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Nova Nice aka Jenna - Amateur & Hooker from Berlin with brand new 70 J boobs

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Nova Nice is 33 years old and works in the Artemis brothel in Berlin. In December 2011 she went from 70F/G to 70J. Her homepage still shows her with the smaller implants. However, she announced to update her mydirtyhobby profile more often. It looks like she's already getting busy: (old) (new | requires free subscription to see the samples)

This is a sample picture for a mdh-video showing her new boobs revealed for the first time:

Her are some older sample pics from her mydirtyhobby profile:

As she seems very confident about her boobs it might be a good idea to invite her to this board and start a dialogue.

Wow she does look awesome, let's definitely try to get her to say "Hi" here. :D

Great News.

Would love to see a video of her :-)

Ooh yeah ! Post of the day.


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