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Fuck Club
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:43:02 am »
This is story is around 6000 words, or 12 pages. There are 9 chapters and most of the chapters are just one page. WARNING to the reader: this story is not for the lighthearted. Anticipate abuse, brutality, and general absurdity. I am currently writing a much longer story similar to this one, so I am also gauging interest. Let me know what you think, if it's too fucked up, not fucked up enough, etc.



Phase One - Jan. 9, 03:13

   It was the middle of the night at my hotel room in Tokyo when I got the phone call. I had been expecting it earlier. She was late. I had even anticipated who the detective would be on the case. Even so, I ignored the first call and waited for her to call back.

   “Hello. You have Scott.”

   “Mr. Larson. This is Detective Kiara Miles from the SFPD. I have something you need to hear.”

   “Achem” I cleared my throat…“I’m sorry. It’s very early here. You said you're from the San Francisco Police Department?”

   “Yes. Are you Mr. Scott Larson?”

   “Yes. Yes. Please whatever it is, Detective.”

   “Mr. Larson, this is in regard to a breaking and entering at your residence last night on the evening of the 24th. Your travel records show that you’re in Tokyo right now, is that correct?”

   I acted surprised. “My apartment? How serious is it? What did they take? Wait… My wife wasn’t home?”

   “I’m sorry that I’m telling you this right now, but it took awhile to track you down in Japan. We have reason to believe that whoever broke into your apartment has taken your wife. We don’t know where, but our best people are on the case. In less than 48 hours time, we will have the feds on the case as well.”

   “Jesus Mother Fucking Christ!” I pretended to catch my breathe and asked, ”What reason do you have to believe this?”

   “There were signs of forced entry, your wife’s vehicle is still at the residence along with her keys, IDs, phone, and wallet. No one from her work or family has seen or heard from her.”

   “I’ll be there first thing tomorrow. If you would please text your office’s address to this cell number.”

   “Yes, Mr. Larson. Come by anytime. I’ll be expecting you. We will find your wife.”

   I hung up my phone and muttered “Oh no you won’t…” And now, my alibi was complete.
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Re: Fuck Club
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Phase Two - Jan 10, 09:40

   Rebecca woke up in a strange room with a splitting headache. She quickly realized it was a hospital room and she was on a hospital bed; or rather she was harnessed to the bed like a prisoner. There was a mask on her face connected to a tank that was out of view behind her. She attempted to call out “Hello!”

   “Where am I?” All she could remember was being in her apartment alone. She was asleep when she had heard a crash, then there was a funny smell and things went dark; and now she had no idea where she was. It was cold here. It didn’t feel like San Francisco. “HELLO! Can anybody hear me?”

   Finally someone walked into the door and removed her gas mask. They were dressed like a doctor, but without a name tag and their face was covered. “Hello, Rebecca! You can call me Don.”

   She was terrified and confused “What am I doing here? I’m not hurt, why am I in a hospital? And why am I restrained?”

   “This isn’t a hospital. It’s a plastic surgery ‘clinic’ and you my dear, are lucky enough to be a patient.”

   “I don’t need plastic surgery. I don’t want plastic surgery. You need to let me go right now!”

   “Are you sure? You have an excellent butt, but your breasts are very small. And those thin lips of yours… Yawn…” Don rested his palm on Rebecca’s breast and squeezed lightly through her gown “Not much to work with here, but we’ll see what I can do?”

   Rebecca struggled to free herself. “What are you talking about? Let me go!”

   Don placed her mask back on and turned on the gas. “I think we’ll start with your first set of breast implants” he remarked while snapping on some latex gloves. “She’s ready, bring in the plastic bags.”

   Two more men appeared with their faces obscured, one was wheeling in supplies and the other was carrying two saline bags. “Let’s cut her open, cram ‘em in, and sew her back up. We don’t have a lot of boob to work with, so it’s all hands on deck to stuff these bags into this bitch.”

   Rebecca felt herself lose control of her body. She tried to scream but couldn't even make a noise. She could still see and hear, but she felt no sensation in her body or extremities. She was awake with her eyes open, but she was paralyzed. She felt nothing, she couldn’t even blink as she was forced to watch them slice her breasts open with a scalpel, hollow them out, forceably stuff in the plastic bags, and sew her back up, laughing about it the the whole time.


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Re: Fuck Club
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Phase Three - Apr 20, 16:19

   “Please don’t! NOT AGAIN!” Rebecca screamed in fear as Don’s unnamed assistants grabbed her and forcefully strapped her to a bed, wheeling her off to the operating room.

   The familiar “hissss…” of the paralytic gas being turned on struck terror into her. She knew what was about to happen next. This was her fourth breast augmentation.

   “Rebecca. I know you can hear me. I don’t have to use the paralyzing agent, but you know, it’s much cheaper than other anaesthesia. And I do like the way your eyes light up when I’m doing my work. It lets me know that you appreciate what I do to its fullest.” Don addressed his minions “What do we have today, boys?”

   Both men were wheeling dollies, the implants wouldn’t fit on just one cart. “We maxed the bitch out at 5,500cc on the last expanders. We got these 6,000cc expanders to stuff in. These puppies max out around 15,000. But, if we ignore her comfort and safety, we can probably pushed them well past that.”

   “Great work, boys.” Don expertly ran a scalpel along the old scar on the underside of Rebecca’s chest mounds. Wiping away the blood, he reached in and yanked out the nearly bowling ball sized bag of saline. It popped out like she was giving birth. He took the implant and put it aside. “He will definitely want to keep all of these. Clean it up and save it with the others.

   Rebecca looked on helplessly as the second massive water balloon slid out of her chest and the thin layer of skin that remained of her natural breast tissue deflated in front of her. The glorious mounds on her chest were now just distended flaps of skin. Her tiny breasts had become cavernous chest pockets for storing ever larger plastic bags.

   “Oh boy! You need two hands on this puppy. It’s huge!” Don handled the heavy jiggling bag of fluid. With great effort he stuffed it into one of Rebecca’s deflated chest sacs. “Now that is tight! Squeeze that in there while I sew it up.”

   The helpless woman anguished as she thought of the pain that would follow the drugs wearing off. They would throw her back in her room and lock the door. Sometimes there was Vicodin, but it was usually just Advil.

   After Don crammed in the other implant and sewed her up, he received a round of well earned high fives from his employees “Good work, boys! We really filled this bitch up, didn’t we? Go hit the showers, I’m going to finish up here and do the lip injections myself. I take great pleasure in my work.”


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Re: Fuck Club
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Phase Four - Jul 24, 13:05

   Rebecca stared at the floor, aware of but unable to see what was happening to her. She was face down, looking through a hole in the operating table while her unlicensed plastic surgeons finished installing her butt implants. As if having her breasts ruined and turned into bizarre fetish objects wasn’t traumatizing enough, now her lips and her butt were fake.

   She had been very proud of her natural booty. It was big and firm and her husband loved squeezing it whenever he got the chance. Now her big fake ass would match the massive plastic bags hanging off her chest, and right now they were indeed hanging. In addition to the hole for her face, there were two much larger holes for her breast bags to hang through. The table had been specially designed for this operation.

   Don and his assistants lifted and flipped over their patient, carefully letting her newly installed, inflatable ass bags slide into the holes where her breasts had just been dangling. With her head on a pillow, her breasts protruded well over a foot straight off her chest, crushing her ribs with the weight of many gallons of saline.

   “Boys, I’m exhausted. Can you guys handle her lips?”

   “Yeah, boss. No problem. How many cc you want us to do?”

   “As many as you can, but probably no more than 3 or 4 today.” Don removed his gloves and headed to the door “Oh! And remember to turn off the cameras and send the footage to him. Also… no raping her. Do you boys hear me?”

   “We gotcha, boss. Blow up her lips, cameras, and no raping. I think we can handle most of that.”

   Don glared as he shut the door behind him. His assistants prepared a few syringes of Juviderm and Botox. “I’ll do the botox in her face, you do the lips. That way we can finish faster and we can make it to Hooters for happy hour.”

   “Good call. But I’m going to blow a quick load on these monster tits real quick before we leave if that’s cool with you? You are good to go second, but I call first.”

   “He said no raping, but if we just play with her huge boobs and maybe titty fuck them a little, that’s not rape… right?

   “No! Of course not.” He smiled right into Rebecca’s eyes as he squeezed as much plastic as he could into her face.

   “Right, we’ll just stay away from her holes and wipe her off afterwards. You’re not going to say anything about it? Isn’t that right, fuck doll?”


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Re: Fuck Club
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Phase Five - Aug 29, 22:58

   The newly built fuck doll was locked in her room for the night. She was always locked in her room when she wasn’t doing something for her aesthetic surgeries. She still didn’t know where she was, who was doing this to her, or why.

   She heard a knock on the door while standing in front of the mirror trying to tighten her corset. Don opened the door and dropped a package on the ground. “Here’s some clothes for you. A few tops and bras that should fit, even some pants that should stretch around that fat plastic ass of yours. There’s also makeup and shit in their. He even sent you a pair of heels. Make sure you wear all that and the collar that’s in their. And don’t forget lots of makeup.”

   He kicked the box towards Rebecca, “ I see you keep tightening that corset. That’s good. If you disobey me again, I’ll hook you back up to the dildo face-fucking machine and I won’t come back until tomorrow morning. You need to be a good fuck doll now because you’re owner is coming tomorrow to pick you up.”

   “Who is it? Who’s coming?”

   “The man who planned all this, the guy who is paying for all of it. All of this was his plan. He designed your breast implants and your butt implants. He told us how much plastic to put in your face. He built the face fuck training machine. He tells us how he wants you punished and prepared. He’s the one who had you abducted. He’s the man who owns you now and I’m sure he’s very happy to see what you’ve become.”

   “Who did this to me? No one will recognize me anymore!” She put her plastic doll face in her hands, squishing her sausage sized fake lips against her smooth doll-like skin as she wept. “My implants hurt! They’re soo heavy! My face is numb! I’m a freak!”

   "NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!" He screamed, slamming the door and leaving Rebecca alone with the package. She struggled with her bags to bend over and open the box. From inside she pulled out a bra that looked more like a double parachute. It took her a long time to load her chest prosthesis into the contraption and do up all the straps.

   Putting on the bra made her exhausted, it was a strain on her back to just stand up. Her breast implants each weighed over 30 pounds with a volume of 16,000cc. The massive plastic balls pushed her boobs ridiculously off her chest. With 60 pounds of saline on her chest, her butt was no less impressive. Her skinny waist, bound in a corset, flared out to her wide hips and absurdly large ass. The plastic bags in her butt each weighed 16 pounds and jutted off her hips creating a protruding shelf of ass meat.

   The shirt she was supplied barely fit around her huge boobs and offered a substantial view of her expansive cleavage. To her horror, large pink letters stretched across the front of the white top read “PLASTIC BITCH”. She struggled to squeeze her new panties around her huge new butt cheeks and then slipped on a skirt which acted more as decoration on her ass shelf than a piece of clothing. Hopping up on her tall heels, she practiced walking for a few minutes before the gravity of her implants exhausted her stamina.
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Re: Fuck Club
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   Phase Six - Aug 30, 11:00

   Rebecca finished applying her makeup and jiggled her way to the door, waiting patiently for her handlers. The door opened and Don walked in. “Are you ready, fuck doll?”

   “Fuck doll is ready?” She whimpered obediently.

   “Good. Now, there’s one more thing before we kick that fat silicone ass out of here. He wanted you to have this…”

   Don handed Rebecca a purse. She took it and opened it, inside was a passport, a drivers license, a social security card, and a birth certificate. “He wants you to know that Rebecca Larson died months ago. He was at your funeral. You are no longer Rebecca Larson. So be a good fuck doll and scurry along now.”

   She gazed in horror at the name on her new identification. There was an updated picture of Rebecca with her extremely bloated lips and plastified face, but her name wasn’t Rebecca anymore. “Oh god…. My name is Fuckdoll McBoobBags!?”

   “I hope you had a positive experience these last few months at are humble little plastic surgery operation here. I’m glad I could be of service, and get paid a shit ton of money.” He gestured to the door “Right this way, Ms. McBoobBags.”

   Fuckdoll McBoobBags turned sideways and delicately shuffled her tits through the door. Her ass implants bumped the door frame behind her. “Ohhh…” she whimpered under the cumbersome burden of carrying 95 pounds of saline in her ass and tits.

   She managed to carry her implants down a short hallway to a wide double door. She pushed both doors open to fit through and realized she wasn’t in a hospital at all. She was in a warehouse. The room she was in had been temporarily constructed. At the oposite end of the warehouse there was a bright light where a garage door was open and a sports car was parked.

   “HEY, FAT TITS!” A voice came from behind her. It was one of the asisstants. He had a wheel chair. “Hop in, Ms. McBoobBags.”

   Ms. McBoobBags sat down in the chair on her comfy ass pads. To her relief she could rest her breast implants on her lap as they protruded over the armresst of the wheelchair.

   When they got to the car, he opened the trunk. “Get up, bitch.” He grabbed her by her arm and pulled her up, “God damn! You’re heavy with all that weight in your blow-up parts.’

   “What are you doing?” Fuckdoll cried out as he stuffed her into the trunk of the vehicle. She curled into the fetal position around her boobs.

   “You’re owner says you’re an object so you ride in the trunk.” He tried to slam the hatch down, but it bounced back up.

   “OUCH!” Fuckdoll cried as the metal door rebounded off her giant boob bag.

   “God damnit!” He slammed the hatch down harder and it stuck shut, sandwiching Fuckdoll’s boobs uncomfortably between the hatch and the floor.
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Re: Fuck Club
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Phase Seven - Aug 30, 14:42

   After a few hours of driving, I reached my secluded residence on the side of a canyon in the desert. It wasn’t a very large house, but there was a huge garage for my workshop and studio and a sub basement below the main basement where the previous owners stored their wine collection.

   I pulled my car into the garage, grabbed my shit from the back seat, and entered my new residence. I wanted to make sure everything was ready. I had paid someone to furnish the place for me and I had a little work done to the basement and sub basement before moving in. I made sure to have a bar on the first floor, in the basement, and a mini bar outside. You can never have enough bars. I also had a bunch of contractors come in and convert the wine cellar into a space for my sex dungeon.

   I turned the air conditioning on and grabbed myself a glass of scotch and went looking for something. “Ahh… That’s good shit. Now where did I put that leash?”

   When I found the leash, I took it back to my garage and popped open the trunk. stuffed inside were two humongous breasts attached to a small woman with a plastic face. She was terrified and confused. I reached inside and hooked the leash to her collar. I yanked instructively, “Welcome home, bitch. Get the fuck out, it’s blow job time.”

   I dragged her out of the trunk by her collar and helped her to her feet. She balanced precariously with over 8 gallons fake boob hanging off her upper body. Her 5 gallons of ass helped equilibrate her a little bit, but overall made her range of motion more restricted. She had on the outfit I picked out, very high heels, light blue panties with a hole around the pussy, a skirt that did nothing other than garnish her fat ass shelf, a massive piece of fabric for a bra that still managed to be too small for her fun bags, a shirt that barely contained her breast implants with the words ‘Plastic Bitch’, a black collar, and an unnecessary amount of makeup and lipstick on her cock socket for a face.

   She hadn’t seen me in many months since I left for Tokyo and organized to have her abducted and tranformed. Behind her frozen face, I saw her eyes light up, “Scott? What is happening?”

   I could tell her drugs were wearing off, so I grabbed some pills from my pocket and stuffed them past her dick pads. “Swallow!” I commanded, squeezing my hand over her mouth. “Good slut.”

   Despite the haze of the drugs, she was slowly to realize exactly what had happened. “You’re him? You’re my owner? You… you did this to me?” She looked down in despair at her monster tit balloons.

   “That’s right. I planned everything. I just got so bored of you. Sure, you’re big booty was nice to play with for awhile, but you’re chest was just so flat… and don’t get me started on your thin lips and lack of blow job skills. So, I turned you into a walking pair of ass and tits. Although you’ll find it hard to walk with nearly half of your body weight in your breast and butt implants.”

   Fuckdoll started crying, she couldn’t believe it, so I yanked hard on her leash to shut her up. I dragged her inside, admiring the way she jiggled and sloshed as she tried to move her unwieldy curves. I gave her huge ass pad a rough open handed slap. “Hurry up, bitch!”

   When we got to the living room, I sat on the couch and took off my pants, leash still in hand. “On your knees. Boob bags out!”

   She obeyed, dropping to her knees on the floor in front of me she started to unload the heavy globes from her bra. “Now suck!” I demanded, placing my hand on the back of her head and laying back to enjoy the feeling of her nasty bloated lips servicing my shaft. As she slurped away, I informed her of her new position. “Rebecca Larson is dead. I went to her funeral. You are Fuckdoll McBoobBags now. No one is looking for you and even if they knew you were still alive, no one would recognize you or believe you. There’s no one you can call and nowhere to go. I own you now. Don’t even try to escape. There’s no one around here for miles and you can barely walk. The garage is off limits to you and all the other doors have been modified so you won’t be able to fit through with your giant boobs. I own you now and you will do whatever I say whenever I say it or you’ll be punished in the dungeon. I don’t care about you, all you are to me is a gigantic fucking set of tits and a big fat ass. Touch your lips to the base of my cock if you understand.”

   “Glorrrp! ACHHH!” Fuckdoll choked as I pushed her face down onto my pelvis and held it there as she sputtered and choked, quickly learning her new place in life.
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Re: Fuck Club
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Phase Eight - Sept 21, 20:02

   Fuckdoll was settling into her new life as a mindless sex object. It was time for her second blow-bang, titty-fuck of the night. I was sitting in my usual oral sex receiving location on the couch. I helped Fuckdoll lift her heavy bags onto my lap. The massive bags of saline were warm and soft around my dick. They felt way heavy just sitting in my lap. It was hard to imagine how she even managed to haul them around the house at all. I grabbed a tube of lube from the coffee table and squirted a bunch of it in her chest cavity and on my shaft.

   Fuckdoll lowered her plastic face into the lubricated valley between her breasts. I assisted by grabbing her hair and forcing her head deeper into her own cleavage. Next I grabbed her hands in mine and placed them on the side of her boobs and squeezed. “Squish ‘em together!” I sandwiched her head between her huge tit balloons and started thrusting into her soft mounds. When I thrusted hard enough, my prick made it deep enough to find her face. Fuckdoll eagerly received the tip of my shaft with her swollen lips as I thrusted into her titties. As I pumped, my waist bounced delightfully off her jiggly bags. “Dumb whore! Take that fucking dick! Use those fat fucking fake boobs!”

   I pumped ruthlessly, aiming only for my own pleasure. “Get that ass up and shake it!”

   With her face between her huge boob bags still getting rammed, she managed to get off her knees and on her feet with her ass way up in the air over her head. With a light shimmy, Fuckdoll sent her engorged ass pads into a twerking assquake. The huge saline bags sloshed and shook uncontrollably with the inertia of their ungainly size. This was my favorite new position, but I had already blown a bunch of loads in her face and on her tits today.

   I abrupdtly stopped squeezing and fucking her boobs, grabbed Fuckdoll’s head from her saliva and lube soaked cleavage, and climbed out from under her massive breast implants. Then I took her head and threw her tits first onto the couch where I had just been sitting, her butt pads still poking straight up in the air. I swung around back and mounted ass. I spat in my hand and rubbed it on my prick, jamming my member into her unprepared vagina as she squealed like a bitch.

   I prefer face down, ass up when I’m fucking her from behind. I also like to continually slap her huge butt pads and watch them rumble around my dick. Her ass is so damn huge, to really get into her pussy, I have to hold her cheeks out of the way.

   As I fucked and spanked, I was about to blow my load in her pussy, when I change my mind again. My dick was nice and slick with her pussy juices now, so I pulled it out and without warning, crammed it back up her ass which made her cry out in pain. “Ahhh!”

   I pumped into her asshole a few minutes before I got bored. I evacuated her asshole and shoved the huge butt out of my way. She collapsed on the couch under the weight of her plastic bags. Leash in hand, I yanked her to her knees while I stood in front of her, “Suck!” I demamded. As she put her hands around my thighs and wrapped her lips around my shaft, her boobs were protrusive enough to push up against my legs. I held her head with both hands and pumped deep into her skull. “Good girl!” I told her as I erupted inside her head hole, spraying another load directly into her stomach.

   Well practiced, Fuckdoll swallowed my semen and licked my dick clean. “Thank you, master. You’re cum is the best thing in the world. I hope I was a good pair of boob bags for you.”


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Re: Fuck Club
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Phase Nine - Sept 26, 18:45

   “Just keep going up the drive way, it’s pretty long. The garage is open, you can park in there. I’ll see you in 20 minutes?” I was finishing up a phone call at the desk in my office.

   “Yeah. The bitch is blowing me right now. I’m just getting her warmed up.” I hung up and relaxed in my office chair while Fuckdoll slurped away at my genitals under the desk. “Nice….”

   “Ouch. The fuck?” As she pumped her head faster, I felt her teeth lightly scrape my dick. I reacted by lifting my leg and kicking one of the boobs under my desk as hard as I could. “Dumb cunt! That will teach you! If you do that again I’ll have your teeth removed and I’ll make you eat nothing but my jizz for a month.”

   I relaxed again as she went back to her sloppy blow job. After about 20 minutes I heard a knock on the front door so I finished up quickly. I grabbed her by the hair and held her head against my inner leg while I sprayed her face with my hot white fluid.

   She squealed in delight as I littered her face with sticky goo. “Yesss! So much!” She licked her inflated lip cushions as loose streams of my jizz rolled off her face and splattered on her boobs.

   I kicked her out of the way and pulled up my pants to answer the door. As I walked away, I instructed FuckDoll, “Matt is here. Go clean that shit up and put on your titty fucking shirt.”

   I jogged to the door and swung it open to greet my buddy, “Matthew! How are you? You look like shit!”

   “Screw you, Scott. I’m doing better than you.”

   “Ha! Fuck off! Come in, come in,” I patted him on the back. Trailing behind my guest was a woman attached to her leash, “And who is this slut?”

   “This is my toy. Her name doesn’t matter. I just call her ‘Cunt’. Isn’t that right, Cunt?”

   “Does anyone need a blow job?” The cunt asked both of us.

   Matt and I both laughed, “See, she knows her place.”

   Matt’s cunt was short asian cunt. She was slim and plastic as fuck. Maybe a little over 5 foot tall if she wasn’t in heels. In fact, she was so skinny, that she looked borderline anorexic. Her legs were like toned sticks. She totally lacked hip curvature or any fat in her butt. Her waist was impossibly thin like she was missing some of her lower ribs or something. Her thong like booty shorts left as little to the imagination as her top.

   Her boobs were enormous by any measurement other than a comparison to my Fuckdoll’s bags. I guessed they were around 2500cc, and they looked hard as rocks, exploding off her upper body with bizarrely large nipples that tented the fabric on her shirt and revealed two metallic nipples rings. Her face was even more plastic than Fuckdoll’s face. She looked almost unreal, yet even closer to true doll status. My bitch’s lips were protuberant and wildly swollen, but this cunt’s disturbingly inflated lips made my bitch’s lips look small while making her lips look inhuman.

   “She’s as stupid as her pussy is tight,” Matt put his arm around his tiny, inflated toy. “I was really going for that ‘Tits on Stick’ look when I made her. I had a few ribs taken out to get her thinner and I have her on a salad and semen diet. We’re really getting there with her breast size, but I think we’ll go a little bigger with her lips and definitely a lot more botox in her face.”

   I stared unrepentantly at her fake breasts, “Those nipples are re-dick-ulous! How did you manage that?”

   “The same plastic shit I pumped into her lips… I pumped into her nipples.” Matt grabbed his cunt by the waist and lead her to the living room.
   “Oh FuckDoll!” I called out, “Where are my Boob Bags? Come meet your new play mate.’

   “Coming,” the reply came immediately. “Getting your boobs ready. Just a minute, master!”

   Matt gestured to the dumb cunt that he owned, “What are you waiting for, cunt? Go suck him off. He likes your lips, but he probably thinks your tits are too small.”

   The plastic cunt unzipped me and I helped her remove my pants. “Wrap those stupid lips around dick, you dumb bitch.”

   Matt looked on approvingly, “What’s up with Ms. McBoobBags? Where is that fat set of tits?”

   The ‘Tits on a Stick’ asian slut slurped away at my penis, bobbing her head repetitively and expertly. “Give her a minute. I just blew a load on her face. I thought you’d appreciate it if she cleaned up and put on something more titty-fuckable.”

   Just then, Fuckdoll McBoobBags jiggled her way inside. “Fuckdoll is here,” she squealed.

   “Slurrrrrppp!” The cunt vaccumed my shaft like a pro and I let her continue about her business. Casually motioning to Matt, “Do you need a drink?”

   Matt oggled at the absurdly proportioned stack of plastic bags jiggling before him, “Uhh…. Um…. Jesus…. Those tits… That ass… ACHEM.” He cleared his throat and rubbed his eyes in disbelief. “GULP! Wowsers! Okay, hook me up with a scotch and soda.

   “Soda? Fuck off. Hey, Fuckdoll! Bring us two glasses of Blue Label in the proper glasses. Don’t fuck it up or it’s your ass, Fuckdoll. You’re a man after my own heart, Matt. That drink is my self-prescribed medication.” It was good to have another alpha male to share my perverted fantasies. “I think I’m going to bust a nut in your girl’s mouth, is that chill?”

   Matt spoke, both hands behind his head in blissful anticipation, “Mad chill. Mad chill. Bust away, mi amigo.”

   Fuckdoll BoobBags returned with our drinks, but she had fucked up my order. “You retarded fucking whore! You put ice in our Blue Label? Did you hear me say ‘on the rocks’? NO! You serve Blue Label neat, or you don’t serve it at all.” I took my glass of scotch and doused the contents onto her face and chest. Then I took the second glass and threw the entire vessel at her. The glass bounced off her boob bag and the contents spilled on the floor. “Look what you did!”

   After Fuckdoll wiped up the mess she made with my expensive alcohol, she waddled her way over to the nearest bar to get us replacement beverages. When she returned she finally got our order right and I was ready to bust my load into Matt’s cunt girlfriend’s mouth. “How does she deepthroat?”

   “Why would I keep her around if she couldn’t deep throat like a pro?”

   And with that, I grabbed the cunt’s head and fucked it like a pocket pussy, enjoying the thightness of maximum throat penetration. I was really trying to stretch this skinny bitch's throat to test her out. I admired the way my cock made a huge bulge in her throat yet she barely even gagged, she just made a sound somewhere between gargling and inhaling, “YESSS…” I cried as I busted my load into her, savoring the feeling of her bloated cock pillows massaging the base of my shaft.

   Fuckdoll handed us our drinks, “Got your drinks, boys! Does anyone need to use my boobies?”

   I was still holding the new bitch’s face down on my pelvis. I yanked her off my dick and tossed her away, but she desperately crawled back and dragged her bloated vacuum lips all over my cock and balls, slurping up all the leftover liquid she could collect. “You could learn a thing or two from this cunt. Now go titty fuck Matt.”

   Fuckdoll carried her implants over to Matt and stuck her chest out. There was a small hole in the center of her top just big enough for a cock. She stretched the hole, revealing her cleavage enticingly whilst flickering her eyelashes, “Do you want to leave your load in my titty fuck hole, my pussy, my ass, or my mouth?”

   Matt addressed me with satisfaction as Fuckdoll prepared to service him, “Scott, do you remember the first rule of Fuck Club…”

   “It’s the same as the second rule. You do NOT talk about Fuck Club.” I grabbed a clump of the worthless cunt’s long blonde hair and used it to wipe myself off before pulling on my pants to go fix another drink for myself.


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Re: Fuck Club
« Reply #9 on: January 09, 2018, 08:47:24 pm »
It’s plenty fucked up, but you’ve stepped into a sort of satire zone where we know it’s totally fictional.

I really liked it. Most of the appeal of huge fake tit stories is that we can break past any medical, and moral boundaries that we see in real life. If you want a character literally named Cunt, fuck it! It’s your story! Want a woman with 95 pounds of saline? Go for it!

In my opinion, have fun with it and take things in any direction you’d like. Personally though, I’d like to see Matt envious of Fuckdoll, and start an enhancement-race between the two parties.


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Re: Fuck Club
« Reply #10 on: January 12, 2018, 12:46:25 pm »
keep going with stories MormonHammer ^^ i dont know why but i like this one.
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