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For me nothing complements/accentuates a boobs like a narrow, tight waist that would be oh-so-easy to wrap your arms around.  It's easily a close a second behind breasts.  Personally, I love the bare midriff or when a skin tight dress curves inward at the midsection.

1. Amy Lynn (Probably my first "waist love")
2. Jen Amber (not much in the chest area, but she makes up for it ;) ).
3. Pandora Peaks (best waist IMO of the big bust stars)
4. Laura Dore
5. Heaven Marie (though knowing Michael Stycket's work, it could very well be photoshopped)


Just something to whet the appetite, and see if anyone has the same #2 fetish I have.

I totally agree!

how about her? boobs not that big but great tiny waist


That would be Valeriya Lukyanova

I never knew that girl's name.


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