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For some time how the quality of image and video hosts has been degrading.
Most services are infested with tonnes of popups, ads and even malware. Good several good services have gone down over the past years and few good alternatives have taken their place.

Please share your favorite quality image/video/file host here so we can have an overview of what people can use to share content.

- ( same as )

- https://*** I get paid for piracy, please report me ***
-  [2]
- [2]
- [1][4]

- [1]

[1] = registration required.
[2] = contains intrusive ads, use adblocker.
[3] = bad compression, quality loss.
[4] = no nudity allowed.

I'll edit this list with community input from time to time.

Good idea, I think this is a very good list for reference if people want to upload something.

I've had good experiences with for image hosting. 

I noticed this in your list of approved hosts:

https://*** I get paid for piracy, please report me ***

What is that exactly? Is this something this board is inserting into posts?


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It is important.

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