about from work”, Kate replied.

“Ohhhh well it appears he has a type. If you want the ultimate revenge that’ll make Ryan squirm you should date this guy. I mean he’s  BEAUTIFUL, rich…and I’m no detective but based on the outrageous fake tits on that girl he has a type. Maybe you should’ve gone bigger!” Maggie joked and grabbed Kate by the arm, pulling her back into the evening, continuing their walk home.
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just out of curiosity, are there any women here who read these things? If so I'd love to pick your brains on a couple ideas.
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So incredible. I am glad you are writing again
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Chapter 8

The next week went by relatively smoothly. Kate found a few wardrobe tricks to employ to keep herself under the radar. Sue was so consumed with trying to find new investors and creating a pitch for Tom to keep his business that she and Kate barely spoke. Given all of the changes, keeping her head down to focus on her own work was exactly what she needed.

As each day passed, Kate began to notice three things; The first was her chest felt less and less sore. Although she was still very aware that she had two silicone bags forced into her chest, the pain and discomfort was fading quickly. The second was she began to feel more comfortable and confident in her look. Sure, she’d played with the idea of having her implants removed and even had entertained the thought of trying to win Ryan back but she knew it realistically wasn’t that simple of a solution. Plus, having her implants removed meant spending more money that she didn’t have and she needed a place to live first that wasn’t a pull-out couch.

The last thing Kate noticed is how supportive Maggie was of her look. Despite the crunchy, natural image that Maggie had upheld for so many years, she seemed to be very into Kate’s new additions and always encouraged her to flaunt her augmented assets in the most confident way. Kate appreciated her positivity and despite still adjusting, almost always gave in and entertained Maggie’s ideas. The two had had a few fashion shows that week, encouraged heavily by wine and Maggie’s insistence. At one point Kate forced herself into one of Maggie’s bikini tops which resulted in her tits pouring from the top and sides. The two snapped a few selfies while trying not to laugh hysterically as they had been most of the evening.

In the back of Kate’s mind, she couldn’t stop thinking about Tom. She’d just gotten out of a serious relationship and so much of her life had changed dramatically but she was transfixed on his face, his energy and aura. He just radiated positivity, success and confidence; all things she was discovering were an enormous turn-on. Every time Kate would start to fantasize about her new interest her mind would jump back to that Monday night.

“Who was that woman he was with? Is that what he’s into? She was so beautiful but so…fake! Those tits were so round and outrageous on her!” Kate would tell herself, the image of the woman’s incredibly round fake tits defying gravity and on full display for everyone to see at the forefront of her mind. Kate knew she’d never be able to compete with her. Sure, she now had 450cc implants to work with but her general appearance was only mediocre. That woman could only be classified as stunning. She knew the sad truth was that she just wasn’t enough for someone like Tom. It was a reality that stung every time in crossed her mind.

Friday finally rolled around and Kate sat with Maggie on her small, outdated back patio. The sun was beginning to set as the two sat there, wine glasses in hand making small talk about the week and what to do with their first weekend off together.

“How have you been doing? I mean you seem so much better but…it hasn’t been all that much time” Maggie asked.

“You know, a lot better than I thought. At least with the Ryan stuff. I still dunno what the hell I’m doing with these”, Kate said motioning to her chest.

“But…I’m curious…on Monday when we saw Tom…I can’t get his date and her…you know… out of my mind,” Kate said feeling a little embarrassed.

“What do you mean can’t get her out of your head? As in mama wants a piece of that or you’re still baffled by how someone could get fake tits that big and flaunt ‘em like no one’s around?” Maggie coyly replied.

“I honestly don’t know. I mean I think I’d love to meet someone like Tom. Comparing him to Ryan just makes me realize how horrible our relationship was. Ryan was just so…selfish. And Tom… he’s just so flawless in every way. But if he’s into girls like that…I just…don’t think I could ever stack up.”

“Katie you’re amazing in so many ways. I don’t think someone like him is out of reach. Sure, that girl was a bombshell. I mean her tits were HUGE. And that body…sorry. I digress. Look, you’re sweet and beautiful and as much of a mistake as it was, you are sporting two VERY good reminders that maybe you’re a little more his type than you think,” Maggie replied, authority resonating in her voice.

“ I dunno, maybe. He could have just about anyone he wants so why settle for me? Hell I’d take her over me,”

“Oh for fuck’s sake you cut that out. Confidence, my dear…confidence. And if that’s not enough you can always have your tits blown up bigger than hers and win him over that way,” Maggie said with a wink. Kate laughed, appreciating her friend’s joke. She knew it was meant purely in jest but in the back of her mind, Kate couldn’t help but think of what she might look like sitting next to Tom. She pictured the two of them out to dinner, her in a revealing black dress with plunging neckline, Tom in a linen suit with the top two buttons of his shirt undone. Kate loved the image of them together. Drinking tequila on the rocks, lost in each other’s eyes and witty conversation. It all seemed so perfect. The detail that stood out though was her chest, now blown up to three times their size. The deep neckline exposing her monstrous, plastic cleavage. They looked so round and so overfilled, clearly the work of a surgeon as they stood a good 7” off of her chest. Kate let herself get lost int he fantasy, loving the image of not just her and Tom, but her body and the way her extreme assets were the focal point. A cough from Maggie brought her back to reality.

“I wanna go out. Dress up?” she said. Kate smiled. It was Friday and she needed some fun.
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Great story so far! I especially like Kate's naive and male oriented mind. Can't wait to read what she's willing to do to make Tom happy.
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I am loving the direction and attention to detail. I With you @H_I_M in regards to Kate’s mindset/perceived duty, and, like @vlad-shark said, I definitely feel like Maggie has the potential to add a new dimension to Kate’s tale.
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Sorry all it's definitely in the works! A lot going on and not much time to sit and write. I'll be in a hotel for all of August and inevitably will be crankin out chapters a bunch. Stick with me a bit longer!
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Short chapter gang. More coming soon though

Chapter 9

The early morning sun slipped through the curtains and struck Kate square in the face. She stirred, groggily, unaware that she was in a bed and not her Futon at Maggie’s. She wiped her eyes and quickly felt the intense headache that could only be explained by a concussion or excessive amounts of alcohol.

Kate opened her eyes and found a navy blue sheet draped across her body, barely covering her freshly augmented chest. she slowly lifted it to find that not only was she completely naked but that there was a man’s arm draped over her hips. Dread filled her immediately as she felt a pit build in her stomach. Who the hell was she in bed with? She slowly turned her head, doing her best not to stir the sleeping stranger next to her and glanced at his face.

Kate wasn’t sure if she felt relief or horror but she had no idea who this guy was. He was reasonably good looking and based on the arm resting on her was in good shape. Not the worst for a one night stand but the idea that she’d blacked out the previous night was horrifying. She’d never been one to hook up with a stranger let alone wake up naked. She spotted her clothes on the floor and felt the urge to make a break for it. Kate slowly eased the stranger’s arm off of her and much to her relief he didn’t stir.

She tiptoed towards her clothes and slowly slipped on the halter top and jean shorts she’d been wearing the night before.

“Not even going to say goodbye huh?” came a voice from behind her. Kate froze. She was hoping to slip out without knowing the details from the previous night that may or may not leave her feeling humiliated. She turned to see her bedmate rubbing his eyes and smiling.

“Oh. I…didn’t wanna wake you”.

“Well I appreciate the concern,” the stranger said with a smile and a yawn. “Last night was a lot of fun. You’re…pretty wild. But I don’t wanna get in the way of your escape plan. One thing; I’ll let you slip out guilt free if you agree to have dinner with me sometime soon.” Kate paused and eyed the stranger up and down. If this guy wanted to see her again it couldn’t have been a total disaster. Of course he’d clearly seen her naked but the way he’d said she was “wild” piqued her curiosity.

“What do you mean by wild?”

“You don’t remember?”

“Things are a little foggy.”

“Umm. Well you asked for some pretty…unique things. I mean nothing weird but it was a first for me”. Panic started to punch Kate in the stomach. She knew she should’ve just left while she could to avoid this exact situation but now her curiosity was in control.

“What do you mean ‘Unique’? Please tell me I didn’t do anything weird…”

“Haha no no. Honestly it was really… hot. You made sure I knew about your…implants. While we were fooling around you made me tell you how they felt in my hands and would tell me how you could feel them in your chest. You asked me if you should make them bigger and if the thought of blowing up your tits a few hundred more CCs would make me want you more. I mean it was all so hot. Then you…It was all just hot”.

“Then I what?” Kate asked, dreading the answer.

“Then you told me to prove that it made me want you more”.

“…Which means what?”

“You told me to cum all over your tits”. Kate placed her face in her hands and sighed. She’d always tried to give Ryan whatever he’d wanted but to her it always felt forced as if she was doing things outside of her comfort zone for him, not her. Telling this guy to cum all over her was definitely something new though.

“I’m…so embarrassed” she said through her hands

“Why on earth would you be embarrassed? It was so hot. YOU’RE so hot. I mean, just thinking about it is kinda getting me going again”, the stranger said with a smirk.

“I should probably go”, Kate replied. Immediate disappointment appeared on the stranger’s face.

“Totally get it. Can I at least get your number? I’d love to see you again”. Kate paused to think it over.

“Let me see your phone”, she said reaching out with her hand. The stranger reached over to the night stand and handed it to her. Kate pulled up his contacts and being putting her name and number in. She paused at the “image” option. An idea popped into her head. She placed her arm under her boobs and lifted, forcing her tits together and revealing her perfect, plastic cleavage. She snapped the pic and tossed him back his phone.

“Something to remember me by”, Kate said with a wink and walked out the door.
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purrfect ! ..... but still missing the part where she discover her implants by herself
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Amazing chapter. Can't wait the next. And of course, we wait when she become bigger.
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Another short chapter. More to come

Chapter 10.

Kate slowly opened the door to Maggie’s apartment hoping she’d be asleep. In typical Maggie fashion, she was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and an enormous grin on her face.

“There’s everyone’s favorite little *WOMAN*! Good morning you. Have any fun last night?”

“Ugh I don’t remember what happened at the bar. I do remember waking up in some guy’s bed completely naked”.

“Oooooh tell me more!”

“I was hoping you could tell me what happened haha”.

“I can do you one better. I’ll show you”, and Maggie opened her phone and pulled up a video from the previous night. Kate’s stomach immediately sank. She was laying on the bar while Maggie poured Tequila on her and random men sucked it out of her naval. In the background women could be seen all around looking irritated and judgmental but one woman caught her attention; It was Tom’s date. Her perfect face came into the frame, peering from the distance. Her outrageously round tits were crammed into a bikini top and any attention she may have been receiving was now redirected toward Kate who was laughing and genuinely enjoying herself.

“Everyone LOVED you. The guy you left with was totally cute too. Welcome back to the real world girl!”

“Ugh. I need a shower”, Kate said and stood up and walked into the bathroom. She turned on the hot water to let it warm up and began stripping her clothes off.

Kate paused and stared at herself in the mirror. Her implants were settling nicely but still had their perk and shape. She reached up and cupped them in both hands. They’d originally seemed so big but now seemed…normal. Kate let her mind wander and pictured herself with tits the size of Tom’s date, overflowing in her hands and jutting off of her chest as if two grapefruits had been forced into her chest. She saw herself with Tom, wearing the deepest, most revealing dress allowable in public. Her enormous cleavage drew the attention of everyone around but the eyes that mattered most were Tom’s who couldn’t look away.

Kate’s eyes remained closed as she fell deeper into the fantasy. Her left hand was aggressively massaging her left breast while her right hand wandered down her smooth, flat stomach and beyond. I
n her mind Tom was tearing the dress off her shoulders and was caressing her outrageously round tits in his hands.

Her right hand began working between her legs faster and faster.

He pushed her backwards so she was laying flat on the floor, her tits standing straight up looking more round than ever.

Kate was getting wetter as she worked her clit rhythmically.

Tom pushed himself deep inside her and began slowly thrusting, his massive cock filling her up to her limits. With each thrust her tits shake sending absolutely pleasure through her entire body.

With another fantasized deep thrust from Tom, Kate was ready to climax. She felt her body shake in pure ecstasy as her fingers rested on her swollen clit. She opened her eyes and saw herself naked and staring back at her. Kate had half hoped she would somehow come back to reality with her fantasy body and for the first time was disappointed in how small her chest was.

She needed to see Tom again. Soon.
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More to come soon
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haven't forgotten! Two months on the road and thought I'd have more downtime from work. Back home Monday for a few weeks and optimistic I can get a few chapters out. Thanks for your patience!
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48 more hours
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Sorry folks a little more time. It's coming along just slower than I'd hoped
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