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"Michelle" at Airport Golden Spa in Toronto, Ontario

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A few weeks ago I had the rare opportunity to partake in my favourite "hobby", going to a rub & tug.

This lady, Michelle, caught my eye:

I booked a massage with her, and off I went. Unfortunately, this place is hard to get to. In car-centric North America, this place is nearly impossible to get to without a car. So it was a 45min bike ride to take the GO Train up to Bramalea Station, and then another 4km ride from there.

But it was all worth it. She seems shorter than those pics suggest, and her hair was bright red or magenta. It was hard to tell with the coloured lighting in the dingy hall of the massage parlour. She escorted me to a room, and then left me to have a quick shower.
It wasn't until after my shower and she returned to the room that I finally had the chance to soak in her amazing curves.

She spoke with a soft voice with an adorable French accent. She instructs me to lie down on my stomach, but over to the side of the massage table/bed. She wanted to give enough space for her to climb up there too and go beside me. It was an intimate massage. The conversation was pleasant. She asked me what I do, and I explained that I'm a writer - and that I've been meaning to get back to writing a story I started about a man going to a massage parlour, and encountering a girl he knew from his past, only now she has huge fake boobs. She was intrigued and asked me more. She loves fake boobs, and loves it when men do too. I told her I wanted to meet her because of her pics, that I think plastic surgery is sexy, and that I wanted to know more about her and what she's had done.

She's had her ass done twice, and is looking forward to doing it again in a few months from now. She's had fillers in her lips, which I asked to touch. They were very fake feeling, like you could tell something was in there. It was very strange. I wanted to kiss them, but for some reason I got shy and didn't. Then I asked her about her boobs. "You like?" Fuck ya I do! I put my hands on them, they were huge. Yet, surprisingly soft. So, that made me think they must be silicone gel. Which means, if she got them done here in Canada - they're probably no bigger than 800cc's. So, I asked her not to tell me, and to let me guess. Just as I'm about to say 800, I change my mind and say "there's no way those are just 800cc's." She shakes her head slyly. "No, bigger," she says with a smile. 1000cc? "Bigger." At this moment I thought about what I've read, and to my knowledge, the biggest silicone gel implants available are 1050cc. So, that's my next guess. "No," she seemed unimpressed by my increase of merely 50cc's. 1200? She smiles and says, "No, these are 2000cc". Holy fuck. I ask her, if they're silicone - but they're not. They're saline overfilled. I told her how surprised I am about how soft they are. "Well, maybe they won't be soon. Later this year, or maybe in January, I'm getting these replaced with a kind that I can add more and more."

"You mean, you're getting expanders??"

She seemed impressed that I knew what I was talking about. "Yes, I want to go, maybe to 3000, maybe more. But, I have to stay with these until my skin...", for what seemed like the first time English not being her first language stopped her.

"For your skin to relax, and stretch?" I ask her.

"Yes, exactly this."

"This is literally my dream come true. I've always wanted to get an erotic massage from a girl before, and after, a breast expansion. It's finally happened, I'm having my 'before'". I was elated. I genuinely stopped to just soak in this moment.

The next thing I know, she's smothering my face with her boobs, and press into them with my hands. She rubs her oily body all over me, taking full advantage of her boobs. She instructs me to lie down and she hands her boobs over my cock. Her cleavage is so tight with her big implants that neither of us need to push her breasts together so for this titty fuck to remember for a life time. I was close to cumming, I didn't feel ready, so I got her to slow down.

I asked her to tell me her story, like how big did you used to be? How many surgeries? And so on, all the while I'm fondling her huge boobs. I was in serious heaven.

I realized our time would soon be up, so I asked her if I could go between her breasts again. And she was like, "oh yes, please - am I going to make you cum now?" It was so hot. Once again, she crawls down to the end of the bed, and the hovers above me, hands on the table. She lowers her boobs over my cock without even pressing them together about 30 seconds later I was about to come. I reached out to hold those huge soft and beautiful boobs one last time as I came all over them.

I'm all horny all over again just writing about it.

Anyways, if you're ever passing through Toronto, this place is right around the corner from Pearson International Airport. Look up Michelle and see if she's got any availably. It'll be the $200ish that you ever spend.

Thank for the Review. Petit Girls with huge curves are always a stunner. Why you did not fuck her?

Places like this are legal?

Does this chick have an online presence!?

It says that she's Norwegian on her bio. But she could have grown up in France.


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