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Connie Booth


I’ve just been watching some old Fawlty Towers, this will be well known to many non Americans I suspect.
I was amazed to see that Connie Booth who played Polly, clearly has a set of bolt ons.
Given this was made in the 70 s that is pretty cool. She would have been one of the early adopters for boob jobs.
For those not familiar with the show a quick search of You Tube will bring up many hits for Fawlty Tower and for Connie and will quickly find you seeing her amazing little bolt on  tits.
She hasn’t aged well unfortunately, but it great to see her in her prime.

Bolt ons? Really? I thought she was naturally well endowed.

What a looker she was! No wonder Basil boinked her!

I think he was married to her at the time.
Maybe he is a fake boob fan?

Wow, who would haave thunk it. What gave it away for you on Fawlty Towers, of all shows??

Are you all sure they're not natural?


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