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Re: The Flame
« Reply #90 on: June 07, 2018, 03:46:17 am »
Love this chapter! I like her asking him to talk about her tits, to objectify her. Also the tipsy stuff worked well for my bimbo fetish :-)
General laws of fake boobage:
1) Fake boobs should not bring unnecessary health risks
2) Fake boobs should look as beautiful as possible, unless this breaks rule 1
3) Fake boobs should be as big as possible, unless this breaks rules 1 and 2


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Re: The Flame
« Reply #91 on: June 07, 2018, 07:53:40 am »
The parallel between being drunk on champagne as well as her plastic enhancements is a great detail. You’ve done her slide from shy nerdiness to attention-craving bimboness really well 8)

To think of it, she’s always wanted attention in some way, hence her blogging. Now she has discovered a new, sexual aspect to this side of hers.
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Re: The Flame
« Reply #92 on: June 09, 2018, 12:40:45 am »
Incredible as always. Can't wait for the next chapter!


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Re: The Flame
« Reply #93 on: June 12, 2018, 02:11:26 am »
Next chapter in the next couple days. Thanks as always for the patience! On the plus side, we broke 20k views. Never thought this would get past the first couple chapters. Really appreciate the continued support


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Re: The Flame
« Reply #94 on: June 18, 2018, 03:20:40 am »
So I'm wrapping up the next chapter which I'll post tomorrow but I wasn't sure which way you guys were leaning in terms of the next storyline with either Meredith or Casey and I'm playing with an idea of Claire crossing to the dark side. Let me know which one you wanna start with. Brooke's not done yet and she'll overlap with the others as will Jenna just need to figure out who to start with. Thanks as always.


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Re: The Flame
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Claire could definately see the benefits of the dark side. Then Meredith with extensive Brookes help. Casey at the end to wrap it up. Try to keep Brookes nerdy bimbofication proces around as long as possible. Looove what you made out of her.


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Re: The Flame
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Brooke woke up that evening confused and in pain. She’d had all these weird dreams about filling up her tits even bigger. And lip fillers? While filming? No way. But her body was incredibly sore including her face. Brooke reached up with her hand to feel her freshly filled lips and immediately started to panic.

“Oh…my…god…WHAT THE HELL DID I DO!?” she thought to herself. Her lips were incredibly tender and swollen. Brooke tried to sit up and immediately felt the difference on her chest.

“Fuckkkk,” she grumbled out loud. She’d managed to put on an oversized zip-up hoodie in her blackout state but the zipper was teasing a generous amount of cleavage. Brooke sat there looking down, afraid at just how far she’d gone. She finally mustered the courage to slowly unzip the hoodie and her freshly filled, 2200cc fake tits crept into view. They stood there, unnaturally perky and spherical, jutting out from her body nearly 8” and overlapping the sides of her torso. The tops of her breasts were bright red and her veins were incredibly visible. She reached up with both hands to grab them and immediately felt a jolt of pain shoot through her body. Tears slowly started welling in her eyes. Why were they so painful? Why had Dr. Haskins let her fill them up so much? The events of the prior day slowly cleared in her head: she’d taken pharma grade painkillers followed by a bottle of champagne…had she been in pain during her fill-up she never would’ve known. The combination had allowed Dr. Haskins to force a few hundred extra CCs of fluid into her incredible chest. She stood up and like a geriatric slowly made her way to the bathroom.

Her appearance in the mirror made her gasp. Her eyes were bloodshot, hair a mess but the part that caused her the most shock was her lips. They looked absurdly swollen and out of her place on her face. She pulled the hoodie completely off and saw just how overfilled her tits now were. Her nipples looking like they were being stretched from top to bottom while the redness across both breasts gave the appearance that her massive implants may burst at any moment.

Brooke stood there naked from the waist up as the tears finally took hold. What had she done to herself? What had she been DOING to herself? A few months ago she’d been an average looking girl who no one would’ve looked at twice. The most excitement in her life was trying out the appetizers at a new restaurant or cafe and blogging about it. Now, she was filled to the brim with more plastic and saline than should’ve been physically possible over such a short time span and it appeared that not another ounce would fit. Her modest face that many found comforting was now being artificially forced towards bimbo-ism and an “alpha” aura. Anywhere she’d go she’d be the center of attention with her tits exploding out of any top. All eyes would be on her. Was it really what she wanted though? She’d always wanted to be “wanted” and that’s exactly what was happening. It became clear to Brooke in that moment that the size of her overfilled implants directly corresponded with how much she wanted to be wanted and lusted after. Now, at 2200cc’s, would it be what she’d imagined it would be?

Brooke pulled up her phone and snapped a quick pic. She wanted to remember this: in pain, looking awful but understanding herself. She walked out to her laptop and pulled up some old photos. She found one of herself at the beach in a basic one-piece bathing suit. Somehow, in a few months, she’d gone from that flat, simple girl into this enormous fake-boob’d attention-seeking slut who was more turned on by her own appearance and hearing out loud how her tits drove guys crazy than anything else. She genuinely got herself off more to these…monster tits stuffed inside her chest than anyone or anything had previously in her life. Maybe it was because she felt like she was someone else each time she saw herself in the mirror. She knew she wanted guys to want her but not just because of the balloons strapped to her chest. She missed the video games, fantasy series’ and superhero movies she’d loved so much. In that moment she promised herself that in the near future she’d get back to those things and embrace them. But right now she had to cope with her decisions and let it all sink in.

20 minutes later, Brooke was curled up in a ball under her comforter. Her body was aching and naturally her extreme bust size limited the positions she could lay in. She was still trying to wrap her head around the events of that day when her phone vibrated. She pulled it up to see a message from Jenna.

“You’re famous!” was all it said. Brooke was beyond confused. Had she done something embarrassing in public earlier?

“…?” she replied.

“The video you posted! People are obsesssseddddd (including me),” Jenna replied. Brooke’s mind started to race.

“Video? What the hell is she…” Brooke thought to herself as it dawned on her. The video of her last fill and lip injections had been real! She rolled out of bed as nimbly as she could and opened her laptop. Somehow, amidst her blackout, she’d posted the video to her site asking for people’s thoughts and the responses were endless. Most were guys ranting about how hot it was watching her tits inflate and seeing her so into it the process and demanding more saline be forced into her already massive implants. Her hit count was over 7,000 just in the few hours since the video had been posted. Her mind started to ease a little. Despite a few nasty comments, the overwhelming majority were supportive and sexual and made her feel desired again.

“OMG I was a little tipsy and totally spaced that I posted it. I’m so embarrassed!” she texted back.

“Girl, don’t even. What’re you doing? Are you up for some wine by the pool?”

“I dunno. I’m pretty sore from…well you know,”

“You know what helps? Alcohol. It’s BEAUTIFUL out. Cmonnnn let me see those things in person!” Brooke pondered for a moment. She’d been so down just a few minutes earlier and despite the pain, Jenna always seemed to bring out her playful side.

“Alright but just for a bit”

“YAY. I’ll bring the vino. See you shortly!” Brooke hobbled over to her dresser. There was still some sun left outside. Should she put on a bikini? Jenna was going to ask to see them one way or another. Might as well make it as easy as possible so she didn’t have to take a shirt off in her current state. She grabbed a yellow bikini top from her drawer and painfully tied it around her monstrous tits. It was basically worthless and barely kept her nipples hidden but it’d have to do. She threw on some workout shorts, tied her hair into a ponytail and slowly made her way to the pool.

“Holy…fucking…shit!” Jenna squealed. She was wearing her light blue bikini top and a sarong. 

“You look soooo sexy. Those tits are about to explode! And those lips!”

“Oh stop,” Brooke replied bashfully. Jenna handed her a glass of chilled Chardonnay. The thought of more alcohol made her stomach turn but she didn’t want to disappoint Jenna. She took a swig.

“I can’t believe the response online! You must be flying.”

“I dunno, you don’t think I went too far? I mean these things hurt like hell right now. And the lips…I dunno how I feel about them,”

“Hun, you’re so sexy. All of it. I’m honestly jealous of your tits and you’re making me want lip injections,”

“Oh stop you’re just trying to be sweet.”

“Are you kidding? I showed Jake the fill up video and even he said they looked great! It made me insecure! Now i’m sure you’ve put the idea of bigger tits in his head too and I can barely stand with these!” Jenna said hefting her 1900cc implants with both hands.

“I guess I just need some time to adjust,” Brooke replied. The two sat there for about an hour and slowly worked through the bottle of wine. The sun had set and the lights had come on on the patio.

“Oh, so some hot gossip for ya: Meredith is leaving Jack. Apparently he found some shady surgeon in Asia who would put in absurdly large implants in one go and booked it without telling her. She told him she wasn’t comfortable with the risks and he threatened to kick her out. She moved out yesterday. Dunno how he’s taking it. I did send her your video though. She LOVED it. Said she’d love to go with expanders but for her, not for Jack. She wants to save up some money and do it as a ‘fuck you’ to him.”

“Revenge implants huh? As long as it’s what she wants I guess. Hopefully she knows what a process this can be,” replied Brooke.

“Honestly, I think she saw the positive response from your followers and how invested they now are in your journey. She might’ve been joking but I think she wants to do something similar; you know, broadcast her journey as her implants get bigger. I dunno, maybe there’s some money in it for her. You sure seem to be inspiring some people.” Jenna’s comment made Brooke feel at ease.

The two bombshells sat there and continued to talk into the evening. The wine continued to disappear as the incredibly busty duo chatted away, smiling and laughing to each other. A few people in passing stopped to stare. Seeing one of these incredible women in public would’ve been an experience. But seeing both together happy as can be, massive overstuffed fake tits in tiny bikinis was a once in a lifetime chance. The girls knew they were being eyed and went with it. They were getting used to it.

“Hey isn’t that your neighbor friend?” Jenna blurted out. Brooke turned to look. A little ways off Taylor was strolling back to his condo. He turned and saw Brooke looking at him and smiled. Brooke waved and smiled back.

“Do you mind if I go say hey? I owe him an explanation.”

“You do you girl. No rush. Show him the improvements,” Jenna replied with a wink. Brooke strutted over to Taylor with all the sexuality she could muster. She could feel her enormous tits bouncing with each step. As firm as they were, they still managed to jiggle noticeably with every moment.

“Hey,” she said

“Hey,” Taylor replied.

“I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been trying to sort out some personal stuff and am focusing on…some changes,”

“I’d say so,” Taylor replied with a grin, clearly staring at her chest.

“What do you think?” Brooke said and turned sideways to give him the full projection profile.

“Wow. I mean…you look amazing. Those…your…yeah you look incredible haha,” Taylor said turning red.

“I’m glad you like them. I think I went a bit too big on the last fill. They hurt like hell!”

“No such thing as too big.”

“No? You don’t think my lips look too big? or too plastic?”

“I think they’re awesome. They look so…sexy,” Taylor said staring her directly in the eyes. Despite her general pain, she felt a light energy start to work it’s way up her thighs.

“I need to tell you something.”

“Oh? What’s up?”

“Not here,” she said and she grabbed his hand and lead him to her door.

Once inside she pushed him onto the couch and knelt between his legs, all while locking eyes.

“I know I’ve been unresponsive. But I want to say I’m sorry.”

“Brooke, you don’t have to…” Before he could finish she’d stripped his shorts off. All that was left was his throbbing erection.

“I know I don’t have to. I want to. Tell me how you want me to use my new additions,” she said licking her swollen lips.

“I…I want…”

“You want these swollen, freshly filled lips wrapped around your cock?” she said grabbing his manhood with one hand slowly moving her lips closer.

“I really fucking do,”

“Do you think they’ll feel good? Filled with plastic, swollen, juicy…gently exploring every inch of you?”

“I bet they feel amazing. You’re...ah…amazing,” Taylor said. Brooke smiled and finally lowered her lips onto his raging hard on. She teased him at first, slowly rubbed her lips against his tip, letting the tension in his body build up. She finally parted her new mouth and inserted every inch of him inside, working slowly. Before she’d gained too much momentum, she spoke up.

“Tell me what you love about me now compared to the last time you saw me,” and she lowered her mouth back onto his manhood ready to work toward his pure satisfaction.

“The last time I saw you your tits were so big. I couldn’t imagine…ah…what they’d be like bigger. Now…baby, your tits are out of this world. I’ve never seen anything like it. They look so fake and…AH… out of place on your beautiful body…forced into your tiny tits that barely existed. So plain before. Now you’re filled up SO big…in that tiny bikini…so round and fucking fake…” Brooke let out a moan of pleasure. She was working faster and enjoying it.

“And your lips. They look incredible…so swollen and juicy… and accentuate the contours of your gorgeous face. And they…look even better…wrapped around my…around my…dick.” Brooke smiled a little as she worked faster and faster. At this point, most guys would have had their heads back and eyes closed as they reached climax but Taylor was staring at this beautiful creature kneeling between his legs. Her fake lips wrapped around him and her absurd chest jiggling in rhythm as she enthusiastically worked from her knees. Brooke could feel his eyes on her, wanting her, admiring her every curve of artificial perfection. She was now working as fast as possible and had once again looked up and locked eyes with Taylor. The two didn’t break their gaze as Taylor came. She felt the stream hit the back of her throat and moaned loudly as if enjoying it. She slowly fulled her mouth away.

“mmm did you like that? Did you like my lips?”

“That was…incredibbbbble,” Taylor replied. Brooke wanted nothing more than to fuck him on the spot as she was incredibly turned on but she worried the pain in her body would limit the pleasure.

“Your turn,” Taylor said.

“Baby my body is too sore from today’s fill. I’m happy just pleasing you.”

“Unacceptable,” he said firmly.

“You relax. Let me take care of you this time.” Brooke smiled.

“Oh yeah?”


“Can we…try something a little different?”


“Do you have a mirror?” Taylor smiled and grabbed her by the hand, leading her into his room. On his far wall was a full-length mirror.

“Will that do?”

“Definitely,” Brooke replied. Taylor pushed her down onto the bed and tore off her shorts. He began kissing the insides of her thighs, slowly working closer to her incredibly tight, smooth box. Brooke watched in the mirror as his head moved passionately between her legs. She was looking at herself, enormous fake tits standing upright, lips glistening. She looked like such a bimbo but seeing herself with this guy buried between her legs, pleasing and worshipping her was turning her on more and more. She tore off her bikini top and aggressively started squeezing her tits all while watching herself. Her chest hurt but the pain mixed with the pleasure was bringing her to a new place. Her enormous tits looked so unnatural on her and her tiny hands only made them look bigger.

Taylor was now kicking his skills into a higher gear. Brooke instinctually started moving her body in rhythm, as if she couldn’t fight the desire of her body to climax. She watched her hands work faster and harder on her swollen, already red breasts. She thrust her head back, dug her fingers into her tits as if clinging for life and screamed in pure ecstasy. She lay there panting on her back as her body regained some semblance of control. She felt the urge to start laughing and as much as she tried to fight it couldn’t keep it in.

“Everything ok?” Taylor said concerned.

“MORE than ok. That was fucking unreal,” she said still laughing.


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Re: The Flame
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Wow!  Awesome update!   :)