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I love this forum but I feel that is an incredibly damaging move and could hurt a lot of the fanbase. Why not just preserve it a separate section, maybe separate it more away from the other content? I really hope this decision is reconsidered...

The focus here has always been fake boobs and they are a huge part of the porn world.

The question that comes to mind is what exactly defines "explicit" content? Specifically, what will be allowed and what will not? Will a model showing her entire breast, nipple and all, be ok, but a model showing off her vagina be no longer allowed? Or will nudity of any sort be banned from this point on?

Not intended to be a complaint, just a request for clarification.

Judging by the content in the new section full frontal nudity is still allowed but I'm assuming penetration, photos/vids showing sex acts, and any links directing people to downloads or websites that have hardcore material will be prohibited.  They should just rename the section "Naked Porn Stars Not Having Sex."  Porn Stars have sex on camera.  That's what they do.  If you take the "sex" part out then they are just nude models like all the rest.   And, yes, I come to TPB for porn (that includes nude models and softcore as well as hardcore).  Why else would I visit the forum?  For generic boob appreciation discourse on cc's, implant projection, silicone, etc...?  Not interested.  The forum was already balanced.  People who wanted to discuss anything from plastic surgeons to implant rippling were free to do that and, likewise, anyone who wanted to just come for the porn content in the forum were free to do that too.  There weren't many restrictions that I was aware of and that's what made it so great.  TPB may not have been intended as a porn site, but you could have fooled me.  Technically, the Model section is pornography and so is the Cam Girls section.  So a B/G video by a cam model would be okay but not a B/G video done by Brazzers? The Identify Vid/Pics sections also have links to tons of hardcore/explicit material.  How will these sections be managed?  The forum has brought me much happiness and joy over the years so I owe the admin and moderators much more than they owe me, but if this decision is completely voluntary by the people running TPB then it is a mistake....

I have to agree with some of the sentiments posted above. Having been a member of TPB pretty much since the beginning, 'explicit content' has always had some part to play on the forum.

I do, however, understand the mods viewpoint of not wanting such material on the site, and the negative connotations associated with that material, i.e. seeing TPB as a 'porn board' rather than a resource for people to who either want fake books or admire those who do.
This 'porn board' image may drive away potential new members, especially some female members who come here for advice, not to share xxx video links.

I must ask though, is it necessary to totally eradicate such content? surely a hidden section of the forum that you can opt into would be better( If the forum structure supports this)
Or is there another reason for removing explicit material i.e. issues arising from linking to copyrighted content etc.?
I just hope this change is handled correctly, i  could see a sharp drop in the number of users if this is mismanaged (Unless that's intentional?)

Just looking for some clarification on the logic behind this change, I'm sure whatever it is its for the right reasons.

I'm happy about this. For women who consider joining the adult content can give them a negative first impression of the forum. I'm confident that this move will have a positive effect on the amount of future star members  :)


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