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Delphine Aldrine:
Hi everyone !

I'm Delphine from France , i think this could be a good idea to introduce myself on this forum, now that there is a "few" things that will change in my life ;)

I'm 45 y/o, and a looong time explorer of the Breasts Expansion community.

Everything started when i was , about 8y/o when i saw on TV a funny contest :

It was in Spain i think, and beautiful womens were wearing a one piece swimsuit , with ballons stuffed inside. They had a pipe sticking out from the bottom of the swimsuit, running on the floor to a partner with a foot or hand pump.
The goal of the contest was to inflate the ballons ( and the girl boobs) to enormous size until they explode.

The girls had the right to use their hands to squizz the ballons and speed up the moment where they will explode.

That was my first time i got aroused by this kind of kink . And growing up, it increased off course !
I've spend so much time and money on internet to browse BEA and Inflate123 website..

Behing a "Woman in Stem" , i love the idea of behing able to change your body proportion, i'm also highly curious about how it feel to change something ..

I wanted breasts implants for a very long time , and internet helped me to discover them, i'm now really obsessed about getting them .

Recently my job, my family situation, bank account and mind, all of them are perfectly synchronized to allow me to GET A BOOBJOB MYSELF !! :)

I will not finally take risk with my apparence , look. My wardrobe will change for sure !
They will not just be implants , i also want to be some kind of cyborg , so my choice is to get expanders !

I already had my consultation , and my surgery is scheduled for late december:
800cc expanders from PolyTech, my main goal is to be really busty , but clearly not beshine size ( i saw her under boobs, and the skin is about to die ;( )

Good news , i'll be allowed to do the filling at home , and certainly make some content before , after AND during the surgery :)

Feel free to ask me anything !

About the Gift:
I have a special content i would like to share with the members of this forum , but i have difficulties to found a place to share a big file of 25gigs, any one can help ?
( no, it's not me inside, but for tiktok implants lovers , i'm sure you will love it !)

First of all, a warm welcome!
As for hosting the file, no problem, TPB can take care of hosting the file.
Also, if you wish, you can become a starmember, all it needs is that you send us a verification picture of you holding a sign that says 'theperfectboobs - Delphine', then we know it's you. (You can also send it in private if you do not wish the picture to be public).

As a starmember, you'll be recognized as such, and it somes with other perks.

So, again, a very warm welcome!

Delphine Aldrine:
i've send you a DM

Hi Delphine  :D

What does it mean you're "planning to make content"?  8) Just surgery updates or some "actual" content with the new boobs?

Delphine Aldrine:

--- Quote from: beldzior on November 11, 2022, 09:09:08 am ---Hi Delphine  :D

What does it mean you're "planning to make content"?  8) Just surgery updates or some "actual" content with the new boobs?

--- End quote ---

both ! Off course !

You know i addicted to surgery videos , and off course the ones done by girls in porn

I want to make to most detailed video possible , and do what i don't see on others girls social profil

I also love the tiktok video transition , so i need ideas !


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