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Author Topic: Daddy's Dolly - new story starring breast implants!  (Read 731 times)


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Daddy's Dolly - new story starring breast implants!
« on: August 02, 2022, 04:36:35 pm »

I am not a good girl anymore.
Daddy always says I’m his pretty princess and a good girl, but after what we did I am really not sure.
I had to.

You see, I am the younger of two siblings with my sister Nora, but we couldn’t be more different: Nora is a tall brunette with all the brains and I’m Claire, a petite blonde who always struggle with her homework.
I couldn’t get much help from Daddy because he was always busy with his practice. I used to hate him for that, but in time I understood he just did it all to allow us the best home in which to live and grow up.

Even like that, me and Nora were never that close: while I played with my dolls and put on pretend-makeup she read books all day. I started to discover boys (wow, boys!) while she just threw herself more into her studies. She left for college two years ago and since then I have been more or less alone in the big house, with nothing to do.
Even if I have been eighteen for a few weeks by now, Daddy still stops me from going outside on my own, I always have to ask for permission first.
So nothing to do besides lazing about on the couch and scroll through my insta feed

That was when it happened, I think. Maybe I always knew, but that was when I first noticed.
Like, concisiously.
Being-aware-of-thing, you get what I mean.

I have a nice profile with a lot of pics, though Daddy follows me and makes sure I never post anything that shows too much skin. Even like that, I sit at about twenty thousand followers, most of them of course are men.
And I am at an age when a girl, you know, totally gets urges.
Daddy never wants his pretty princess to get soiled, so I am not allowed to go out and I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend unless he’s, like, perfect according to Daddy’s standards, but that’s not what I noticed.
What I noticed was that bitch Stefania suddenly has double the amount of my followers?!
Like, WTF, right?

I scroll through her posts and notice she’s showing off a big pair of rounded boobs she definitely did not have a few weeks ago!
“That lying bitch!” I hiss. So that’s what she got done when she went to Mexico for her vacation! She told us all she was just going to lazy about on a beach! “What a dirty slut,” I mutter, looking at all the comments of horny men complimenting her on her new rack. “Stupid two-timing cunt, I hope she, like, catches super-AIDS,” I say with a frown.

Damn, but those boobs look good on her.

Stefania is a pretty Latina who’s just a few inches taller than me, has nice long hair (not as nice as mine!) and a totally-huge booty.
I can see why she decided to balance that one out.
And now her followers count sits at over forty-five thousands, all in the last few weeks!
What’s even worse I can spot some people who haven’t left a comment on my pictures are drooling all over her cleavage.
Men, I swear. Total pigs.

And now I’m mad, so I throw my phone onto the couch and stand up to take a look at myself in the mirror.

I think I stand out: I mean, I’m not tall, but I’m well-built at five feet, with long blonde hair (the nicest in class!) and my face is model-like with a straight nose, large blue eyes (like Mama, though I only noticed that thanks to pictures) and a dash of freckles. Then I look down at my slight build, covering the two tiny bumps on my chest and grimace. These are barely a B-cup and only on a good day. Mama was no different, she was a lot like me, while Nora got, like, all of Daddy’s genes, so she shot up at almost six feet.

“Those fuckers don’t know what they are missing,” I groan, turning to show off my booty and my slender legs. I’m like, a nine out of ten!
Why should they slobber over some ditz with cock on the brain and a pair of big rounded tits on her chest?!

“Those are fake,” I spit out and a I feel a weird shiver go through my body, starting from my thumping chest and then to my stomach that’s twisted in a knot to my pussy. I clench my thighs and can feel the word echo in my brain. Fake, fake fake. Why does it feel so good to think about it?

I have seen my share of breast implants in my life. Like, whenever Daddy brought us to dinner with his colleagues at work I could see almost all their wives looked the same: vapid blondes with painted smiles on their faces and pumped-up boobs that were at dinner just to giggle and gossip and look good and maybe for a quick blowie in the bathroom when the others pretended not to notice.
But I always thought: yuck, those look heavy! Double-yuck!

So now, as I move my fingers to cup my small boobs and spread them over the slight fat mounds as my nipples get rock-hard and my breath hitches, why do I feel so aroused at the thought of looking like that?
Of… getting implants myself?
A flash goes through my mind: stepping down a staircase in a dress with no bra, my new tits dominating my chest, wobbling only slightly with each step. I am grinning and people are all looking at me, only at me.

“Hmmm, what’s going onnn,” I grumble as I have to squeeze my thighs together. I’m going to soil my panties if I keep thinking about…
“Stefania, you stupid cunt,” I hiss. What is she doing to me now? I feel so light-headed at the thought of looking like her, getting my own new perk pair.
Maybe I could do the same and go to Mexico and then-
“Fffuck,” I hiss. Daddy doesn’t like me using swear words, but he’s not here so it doesn’t matter. I squeeze my boobs and feel how tiny and unsatisfying they are even against my small hands.

No wonder Stefania gets all the attention now.
I want that!
I want to show that two-timing bitch what happens when you steal a girl’s followers!
But it’s not like I can, just, like, take a flight on my own and pay for new boobies.
I mean, I could totally sell one of my Fendi bags, but then all the others would, like, feel totally alone!
That'd be like, totally uncool.

I slowly go back to the couch and pick up my phone again.
At the bottom of Stefania’s pics I spot the #newboobs tag.
Squirming, squeezing my thighs to keep my clenching pussy from making a mess on Daddy’s precious couch, I tap on it and I gasp.
New boobs,” I whisper under my breath as I scroll through the pics.
My other hand raises to cup my right breast. They really do feel lacking now.
More than ever.

But... I totally have an ace up my sleeve.
A few weeks ago, Daddy promised me I could have anything I wanted for my eighteen birthday.
And I have taken my time to decide, as Daddy’s been abroad due to his job and is only coming back today… so we couldn’t setup a party, just the two of us.
Like, I was thinking on getting a car but it’s not like he’s gonna allow me to actually drive it.
“Anything, huh?”
A grin spreads over my lips.
He’ll be tired from the flight… and I bet he's gonna cry for a good handjob.
Time to get Daddy in the mood.

Author's notes: thanks for reading! I'm an erotica author and I never actually considered the fascination with implants, but as of late something changed and I feel way more drawn to them now, so I wanted to write something about it. I started with something I am familiar with, I hope it was right and it did feel good.

If things go well and I get into it I might set up commissions, but for the time being I want to make sure I get the feeling right.

Let me know what you think please, I want to get better at writing stories with silicone under this pen name.



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Re: Daddy's Dolly - new story starring breast implants!
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2022, 11:15:05 pm »
Just waaaw!!please continue!


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Re: Daddy's Dolly - new story starring breast implants!
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2022, 02:50:52 pm »
Yes,  we definition bed more of this. 


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Re: Daddy's Dolly - new story starring breast implants!
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2022, 08:23:24 pm »
Just waaaw!!please continue!

Thanks! I will try to keep it up soon! Next update we'll see some balloons, though maybe not the kind you expect... not yet.

Yes,  we definition bed more of this. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was a little nervous I had it got completely wrong. I hope as the story continues you'll like it more and more and I manage to capture what makes this fetish work. Reading around the forum sure is helping!