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This category is currently being reviewed as part of our clean-up action.
Not to worry, we will not ever drop the transexual category, as we strongly agree that transexual people have a home in our community.
However, for our clean-up action, we are cleaning out any hardcore pornography, this is forum-wide, and does not just apply to the transexual section.
With this hardcore cleanup, we will no longer allow genitals to be shown (neither female or male), and since the genitals are a strong indicator for the gender in this category, we're currently brainstorming on how to resolve this.

As it looks now, we will likely recreate a new category called "Transexuals" under perfect boobs appreciation, but where no genitals can be depicted in any way.
This is a work in progress and again, we do not intend to drop this section at all, we're just considering how to deal with it on the grander clean-up action we're currently performing.


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