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Consequences to violations
« on: October 22, 2012, 01:23:18 am »
We've established a list to which every moderator and admin will abide.
This list is not set in stone, and admins/mods are free to interpret these at their own free will (but will mostly keep true to these rules).
Be warned though: since we passed the 10000 thread milestone, we've become a much bigger forum to maintain and is consuming a lot of time from all the admins/moderators and we are less tolerant when people keep violating our rules.

Forum violations will be categorized in 3 different categories:
- Catastrophic violations
- Major violations
- Minor violations

Catastropic violations:
These violations are so severe they are immediately banned for life.
Think of spambots, paypal chargebacks, any hacking attempts, people who post kiddieporn or perform any kind of activity that is considered illegal in the EU.

Major violations:
Consequences for major violations are as follows:
- 1st violation = warning and post removal
- 2nd violation = 2 day ban
- 3rd violation = 2 week ban
- 4rd violation = banned forever
Major violations are insults, lack of respect, posting personal data or stalking.

Minor violations:
Consequences for minor violations are as follows:
- 1st violation = warning and post removal
- 2nd violation = 1 day ban
- 3rd violation = 2 day ban
- 4rd violation = 3 day ban
and this keeps stacking.
Minor violations are ignoring our posting rules, like not using thumbnails, posting too many images (50+ per post), double posting, posting things that don't add anything.

We are going to check this more thoroughly from now on. Because it helps to keep the forum clean and provides more browsing pleasure for everyone. This is not to punish you, but to make it better for all of us.
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