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Models / Glamour / Re: BARBARA BELIZE CWH
« Last post by loord17 on Today at 03:02:40 pm »
Someone any news?
Escorts / Re: Arlen Afrodita
« Last post by workshop_assistant on Today at 02:56:52 pm »
OMFG. This woman is incredible. I'm in love.
Surgery / Re: Go big , 40years old woman
« Last post by Indy on Today at 02:55:20 pm »
First of all, a very warm welcome on this forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.

My opinion about age is mostly the same as what was said here. Being 40 is no problem to get implants. However, the recovery takes a bit longer. This is just something you need to keep in mind, other than that, not much is different.
With expanders it's similar, you also need a bit longer to heal, but the fillport is pretty sensitive and it would help if that would heal a bit faster, so you need to really give yourself the time to heal and not overextend yourself.

There is one thing that bothers me a little bit.
You said that your boyfriend wants you to get bigger boobs, and you want to do that for him. I do understand your boyfriend's desire (trust me, I do).
However, you really should first and foremost want to do this for yourself. He's not the one who has to go through surgery, you do. And if you want them for yourself... oh my, you're gonna be so happy to have them!
Escorts / Bruxelles
« Last post by mrknaegten on Today at 02:51:30 pm »
Hi all

Im going on a business trip to Bruxelles. Anyone Can recommend some Escorts there?

Models / Glamour / Re: Viviane Grochewski
« Last post by Goodeye on Today at 02:45:23 pm »

Forum Info / Re: Model database LIVE! (new TPB feature)
« Last post by Indy on Today at 02:44:47 pm »
A very good question. Due to other priorities in my and Kwuk's life, we postponed production of the model database, and it's still on hold.
However, I've been re-educating myself with some newer development concepts that would make producing this model database a lot easier and faster, so it's not unthinkable that I would pick this up again in the coming months.
Fitness models / Lynsay Brown
« Last post by Goodeye on Today at 02:34:52 pm »
Identify her (Vids) / Re: so hot !!!
« Last post by Tuusje on Today at 02:20:26 pm »
Transsexuals / Re: Gizel Rodriguez
« Last post by chris51o on Today at 02:07:31 pm »

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