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A Change in Style by MasterStroke (2007)
« on: May 25, 2014, 02:25:43 am »
I have been browsing the stories section here quite a bit. I admire the energy and imagination going into all these stories. Thank you all for your contributions!

There is a really good story from the year 2007 by MasterStroke called "A Change in Style" I would like to share with everyone. It is right down my alley so to speak. I hope you enjoy it as well. I will copy everything including the author's note as well:

   Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction intended solely for the entertainment of adult persons. All characters and situations are entirely fictional and based on no one in particular, taking place in a universe where sexually transmitted viruses and diseases don't actually exist, except for the fun ones that make everyone obsessed with sex.   

   A Change In Style

   A tried-and-true formula, done my way. I hope it's not too derivative.

   - MasterStroke


   Gloria Phine was at the school in her office after hours once again, grading papers. It was important to her to keep her personal life and her work life separate. So long as she graded all the homework she handed out at school, there was nothing stopping her from going home after a long day and relaxing. She pushed back her short dirty-blond hair from out of her face, trying her best to be at least casually condescending about the latest paper she was looking at. Alexander the Great, indeed, did not lead the fight against Jesus’s Disciples two hundred years ago.
   She finished at about six o’clock, which was more or less par for the course. After gathering her things in her bag, a big clunky catch-all that would hold her wallet, course notes, various essential feminine products, and a spare change of clothes just in case one of the seniors tried to “accidentally” wet her shirt again, she headed out the door. It wasn’t easy being a good-looking teacher, and Gloria certainly was one even at thirty-five years of age, despite her determination in hiding it in dull-colored pantsuits like the one she wore today and by trying to look as mousy as possible. Her pretty face only accentuated a frame that was kept slim by semi-regular workouts and proper diet, and though her hair was kept short it suited her no-nonsense personality. Gloria kept herself in shape not because she wanted to look good, but rather because it didn’t make any sense to her to leave her body open to sickness. It was plain she didn’t care too much about her looks from her pale, almost sickly skin tone, but Gloria had no interest in catering to the desires of men who just wanted some beach-bronzed bimbo. She wanted to be taken seriously around the school, not viewed as some pretty-girl who needed to use looks to make students pay attention.
   Right outside her office she ran into Anchor Creek’s High School Principal, Claire Adams. She was a shorter, petite woman, a few years older than Gloria, with curly red hair and emerald green eyes.
   “Good evening, Gloria,” she said pleasantly, “Finally heading home?”
   “Yes, just as soon as I swing by the post office.”
   Gloria liked Claire, they were kindred spirits. When Gloria wanted to start the Young Women’s Awareness Group, a pro-feminism organization to help educate and organize the school’s impressionable young women against male superiority, Claire not only agreed but did her best to help Gloria architect events promoting their message. The Group was especially important in a school like Anchor Creek, where the population ratio of girls to boys was easily two to one. Most of her classes had two-thirds girls and one-third boys doing too much staring and not enough listening. The unusual ratio was one of the reasons she had chosen to work at Anchor Creek, because had known she wanted to start something like YWAG, and didn’t see any sense in pursuing an uphill battle at a male-dominated school to begin with.
   “How’s the speech coming?” Claire asked.
   She referred to the speech on women’s issues in the school that Gloria was going to give at the annual YWAG Banquet Saturday night. It was to be a milestone in the life of YWAG, representatives from other schools in the area would be in attendance, and if Gloria was persuasive enough the organization would start to gain some steam across the county.
   “I’ve got some good ideas down, they just need to be put in the right order. And have words added to them.”
   Claire laughed. “Well, let me know if you need any help.”
   “Thanks, Claire. I will.”
   Gloria arrived home a few dozen minutes later with an unexpected package in tow from the post office. She had only been going there to drop off some mail, but when she checked her box she found a brown parcel inside from something called Female Designs. The name was a bit unsettling, not having heard of it before and certainly not wanting to open up the package and see a bunch of tampons fall out. She hadn’t ordered anything, and she was sure no one had ordered anything for her – she had been single for over five years, and any time her family sent her something there was notice given well in advance via phone.
   She set the package down on the kitchen counter of her modest one-bedroom apartment, going to her room to change into some more comfortable clothes before doing anything else. Pantsuits were all well and good for work, but at home Gloria liked to relax, and dressed mostly in sweats. She made herself a quick sandwich for dinner, sitting down on the nearby couch to open the package. The brown paper ripped open easily, and it wasn’t long before Gloria found herself staring quizzically at a pair of very comfortable-looking pink slippers, attached to a plain white note, with the words, “Enjoy” written in big, block letters. Gloria shrugged, and put the slippers on after suspiciously checking them for anything that might be inside.
   They felt fantastic. Gloria felt fantastic. Almost immediately a relaxed, nearly-euphoric daze swept over her. She realized how intensely tired she was, and how good it felt just to sit back and let the slippers massage her toes. It was so strange that it felt that way, getting a luxurious foot massage just from a pair of slippers, and Gloria felt her feet beneath the slippers just to check for some kind of hidden motor, but that just let her to start rubbing the soft cloth of the slippers with her hands like they were a long-lost lover. It wasn’t quite silk, and it wasn’t quite fur, but it was some combination of intensely soft and cool cloth that agreed just exactly with Gloria’s disposition. She felt herself laying down on the couch, wanting a nice little nap to enjoy her new footwear. Whatever reason Gloria was the one to get that package, it was one heck of a way for this Female Designs place to sell their products.
   When she woke, it was nearly midnight. Gloria found herself feeling absolutely ravenous, and raided her fridge like she hadn’t since she had been in college. She wrote a small note reminding herself to go to the grocery store the next day before humming her way to bed, still wearing the pink slippers. She slept in them all night.


   Gloria woke Tuesday morning feeling better than she had in ages. Mornings were normally a tempestuous time for her, never having enjoyed being broken from the easy motions of sleep, but not so today. She felt like someone had given her a shot in the arm. Where the slippers on her feet made her relaxed and sleepy last night, she now felt jazzed and ready for the day. She almost showered with them on, before reminding herself that she didn’t want to ruin them after only owning them for a day.
   When dressing herself she noticed that the pants she had picked out for the day were a little high on the ankles. That wouldn’t do at all, it would hardly serve her interests to look unprofessional at school. She settled on a black skirt near the back of the closet, not worn in well over a year, and wore a gray blouse and matching black jacket to go with it. Her bra clung to her breasts tightly, but a little bit of swelling was hardly surprising given how much she had eaten the night before. Even so, Gloria gave herself a big breakfast, still feeling almost wanton in her hunger even after nearly emptying out her fridge the night before, and then set out to school thinking she could conquer the world.
   Her first class went by swimmingly. It was like her good mood was infectious, and though normally her morning classes were lethargic and apathetic, she really felt like she reached a few, made them care. In between classes Gloria went by the office to check her mail. Usually there were just messages from parents wanting to talk about a child’s grades, or announcements about upcoming school events. But that day Gloria had a small brown package in her box, almost identical to the one that she had picked up yesterday at the post office. And just like the one the day prior, it too was from that Female Designs group. Did they know where she worked too? It was unsettling what the internet could find out about a person these days. Curious and a bit apprehensive, Gloria opened the package, and found another pair of shoes, this time two shiny black flats, similar to the ones she was wearing but made from leather, with one thick strap going across the feet right behind where her toes would be. Small flowers were stitched into every side, a style that Gloria wasn’t partial to, but she had to admit looked festive, if nothing else.
   Before she knew what was happening Gloria was slipping off her old shoes and trying on her new ones. A soft sigh of exquisite happiness escaped her lips. This was something different than before with the slippers, something flat-out amazing. She felt like running a marathon and grinning at everyone and everything on the way. It was like every molecule of her body had woken up and decided today was the day to burst. The mailroom suddenly felt unbearably hot, but in a good, sauna sort of way. Gloria unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse unconsciously, and walked over to the nearby fan, enjoying the cool air as it tickled her exposed bare skin.
   “Gloria, are you alright?” Came a voice from across the room.
   It was Randall Jung, the football coach. The two of them were typically at odds with one another, Randall thinking Gloria was an uptight feminist and Gloria thinking he was a chauvinist pig, but there was something different in his voice. Was it almost . . . admiration?
   “I’m fine,” Gloria said happily. “Just fine. Why?”
   “I’ve just never seen you smile before.”
   Gloria put a hand on her hip. “Do you have a problem with me smiling?”
   “Not at all,” Randall said, smiling back at her. “It rather suits you. You should do it more often.”
   “Maybe I will,” Gloria teased, and sauntered out of the office. She turned her head to flash him another smile before leaving. She really did fill out the skirt she wore.
   Only seconds after leaving the room she pressed her back against a nearby wall, finding that she was breathing hard. Did she just flirt with Coach Jung? Yuck! He was everything she stood against.
   The leggy history teacher hardly had time to think about it. Holly, the school’s receptionist, was walking towards her. Holly was a sweet girl, but Gloria felt she needed to learn a few more life lessons about how powerful a woman could be. She was only a few years older than most of the seniors, and far too friendly with them. Nothing inappropriate, of course, but encouraging friendliness with the students only made them think they could get away with more. It didn’t help that Holly was painfully cute, dark short hair and a busty figure, covered today with jeans and a tight shirt, with a lovely face to top it off.
   “Gloria, what have you done with your hair?”
   Gloria ran a hand through her dirty blond hair, noticing it felt a little longer than usual. “Oh, nothing, really, I think I just need to give it a trim.”
   “You haven’t done that already? It looks different.”
   “Oh, what?” For once, Gloria sounded surprised. “I guess it’s just a new conditioner.”
   “Well, you’ll have to tell me what it is.” Holly enthused. “You’re practically glowing.”
   This was getting complicated. Gloria wasn’t using new conditioner at all, just the same stuff she had owned for as long as she could remember. Her hair was trivial to her, it got in the way. But now someone noticing it, it was . . . nice? She had to fight such utterly feminine tendencies.
   “Look, Holly, I need to get back to class.”
   Holly just smiled. “We’ll talk later then, okay?” She bounced off back to her desk.
   The rest of the day went by fast, but Gloria couldn’t seem to get enough of it. She honestly felt for the first time in years that she simply loved life. Every step she took in her new shoes she felt like a new woman, each version happier than before. By the time her last class rolled around, she completed only half of her lecture before beginning to just simply talk with her students, finding herself honestly interested about their futures, their lives, their desires. She felt like everyone’s best friend, and like everyone was hers. Her mood was insatiable, and even when Principal Adams came by she joined in the fun. Gloria even forgot to be condescending to the boys when they tried to flirt with her. She even encouraged it, just a little, brushing her hair the right way, smiling at their half-hidden jokes. It was exhilarating. By the time she left the school she felt unstoppable, her shoes bouncing along in the hallways to the tune of her new attitude. She left right after the bell rang, throwing her usual grading responsibilities to the future.
   She had stopped for groceries on the way home, and quickly found herself enjoying watching the bagboy’s young, tight bottom as he carried her things out. She only realized how inappropriate it was on the way back to her apartment inside of her car, when she was wistfully rubbing her thighs together, imagining herself propositioning him with hot, needy whispers in his ear. Gloria had no idea what was getting into her – or more accurately –  why she wanting someone to get into her. Her sex life had expired long ago, but she had rather enjoyed the lack of complication, or so she thought. She bit her lower lip in thought as she carried the groceries back up to the second floor of her complex, walking through the door. Sex didn’t have to be complicated, she supposed. It would be simple to go out to a club, pick some hot guy to grind with and take him home, then kick him out before the morning came. Yes, that would be simple, she would get what she wanted and no unnecessary connections were made.
   Gloria set down the groceries and slipped off her fantastic new shoes, going to her room to change. She put on her lovely pink slippers before dressing, and after a few minutes stepped out of the room dressed only in a pair of white panties and a tight pink t-shirt instead of her usual sweats. The only justification for wearing the t-shirt, which hadn’t been worn in at least ten years, was that it matched her slippers. It also made her tits look perky, which she had to admit made her feel good about herself. This just seemed more . . . comfortable. She knew she had a nice body, she could at least show it off a bit around the apartment, by herself.
   The doorbell rang when she was in the middle of putting up groceries. It was the building manager, Derek, holding a brown package smaller than the others she had recieved. Gloria wasn’t surprised when she saw the words “Female Designs” written along the side.
   “Wow!” Derek said. “I mean, uh, package for you, m’aam, been in my office all day.”
   Gloria only just noticed that she answered the door in nothing but her underwear and a t-shirt, and immediately after being aware of it she was very aware that she enjoyed Derek’s eyes on her, memorizing her half-naked body.
   “Thanks, honey,” she cooed.
   Gloria never cooed, much less call someone “honey.” She took the package out of his shocked hands, letting her fingers linger a bit on his.
   “You’re so nice for bringing this up to me personally,” she cooed again. “I’ll just have to find some way to thank you properly.”
   “Oh, um, just . . . doing my job, m’aam. I have to go back now,” Derek stammered. “The office is closed and this is my last item of the day and I need to go back.” His words came fast, like he was trying to convince himself of something. “I need to go back to my wife. My wife, I have one, I need to go back to her.” His cheeks were flushing, and Gloria just stood in the doorway, one leg positioned forward, her chest thrusting upward.
   “Bye then, hon. Thanks for this, again.” She laughed, and closed the door.
   As soon as the door was closed Gloria pressed against it back first, dipping a hand down her panties. She could have seduced the building manager right there. She could have asked him in for a drink that would have turned into a frolicking good time. She was soaking wet, her body an inferno of desire. She couldn’t even remember the last time she was so turned on. Hand still on her crotch, rubbing it softly, she made her way to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine, downed it, and then poured another. One-handed, she opened the brown package, and found a pair of frilly pink socks inside. She almost moaned in anticipation of putting them on – they would match her slippers exactly. It was very important suddenly, matching.
   She took off her slippers only long enough to try them on, and finally did moan when she put them back on. The leggy blond fell to the floor in delight, fingering her hot wet snatch, and quickly brought herself to orgasm thinking about dragging Derek inside and using him for her own carnal desires. She downed three more glasses of wine in the space of ten minutes before she felt randy again, in that time barely noticing that the package also had a pair of bright, white stockings in it. They would be tried on tomorrow. She finished the bottle of wine and made herself cum three more times before crawling into bed with both her socks and slippers still on, dreaming of seducing every man who looked at her the right way.

   Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction intended solely for the entertainment of adult persons. All characters and situations are entirely fictional and based on no one in particular, taking place in a universe where sexually transmitted viruses and diseases don't actually exist, except for the fun ones that make everyone obsessed with sex.


   The next morning Gloria found herself in her bed with the sheets thrown off, lying in her sweat-moistened sheets. She didn’t remember too much of her dreams, only that they were hot, delicious, and wonderful. Something about getting screwed over her desk at school. Trying to recreate the glorious sensations of the night before, it was twenty minutes before she made it into the shower, where she came twice more, imagining herself with the grocery boy from the day before. He couldn’t have been over eighteen, if that, which was what made it so wrong and so hot, all at once.
   She examined her glistening naked body once she stepped out of her steamy shower, wondering if her eyes were deceiving her. Her hair, soaked only moments before, was already mostly dry, fluffy and bouncy around her shoulders. Her shoulders! Two days ago it hadn’t gone past her ears, and it certainly wasn’t so bright and blonde. And her face looked different too, certainly not the face of a thirty year old. Wasn’t she thirty? Gloria suddenly found it hard to think about that sort of thing, and whatever worry she felt about that was disintegrated when she examined the rest of her body – more tanned, more toned, her skin looking healthier than it had even when she spent that spring break in Hawaii five years ago. And her breasts looked heavier too, but just as perky, bigger and more full but not being affected by gravity’s pull at all regardless of being a good cup size larger than they were the day before. Her legs, her abs, her ass, all of her was tighter, hotter, sexier.
   Wasn’t that strange, Gloria thought suddenly. Thinking herself of sexy. But she was, and how. Her high cheekbones, pouty lips, beautiful blue eyes, and smashing body – she felt like she belonged in a hair commercial. Gloria had no idea how this was happening, but for the most part she felt too good to care about it. So she had dropped a few pounds only to gain some back in all the right places? It wasn’t as though it was something to complain about.
   It was twenty minutes before school started when Gloria finally tore herself away from her puzzling but dazzling reflection, and decided to dress. She strutted through the school doors forty-five minutes later with a tight, peach-colored knee-length skirt she hadn’t worn since she was in college, with an even tighter bright white blouse unbuttoned enough to show the hot matching peach-colored bra barely containing her bouncing breasts. She had picked it up on the way to work, seeing as how her old ones didn’t fit anymore. Her blond hair caressed her shoulders as she walked, somehow naturally styled to be feathered. On a whim she had worn the bright white stockings that she had gotten before. She was only going to try them on to see how they looked with on her lovely legs, but found herself immediately in love with the way they looked.  The only thing that didn’t entirely fit, as a matter of fact, were the black flats she had received the day before, but she wasn’t about to spend any amount of time without a pair of shoes from Female Designs on. They were just too wonderful to even consider wearing anything else. Still, she worried that she might not look professional enough if her wardrobe was off-colored.
   It was a worry that didn’t last long at all. Her first class went absolutely splendidly, her fabulous mood making up for her tardiness and any imperfections in her choice of clothing. For anyone that was still annoyed, her fabulous body made up for the rest. She strutted back and forth in front of the class like a model on a runway, making sure to walk in between all the aisles of desks so that everyone could get a good look at her wonderful ass as she swayed past. She complemented every girl wearing something daring or sexy – it was important that young women played up their attributes, that way, men would notice them, and then they could have their voices heard. Her smiles were contagious, and soon the whole class was giggling with each other, the stand-out babes casting deep-lidded stares at the top studs. Gloria saw several notes passed, and picked one up on a whim, revealing a “study-date” invitation. The sender was Michelle Watson, a bubbly, chesty cheerleader, who hadn’t stopped looking at Roger Jackson all morning. Gloria gave her a wink, and slipped the note onto Roger’s desk. No reason to interfere with puppy love. Five minutes before the class ended Gloria suddenly remembered she actually was supposed to teach a lesson that day, and not just socialize. She haphazardly assigned some reading that she explicitly stated she expected no one to read thoroughly. The planned quiz for the next day was moved back a week.
   The mailroom was empty when Gloria entered it, happily finding another package in her box. Tearing it open, she found a pair of (what luck!) peach colored pumps inside. They looked absolutely adorable, and the heel was only three or four inches high, nowhere near enough to look like a tramp. She would be classy but fun with them on, a good time, but still utterly serious about where her career was going. Along with them was another little card, this one reading, “Delight.” It seemed like more of a command than a suggestion, but Gloria certainly felt delighted. She gleefully slipped the new pumps onto her feet, and immediately collapsed in the corner as wave after wave of sexual heat pulsated through her body. Gloria felt like she hadn’t cum in a decade, much less fewer than two and a half hours ago. It was all she could do to stop herself from under her skirt and letting her fingers dance their way to her heart’s content. Strong, sudden hands on her hips helped her up.
   “Ooh, what?” Gloria asked, dazed.
   She turned to see Coach Jung right in front of her, big hands still on her wide hips. “Are you okay, I said. Why were you in the corner like that?”
   He was so sweet, Gloria thought, he sounded genuinely concerned. And he was probably genuinely hung like a horse. She giggled, taking one strand of her blond hair in her fingers. “Oh, I was just feeling a bit dizzy,” she explained breathily. “I think maybe all the handsome men around are making my head spin.” She giggled again, making her breasts bounce in her new bra. Coach Jung definitely noticed.
   He didn’t know how to react. Heck, Gloria didn’t even know how to react. She was giggling, she was twirling, she was flirting and she didn’t even care because her nipples were hard and her pussy felt like it was on fire and here was a man right here who had to want her. The Coach’s hands were still on her hips, forgotten about by him due to the pure heat emanating from Gloria’s body. She took one of his hands in hers, and helped it slide up her curvaceous waist until it was resting on the side of her breasts.
   “My off-period is the one after next,” she breathed, looking at him with bright blue eyes. “Do you think there’s something you could give me for my head? It feels so light . . .” Her eyes drifted down to the bulge growing faster by the second in the Coach’s pants. “ . . . maybe you’ve got something that could steady it?” She licked her lips, in case the message wasn’t across already.
   The Coach was as flustered as she’d ever seen him. It was hard to believe at that moment that he made his living by ordering people around. “Um, I mean, uh, wow, Gloria, um . . .”
   She silenced him with a long finger on his lips. “Meet me in my office, kay?” She giggled again, and then glided out of the room, her new pumps clicking softly on the carpet. Gloria felt so empowered. Jung couldn’t do anything except what she wanted him to do – surely, this was what feminism was all about.
   She bumped into Holly on the way back to her class, trying not to be late. The young receptionist was all smiles.
   “Wow, Gloria! You’re looking great today!”
   “Oh, thanks,” Gloria gushed. “You’re looking fine yourself, sweetie.”
   Holly looked a bit confused at that, probably wondering when the word, “sweetie” was introduced into the beautiful History teacher’s vocabulary. Gloria was telling the truth, though, Holly was looking quite fine. Low-riding jeans rested on her hips, the top of her black thong just barely visible whenever her tight red sweater was shifted. Gloria took one of her hands and smiled at her dazzlingly, looking just as good as she felt.
   “I love that outfit on you,” Gloria said, “Tight clothing suits a frame like yours.”
   Holly blushed, obviously a bit uncomfortable with Gloria being so open, touching her. Gloria massaged her hand soothingly. “I mean it, you should hear what some of the boys in my classes have been saying about the hot, new receptionist. I bet you get young studs lining up in the hall with all kinds of excuses to try and flirt with you.”
   Holly laughed nervously, her cheeks staying flushed, biting one plump lip. “Well . . . ”
   “Don’t be so modest, honey,” Gloria chided. “So what if the whole student body thinks you’re good-looking? Take it as a complement that they want to be around you. Just don’t let it go any further than . . . “Gloria gave her hands a soft squeeze. “. . . you want it to.”
   Holly gasped softly, looking like she wanted to pull away but was unable to tear herself away from the vision of temptation in front of her. “Gloria, I don’t think-” She started to whine.
   “Oh, sweetie,” Gloria giggled. “I’m just having a bit of fun with you. There’s nothing wrong with fun, is there?” Holly shook her head reluctantly. “That’s right, nothing at all. And the great thing about fun is that you can even find it at work, can’t you?” Gloria giggled again. “Ta, darling. I’ve got a class to catch.” She sauntered off, turning her head to wink at the stunned Holly after a few yards.
   More like she had a bathroom stall to visit. Gloria needed a cum, and bad. By the time she was done in the bathroom, her urgent fingers slipping easily into her steaming hot snatch, she decided she needed three. It didn’t take long, Gloria was very receptive to the pleasure she was giving herself. Her head finally felt a little clearer, for the first time since putting on her new pumps. She wondered idly if she should remove them…but decided against it. It wasn’t as though she could walk around barefoot.
   But still, the way she was acting! She had propositioned a coach for a blowjob, and practically told Holly to start making out with students! She sighed audibly. It was so wrong. She shouldn’t be acting this way, she shouldn’t be using her hot body to make people do things just because she was turning them on, she certainly shouldn’t have offered sex and pleasure to other members of the faculty, and she shouldn’t be sliding her fingers down her tight, yummy body down to her hot little pussy for another delicious climax . . .
   Gloria arrived to class fifteen minutes late, but nobody seemed to care. Everyone seemed absolutely ecstatic that she had finally arrived, and Gloria felt the same way. Just like before, history was the last thing on her mind – it just made no sense to her that she knew so little of the way her students thought, and talked, and played, and kissed, and fucked. Gloria found herself talking about make-up tips with the senior gals, and openly checking out all the young males with them. The looks were returned with interest. Gloria had no idea how fun it was to whisper hot little ideas into the heads of pretty high school girls – telling them to make sure to dress to impress, to try out stockings, to maybe shop for some sexy new heels, skip out on work to enjoy a date or three. Never skip school, though, school was were the boys were, they could hardly be allowed to stay away. Skipping class to neck with some hot senior hunk who had been eyeing them all week, though, why not? Her words were like elixir to their impressionable young ears, drunk eagerly, every word believed. Gloria felt like an icon, a talk show host or a preacher, someone to look up to. She handed out long, sensual hugs to all her students before they left the room when the bell finally rang. Most of the boys didn’t seem to mind when her hands dropped below their waists and copped a bit of a feel on their tight buns – Gloria knew she didn’t mind when they returned the favor.
   Coach Jung’s blowjob during third period did not disappoint – her, or him. He walked in on Gloria fingering herself behind her desk, hardly doing anything to hide it. They said practically nothing to each other, the Coach pushing her down to his needy crotch after ten minutes of making out on top of her desk. She made sure the blinds on the windows to the packed hallway were closed, eventually. A significant crowd had built up before she did, but it only turned Gloria on more. She wound up fingering herself to climax three times during the sensational sucking session she was delivering to Coach Jung’s cock. She gave him a box of tissues when he tapped her shoulder to indicate his incoming orgasm, and popped her mouth off of his meat, guiding him the rest of the way with a sizzling hot kiss and her soft hands stroking his pole. She wasn’t about to swallow, not for the first blowjob she had ever given. It hardly seemed dignified for a professional like herself.
   Minutes after the Coach had stumbled out of her office looking drunk on lust, Principal Adams walked in. Gloria had just put her blouse back on, having taken it off during Jung’s service – she knew he liked to look at her tits, and she liked feeling them while she played with herself.
   “Hi Claire,” Gloria said cheerfully. “What can I do for you?”
   The pretty Principal looked furious. “Gloria, I’ve just had several eyewitnesses tell me that you were making out with a man in this very office!”
   Gloria giggled, looking around the place. Her desk had been cleared off, the lamp and monitor that had rested there previously had fallen harmlessly onto a pile of books and papers similarly discharged. “Oh Claire, I hope you don’t believe silly accusations like that. I don’t even have a boyfriend,” she smiled, stepping closer to the older woman.
   “Gloria, I can’t just disregard over fifteen people – oh,” Claire said suddenly. “That smell, is that new perfume? You smell like . . . like, sex? And, I mean, you can’t expect me to take your word over so many others!”
   “With as long as we’ve been friends?” Gloria stepped closer to Claire, letting her feel her influence, her appearance. Gloria didn’t understand it, but lately everyone was just seeing things her way. “Claire, tell me the truth, it was just women that complained, wasn’t it?”
   She didn’t need to ask that – it wasn’t like any man was going to complain seeing hot Miss Phine with her shirt off.
   Claire suddenly looked unsure. “Well, yes, that is correct . . . ”
   Gloria smiled, stepping closer still, right in front of the principal now. Their chests were touching, and Gloria knew her nipples were hard. “These are just some nasty rumors popping up because other women in this school are getting jealous of my success. YWAG is about to take off, and they just feel threatened and are lashing out because of it. Now I know you hate rumor-mongers, and I do too, but we can hardly be mad at them for being a little envious of my good fortune, can we? Honestly, Claire, I don’t think you should take it out on them.”
   Claire nodded, looking dazed. “Of course, you’re right Gloria.” She didn’t even motion to stop the fabulous blond when her hands ran through her curly red hair, focusing entirely on her bright blue eyes, her nostrils flaring as they inhaled her amazing scent. “Yes, absolutely right. You don’t need to hear about things like this. You should be focused on the banquet. It’s all going well, I hope?”
   “Lovely, darling, thanks for asking.” Gloria had spent less than minutes on it, but had put it on her mental to-do list.  She let her hand rest on Claire’s neck, and pulled her in for a hug. Claire was much shorter than Gloria, and her head came to rest on her giggly, jiggly breasts. Gloria couldn’t help but giggle some – she had just talked her way out of being fired, and probably could have managed to have some of her detractors reprimanded. Claire went limp in her hands, obviously enjoying the sensation of Gloria’s soft, full globes against her head. She moaned softly in protest when Gloria pushed her away.
   “I’ve got to get ready for final period, love. You tell everyone in the office that there’s nothing to these baseless allegations.”
   “Of course, Gloria,” Claire nodded fervently. “Whatever you say.”
   Claire walked out of the room with the same drunk look that Coach Jung had. Gloria smiled to herself. It was amazing, what a little influence and attractiveness could attain for a girl. Success was imminent.
   Her fourth and final class of the day went much like the previous two, with Gloria just chatting with her students, encouraging all the girls to take whatever hot things they wanted, making sure the boys were receptive to it, sitting in a desk among them after having arranged them all in a circle. Her hot mood was intoxicating for them, her hot scent being breathed in by everyone, and more than once she had to stop couples from making out in the corner, by the bookshelves. Some of the time they weren’t even couples. When Gloria walked out of the school to her car, she saw more pairs than usual making out in the parking lot. She strolled by teachers tsking at the sight, but Gloria buttered them up about it, encouraging her colleagues to just let the young lovers be in love. She touched them when she could, people seemed to find her touch thrilling.
   She arrived at her apartment to see Derek waiting outside of it, with a brown package in his hand. He was sweating nervously. She took the package out of his hands with a gleeful grin on her face, entering her apartment with the manager in tow.
   “I just can’t thank you enough for this,” Gloria said. “You really know how to look after a gal. Do you know that, handsome?”
   Derek was grinning like an idiot, a grin that only got wider when Gloria began to stroke her fingers along his chest, and then her own, drawing his eyes to her barely-contained breasts. “Shucks, Miss Phine, I was only doing what anybody would.”
   She ran her hand down his chest to his crotch. “Then I suppose I’ll have to do what any girl would, around a helpful guy like you,” she whispered hotly.
   “M-Miss Phine, I should really be getting back to my, my um, my . . .”
   “Wife?” She suggested. He nodded slowly. “Oh poo,” Gloria waved her hand dismissively. “I can show you all sorts of things that she never would. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
   “Oh yes, please,” Derek choked.
   Gloria turned away suddenly. “It’s just that . . . well, if you could help me out with one more tiny little thing, so that I could help you out with your big, long thing?”
   Derek sounded like he might die if she didn’t continue. “Oh, sure, gosh Gloria, anything you want.”
   “I don’t think I’ll be able to pay the rent this month. Lot of tertiary expenses, you understand.”
   He rubbed the back of his neck, unsure. “Your rent…I mean, it’s over eight hundred dollars, Gloria. That’s a lot of money.”
   She pressed her body against his, seeing that he was wavering. “I know it is, silly,” Gloria giggled, letting him feel the bounce of her tits against his chest. “That’s why I can’t pay it. You understand, don’t you?” She leaned in and kiss him lightly on the lips, before putting a slender hand down his pants. “Oh my,” she said excitedly, “What a big package you brought for me!”
   Derek understood very well, as it turned out.
   The new parcel from Female Designs was like Christmas come early. Not only did it come with a pair of hot new pink wedge sandals just perfect for home-comfort, but along with it were two full outfits. One was for home – the hot pink lace babydoll and matching thong, and the other was for school – a skin-tight leopard-print mini dress, complete with  black lace stockings with leopard print at the tops. It didn’t come with a bra, which Gloria supposed she could fix herself, but the thong was leopard print too. How perfect! Gloria wondered if this company had known that her school’s mascot was the leopard. Probably, she giggled, pouring herself a big glass of wine. They seemed to know everything else about her. She gulped down the glass, immediately refilling it. It didn’t worry her at all that Female Designs knew how to find her – why should it? This way she could wear their clothes wherever she was. The only matter that did worry her, in fact, was that eventually the free samples were going to run out. She would have to find out where their shop was.
   With the clothes there was a little card, reading, “Serve” in red calligraphy. Gloria certainly could identify with that. She was a teacher, it was her job to serve. Serve her students, serve her co-workers, serve hot men and women that wanted to get a look at her sumptuous behind. Certainly, Gloria was all about serving.
   She worked on finishing the rest of her wine after changing into her new house clothes. The neon pink babydoll only accentuated her tanned skin, clinging tightly against her breasts and stomach, making every touch to her nipples or belly or anywhere the soft lace touched feel like sexual providence, while the new sandals did their usual magic and made her feel utterly and completely relaxed. And horny. God she was horny. She kept on her stockings in her dazed, sex-hungry state, loving how they caressed her legs. She turned on the TV and soon found herself watching one of those high school dramas, where all the girls were out to just fuck and suck whomever they could, breaking up relationships just for a quickie in a bathroom stall. Gloria could totally identify with that, she could get off to it, she was. She wished she had spent high school like that, instead of studying. The beautiful babe ended up snoozing on the couch after a particularly hard cum, waking up a few hours before dawn to raid the fridge once more, thinking sultrily that if she ate all the food then that would just mean she could suck off the grocery boy. Again? She couldn’t remember if she had or not. It sounded like something she should do.


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Re: A Change in Style by MasterStroke (2007)
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   Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction intended solely for the entertainment of adult persons. All characters and situations are entirely fictional and based on no one in particular, taking place in a universe where sexually transmitted viruses and diseases don't actually exist, except for the fun ones that make everyone obsessed with sex.   


   Gloria’s reflection was hard to believe, even for her. She looked like a movie starlet, and posed nude like a model in front of the mirror, which felt surprisingly natural. Sometimes she would toss the long, mid-back length of her golden tresses behind her shoulders, other times she would let them fall down her front like a golden waterfall on top of her buoyant boobies. They had grown overnight, again, this time much more noticeable than the last. They were easily a D-cup now, probably larger, except unlike most girls she saw with bosoms as large as hers were now they didn’t sag in the slightest, and fact bounced hypnotically when she walked back and forth in front of the mirror. That was another thing – her walk was different too. Try as she might, Gloria couldn’t pace around her bedroom doing anything except for a model’s gait, one foot crossing right in front of the other to make sure her tight, perfectly-molded heart-shaped ass swayed. It didn’t hurt that her legs didn’t look like they would ever end. She could’ve sworn she was taller, except that sort of thing didn’t happen. She just must have simply been having . . . a good leg day, just like her fabulous hair, boob, skin, boob, face, boob, and ass day.  Gloria would have thought it was a growth spurt, except that she knew those were impossible for a woman of twenty-five.
   Her face looked beautiful, as it always had, but her lips looked a bit fuller, more naturally pink, and though she was sure she hadn’t put any on it certainly looked like she had on make-up . . . but putting her fingers to her cheeks didn’t rub off any rouge, and her long, fluttery eyelashes certainly had no eyeliner on them. It must have just been a trick of the light, one that was also making her tan look better than it had in at least five years or so. Her skin was golden, contrasting wonderfully with the cascade of shiny blonde locks that showered down her back. Still, she certainly didn’t look bad for a chick in her mid-twenties. She knew every single hot senior at school would kill to have her body. She giggled again at the thought, knowing she could interpret however she wished, male or female, have or “have.”
   She blew herself a kiss, rubbing an index finger and thumb between a pink raspberry of a nipple, and suddenly found herself wet at the sight of her reflection. Her sweet pink tongue ran across her lips, the taste there reminding her of some kind of sweet fruits, and in an experimental mood, Gloria reached her head down to her nipple, delighted to find she could suck her own teat. She giggled, making her boob jiggle against her face, which in turn only made her hornier. Her fingers had found their way to her pussy, again, where it was already dripping honey. Gloria didn’t need a shower, waking up smelling fresh and fantastic despite spending most of the night lost in lust with hot and sweaty erotic dreams about getting screwed bent over a school desk, but she found the shower a great excuse to rub her body as much as possible.
   She arrived to school looking like a vision, an angel straight from some boob-lover’s heaven, the form-fitting mini doing everything it could to accentuate her cleavage, pressing her fabulous tits up and together, two black strings criss-crossing in a halter-style around her neck. Her body was poured into her new minidress, making it hard to distinguish exactly where the leopard print began and her own silky soft ended. Its tight material reminded her of the lycra skirts she used to wear back in college on test days to endear herself and her image to her professors. It always worked, probably because of her stellar legs more than anything else. The stockings on her legs made them now all sleek and shiny and only accentuated her perfectly formed calves and terrific thighs. 
   She made a special effort not to be late at all despite wanting to cum several more times in the shower, and compromised with herself and simply played with her pussy on the drive to work. Nobody who noticed seem to care, at least, not negatively. Most stared. Twice she almost got into a wreck, but both times the drivers accepted full responsibility, despite the fact that she had obviously been closing her eyes during the sweet afterglow of another nice cum, after she had slipped her chest and head out of the window at the next stoplight, looking as contrite as possible. Gloria arrived an hour early to school for the staff meeting, held in the library, that everyone was required to attend every Thursday. She sat in the back, a few minutes late, and few noticed her walk in. Those that did refused to stop staring. She smiled at them knowingly, tossing her lustrous hair back and pursing her lips innocently.
   Krystal Starr was at the podium, a sumptuous thing with long, chestnut hair and a voluptuous body that Gloria used to find herself wishing she had. It was just too bad the prude dressed in scrubs every day. Gloria knew she kept extra large t-shirts and sweatpants in her office, just in case any girl that came to her was in violation of the strict dress code that Anchor Creek was supposed to enforce.
   “As Anchor Creek’s nurse,” she began, “ I feel I must protest the blatant disregard of our school’s health and dress codes seen lately. As a signatory on both, it is my responsibility to remind everyone here to constantly remonstrate any student that wishes to engage in any sort of ‘romantic,’” she even held up her fingers as quotation marks, “ . . . activity. As well, all of us must be on the lookout for dress code violations, no shirts that reach above the waistline, no skirts above the knee. That’s the Anchor Creek way, and I do believe we are all in support of that, are we not?”
   Gloria had been strutting her way up and down every aisle of faculty as Nurse Starr spoke, waving hi to everyone. It was only polite to greet all of her colleagues, and besides, networking was an important part of any woman’s repertoire to success. She winked and giggled her bouncy steps past everyone, men and women she had worked beside for such a long time (well, it seemed like ten years, but it couldn’t have been more than three or four), including Claire. She stopped in front of the Principal, sitting in the very front row, and leaned over to give her a wet kiss on the cheek, letting her pink tongue slide across her friend’s face before stopping. Her petite boss only sighed in delight, as did everyone behind her, checking out her considerable cleavage. She smiled seductively at all of her admirers.
   Nurse Starr continued. “We have to make sure that we are checking everyone, especially the girls – oh, what?”
   Gloria had stepped up right next to Nurse Starr, placing a soft hand on her shoulder. “Darling, I think I could verbalize this better than you, don’t you?”
   The nurse put her hand on the microphone on the podium, facing entirely towards Gloria. Her mistake. That only made her ogle at Gloria’s perfect curves, inhale her heady scent. “I um, well, I don’t think-”
   “That’s the idea, Nurse. Don’t think about it, just go ahead and sit down, I can take it from here.”
   “Let her speak!” Came a shout from the back. Within seconds the entire library was resounding the sentiment. Nurse Starr stepped down, looking a bit stunned. Gloria grabbed the microphone from the podium, not wanting to hide her body in front of her adoring crowd.
   “I couldn’t agree more with Nurse Starr,” she said, her voice practically making love to the mic in her hands. “Discipline is incredibly important in a high school setting.” Krystal, sitting down in the front row, smiled wide. “But, let’s think for a second. What is discipline in a place like this for? Only education, am I wrong?” No one said she was. “It’s our job to educate young men and women about the rigors of the real world, whether they be ‘acceptable,’” she mocked Krystal’s use of hand quotes, “or not. As professional educators, it’s our job to make sure our children are well prepared for the real world, and sex is a part of our world. A hot, fun, delicious part of our world that no one should be without.” She flipped her hair behind her back. “So what if a hot young babe wants to walk around in a short skirt? It’s not harming anybody, and as a matter of fact, I’m almost certain most of you randy men enjoy it. The thought of a hot, young, high school babe doing whatever she could to look her best in your class, why, I bet that’s turning you on even now.” Most of the men laughed nervously, a few, near the back, shouted approval. “And so what if some hot hunk wants to neck with his girlfriend in the hallway? Who are we as educators to prevent education about love, the most powerful force in our universe? Surely every time we stop some impromptu make-out session we’re interfering with what could be the next Romeo and Juliet, or Westley and Buttercup? I hardly think it’s fair to deny our splendid students the glory of love. Or lust, if that’s what it comes to.” She giggled, and nearly everyone laughed with her. “After all,” she concluded, “if we can’t support our children, who can we support?”
   Gloria strutted down the aisle to a standing ovation. So much for complaints about dress code. The only person that refused to clap was Nurse Starr, and the buxom History teacher made sure to blow her a kiss on the way out. 
   She stepped into the main hallway of Anchor Creek right when the first bell rang, signifying that class was starting in ten minutes, just so everyone who was working hard enough to show up early got a look at her first. She had to reward her students for good behavior, after all. The half of the guys that didn’t trip over their feet admiring her bodacious bod as she stretched in her doorway were walking into their lockers. She made sure to help the poor souls back on their feet, and a kiss to make them better, usually on the lips, always longer than it had to be.
   This was what started the long, sensuous hugs for every student that entered her classroom, her bountiful bosom pressed tight against their own chests, long silky-soft hair falling against their faces, her intoxicating scent getting a wonderful chance to leave them dazed and turn-on. Her students just had to know that she cared, otherwise, how would she ever get ahead? Or get some head, she giggled, closing the door shut after the bell rang. Every eye was on her, the way it should be. A teacher had to do whatever she could to get her student’s attentions, even if it meant dressing up like a totally hot babe. Especially if it meant that, actually, since Gloria knew she was a totally hot babe and could hardly look like anything else.
   Most of the girls in the class were wearing mini-skirts, just like her. She beamed at the sight, glad of her positive influence. The ones that weren’t still had on tight sweaters and pants, if not shorts. They largely wore high heels, and all of them were made-up perfectly, obviously having woken up early to apply each stroke of lipstick and eyeshadow perfectly. Gloria knew from experience that most pretty girls tended to look at the prettier ones with envy, but their looks at her were pure adoration. The collective gaze of every boy’s eyes on her, besides making her hot, was pure appetence. She knew without even asking that they wanted her more badly than any other girl they ever had, because she was available, because she flirted so wantonly with them. They had probably all ruined a few sheets of toilet paper last night thinking about her, she could only imagine what they’d do tonight. Or after class in the bathroom, if she really worked at it.
   Wistfully, she found herself thinking of one of the studs in the third row jacking himself in the bathroom right next to her office, stroking his long pole to thoughts of her and only her. Absently she spread her legs, leaning back on her desk, sending a smoldering stare to him, licking her lips. Every guy in the class coughed and cross their legs in concert, and Gloria giggled, hopping lightly up on her desk and crossing her legs . . . eventually. Every girl in the class followed her example, monkey see, monkey do. A class full of boners and not even fifteen minutes in. That had to be some sort of record.
   “Tell you what, my lovelies,” Gloria said cheerily, “let’s do a little writing assignment.”
   Normally they would have all groaned. Now they just sat with rapt attention on whatever she said. Gloria was fairly sure it was because talking made her tits dance in her too-small dress.
   “History has a long standing record of kingdoms and even empires falling because of a single woman. Love conquers all, wouldn’t you agree?” They all chorused that they did. “Lust conquers even more, I’d say.” Her voice was soft, melodious, and entrancing. It would be perfect for phone sex, though the incendiary instructor doubted she’d be without the real thing for so long as to try it. She licked her lips. Someone moaned. “Why don’t all of you write me, say, a page, on why there’s nothing wrong at all with giving in to our more carnal desires. With making out with your honey on a street corner, or screwing while your parents are upstairs. Or sneaking a quickie in the school bathroom.” Someone gasped, Gloria just grinned. “Oh don’t lie, if you don’t like that, you just haven’t done it yet. Don’t be afraid to use real names for your fantasies, either – a cheerleader, a football stud, a teacher,” she lingered on the last word, rubbing a hand down one taut side. “I promise not to tell, unless you want me to. One page, due by the end of the class.”
   While they wrote, Gloria made sure to give as much assistance as needed, leaning over in front of the desk of every guy or gal that she spoke with. When that got old, she spoke to them only in hot little whispers in their ears, pressing her giant boobs against their backs, letting her hair massage their faces. If they needed any more help concentrating solely on lust, one dainty little hand would drop to their crotch and set their world on fire. She had even more fun by going to her desk at the front of the classroom and pretending to organize it, mostly managing only to drop very small items and then bending over at the waist, her ass towards the class, to pick them up. Her thong was very tiny and very visible. When the papers were turned in at the end of the class, for some reason, most of them described fantasies about her. Gloria read them in her office during the break between classes, idly diddling herself as she did, until she remember suddenly that she hadn’t checked the mail yet today.
   Inside her newest package was a pair of lovely leopard-themed platform sandals, the heel reaching more than four inches. She had barely been able to decide between the wedge sandals she had at home and the perfect peach pumps she had received the day before, and it was such a relief, knowing that Female Designs would make these kinds of hard decisions for her. Sometimes, as a girl, it was just so hard to think.
   It got immensely harder as soon as she slipped on her new platforms. So did her nipples. She came almost immediately, an earth-shaking orgasm that nearly took Gloria off her feet. It was a good thing she had been practicing at playing with herself so often lately, otherwise she might have been paralyzed with pleasure. For some reason she found herself concentrating on college, how she had seduced her conservative roommate within two nights of meeting her; dressing and redressing in hot red lingerie, asking her how she thought her fabulous body looked in each new pair of exotic panties, how the stockings she had on displayed her legs, if the silky soft lace she was wearing was soft enough. The poor thing had barely even had a drop of alcohol before – by the time Gloria finished with her she was a total sexpot, on the prowl around campus for the next guy to give her a midday romp.
   Another card was in the package, listing an address with the letters, “FD” written in flowery, flowing font next to it, “Come and Visit” right beneath that. Did they have a store? How delicious! Gloria would have to go after school.
   Now, hot new sandals decorating her toes, Gloria was just jolted with lust, ready to fuck the first person she came across as she exited the mailroom. Luckily for her, it was Holly, dressed in a black miniskirt and tiny yellow halter-top, showcasing her perky young breasts. A hot red thong was pulled up above her skirt, just high enough to be scandalous.
   “Hi lovely,” Gloria breathed, quickly cornering the young beauty in the back hallway behind the receptionist’s office. “Love that outfit.” Gloria’s tits pressed against her face, her scent filling her entire world.
   Holly appeared as if she desperately wanted to touch herself, a look Gloria was getting used to when she was around. “Oh, oh, Gloria, I um, was um, just um . . . ”
   “Just wearing it because you thought I’d like it? Or because maybe you thought the boys ‘round here would like it, like we talked?” Gloria’s voice encompassed every hot sexual moan that had ever been uttered.
   “Gloria, please,” Holly moaned, the hot teacher’s hands on her midriff, slowly working their way down. “Please don’t tease me like this.”
   The lust-loving lovely teacher slid her hand right down past Holly’s skirt and inside her panties, leaning in for a sensationally hot kiss. No one was watching – not that Gloria would care if anyone was.
   “Mmm,” she murmured softly. “A tease is someone that promises without delivery. Does that seem like a lack of delivery to you?”
   “N-no,” Holly stammered. Her hands had started to rub the small of Gloria’s back. “I just, I need, I had so many dreams about you last night, hot ones, and I need-”
   The stunning schoolteacher silenced her with another terrific kiss. Holly’s hands sank down to her ass, and Gloria did nothing to stop her, until breaking the steamy, wet contact between their lips, and slid her now-soaking fingers out of Holly’s skirt. “Meet me at my apartment after school. Bring wine.”
   Gloria dangled a key off her finger, and quickly scribbled down the address on a nearby piece of paper. Holly snatched both up eagerly, breathing five kinds of thank yous, and then dashed down the hallway. Gloria knew it was in the direction of her office, with three windows looking inside of it from every direction, and yet as she walked back towards class she was certain she heard her moaning in delight.
   Gloria was all smiles as she entered second-period. She had decided, rather spontaneously, that it was time to teach these lovely students something about lust. A woman had to use men’s lust to get ahead, after all, otherwise they would never be taken seriously. Short skirts and dresses were a must, as were stockings, high heels, perfect make-up, flawless hair. And men needed to know when a woman was begging for attention, otherwise nobody would ever get some head. Ahead. Some head. She giggled. Whatever. It was all the same.
   “Now, there’s a dance tomorrow night at the school, as I’m sure you are all aware.” It had been blaring on the announcements all week long. “So, I want to make sure you lovely girls know what it takes to make a man want you. After all, I don’t want you gals staying home and being lonely. That wouldn’t do at all.” Her bright blue eyes searched the class for a moment. “Henry, would you please step up to the front of the class?” She didn’t have to say ‘please,’ of course, but it made her feel better to make the men in the school feel like she was . . . privileged to be in their presence.
   Henry Franks was the star linebacker for the football team, one of the reasons for their spectacular winning season. He was sexy as hell, as far as Gloria was concerned, and frequented her dreams often, usually with her in a cheerleader’s outfit sucking him off in the locker-room showers.
   “Henry, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if you assisted me in a few kissing drills?”
   Gloria giggled as he nodded eagerly. She knew he’d agree, nobody could refuse her, but it was fun to appease the egos of young boys by asking them questions as if she needed to hear them say “yes.” It was a lesson she’d have to teach to her girls someday soon.
   “You see, ladies, we want men to know that we’re all about passion, that we’re worth spending time on. So when I grab Henry like this,” she wrapped her arms around the muscled linebacker, one arm cradled around his neck, the other’s hand firmly attached to his ass, “He knows the only thing I’m thinking about at that moment is pleasing him. Like, aren’t you, Henry?”
   “Yessss,” he responded, eyes focused entirely on her.
   “And just in case he’s not,” Gloria continued, “That’s when you wrap one leg around his, this is why it’s important to wear stockings, so you’re sexy all over,” Gloria demonstrated, pressing her entire body against Henry’s, “and just in case he really doesn’t get it, go ahead and jump up, pressing your crotch against his waist, and just wrap both your legs around him, and then kiss him like this.”
   At that Gloria leaned in for the hottest kiss Henry Franks had ever received, his teacher’s long, perfect, stocking-wrapped legs wrapped around his midsection, her hands guiding his up her skirt, on her tits, anywhere where she thought he might enjoy their presence. After ten glorious minutes of this, Gloria stopped for maybe fifteen seconds to address her class. The ones whose hands weren’t already focused in their crotches had them gravitating there. Her dress had been hiked up over her beautifully curved ass cheeks, and they could all see her dripping wet underwear.
   “Well?” She asked, one hand stroking Henry’s hair as he laid backwards on her desk. “What are you waiting for? Pair up, and try it for yourselves!” She said with a laugh, and then went back to her necking session with the linebacker. It lasted the whole period. She had never had a class with less talking, though everyone’s lips were certainly busy.
   After an enormous lunch in the teacher’s lounge, where she eye-fucked Vice Principal Peters while downing foods including (but not limited to) a kielbasa sausage, two popsicles, and a bright red lollipop that sent him over the edge and into the men’s bathroom, she strutted her way to the auxiliary gymnasium in her clunky platforms where the cheerleaders were practicing. They were going through their routine, fully dressed in their uniforms to make sure they were prepared for some competition coming up. They all noticed her immediately and smiled wide; Gloria’s presence, as usual, preceded her. She approached the lovely Miss Flores, a busty Latin-American with long chocolate-colored hair with a physique well-honed by both instructing the cheerleaders and from teaching yoga and Pilates at the recreation center on the other side of town. She filled out a tight spandex top and matching pair of even-tighter spandex shorts – she was looking cautiously at Gloria with a mix of apprehension and arousal, but with how her eyes kept flicking up and down the blonde’s bodacious body, it was easy to tell which side was winning. Gloria threw back her shiny, silky hair, letting it fall perfectly down her back, and smiled brilliantly at her newest target before bending over at the waist to turn off the stereo that had been blaring upbeat dance music.
   “I was hoping I could watch you and your girls do your routine, Carolina?” Gloria put a hand on her shoulder for no real reason other than to feel her soft caramel-colored skin. “It’s my off period, and I just hoping you wouldn’t mind.”
   Carolina’s face lit up, breathing in deep, making her terrific tits stretch against the fabric of her top. “No, I don’t mind at all, no problem at all,” she effused. “I’d love you, I mean, love to have you watch me dance, I mean us, perform our routine.”
   Gloria reached up her other arm and wrapped both of them around Carolina’s neck before drawing her in for a hug, meeting absolutely no resistance. Every girl in line was jealous – she could see the two or three that were in her classes before with smoky desire smoldering in their eyes.
   “Thank you soooo much,” Gloria whispered, her hot pink lips brushing against her ear. “I’ll have to repay you somehow.”
   Carolina shuddered involuntarily when Gloria drew away, her eyes a bit glazed. “Smells like sex n’ fruit . . .” She shook her head a bit. “Yes, well,” she said softly, trying to find her thoughts in a forest of lust. “Let’s get started, shall we girls?”
   She turned the stereo back on and they went through the routine with Carolina commanding at the helm, which was very high-energy and fun, it involved a lot of flips and twirls and yelling like most cheerleader drills. Gloria clapped loudly when it was done, enjoying the spectacle of the young, athletic babes showing off their skills.
   “I just love cheerleading,” Gloria said, when the music was off. “I used to be a cheerleader, did you know that?”
   Carolina shook her head. Gloria wasn’t surprised, she had forgotten about it until she had just mentioned it. It was funny how little things kept popping back into her mind like that. Like how she had boned her high school’s rival football captain on the top of his car outside the stadium before and after the game. He had been too tired to play, and his team was shut-out by Gloria’s, but he didn’t seem to mind. Even then she had been focused on success.
   “You wouldn’t mind if I gave you a few pointers, would you?”
   Carolina gave a confused look, like she felt that she should be more angry at the suggestion but wasn’t. “I’ve worked on this routine for two years now,” she protested.
   “Oh don’t worry,” Gloria reassuringly put her caramel-colored hands in her own. “I wouldn’t change a thing about the routine. I think it’s superb.” Carolina beamed, and Gloria went on. “I just want to talk a bit about the philosophy behind cheerleading, in general. Girls, take a seat, please?”
   She gestured over towards the benches against the wall, and all of them obediently trotted over to them and sat down. Gloria motioned for Carolina to do the same, who lingered for a while staring wistfully into the blonde’s bright blue eyes. Gloria looked them over, and tsked.
   “See? This is my issue. None of you have your legs crossed.” Immediately they all crossed their legs, some looking a bit bewildered at their own obedience to the suggestion. “Much better. A girl with her legs crossed is showing off one of the female body’s best attributes. It makes your skirt slide up, shows off a little more leg. Of course, you have to cross your legs often, maybe flash a little panty to whoever’s watching, right?” They all laughed. “You should sit up straight, chest-out, and display the rest however you can. Cheerleading outfits are great, because they all have short skirts and tight tops, which guys like.” Gloria smiled. “It’s important to dress the way guys like, otherwise they’d never want to listen to us. And since we do live in a male-dominated world, we have to do whatever we can to make them pay attention to us.”
   Gloria said the words happily, never once thinking that this use to be the only kind of thought that could make her actually infuriated.
   “Luckily for all of you, cheerleaders are natural attention-getters. You’ve all been chosen by Carolina because you’re hot, fun, and sexy, just like boys like. Isn’t that right, Carolina?”
   The Latin beauty seemed to snap out of some sort of trance. “Oh, yes, whatever you say,” she said softly. Then realization peaked its head a bit. “I mean, well, not really. That is to say – ”
   Gloria held up a hand, smiling at her. “Let me explain.” She stepped in front of Natasha Chase, the cheerleader captain. “Could you stand up, please?”
   Natasha complied, nearly as tall as the captivating teacher, and Gloria led her by the hand in front of the whole team. She was a stunning young woman, blonde, leggy, buxom, gorgeous face, almost like a younger version of Gloria. They could have passed for sisters.
   “Natasha is definitely sexy, wouldn’t you agree?” She asked the girls. Everyone said yes. “A cheerleader Captain ought to be, because being a cheerleader is all about being sexy.”
   “No,” Carolina spoke up, “Girls, that’s not-”
   “I see you don’t agree,” Gloria interjected. “Carolina, why did you choose Natasha as your Captain?” Gloria drew the young blonde closer to her side, letting her hand rest right above her taut, firm ass. Natasha’s puffy lips let out a soft gasp of excitement.
   “Well, she was the best girl for the job. She had the most athletic skill.”
   “You mean she had the best body?”
   “Well, I suppose that’s true, but-”
   Gloria interrupted again. “And she’s charismatic, as well? Fun to watch, easy to be around?”
   Carolina looked like she knew she was sliding down a slippery slope. “Certainly. She’s very likeable.”
   “Great body, fun, peppy. Probably the sexiest girl on campus, wouldn’t you say?”
   Carolina looked uncomfortable, like she knew she was being lured into something but couldn’t think about what it was. “I would say that’s right, I suppose.”
   “What do you think, girls? Natasha is the hottest thing around, isn’t she?”
   All of them obediently agreed. Except for a few that shouted out, “No, you are!”    Gloria giggled. Such good girls, she thought, before letting her hand slip down below the teen’s skirt, happy to find an easy-to-move around thong below (already she had done away with the usual shorts, Gloria saw her influence was working all around the school), and placed her fingers right on top of the beauty’s already moist pussy. The teen gasped, but stood still. No one could see what Gloria was doing.
   “The hottest student, then, also the hottest cheerleader, is the captain. I find it hard to be just a coincidence, Carolina. I think you’d agree with me that Captains are always the hottest and sexiest girls in school, wouldn’t you?”
   She could only nod in a daze, her eyes not on Gloria’s but on her jiggling tits, her stocking-clad legs, her perfect form in the tight leopard dress. The Latin lovely looked ready to worship. Natasha’s eyes were closed, her knees beginning to buckle as Gloria’s fingers went deeper into her needy slit.
   “Wouldn’t you say you chose Natasha because you knew that cheerleaders are supposed to be sexy, and the Captain had to be the sexiest girl of all?”
   “Of course, yes, that . . . that makes so much sense, Gloria.”
   “So naturally, all of you girls should look up to Natasha, to help you with hard decisions and to guide you in what to wear and how to act. And since cheerleaders are icons in the high school community, all the other girls will look up to you. It’s a very important responsibility.”
   Natasha moaned. Gloria pretended to take it for a moan of worry.
   “Don’t be concerned, darling,” Gloria said cheerily, brushing some hair out of the teen’s lovely face. “I’ll be there to tell you how to act, and dress, and decide. Isn’t that great? All you have to do is what I say.” Her fingers went deeper, moved faster.
   “Yes!” Natasha gasped loudly. “Yes that’s so good!” Her hands were clenching in tight, sweaty fists at her sides.
   Gloria smiled. “I’m so glad you agree. Now there’s one more thing . . .” Gloria said, letting her fingers dance faster in the young teen’s pussy. “Since cheerleaders are supposed to be sexy, that of course means that they are for sex, and lust, and hotness. Right, Carolina?”
   Her tight, busty body was glistening with sweat, her hands apparently unable to stop themselves from rubbing her crotch, tweaking a nipple her and there. “Oh of course, yes, that’s so right. You’re so right.” Her voice dropped off. “And gorgeous.”
   “Yes,” Natasha moaned. “God she is yes.”
   “Then I would suggest that at least half of your time is spent on drills relating solely to just that. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Hot girls doing hot drills so that hot guys can drill them hotly.” She giggled, her impromptu class laughing with her, continuing to finger the teenage beauty queen next to her, sensing her orgasm was coming. “There’s a dance tomorrow, if you want to impress your dates, you’ll have to be in top form. So everyone pair off, and work on kissing. If you’re going to be making out with cute guys in the hallways where everyone can see and wish they were you, you’ll have to practice.”
   With that, Natasha came, loud and wet, and collapsed against Gloria, her gorgeous face resting on the teacher’s spectacular rack. Gloria giggled, and Natasha hugged her tighter.
   “Mmm, no, darling, you have to go teach the other girls. Take two if you need to.”
   She sent the young blonde on her way, slapping her ass affectionately as she went. Then she turned front towards Carolina, who was panting with desire as she looked at Gloria. The seductive siren crooked her finger at her, pursing her pouty lips.
   Carolina eagerly rushed over to the blonde, and immediately wrapped her arms and one strong leg around her body, the two of them melting into a searing-hot kiss. Gloria tore herself away for one second to address her girls, who had started out with soft little pecks on the lips but quickly escalated into heavy petting and tongue-play.
   “Now darlings, if you feel you’re up to it, you can always make sure your partner is getting plenty of attention downstairs. The boys always appreciate it, and I know the girls do too.”
   She giggled and slipped her hand down Carolina’s sopping wet spandex shorts in between long, tongue-filled kisses, her magic fingers quickly bringing the dark-haired Latina to a mind-numbing orgasm. Carolina was barely on her feet, supported only by resting on Gloria’s glorious chest, just like Natasha had. Gloria petted her soft hair affectionately.
   “Now listen, love, one more thing . . .” Gloria started.
   Carolina was all ears, softly kissing the perfect globes her face rested on. “Mmmhmm?”
   “As coach of the cheerleading  squad, I really think you need to set an example, and start wearing a proper uniform every day.”
   “But it won’ fit,” she contended, her voice a bit muffled as she began to kiss Gloria’s boobs.
   “Of course it will, you just have to make a few adjustments. And if those adjustments mean showing a lot more cleavage, and raising the hemlines by several inches, maybe adding some stockings for a little more flair, well then what’s the harm?”
   “Thassa good idea,” Carolina agreed. “God you are sooooo beautiful.”
   “Thanks love,” Gloria said with a soft kiss on her forehead. “And if you happened to get a little drunk tonight and maybe mix up the girl’s uniforms, re-adjusting them all like yours, I’m sure none of them would mind, would they?”
   “Oh no nobody minds anything you say. I’ll do anything you want,” she promised with a whisper. “Anything for you. Hot, so so soooo hot. Smell sooo nice. Soooo fuckin’ horny.”
   Carolina’s kisses on her breasts were getting wetter, which was making Gloria hotter. She realized she hadn’t cum in a long while. Her dress found its way to the floor, as did her and Carolina’s naked, intertwining bodies.
   She entered fourth period thirty minutes late after a marathon love-making session with Carolina to find every single member of her class already making out with one another. The half that weren’t out in the hallway, still, locked together in between rows of lockers. Girls sat on guy’s laps, looking at them adoringly like they were Adonis reborn when they weren’t getting their breasts felt up and moaning longingly. Gloria licked her lips, and sauntered over to Jack Walsh, the football team’s starting quarterback. Some junior was on his lap, not even in her class. Gloria wondered idly if she had snuck in for Jack or for her. She tossed her glorious hair back, and posed with one long leg forward.
   “Tell me, handsome,” Gloria asked, pouting, “How come you’d rather be with some high school girl than a super-rad babe like me?”
   One look at Gloria’s leopard-clad form and Jack unceremoniously dumped the junior girl on the floor, who looked sad but knew she couldn’t compete, crawling over to another boy almost immediately. Gloria grabbed the hot senior by the hand and led him towards her office, closing the door behind him.
   “Look at you,” she said, utterly turned on, “All the girlies fighting over you. I bet you get that all the time, don’t you, hunky?”
   He was leaning casually against her desk, like he owned it. Cock of the walk; Gloria wanted to give his cock a nice walk, indeed. She strutted the few feet towards him, managing to make it appear as if he was the only one she’d ever come like that to.
   “A little, I guess,” he said, playing it cool.
   Gloria knew better. “Oh, don’t be coy. I know that like, you love watching girls pine for you.” Her soft, svelte body was pressed up against his, big eyes looking only at him. “You know you’re like, the hottest guy in school, and you love it. You know you get to have like, whatever hot babe whenever you want just by like, looking at her right. You and I both know you totally deserve it for being so irresistibly hunkalicious.” Her speech was making her hot, Jack was making her hotter. Gloria kissed him, long, deep, and slow, their tongues twirling around each other for one long minute as Gloria unbuckled his pants. He was rock-hard, just for her. She felt so flattered.
   She turned him around and hopped up on her desk, pulling him and his huge cock towards her with her shiny, stocking-covered legs wrapped around his waist.
   “Oh Jack,” she said adoringly, her educated hands guiding his cock towards her pussy, thong still in the gym, “I knew I like, just had to totally fuck you today.”
   What else could be said? Gloria focused on pleasing him, her hot bod getting fucked for the first time in ten years. No, days. Must have been ten days. If that long, her memory was so shoddy lately. She pulled down her dress and dragged Jack on top of her exposed tits as the first of what turned out to be eight orgasms began its descent into her brain. There was nothing else she could do – she was a woman in a man’s world.
   A little after five o’clock Gloria drove into the parking lot outside a small shop inside a secluded shopping center nearly outside of town, the words “Female Designs” written on it’s bright yellow sign. It had windows on all sides, but they were all heavily tinted.  She walked in, happy to finally meet the people that given her such great new clothing, but the counter at the front was empty. Taking a look around the store, she saw rows and rows of scandalously skimpy clothing, from tiny hot-pants to micro mini skirts to tops that were barely there, either because of sheerness or lack of fabric, or both. There was footwear as well, skyhigh platforms and skin-tight boots, and all sorts of lacy, sheer, girly hosiery. In one corner of the store Gloria even found accessories – all manner of jewelry and chains, belts, collars, gloves. There were mirrors on every wall, so Gloria got to admire her stunning reflection as often as she wanted, which was often indeed.
   After maybe ten minutes of wonder at the sheer amount of glorious clothes that she wanted to purchase, Gloria noticed that the security cameras on the walls were all following her intently, whirring and whizzing as she walked from rack to rack.
   “Hello?” She asked loudly, precariously standing on the tips of her platforms, head on a swivel.
   It was then that she saw the note on the counter. Funny that she hadn’t noticed it before, but it was probably because she was so intent on looking around. She picked it up, noticing happily that it was addressed directly to her.
   You have been chosen by Female Designs as our first customer. A trial run, if you will. We hope you’re enjoying the sensations that only Female Designs can deliver, and encourage you to take any items that you desire in the store, with no limits on quantity. As our first customer, it’s the least we can do to show our appreciation towards you, in the hopes that you will decide to grace us with your presence again. All we ask in return is that you recommend our shop to your friends and co-workers, so that others may feel just as wonderful as you do.

A stack of cards with the address of the shop were next to the note, which Gloria picked up and dropped in a tiny purse she had just picked up. The sensationally stunning blonde could hardly contain her excitement at the note’s details. She let out a squeal of pure, concentrated glee, and immediately ran through the aisles with her shiny hair trailing out behind her, grabbing every tiny skirt, skimpy halter, tube top, tight sweater, micro dress that she saw. Then she went to work on shoes, grabbing one of every style that had at least a 3-inch heel, moaning hotly at the thought that she could go months now without ever wearing the same pair twice. Hosiery was similarly treated, more attention paid to the more elaborate pairs that had little birds and flowers on them, or even (moan!) bows. She grabbed only a few accessories, starting to feel bad about taking so much, but made sure that her bags had plenty of lacy gloves and funky-cool belts. She had to make trips, putting eight bags of spectacular clothes in her car before deciding she had gotten enough, at least for one day.
   Before she left entirely, though, she changed in the dressing room, thinking that it would be a shame not to start wearing the new clothes right away. The changing quarters were bigger, and pinker, than any that Gloria had ever been in, but there were only three rooms. Even so, there were enough clothing-hooks on the walls for at least ten different outfits. She guessed maybe that the changing rooms were community ones. How fun! She would have to come back when they had more customers, she thought, licking her lips at the thought of the effects her fantastic form would have. Then she felt her lower lips get considerably moistened. She realized she was once again in front of a mirror, with no one around except for the blinking security camera. What the heck, she decided, why not give them a show? The carpets were soft and plush, and Gloria’s fabulous tanned skin contrasted beautifully with the bright white on the floor, her gorgeous blonde hair spread around her like a short blanket as she rocked herself towards orgasm three more times.
   She stepped out of the dressing room half an hour later, looking fabulous in sky-high pink platform heels, a white satin micro-skirt with big pink laces on the front and a pleated pink hem, and a bright pink corset top that did almost nothing to cover her tits and did everything to show them off. Sexy-cute pink gloves with little lace tie-offs at the wrists adorned her hands. She was glorious, glorious Gloria, and she knew it.
   Gloria left as a very satisfied customer.
   So excited was Gloria about her new clothes that she had forgotten that she had sent Holly to her apartment earlier that day. The young receptionist certainly hadn’t forgotten, and Gloria stepped into the apartment to find it sparkling clean, the lights off, candles lit everywhere to give off a dim, sensual atmosphere. Holly was curled up on the couch like a cat, wearing Gloria’s own pink babydoll, white stockings, and wedge sandals from the day before. She snoozed softly, and Gloria, not wanting to wake her quite yet, took her bags into her room and began to organize all her new clothing. She found, delightedly surprised, that even though she had stuffed the bags full without bothering to fold anything, none of the new clothes had even the slightest wrinkle. It was some sort of super-fabric. Gloria entered her closet and systematically threw out everything old (for some reason that she couldn’t discern, it was mostly drab-colored pants and jackets), and put in everything new. Holly had brought several cases of wine with her, apparently not wanting to disappoint, and Gloria filled herself a nice, big glass as she worked. She heard the young receptionist’s voice from the hallway just as soon as she had finished.
   The dazzling blonde turned and strutted out towards the dark-haired beaute. She was a vision in the pink lingerie, looking much bustier, much curvier than Gloria remembered. It must have been because Gloria had never seen her with her work-clothes off, much less with Female Designs on. She licked her lips.
   “You look positively edible,” she purred, and coiled her arms around the entranced young woman. “I’m glad you thought to wear that.”
   Holly couldn’t decide whether to soak in every inch of Gloria’s fabulous form or start to worship it with her lips. “I hope you don’t mind, I just saw it on the bed, and then I picked it up and decided to try it on, and it felt so good and right and sexy and then I had some wine and starting playing with myself thinking about you and oh god Gloria you look amazing, I mean oh my god,” she babbled, before Gloria cut her off by sending her wet tongue into her mouth.
   After a good five minutes of squirming and moaning, pressed up against the wall, Holly felt she needed to say more. “I-I’ve never been with a girl, Gloria.”
   Gloria shushed her. “Don’t worry,” she said softly, her voice like soft, soothing fur in audible form, “I’ll make sure you enjoy it.”
   Holly did.



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Re: A Change in Style by MasterStroke (2007)
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Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction intended solely for the entertainment of adult persons. All characters and situations are entirely fictional and based on no one in particular, taking place in a universe where sexually transmitted viruses and diseases don't actually exist, except for the fun ones that make everyone obsessed with sex.   


   She woke on Friday with Holly wrapped around her body. Gloria giggled as she remembered how they had started to play dress-up for one another with all of her stupendous new clothes, but couldn’t even manage to put on one new outfit when taking the first one off had managed to be volcanically hot all by itself. Sliding out of Holly’s sweet embrace, she was so excited about taking a nice, warm shower, waking her new lover with her moans and then making love to her for an hour or so that she almost forgot to look at her reflection. Almost, but honestly, with a body like hers, it was impossible not to stop and stare for a while.
   She was flawless. Her shiny platinum blond hair fell down her back in a million locks and curls, perfectly styled and teased all the way down to the top of her succulent ass-cheeks, where it stopped. Her hips were wide, leading into her tiny waist that couldn’t have been more than twenty inches around, at most, and her legs, which were as perfect as they had always been. Gloria was barefoot, her platforms regrettably slipping off in last night’s activities after a few hours of romping around the apartment, but she found herself compelled to walk as if in heels regardless, poised on her tippy-toes like a dancer. Of course she wasn’t a real one, actual dancers didn’t have bouncy, perky forty-four inch bust lines, even if they wanted them, or supermodel-faces that could probably make a man cum with a wink of one heavy-lidded eye. Her skin didn’t have a mark or a mole on it. Gloria had thought she had banged her elbow fairly hard on the refrigerator when Holly had been eating her out in the kitchen, and even remembered seeing it bruise, but there was nothing there now except for silken, tanned, dazzling skin. It was as if someone had set a sun inside of her, radiating its own light and heat. She looked . . . shiny, almost, or polished. There wasn’t a tanline anywhere on her body, much less a concrete memory in her brain that at one point her skin had been the same white color as the wall behind her.
   Holly had snuck up on her from behind as Gloria found herself near hypnotized by her reflection, and snaked an arm around her waist to her already-moistening cunt. Gloria gasped. The two of them had that shower after all. Neither of their tits had ever been so clean.
   They walked into the school together, hand-in-hand. Gloria wore bright white knee-high boots with big, funky buckles on them and six-inch stiletto heels, a soft pink micro-mini skirt that was so short it barely deserved that designation doing nothing to hide her bright white stockings with (moan!) pink ribbons underneath. A matching pink thong had been pulled up tight, over her skirt, ready to be snapped by any man that felt like teaching her a lesson for dressing so scandalously. Her top was pink too, two strips of cloth joined together by a small metal chain attached to two loops on either side, showing off her enormous cleavage and looking very flimsy in the face of such overwhelming mammaries. A tiny, red leather handbag swung from her shoulder around a teensy strap.
   Holly was dressed similarly, with calf-high black boots with five-inch heels, and a red stretch-micro dress with a pleated hem that floated upwards as she walked, as well as plunging neckline that showcased her gorgeous rack. Holly had been uncomfortable about wearing it, but Gloria assured her with a sweaty fingering session that she would look smashing, and she was right. Red satin gloves adorned her hands as well, making Gloria wish she had remembered to wear her own.
   As they stood in the main hallway, Gloria pulled in her lover for a sensual kiss, squeezing her firm bottom. It was common knowledge that she and Holly had been going out for months now, fucking in every spare storage room they could find. As everyone stopped what they were doing to watch, even the couples that had been making out, Gloria remembered why she loved high school so much. Lust conquered all. It was hardly a wonder that she had sucked and fucked her way through college to get a degree in only three years, becoming the youngest teacher at Anchor Creek, just barely twenty-one. She remembered seducing Principal Adams into voting her as the head of the department after being at the school for less than a month. There were few protestations, and they were quickly silenced after she had “convinced” them to change their minds, with the help of her magic fingers and bewitching lips.
   “Don’t forget to cancel last period, today, k babe?” She said. “It’s Friday, everybody should go home early. Tell Claire it’s what I want.” Gloria knew the love struck principal would have no choice but to comply.
   She let the bangin’ brunette go, and walked to her first class, stopping a few times on the way for some unnecessary drinks from the water fountains, flashing her hot thong-panties to anybody that cared to look – which was everybody.
   “History is like, all about men,” she announced to her rapt and attentive class when she arrived. “Men like, run everything. And they should. They’re the reason why we’re here, and without them, like, hot babes like me would never get pregnant and be able to do their like, proper duty and take care of children at home. It’s totally natural to serve them, it’s like, so, so right.” Gloria could feel herself getting turned on. “Our bodies are pleasing to them in every way. Our mouths are perfect recept . . .um, recep . . . like, holders, for their hot, yummy cocks. I think that goes without saying. And like, what’s the best way to suck a cock?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “On your knees! It’s like, totally obvious that babes were just made for supplicat . . . suppli . . . serving. If men are happy, then they give us girls what we want, and then everybody’s happy. So why not use our abili . . . um, abil . . . like, skills, to help them whenever they get hot, big boners?” She giggled, and all the girls in the class giggled with her. All the boys were staring at her bouncing chest, which was how it should be. “Of course, since men are happiest when like, we’re taking care of their dicks, like, we should be making sure that we dress to give them hard-ons like, all the time. It’s the only way us gals can like, succeed in this world. Am I right boys?”
   Naturally, they all agreed.
   “Well?” She asked. “Girls, get to work. These boys are probably going to be your bosses someday. Show them how you can make them relax.”
   Lust-lidded eyes dropped to the bulges in the pants of every boy in class. There were many more girls than boys, some had to double up, but Gloria made sure that everyone’s technique was right. Several occasions forced her to chide her girls for making out too much and switching to a handie instead of focusing on fellatio, until the buxom booted babe grabbed Nadine Williams and Trent Jefferson, bringing them to the front of the class and standing Trent up while her and Nadine’s lips mixed with each other up and down his shaft. Teaching was such a fun job. Gloria swallowed, of course. She was older than Nadine, even if by a few years, and deserved seniority – besides, she was mature enough to love the taste.
   Gloria went down to the mailroom after class ended, not really expecting to find anything there now that she had free access to the store. But, to her delight, there was another small brown package there waiting for her. She opened it up, finding a pair of lacy pink gloves and a matching pink collar with the word, “PERFECT”, written on it in shiny rhinestones. It suited her, appropriately enough, perfectly. She knew nothing turned a man on more than to be fucked by an utterly gorgeous babe who knew she was the hottest thing around. She slipped on the gloves, enjoying the quick orgasm each one gave her with a happy little squeal and sigh, and saw another card, the word, “Obey” written on it in pink. The sexy schoolteacher slipped the collar around her neck and clasped it tight, and cummed so hard she could have sworn the world had moved. Her stockings quickly became slick and wet from the hot juices running down her legs.
   She had been thinking all wrong, she realized in the euphoric afterglow. It was a mistake to even have been thinking at all. It was too hard, she knew now, for a girl like her. Guys didn’t want to just be fucked, they wanted to be obeyed. Served. It was her job to obey desire, to serve lust, to spread it wherever she could. That meant concentrating only on clothes, on make-up (like she needed it, she thought with a giggle), on fucking and sucking and doing anything that would make a man’s prick feel safe and warm and appreciated, and even more than all of that – to make sure that every girl around felt the same way. Gloria found herself wondering where Coach Jung was. She felt terrible about not swallowing his cum the other day, that wasn’t like her at all. A period-long apologetic fuck-session was in order, she felt. Her cloudy, cum-hazy brain could only hope that he’d let her service him like he needed.
   Gloria waved cheerfully to Holly when she passed the receptionist’s office. The red-hot brunette winked in response, sitting in the lap of Vice Principal Peters, whispering sweet nothings into his ear that were giving him a sweet something in his pants. Holly, to her credit, acted surprised when she felt it, though in a very appreciative way. The windows on her office faced the front doors to the school, and after a few more minutes anyone walking in would see Holly on her knees, long dark hair falling in all directions all over the Vice Principal’s lap. He didn’t look like he cared much.
   Gloria was on her way to the gym when Nurse Starr suddenly accosted her, grabbing the bodacious blonde by the arm and pulling her inside her office.
   “My, Nurse Starr, I had no idea you could be so . . . forceful.” Gloria demurred.
   She was dressed in a knee-length white skirt, with a tight brown sweater that hugged against her generous chest. “Don’t say such things, Gloria, it’s not really you saying them.”
   Gloria looked at her quizzically.
   “Can’t you see it? It’s like a disease, everywhere, this lust, this heat, this uncontrollable sex-craziness. It’s affecting everyone! You! You used to be six inches shorter, your hair only barely went past your ears, you didn’t dress like a scamp, and if you did you wouldn’t look nearly as absolutely and completely gorgeous as you do now, and the smell of sex, hot sweet incredible sex didn’t used to cling to you like some kind of fog!” Krystal Starr was looking quite turned on by the time she finished speaking.
   Gloria pretended to look hurt. “Are you saying you don’t like the way I dress?”
   “Of course not, I mean-“ her eyes shot quickly up and down Gloria’s stellar body, and she shook her head. “Of course I don’t! It’s unprofessional. From you! You used to be someone I looked up to at this school, someone who refused to give in, who fought for equal rights! Now look at you!”
   Gloria licked her lips. “Yes, Krystal, look at me.” She twirled around, giggling happily. “I know you want to,” she said vainly. “I know you can’t help it.”
   The beautiful nurse indeed couldn’t help it, her hands inching towards the glorious curves that her eyes beheld. “S-stop this, immediately. I won’t let you get me too. Don’t you see that you’re being controlled?”
   “I am being controlled,” Gloria admitted, and pressed Krystal against her desk. “Controlled by lust. You’re looking so hot today. Wearing a skirt like that, you know what it makes me think.” Her breaths were like soft kisses on the nurse’s face. “You’re driving me crazy, Krystal . . .please, don’t deny me?”
   “Deny you wha-mmmpph” Gloria interrupted her with a kiss, pulling apart the buttons of her sweater with one hand, reaching up her skirt with the other. Her push-up bra fell easily.
   She fell back against the desk. Gloria’s fingers played at both ends, pumping in an out of her instantly-wet pussy on one, and rubbing a pink nipple between her forefinger and thumb on the other.
   “Now let’s think,” Gloria said with a giggle, “if I was affecting everybody, then surely you’d be under my clutches too, wouldn’t you?”
   “Oh oh oh my god stop no don’t no yes stop ohhh,” Krystal shook her head, trying to focus. “I was oooh, sick Monday and Tuesday, haven’t been here as long as ohmygod, the others.”
   “That’s silly,” Gloria said. “Certainly if I wanted to I could have taken you any time I could have. You’re silly, Krystal. Such a silly girl.”
   “What do you meeeeeaann oh oh oh my godd sooo good, god you’re so beautiful oh my god,” Krystal talked uncontrollably, helpless in Gloria’s impeccable clutches.
   “Silly girl,” Gloria insisted. “Say it. Say you’re a silly girl.”
   “I’ll do no such thaaaaang,” Krystal moaned as she came. “Oh my silly. I mean girl. Oh my you’re still going oh that’s niiiice.”
   “Silly girls cum for Gloria all the time, Krystal. You just came, and I made you do it, you must be a silly girl. Say it.”
   “But I’m nooot a silly girllll…” Krystal whined weakly. “I’m a professional girl. I mean, oooh, a silly girl. No, I went to colleeeege to be a silllllly girl. A girly silly.” She laughed, another quick orgasm erasing her thoughts. “A silly girl, I’m just a silly girl, I’m a – mmmpph!”
   Gloria cut her off, pulling one half of her top aside and sticking one strawberry-size nipple into the bedazzled nurse’s mouth. The two of them hadn’t known it was possible to have an orgasm just from sucking on a gorgeous woman’s breasts, but they certainly found out.
   An hour later Gloria left the office with Krystal convinced that the best way to treat anyone who came into her office was with booze, or sex, or both. She had absolutely no idea why she had run out so suddenly, but was going to leave to go get some more as soon as she felt like she could stand again. Gloria suggested that she run by Female Designs on the way – a nurse had to dress to impress, after all, or she could never influence anyone to be well.
   Second period had come and gone, but Gloria wasn’t concerned about her students. They would know what to do without her, she was certain. But she was off for third period, and the announcement that fourth period was cancelled had come long ago, so she was free to do as she pleased. She decided, grinning, that she see how her cheerleaders were doing.
   Carolina looked just adorable in her new outfit, the school’s colors adorning her caramel-colored body in sexy white stockings with red flowers on them, the pleated skirt the cheerleaders normally wore was now covering essentials only by a nanometer or so, combined with the newly adjusted halter tops that showed more cleavage than most swimsuits. Their breasts bounced cheerfully as they drilled, throwing each other in the air and revealing skimpy lace and thong panties, if, indeed, they were wearing panties at all. Carolina gasped with pleasure when her eyes caught sight of the young blonde teacher.
   “Gloria!” She shouted happily. “I was hoping you would stop by.”
   More like she begged her to yesterday after spending the period in her clutches, but Gloria didn’t want to waste time with the past.
   “Of course, I love watching you work,” she said, licking her erotic lips. “I was wondering if I could borrow Natasha for a little field trip.”
   Carolina nodded. “Anything you want,” she said eagerly, then bit her lower lip. “Really, Gloria, I’d do anything at all that you need.”
   Gloria smiled at her, and stroked her soft fingers down the side of the Latina’s face. “I know, gumdrop, and I appreciate that tons.” She considered for a moment. “Actually, there is something you could do for me . . .”
   Carolina stepped closer, pressing her body against Gloria’s. “Yes?” She obviously thought she knew what the hot blonde wanted.
   “It’s an issue with the uniforms,” Gloria said, and then at crestfallen look on Carolina’s face, “No, don’t look so sad, I think you did a stupendous job with them.” Her sensual face brightened immediately. “But the footwear needs work. After all, these girls won’t be as sexy as possible unless they’re wearing sexy shoes, right?”
   “Well, that’s true, but then they wouldn’t be able to perform any of the routines . . .”
   “That’s why you just need to modify the routines a bit. Maybe if you focused on other kinds of dancing . . . the erotic sort, for instance, is perfectly suited to high heels and platforms.”
   “Erotic dancing?” Carolina sounded unsure.
   Gloria pulled her in close with her hands around her waist, whispering in her ear. “Look at those hotties, those super-babes that you command.” Carolina’s eyes went to the cheerleaders standing in line. Some of them, taking initiative, had started doing kissing drills on their own. “All those girls, their hot young bodies pressing against each other, sweating, twisting, grinding with each other. With you, if you wanted. That’d put everyone in a good mood, which is what cheerleaders are all about, right?”
   “Oh yes,” Carolina breathed.
   “Then you’ll get those new shoes, right?”
   The toned instructor was too turned on to deny her. “Anything.”
   Gloria slipped a card for Female Designs down Carolina’s cleavage. “Good girl. That card has an address where you can buy as many as you need. And all sorts of other hot clothes. Do you like my outfit?”
   “God, yes.” Carolina’s eyes had been devouring every bit of it since she had seen Gloria walk in.
   “I got it there. Pick up some clothes for yourself while you’re at it. Indulge. A scorching hot babe like you deserves it, don’t you think?”
   Gloria kissed instead of waiting for an answer, not wanting to hear any more protests.
   The drive to the Female Designs store was a fairly quick one. Gloria had been speeding the whole way, enjoying the thrill of going over ninety miles an hour on the small town’s roads while Natasha was planting soft kisses on her neck and ears. The hot teen queen filled her new uniform very nicely. Overfilled, to be truthful, but Gloria didn’t think anyone would complain about that. It was a wonder she didn’t get pulled over with the way she was driving, but she was certain she could have talked her way out of it. Or sucked, or fingered, or fucked, or even by having Natasha do any of those things for her.
   “I’m bringing you here because you’re the hottest babe in school,” she told the hot teen queen, “well, besides me, I mean.” She blew herself a little kiss in the rearview mirror, checking her appearance one last time before exiting the car.
   “And this is where you’ve gotten your hot new clothes?”
   “That’s right, and now you’ll get to dress just like me! Great, huh?”
   “Awesome,” Natasha enthused.
   Gloria was about to say something else, but upon entering the store she was struck absolutely speechless. In front of the counter there was a stunningly handsome man, the single-most attractive male that she had ever seen. Her knees suddenly felt like they were nothing but jelly, her stomach filled with butterflies on speed. He had blonde hair with that just-woken up look that Gloria now decided she was in love with, and he looked like he had been waiting for them.
   “Welcome to Female Designs,” he said, his voice making Gloria’s puddle of a mind melt just a little bit more. “Or welcome back, I should say to you, Miss Phine.” He smiled at her, and it was phenomenal.
   She wanted to rush to him, to kiss him, to seduce him and convince him to fuck her right there on the soft soft carpet of the store. Somehow, she managed to find her composure, smiling prettily right back at him. Gloria took a deep breath, and reminded herself that she was gorgeous. She was gorgeous enough for him. She hoped.
   “Hello handsome,” she said in her sexiest voice, making love to the words as they entered his ears. “You must be like, the owner of the store?”
   She hadn’t meant for the sentence to turn into a question, but it felt more natural. It was just so hard to be sure about anything when she was just a girl. She held out a hand, which the man took and kissed, making Gloria squirm delightedly as a mini-orgasm bolted through her body. Gloria was wearing high high heels and he still stood several inches over her. It felt so natural to look up to him.
   “That’s right,” he said. “I’m Mark, the proprietor of this establishment.”
   Gloria giggled. He was using such big words. He was looking at her like he would fuck her against the window behind her and make her beg for more. She basked in the thought.
   “I see you’re already bringing others to enjoy my clothes. Fantastic, Gloria, you’re being a very good girl.”
   Gloria moaned, the endearment bringing another mini-orgasm. Natasha held out her hand just as Gloria did, and Mark kissed it as well.
   “Natasha,” the teen beauty breathed.
   “Of course. You’re Gloria’s sister?”
   They both giggled. “Oh no,” said Gloria. “She’s a student from school. She’s so hot, I just had to let her know about this place. Everything here is so absolutely wonderful.”
   Her eyes sparkled like sapphires as she cast adoring looks at Mark. He was so hot.
   “Hmm,” he said. “Could’ve sworn you were sisters. You’re both just such really hot babes that, well, nevermind.” His eyes ran over both of their phenomenal bodies, slowly, methodically, knowingly. “Natasha,” he let his gaze cast on the blonde teen, “feel free to look around the store and come up to the counter whenever you’re ready to check out. Gloria and I will be up here.”
   Natasha ardently went through the rows of clothing, picking out different items right away. Mark’s hand found a resting place on Gloria’s tight, toned ass, his fingers toying with the thong rising up out of it. She didn’t think she had ever been so happy.
   “So um,” Gloria said, twirling nervously with a long, long strand of glossy blond hair, “there was something that like, I wanted to ask you?”
   Mark’s eyes were focused intently on Gloria’s huge, stiffening nipples. She raised her chest up to give him a better view.
   “Go ahead,” he said.
   Her voice went as soft as it ever had, nearly a whisper. “Um, like, well, there’s a dance tonight at the school, and like, if you weren’t doing anything, um, I was really, like, hoping that maybe you could go with me, maybe? Pretty please?”
   Gloria’s hands were clasped in front of her waist, one toe hopefully digging into the carpet, her eyes downcast, completely unaware of her own beauty.
   “Sure,” he said casually, and Gloria cheered inside, “I’ll swing by and pick you up at seven, okay?”
   “That would be totally fantas . . . fan . . . I mean, really awesome.” She giggled again. Words were hard.
   “So you like my clothes, Gloria?” He asked.
   “Totally!” She said enthusiastically, wanting to make him smile. “They’re like, the best things that have ever been made ever.”
   He smiled, just like she hoped, and made her swoon. “Thank you. I designed them all myself. The fabric is one-of-a-kind, you might have noticed.”
   He kept talking, using big terms explaining away the chemical make-up of the fabric, but Gloria couldn’t focus on his words. She just lost herself in his dreamy eyes, wanting nothing but to kiss him. She licked her lips, giving their puffy pink surface a glossy shine.
   “Oh,” he realized, smiling slyly. “I suppose an explanation can wait until later. Is there something you wanted to say?”
   She shook her head. “It was more like there was something I wanted to do?”
   One strong, manly hand sat under her chin, guiding her face towards his in what was the most perfect moment of Gloria’s entire life. The kiss was short, but sweet, Gloria moaning into his mouth when another orgasm spiraled down towards her pussy. One of the stunning blonde’s boot-clad feet popped up on reflex. Natasha interrupted them, holding an armful of clothes.
   “I wanted to get these?” She said, a tangle of underwear, sexy shoes, and outfits in her hands.
   Gloria and Natasha exited the store a little while later, Natasha having four bags of clothing in her hands. Gloria picked up a few more items for herself, mostly small knick-knacks like a gem-studded chain that spelled out “Sexy” to put around her waist as a mock-belt, and a plethora of new styled collars.
   “I just spent like, over a thousand dollars,” Natasha giggled.
   “Well, like, at least you got one free,” said Gloria, giggling with her.
   Mark had been nice enough to give Natasha a free outfit since she had spent so much money at the store, but only if she put it on before leaving and only if he got to choose what it was. Natasha was so happy with the deal that she kissed Mark right on the lips, which resulted in them making out for a good two or three minutes while Gloria looked on in horny envy until the dreamdoll hunk gently reminded Natasha that she needed to change. She came out a few minutes later looking boner-inspiring in the exact same outfit that Gloria had on.
   “Sisters should dress alike,” he said with a smile.
   Lost again in his eyes and a bit dazed from the necking session they had been enjoying while Natasha was in the dressing room, Gloria forgot to correct him.
   “Also, like, I’m sure you can convince Dad, I mean, your Dad, that you need some more money.” Gloria winked at her. “You just have to ask him the right way.”
   Gloria knew Natasha’s family was loaded, just like she knew most things about her hot young protégé. She had known her for like, a billion years, so it was only natural.
   “Gloria!” Natasha sounded a bit shocked. “Not with, I mean, I couldn’t . . .”
   “Why not? He’s a guy, like any other.” Except for Mark, anyway. “He’ll probably love it, too. It would make him hot, having his tart of a daughter giving him a little lip-service.” She giggled.
   Natasha giggled with her, brushing a hand through her thick, blonde tresses. “I guess you’re right,” she admitted after a bit, grinning. “So like, how long have you and Mark been going out now?” Natasha asked.
   Gloria giggled at the thought. “Oh, we aren’t . . .”
   She was about to say Mark wasn’t her boyfriend, but that wasn’t right at all. Gloria and he had been dating, and fucking, since high school when he first moved to town. They had practically owned the school. Gloria remembered sucking off all of his teachers before finals to make sure her beau got straight A’s. Nothing but the best for him, and Gloria was his, so she, obviously, had to be the best. She giggled helplessly at the sudden flood of memories. He was the reason she grew her hair out so long, to her ass. Mark always said that a girl who wore her hair long was showing to the world that she cared more about looks than practicality, and if a girl’s hair was really long it just meant that she wanted to spend more time fussing with her appearance than anything boring like schoolwork or anything else that needed a lot of thinking. He would parade her around the school, big strong hands grabbing her ass possessively as he openly flirted with other girls. Gloria knew he slept around, heck, she helped seduce more than half of the girls that Mark was with, and made sure to be there if he ever felt like a threesome. Gloria’s duties as cheerleader captain interfered sometimes with being with Mark at all times, so she made sure that there was always a hot babe at his side to keep him all kinds of company. In fact, she was the only babe in the school with an actual boyfriend – all the others made sure to keep themselves available in case Mark decided he wanted to bone them that day. Gloria couldn’t blame them, Mark was a stud, and studs deserved a lot of girls. A hundred for each day of the week.
   “Anyway,” Natasha broke her out of the spell, “I’m just like, soooo jealous of you. He’s got to be the sexiest guy I’ve ever seen.”
   Gloria looked at her sister and smiled. “You know he totally wants to bone you, too.”
   Natasha blushed. “Shut up!”
   “I’m serious! He tells me it all the time.”
   “You think I really have a chance?”
   “Of course you do, beautiful. He loves screwing me, and we look just alike, so . . .”
   “Oh Gloria!” Natasha moved from her seat and hugged her, holding on. “That would make me so happy.”
   Natasha’s face was buried in Gloria’s mammoth melons. “Well, what’s a big sister for?”
   The teen laughed. “Sister? We’re not – ”
   She paused then, as if thinking about something. Gloria recognized it, it was the same sort of breaks in thought that she had been getting lately. Had she? Now it was hard to remember. A giggle popped a few more brain cells sifting around in the lust-riddled haze of her brain.
   “It’s just like, we’re around each other so much,” Natasha explained. “I hardly ever think of you as my sister.”
   Gloria kissed the top of her forehead. “I know the feeling.”
   The two of them had been dominating the high school ever since Natasha had been of age to go. She remembered seducing Carolina Flores, not for the first time, into naming her sister as her successor as cheerleader captain. By that time the lovely Latin-beauty barely needed seducing, but it was fun to make her submit to her will the long way. Carolina had such an endearing way of squirming as Gloria convinced her again and again of things that she never would believed if not for the glorious blonde’s intense sexual atmosphere.
   She felt wet again, and slowly guided Natasha’s head down to her pussy, carefully avoiding the steering wheel. The gorgeous teen offered no resistance. It was so nice having a kid sister, Gloria thought with a grin.
   Mark arrived right on time at her apartment, though they left a bit later than they should have. She had to introduce him to Holly, but during their conversation realized with a start that the two had met long ago, and that Holly had in fact been kind enough to suck Marks’s superb cock when Gloria had to teach at school on occasion. Natasha had been busy dumping her boyfriend when Mark arrived, staying over at Gloria’s place like what was usual on Fridays, but came out dressed to fuck in a sparkling silver-minidress that revealed everything and hid nothing. Gloria and Holly’s own dress were of a similar design, with the same long slits along the sides and plunging neckline, the fabric of the outfit seemingly held up entirely by their gargantuan titties, except that Holly’s was red and Gloria’s was gold. They each wore sparkling skin-tight thigh-high boots with six-inch platform heels that matched their outfits, Gloria was the only one with a collar on. It was black, the word “HIS” spelled out in rhinestones. After she, Holly, and Natasha traded kisses on the couch with the hunk for a few dozen minutes he suggested that it was time to leave to go to the dance. They all reluctantly left his lap.
   Holly drove, acting the chauffer as usual. The two blonde bimbo babe sisters entertained Mark in the backseat, alternating between kissing each other and kissing him to turn him on. It was so great to obey his desire.
   Mark strutted into the gym where the dance was being held like he owned the place, and Gloria supposed that since she basically owned the school and Mark owned her, he did indeed. Gloria and Natasha were wrapped around his arm on either side, looking at nothing but his handsome face. All eyes turned to them when they entered, everyone stopping what they were doing to stare. The sexual heat emanating from their presence was nigh-tangible, filling the heads of everyone in the area, clouding their thoughts, pushing any old ideas aside and filling their now air-filled heads with tits, legs, skin, hair, sex. It was impossible to be in the same room as Natasha or Holly without thinking about hard, forceful fucking, let alone the dazzling epitome of lust that was now Gloria.
   Most of the girls, as Gloria had hoped, were dressed in miniskirts and tight tops, pressing their bodies fervently against whatever boys were with them. Many were dancing with other girls, while the guys whooped and cheered them on. Gloria saw Carolina passionately kissing Rebecca Hodges, a sweet-bodied brunette Junior cheerleader. She recognized the design of her dress from Mark’s store. Her eyes fell on Claire Adams after a few minutes, sending her a wink and then Holly to occupy her time. Mark had given all three of them plenty of business cards to pass around, which they did eagerly, wanting everyone to experience how great he was at Female Designs. When Gloria ran out of cards, she spiked the punch with a bottle of vodka brought from home. No sense in not having some fun.
   Mark picked up a chair and brought it to the middle of the dance floor, Gloria and Natasha in tow, and then ordered the two blondes to show the other girls how to dance. They started by bumping and grinding against each other, wanting to excite him with their bodies – it certainly worked for the circle that had gathered around the trio. Then they moved to either side, and proceeded to rub every inch of body that they could around Mark’s, each blonde beauty wrapping a lavishly long leg around one of his, sliding the inside of their legs against his thighs while their tits were mashed against his face and body in tune with the thumping beat of the music. If they let up, it was only to kiss each other, or him, which happened a lot. Holly, still with Principal Adams, began to give her the same sort of treatment. The petite redhead was powerless to stop the newly-turned bisexual, and soon the sex and heat created from their collective bodies began to affect everyone in the same way. Formerly chaste, prim high school girls were acting like strippers, handing out lap dances to anyone that even hinted at the idea. Gloria barely noticed, because Mark kept touching her legs, her tits, her hair. It was so hard to think about anything except what a hunk he was when he was so close, so right. It was so hard to think when she was just his silly babe. Just a girly girl with air in her head and sex on what little of her mind she could use.
   By the time they left, have the student body were exploring student’s bodies. The sweet perfume of sex and lust reverberated throughout the entire school. When nooks and corners in the gym ran out, many went to classrooms. Most simply stopped caring and screwed on the dance floor, though a lot of them had enough decency left to use a tablecloth to cover themselves. Mark, however, wanted a little more privacy.
   Mark spent the night at Gloria’s apartment that night, as did Natasha, Holly, and a hot senior (and at future valedictorian) Elisha Lee, who for some reason seemed more focused on pleasing Gloria than Mark at first. She didn’t quite understand the hot Asian’s reasoning, but then Mark (he was so smart!) suggested she put on some of Natasha’s new lingerie to help her get in the mood. That and a bottle of wine made her up for anything, including three other sexy-hot girls and a guy. Mark fucked Gloria first, alone in her bedroom while the others got drunker playing drinking (and kissing) games. He told her it was her privilege, for being the first. He told her she should expect certain privileges for being so beautiful, and so <i>his</i>. They had screwed a hundred thousand times before, Gloria remembered most of them, except for the times when she had blacked out from the pleasure, but for some reason, that night after the dance felt like the first. She supposed it was just because he was so utterly fabulous at it. After their romp, Mark invited everyone else inside.
   They rested very little that night.


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Re: A Change in Style by MasterStroke (2007)
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Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction intended solely for the entertainment of adult persons. All characters and situations are entirely fictional and based on no one in particular, taking place in a universe where sexually transmitted viruses and diseases don't actually exist, except for the fun ones that make everyone obsessed with sex.   


   Gloria woke up on Saturday afternoon to the sweet slurping sound of Natasha’s and Holly’s tongues running along her nipples. Mark was nowhere to be found, but for once Gloria found herself not caring, as her two adoring lovers continued to pleasure her tits, their fingers taking turns in her tight, wet cunt. They came at the same time she did, her own power of orgasm stretching beyond her body just like her heat did, and then snuggled back against her hot body, caressing it fondly. Carefully, Gloria slipped out between the two, and stepped to the floor, only to find Elisha laying there with a thumb in her cute little mouth. Gloria giggled, and finding a Female Designs card on her nearby chest-of-drawers, laid it inside her half-torn panties (making sure to moisten her a bit there before letting go). Considerations of another romp ran through Gloria’s head, but she decided against it – there would be time later, and she was supposed to get to school.
   She decided to walk to the school, despite her admittedly poor choice of clothing for such a venture. Her sheer lace-purple dress clung to her every curve like it had been wetted down, and even though it was practically see-through in most places, stitched-in bright purple flowers covered essentials. Gloria giggled at the lovely symbolism, making her tits bounce in the low-cut dress. Thigh-high purple boots with huge, clunky platform heels adorned her legs, and though the school was over two miles away Gloria never once felt uncomfortable walking in them. Mark was such a genius with clothes, she sighed contentedly. Her stockings, similarly purple, had frills at the tops of them, matching the frilly gloves she had put on. A purple ribbon was tied in a big, happy bow around her neck.
   She received five propositions for dates before arriving at school, though naturally she turned them all down. Gloria was Mark’s girl, she couldn’t go around accepting dates from different men when he might want her on any night! Three of them had stopped beside the sidewalk in their fast, expensive cars to ask her, and Gloria, not wanting to make them feel bad for wasting the gas to stop and talk, sucked them off. Only one protested, and that was before his hands had been put on Gloria’s twin peaks.
   It was six-thirty before she made it to the school, a full fifteen minutes late for her own banquet. She had wanted to skip it but Mark insisted that it was important that she give her speech on the young women in the world. Schmooze the guests, spread the word about his shop. When she had protested that she didn’t even have a speech to give, he reminded that it didn’t matter – everyone would be putty in her hands, or tits, or legs, or whatever she decided to entangle them with.
   Claire, ordinarily a crowd-pleasing orator, was stumbling over her words in apology as Gloria walked in. All the same, she was still dressed to please the crowd in a form-fitting black dress, and Claire quite suddenly appeared to have quite the form to fit to.
   “Well, you see, I had a speech prepared, but it was lost when I showered with it, I mean, poured water on it accidentally. I was thinking of what to say about our young Miss Phine, who is so, so excellent, I thought of in the shower, I mean, when I poured water on it. She is phenomenal. So perfect.” Her longish red hair was tussled, and her eyes were glazed. Gloria saw Carolina sitting on the stage beside her, applying a coat of deep red lipstick to her lovely lips. The Latina gave her a sultry wink when she noticed her. “Uh, with our children, I mean. So very, very sex, er, spectacular as a teacher and a – ” Her eyes brightened when she saw the bountiful blonde had entered. “Gloria Phine, everyone!”
   Gloria put on her best smile. Everyone stood up to see her, some fought for more room, others stood up on their chairs. The guests were mostly parents and teachers from other counties interested in starting up more sections of YWAG. Gloria minced slowly towards the stand, stopping occasionally to casually introduce herself with a kiss and a hug, pressing her tits against an unexpecting patron and exposing them to her uncontrollable lust. When she finally took the stand, half the crowd was sweating just from looking at her. Gloria noted that within the crowd of maybe a hundred, Natasha, Holly, and Krystal Starr could all be seen, spaced out evenly, there to support her in whatever way they could. Krystal even had on a bright, white, latex mockery of a nurse’s uniform on, complete with white stilettos, sheer white stockings, and a latex cap. She was sure they’d come in handy, and pushed the podium aside. It wouldn’t do to have all of these people not look at her rhapsodical curves. Near the back there was punch being served, and she watched as Natasha and Holly took over for the dumbfounded young man who had previously been handing it out. In quick order Holly gave herself something of his to handle, just so there were no hard feelings. A big bottle of liquor was poured into the punch before they began running it up and down the rows. Gloria waited until they had served about half of the crowd before beginning her speech, posing beautifully beforehand, and pretending to have an intense conversation with Carolina while bent over at the waist, her lack of panties readily apparent to the people behind her.
   “Young Women need to be aware about the changes in this world,” Gloria began. “They need to know about the old ways of doing things. Where men ran everything, and women stayed at home and looked pretty and only existed to serve the male-run society. They need to know that feminism was nothing but a petty phase built by silly girls who thought they were as smart as men.” She giggled. “Obviously we’ve moved on since then. It’s a proven fact that life evolves, and so does thinking . . . or the lack thereof. Women want to be empowered, of course we do, but the meaning of that has changed. What’s more empowering to a girl than to fulfill her ultimate role in this world? That is, to serve men? Our forms are naturally pleasing to the eyes of the men around us, so it’s only natural that we do our best to make our forms even pleasing to them every day. And the best way, the only way to really please, is to obey. It’s so simple. It has to be, for silly girls like me.” She giggled, again. Now women in the crowd were giggling with her. “That’s what this group is all about. Learning how to please men, teaching girls how to enjoy their places in servitude, making sure that they can make a man want them all the time. The Young Women’s Awareness Group is about nothing but making women aware of how to please our superiors, and I promise that if the group spreads, so will this fundamental message.”
   She received a standing ovation. Every male member of the crowd gave her a forward ovation as well. Cards for Female Designs were passed out and quickly accepted. Mark would make a fortune from this.
   Afterwards she remembered suddenly that Mark had requested her presence at the store, after closing. It wasn’t as if she could refuse him. She arrived exactly on time, just like a good girl. He was there waiting on her, in the dressing room, practically dissolving her clothes the second she entered. They fucked, fast, furious, fabulous. It was just like always. Gloria didn’t know how Mark made her feel like she was getting screwed for the first time each time they had sex, or how she could have more than a dozen orgasms in less than a half-hour, but she loved it.
   She was on her knees, adoring Mark’s muscular form when he said it. When the haze lifted from her mind at last. She was completely naked, Mark had stripped her bare during their lovemaking and threw her clothes at the door, and she hadn’t understood why. The memories of the last few days didn’t just dawn on her, they barreled into her brain in a barrage of emotion and anger.
   “What-what-what?” Gloria stuttered. She couldn’t believe what had happened.
   “So, Gloria,” Mark said with a smile, “How does it feel to be young again?”
   “You did this to me?” Gloria wanted to sound outraged, but all her soft, throaty voice could manage was turned-on.
   Mark laughed. “Of course I did.”
   Gloria paused for a moment, not knowing quite where to start. It had been so long since she had been able to have a decent thought.
   “The clothes!” She exclaimed, sounding quite happy about it.
   Gloria looked past Mark at the mirror behind him. At her gorgeous, underwear-stain-inspiring reflection. She was unbelievably hot, she looked like she had stepped out from a drawing of some boob-obsessed artist; her body would make the nymphs from the hentai comics she had confiscated in the past jealous. A real woman didn’t have hair that touched the floor when she was on her knees, and if she did it certainly wouldn’t be so thick¸ and her breasts wouldn’t automatically put themselves on display, never hanging, never drooping, just perfect and huge. Her waist had never been so tiny, and so tightly formed, and her ass, and her legs! Ancient Greek sculptors couldn’t have made a better body. Not to mention a face that could have made an angel fall from heaven.
   “Oh my god,” Gloria tittered.
   “Mmm,” Mark nodded, “You are quite a lovely sight, aren’t you? I don’t know if you’ll ever be outdone.”
   “You monster,” she said adoringly, “change me back! I can’t be like this! I don’t want to!”
   She tried to get up, tried to attack him. The befuddled blonde managed only to stand before he looked at her sharply and stopped her in her tracks.
   “Please, Gloria,” he said with disbelief, “One of the secrets of my program is that I can’t really change anyone to be someone they don’t want to be, on some level.”
   His poker face was unbelievable, and she couldn’t tell if he was lying or not. “I don’t want this! I would never want this! I am a serious woman, I want serious things! Why would you do this?”
   He shrugged. “Why not? You’re a wet dream. Really, you ought to thank me. You have everything you want – girls fall all over themselves trying to be like you, and men do whatever you desire.”
   “This isn’t how I wanted it to be.”
   Mark shrugged. “You say tomato . . . ”
   Gloria thought for a second. “But . . . but how? They were just clothes!”
   “Of my own design. I won’t get into the details, because let’s face it, you’re probably not going to understand any of them –”
   “I most certainly would!” Indignation simmered into meekness.
   “Last time I checked, you were a history teacher, not a chemist with a doctorate.”
   Gloria tried scowling, and wound up smiling cheerfully. “Fine, then,” she said.
   “Suffice it to say that I made a most amazing discovery during the course of my life. A chemical with the ability to change the entire make-up of a person’s body. Their appearance, their thoughts, anything. Responded to strong thoughts of desire, and a little tinkering for oh, fifteen years, and I made sure it responded only to the thoughts I wanted it to. That being, mine. Another five years of preparation, and I can shape anyone that wears my special clothes with my chemical on it.”
   Gloria wanted to snort derisively. She giggled. “You worked on this for twenty years? When did you start, when you were three?”
   “My chemical works on anyone, male or female, Gloria. You used to be thirty-five. I used to be sixty-seven. For obvious reasons, I should think, I’ve chosen to work exclusively on females.”
   “But why start in a small town?”
   “It’s the only place to start. Somewhere small, to let it grow. Go town by town, build it up. I have all the time I need, now. There’s no rush. Besides, although the substance is amazing, it does take time to work. It needs several days of contact before I have complete control. Desire, of course, helps expediate the process, and so naturally I chose a high school to start. Hard to find more uncontrolled desire than a place like that. Add an uptight woman with unfulfilled dreams of being a high school hottie-“
   “Not true,” Gloria whined weakly.
   “Of course not,” Mark smiled. “Like <i>I</i> was the one giving you dreams of being fucked against your bookshelves.”
   “How do I know you weren’t?” Why did her voice have to get so little-girly whenever she asked a question?
   “Come now, Gloria,” he smiled disarmingly, “where’s the trust?”
   “Monster,” she gushed.
   Oh, but how she did wish she could look at something else than his fantastically handsome face, his chiseled abs, his perfectly solidly sexy body. Her eyes stayed strictly above waist level, not wanting anything to do with the long, thick cock he had waiting there. This would be so much easier if her body wasn’t so receptive to visual cues like the ones he emitted.
   “I think time will tell on that one,” said Mark. “Anyway, through my guidance, your own lust got magnified exponentially a million times over, releasing pheromones that I don’t even think the CDC knows about yet.”
   “So what?” Gloria demanded, her voice soft and low. “Now I’m going to spend my life doing your dishes and cleaning your house and cooking and serving! No, thank you!” She really wished she could sound like she didn’t want to do all those things so badly.
   “Maybe at first that’s what I was thinking, I’ll admit,” Mark said. “And I’m not saying you won’t do and utterly enjoy all of those things, but during this little trial-run I’ve found that you are incredibly useful. Nobody can stand against you when you set your mind to it, and you conduct lust like current through copper. No, I think you’re going to be my flagship girl. How does that sound?”
   Gloria didn’t answer. Her mind was racing with what he just said. She could seduce anyone now! Mark was a man, if she put her mind to it, she could . . .
   “Please Mark,” she cooed softly, feeling dirty, feeling hot. “Can’t we work this out somehow?”
   He looked taken aback. “What do you mean?”
   “I mean, isn’t there some sort of arrangement we could come to?”
   She found herself able to step forward. Yes! His hold was breaking. She came very close to him. This was so wrong, so awful. But if it worked, she could be free. It didn’t hurt that Mark was so utterly handsome.
   Her unreasonably hot body pressed up against his, one of her soft, dainty hands going to his face.
   “Please, Mark, let me go? I could make you so, so happy to do it.”
   Mark appeared as if he had no idea what was going on. “Gloria, what’s come over you-mmmmm”
   She pressed her lips against his, luxuriating in the soft thrill that the kiss gave her. She let her tongue, wet and pink, slip into his mouth. Her hands went to his naked crotch, stroking his hardening shaft. It was working! The important part was to pretend like she enjoyed it, just pretend like it was a thrill when his hand squeezed her ass, when her nipples skipped along his muscular chest . . .
   The kiss ended when Mark started burst out laughing.
   “I’m sorry,” he laughed, “I didn’t mean to lead you on, and you certainly are a dish, but,” he laughed again, “did you honestly think you would be able to seduce me when I could take you whenever I felt like?”
   Gloria’s cheeks burst into red from the shame. Mark continued to deride her.
   “Here you were, trying to insist that you were a serious woman. Business-minded. And what happens when your inferior intelligence can’t talk you out of a situation? You try to use your appearance to get ahead. Women,” he tsked, “have been taking advantage of their good looks for ages, whenever their inability to persuade was too great an obstacle to overcome.”
   “You-you made me do that!”
   “No, Gloria, you made you do that.” He ran a finger down the small of her back. She tried to ignore the hot shiver it gave her. “I had nothing to do with it. But it does serve to prove my point. Regardless, if you still think you really want to be ‘free’, that you actually believe that you’re made for something other than sex, then I have a test for you.”
   He walked outside of the dressing room for a minute, Gloria tried to run but found she couldn’t move, again, before Mark returned with a lavender collar in his hand. “I’ll let you go,” he said, “if you can last the entire night in this room without putting this collar on.”
   He let it hang on a nearby clothes hook. “It’s one o’clock. The sun rises at five forty-five this morning. I’ll be watching you, Gloria,” he pointed to the camera. “Just for fun. I know how you’ll choose. You can’t deny yourself.”
   “Watch me!” She purred, as he shut the door behind her.
   Gloria found suddenly that she could move. She rushed to the door, only to find it locked. She whimpered softly, wishing, again, that it didn’t sound like a sexy moan. A little curious, she picked up the collar off its hook, seeing the word, “SLAVE” written in diamonds. She threw it across the room in disgust.
   She hated Mark. Hated, hated, hated him. How could he do this to her? To anyone? He was such a pig, such an obviously disgusting horrible human being. Turning women of all ages into brainless bimbos just so he could fuck whoever he pleased, probably wanting to get sucked off during his breakfast after boning the hot red-headed cook, maybe it would be Claire, before going to work and having a full shop of cute, stacked clerks doting on him and why was she thinking like this? Gloria shook her head, her long locks flying everywhere.
   It was all the sex lately. It had burnt her mind. She couldn’t focus on anything else, it seemed like. And how was she supposed to, when this perfect porn-star body that was supposed to be hers now was looking right back at her in the mirror! It was almost hypnotic. She ran a hand down one side, and then back up, feeling herself go weak in the knees when she did. The urge to pop a finger in her pussy was almost overwhelming. This was part of the test. She didn’t need to resist just the collar, and the awful, horrible, sweet, delicious, sensuous feeling of submission (stop that!), but also herself. And Gloria knew she was irresistible. Natasha and Holly really had no chance against her. Oh god, he made her think Natasha was her <i>sister</i>. Personally, she couldn’t stand the girl. She was a rich snob that made sure everyone knew how great she had it. And what a great bod she had, oh golly, Gloria could lick her for hours and . . . no.
   She needed to lay down, that was it. The carpet was plush, soft. As she and Mark had just found out, it was perfect for fucking on, over and over again, like there was no tomorrow, and screaming, and moaning, and . . . stop. Deep breaths. She couldn’t look up, because there were mirrors there as well, so she put her head on her arm with her hair blanketing her body. It was so soft. The floor was so soft. She was so soft. Gloria giggled.
   In a rush of fright she jumped up. Was the carpet coated with the substance as well? She wagged her finger at herself in the mirror.
   “No more giggling?” It was supposed to be an order, it came out like she was asking to suck someone off. “Like, please?” She giggled again, making her tits dance for her in the mirror. “Oh no,” she sighed, putting her face into her hands.
   She was acting so sexy, that was the problem. It was as if she couldn’t help but be simple, silly, sensationally seductive. Had she wanted all these things? She had to admit that Holly was fantastic in bed, as was Natasha. Heck, so was Mark. God was he ever. But that didn’t mean she had wanted to be with any of them. Did it? But Mark had said it only worked if she wanted it on some level . . . no, that was a lie, it had to be a lie. Just like her gorgeous body and all those hot little memories that kept plopping down into her head.
   She found herself dangerously close to the mirror, her hair-trigger nipples pressed flush against it as she found herself lost in her own deep blue eyes. Damn, I look good, she thought. It was so hard to not be vain when nothing about her even hinted of imperfection. She had to get her mind off of herself.
   The only other thing in the room was the collar. She walked up to it, kicked it around. There was no way such a thing would ever go around her neck again. It signified submission, meekness, servility, everything that Gloria was against in women. It seemed so small to be so important, to hold the key to her freedom. If she put it on, she’d be nothing but a pet, a *WOMAN*, a bimbo to use and enjoy at her Master’s pleasure, probably going from high school to high school to pick out the hottest of the hot to have come and serve her new Lord, of course seducing the real estate agent into getting Him an incredible deal on the mansion to fit all of His new lovelies, spreading the word of Female Designs everywhere until every girl in America was wearing them and cumming just at the sight of Master Mark like good little girls and oh oh god was she ever turned on.
   She needed to cum, that was the answer. If she came she’d be able to calm herself down for a while, at least until she needed to cum again, and then she would do so. It was so simple. Her reflection was turning her on, so why not just use the time to enjoy herself? Mark would find her in the morning with the collar completely forgotten about. She had won already.
   She sat down in front of the mirror, admiring her own curves, blowing herself a little kiss. She tweaked her huge nipples with one hand, letting the other dip into her boiling hot pussy. It felt divine. Gloria felt more turned on than she could ever remember, aside from when she was around Mark. She gasped as the handsome manipulator suddenly entered her thoughts, increasing her horniness even more. Determined to shut him out, she brought up the image of Holly, on the first night they were together. She had been so lovely . . . but that just brought up memories of the night before, when she had been licking Holly’s tits while Mark drilled into Gloria from behind. The shock of the vividness of the memory, the tangible feeling of Mas . . . of Mark inside of her made Gloria cum without warning.
   She let out a little whine. It was no fair. She didn’t want to cum to Mark, she wanted to cum for herself. Determined, she began to play with herself again, only needing to look in the mirror to get turned on again. Her toes plunged into the deep, silk-soft carpets as she conjured up the image of her sist . . . of Natasha, blonde, sexy, gorgeous. She imagined them in the car again, her knowledgeable tongue sliding its way into her slit, but that just brought up the memory of that morning, drunk, sucking off Mark while Natasha laid under her and lapped gently at her pussy. She came again, immediately after imagining her Mast . . . after thinking of Mark. The hot smell of her lust was let loose by the dual orgasms, making her head spin.
   Gloria tried again, imagining Natasha and Holly kissing her along her chest, her stomach, her thighs, but again, Mark entered the picture, bringing up the hotness of the night before, the sweltering heat they created in the room just by fucking, her head getting bounced off the headboard on her bed as Mark drilled her, Natasha and Holly all cheering him on, telling him to fuck her, Natasha begging him to fuck her sister harder, all of them cumming at the exact same time just like Gloria was cumming now. Her breaths were deep, long, and spectacular to look at now that her tits were glistening with sweat. She felt like she was floating.
   It was just so hard to cum without thinking of her Master. Of her Mark. Of Mark. She looked up at the ceiling, saw her own sweaty body looking back at her, and licked her lips. It was so hard to do anything serious when she looked so hot and sex was soooo much fun. Dimly she remembered that the cameras on the ceiling had just watched her cum three times in a row. She giggled happily. Oh well, no changing it now. She couldn’t change anything. That smell, that perfume . . . it was her scent, it just made her feel so light-headed all the time.
   With another giggle she crumpled down on to her hands and knees, and crawled across the room to where she had kicked the collar. The carpet was so soft, it was made to be crawled around on. Mark must have known, he was so thoughtful. She picked up the collar with one long, dainty finger, letting it swing there for a while. It was such a silly thing, a collar. Why wear one? Totally unnecessary. Gloria’s body was made for fucking, she didn’t want to belong to someone to tell her what to do all the time. She rubbed the thing between her fingers, enjoying its velvety feel. It was difficult to deny that it would feel great around her neck, being so soft and sexy. She just wanted to get out of this room. Maybe she could only pretend to be a slave to get out? No, no that wouldn’t work, she told herself, Mark was smarter than that. She was silly to think something like that. So silly.
   Her face was close to the collar now, she could smell it. It had a scent that reminded her of fresh, yummy fruit. She giggled. She was a fresh, yummy fruit, juicy and delicious. She giggled again. A little curious, she licked the collar, wondering what it tasted like. Just like fruit . . . strawberries, maybe? It was hard to tell, one lick was strawberry, another raspberry, another grape. She licked it again, enjoying the taste, then again, then again, again, again. Gloria was getting turned on. She flipped over to her back, ran the collar up and down her melodious curves as her fingers dove once again into her searing hot cunt. She imagined her Mark was fucking her in the bathroom of the mall, after showing her off to everyone there and a hot make-out session in the cool waters of the fountain in the cafeteria. She would be dripping wet, everywhere, all of her slick and receptive to his knowing touch, his knowing fuck. When Mark’s work was done they wouldn’t have to bother hiding their passion, every girl in town would be busty and bimbo-brained and sex-crazy just like her, except, she thought with a giggle, that she would be hotter because that’s what Mark wanted. The collar in her mouth, the taste of sweet fruit running down her throat, Gloria came again with her Master’s cock in her pussy.
   Except it wasn’t. It had only been her imagination. She wanted to serve Him, please Him, be with Him. Why wasn’t she? She was stuck, stuck in this room until she . . . put on the collar. She stood up suddenly, a little wobbly, feeling almost drunk from the intense orgasms she had given herself, and blew a kiss at the camera, at her Master, watching her. Tossing her hair back, she opened the collar, put it against the soft flesh of her neck, and began to close. An instant before it snapped shut, far too late to stop her fingers from moving, a fit of sobriety came to her again – who she was, why this wrong, why this wasn’t what she wanted, her mind screaming one last final plea of anger and defiance – and then it clicked a moment later and the old her was erased forever.
   When Mark entered the room a few minutes later she was on her hands and knees, waiting for him. He had put his clothes back on. He beckoned her forward with a finger, and she obediently complied, crawling forward before melting into his body with her head against his crotch.
   “Only thirty minutes, Glory,” her Master said, running a hand through her hair, “I expected a little longer.”
   She could only giggle. “I just like, realized my place, that’s all. I never had a choice at all.”
   “I suppose you didn’t.” Mark unzipped his pants. “Well then,” he said, “it’s time to fulfill your station.”
   Glory nearly came with joy. She had never been happier.