Author Topic: GF Wanting to go for large implants on small frame*BEFORE AND AFTER PICS*  (Read 17727 times)


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Congrats!  Love the shape and projection, she is out there! ;)

What size are you both now thinking?


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She's looking great, that projection and roundness is superb! Her lips are starting to look really full and scrumptious as well. How is she feeling about the changes, besides wanting bigger?


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Re: GF Wanting to go for large implants on small frame*BEFORE AND AFTER PICS*
« Reply #32 on: February 10, 2018, 05:13:48 am »
Hi Guys,

Thought i would post a small update on how things are going.  :D

Everything has settled down really nicely and we are both extremely pleased with the results. We have been having regular top ups in her lips and it has achieved a really great shape and full look. Her boobs look great and have still kept the extremely neat and bolt on look that we both love. Going forward we are looking at a few possible procedures including: Nipple piercing, Having any fat removed between the top of her legs to increase her thigh gap (she already has a lovely one), Butt lift (if they can find some fat to do this with), possibly another augmentation to increase size while still achieving the round bolt on look, we wouldn't be looking at going a lot larger at this stage. She looks absolutely stunning as she is; definite soul mate, we are both very interested in these possible enhancements and would appreciate any advice or anyone who has had any of these done in the UK?



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Don't have procedure advice, but I'm really excited and happy for you both.  It's awesome when two people with the same kinks find each other.  Congratulations!  Wish you nothing but happiness and fun.
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