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As some of you may know, we've been trying to change/improve/update our chatroom for years now, without any results. So we're still running the 2008! AJAX Chat.

Introducing: ThePerfectBoobs chat on Riot! Cures cancer. Zero calories :)

To join with your PC / internet browser, just go here, click Register at the top left, and choose a username and password (no need for email/phone or number) Or join the room directly and pick a username only (you can optionally set a password afterwards).

For ANDROID users:

Install the App from the Play Store with this link

For people having trouble with our Matrix chat/app, we have bridged a Discord room to the Matrix server.

A bit more about Riot - it's chat software based on the open Matrix protocol.

It allows for cross-platform, secure, persistent managed multimedia chatrooms and communities.
All without the need of extensive registration.

When using clients outside of the TPB links or integration, make sure you set custom home server in your client.

As well as using Riot in your browser

You can:

Install the app on your:
Android device
IOS device
as a desktop application

Please feel free to join in. We will see how this works and if we can integrate it into TPB.

If you prefer to use other implementations you can find some here.

BTW any problems with the new chat (e.g. viewing/posting), reply on here and we'll figure it out.

We've been testing Matrix/Riot chat for a few weeks now and are very pleased with the results.
We've also seen much more chat activity than we've seen in a long time on AJAX chat because it allows people to use it crossplatform and persistently and doesn't have all the bugs.

However, in order to have a fully functional chat.
It is fast.
Presence works.
It allows for better integration with tpb.
It allows for sharing of bigger and more media files.

So we did just that.
Everything seems to be running smoothly.

Join us with the new link to test and debug it a bit more with while our webdev is working on integration.
If you used it before, please logout current riot chat session first (Settings -> log out)
Please inform me of any issues you run into.

Chat Link updated in first post.

Can you integrate the new chat in form of a shoutbox like the current one? I and many others like the shoutbox style.


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