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Emma's Corruption by Antalore42

24 chapter series of corruption and plastic surgery:

Male dom. Involves drug addiction and people being generally pretty mean

Good job on finding content on e-hentai. Thank you!


--- Quote from: Zsullivan on March 13, 2022, 11:05:26 pm ---Good job on finding content on e-hentai. Thank you!

--- End quote ---

Yeah. How in the hell did you find it?! I've only been semi-lucky a couple of times. Brutally disorganized and relatively unsearchable! Pretty cool stuff, right there, brotherman!

 Just found the author/artist...  good stuff and relatively new.  Check out chapter 1 of "The Good Bimbo" here:
He's on Patreon for $3 and I'm about to subscribe! Hope he presses on with content just like this!

i want to bring this up...

Emma is now at Chapter 41 and it's getting better and better ;-)


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