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The skinnier the girl and the bigger her implants, the higher the percentage of silicone in her body!  A nice skinny girl with nice big breast and butt implants can be 10% silicone or more!

For me, it's the silicone that turns me on, not the girl's natural flesh.  The bigger the implants and skinnier the girl, the more of what's hot and the less of what's not.


--- Quote from: TheUpsideDownPineapple on March 14, 2023, 04:18:03 pm ---Yes, I would like a section dedicated to skinny models.
There are a lot of skinny girls with pretty breast implants.
It just has to be safe for the girl's health.
Some of them already have a dedicated page on TPB, for examples:

* Alena Omovych

* MaryAnna X

* Veronika Sherstyuk
When girls are skinny, her implants looks even larger.

--- End quote ---
Some additional names for this list of very thin girls with more or less bulky implants but who all have nice implants on their rib cage:

* Alena Omovych

* MaryAnna X

* Veronika Sherstyuk

* Olinda Castielle

* Aletta Black


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