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Black Models / Re: Blac Chyna
« Last post by audax306 on Today at 08:33:13 am »
on LA beach

Adult Entertainers / Re: Nicolette Shea
« Last post by Jamk on Today at 08:24:33 am »
Making a Nicolette Shea group on Discord message me if you want to join?
Models / Glamour / Re: Linda Steele - Fitness Bombshell
« Last post by fireball5000 on Today at 06:49:43 am »
As someone who makes his living as a writer, I can say your assertion is correct.

Is there any money in writing porn scene descriptions? ;D
Identify her (Vids) / Re: Who the hell is this
« Last post by spanky74 on Today at 06:09:14 am »
ok his is nice

Please show respect to transgenders. Not "he" but "she". She's a MtF transgender. She.
XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Candy Charms
« Last post by Meta4 on Today at 04:16:00 am »
Some of you really are some naive snowflakes, it´s like your world ends the second someone has something less than pink-bunnies-and-unicorn-positive to say.
It´s allowed to give critique and this is the internet, its a forum. People are allowed to voice their opinions, even if you dont like it.

So quit the whining huh?

Naive snowflakes? Sooo based on your post we are allowed to voice our opinions as well, are we not? You kind of contradicted yourself there. This babe is at her prime, she is absolutely amazing and to say she is getting boring just because she does not do B/G scenes seems silly to me is all.
XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Candy Coated
« Last post by Meta4 on Today at 04:07:33 am »
She has a thread already. I will look for it and combine them.
Identify her (Pics) / Re: Blonde model?
« Last post by JohnnyB on Today at 04:06:56 am »
Where is the link or picture?
Asian Models / Christine Mendoza
« Last post by tyre on Today at 03:52:07 am »
I did not see an existing topic for her, so please forgive me if I missed it.

In any case, after getting married and having two kids, Christine Mendoza is back modeling!  I think she still looks damn fine. She also has a new website, with two types of subscriptions.  One is an exclusive Snapchat, and the other appears to be more of a traditional modeling website.  Not sure if she's doing nudes again as I'm not a subscriber, but at least appears to be ok with sheer and possibly topless.

Models / Glamour / Re: Linda Steele - Fitness Bombshell
« Last post by mark7880 on Today at 03:47:44 am »

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