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There's a threesome video on Stacey Saran's onlyfans with Anastasia, Stacey and Paul Chaplin, she sucks and fucks in it. Quite cheap too, around $11 for about 12 mins.

I joined Stacey Saran's OF specifically to find this video, but I haven't been able to find it.  Was it offered in the DM's or was it a post?  Thanks!

It was sent in the DM's, send her a message she should send it to you. She also has a free onlyfans, she sent it out on there too.

That was just shared on a plastic-positive discord server.  It is in fact a b/g/g threesome video.  However, it's crap, imo, and the way is was shot nearly made me nauseous from the constant camera movement lol

Yeah it is crap, but it's Paul Chaplin, he ruins everything he's involved in so it's to be expected.

I thought that idiot was in prison for tax fraud
XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Ricki Raxxx / deanna6680
« Last post by kungfisse on Today at 09:59:29 am »
IMHO I prefer long nails like this:

Fitness models / Re: Cindy Landolt
« Last post by damainman on Today at 09:40:39 am »
How many years are we into this now?

How many Girls who actually show are Hotter Physically and Socially?

Why does this person get so many pages of bs posted and attention?

Why do we pay attention to her Give her Money?

You do realize the pathetic Simp attitude of Men keep people like her putting out the piss poor content she does right?

If I wanted to beat my dick to Drawings of Nude Tit Id go watch the Japanese Anime of a Chick so much Finer

Cindy is already past her prime and the fact that years later this shit is still going and bumped to the top is mind boggling

Let her fade off into the nothingness she has always been, just like the nothingness she thinks of her "fans"
Models / Glamour / Re: Tania Amazon
« Last post by kwstas_original on Today at 09:40:32 am »
She's going for a new boob job and maybe going bigger in her IG stories she announced
Amateurs / Re: Tiara.apice
« Last post by 4towels2 on Today at 09:09:38 am »
You might want to save your money on the onlyfans for the moment. She's sent only one thing out as PPV so far which is $70 and it's supposedly just a topless pic. Hopefully she's just testing the water and the price will come down to a more reasonable level when no one buys it. We'll see anyway...
Escorts / Re: Mary Magdalene / 666xdj777
« Last post by Trophylover on Today at 08:49:56 am »
The most perfect pussy in the world

XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Sienna Westland / Sienna West
« Last post by Trophylover on Today at 08:46:36 am »
I hope that she buys herself a HD Camera...

Amateurs / Re: Ashten @kim_kardashian_lookalike
« Last post by Ricksanchez6 on Today at 08:40:26 am »
way better looking than kim kardashian imo
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