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Escorts / Re: To do list in the UK for 2019
« Last post by hugeboobslover on Today at 09:33:01 am »
Hey Lord Lucan

Similiar taste indeed. Do u know when Emma Louise is due an upgrade? At 600cc, although on a very petite body, she is at the smaller end. Have also read some quite mixed reviews. Have u seen her?

Did Rebecca Moore as part of a duo with Sophie Anderson just before Xmas. Certainly very sexy and service minded, but boob size doesn’t justify her prices for single meets IMHO.


Escorts / Re: Sophie Anderson - busty uk escort
« Last post by lordlucan_uk on Today at 09:04:34 am »
Looks like she’s back early and no rate increase
Escorts / Re: To do list in the UK for 2019
« Last post by lordlucan_uk on Today at 08:59:29 am »
I want to revisit Sophie and mollie after their enhancements and will wait for Emma Louise to go larger again which she is due to do

Shannon is high up my wish list as is amazing Sophie, though she’s proven hard to meet

I’ll try to squeeze in jordan and bambi black, especially if the latter ever tours London and Rebecca more is a must
Amateurs / Re: Rachel Barley
« Last post by Fez1 on Today at 08:57:55 am »
She is upgrading on the 26th Jan


 Jan 3

new tits on the 26th 🤗
Escorts / To do list in the UK for 2019
« Last post by hugeboobslover on Today at 08:40:55 am »
What is your list for 2019? I have had a good start so far of my plans for 2019.

Hope to see the following new girls:
Tara Spades - done her on Jan 4th
Alice Judge - booked
KinkyKami -
Amber baby -
Shannon Boobs -
GeorgiaXXX - after her new boob job
Sienna Day  - when she is back from new boob job a few days ago
Emma Louise -
Sandy Luscious

Certainly spend time with my regulars:
Sophie Anderson - oh yes, done her on Jan 4th
Skyler Mackay - did her last week week
Mollie Matthews - booked for next week
Platinum Cindy - did her this week

Defo seeing Elite Jessica again. She is an anal queen - did her last week

Revist some of the following
Barbie Sins
Amazing Sophie
Dirty Cum *WOMAN*
Jordan Pryce
English Courtesan
Bambi Black

Doing gang fucks with Sophie Anderson (started year with that), revisit Fuck Club and Phoenix parties (yes, second party of the year) when they have a busty line up. Nice with the 2:1 ratio of the latter. Try London Sexparties. Maybe I will also go back to Cambridge Parties as well. Not sure about Splatbukkake as boy:girl ratio is pretty extreme.

I will make a second post later re my hopes for the US, Germany, Holland and Denmark.


Amateurs / Re: Helga Conforti (Italy)
« Last post by Steeler85 on Today at 07:42:08 am »
Amateurs / Re: Sofia Neri
« Last post by Steeler85 on Today at 07:31:47 am »

Instagram Video 01 (January 16, 2019):

Instagram Video 02 (January 16, 2019):

Nice find
Bodybuilding models / Re: Denise Masino
« Last post by Busthemus2003 on Today at 07:02:21 am »
Very Nice Denise with a big black Dildo...

I'd love to se Jana Link Sippl or Cindy do something like this!
Bodybuilding models / Re: Gayle Moher
« Last post by Busthemus2003 on Today at 06:43:55 am »
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