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Adult Entertainers / Re: Missy Martinez
« Last post by mandahuevos on Today at 10:00:11 am »

XXL Models / Amateurs / Re: Niko Artmodel
« Last post by harrynak on Today at 09:58:17 am »
I believe she's only 800 it there abouts
Amateurs / Re: Bibiana Pospiech
« Last post by harrynak on Today at 09:53:47 am »
Oh wow. She just has them since February. Nice that she went from flat to (too(of course not)) big
Fitness models / Re: Linda "iron"
« Last post by NJSpamAlot on Today at 09:36:22 am »
Sorry to have pissed in your Cheerios dude...I just googled "linda steele age" or something like that and the first couple links that came up showed that.  I don't know how old she is nor do I care how old she is.  If you know how old she is, then why didn't you answer the question?  FDH ::)

I thought your eyes were bad, but I guess your brain is going bad too. The post you replied to clearly stated she is 51. Maybe this will refresh your poor memory...

She just turned 51 on this past Friday (August 6th).

Now look who replied just an hour later...

I've seen on several sites showing her birthday to be Feb 1987, making her 34 now

Ring any bells?

And if you don't care how old she is, why take the time to look up her age and then make a post (with the wrong information) about her age? Seems like you're contradicting yourself a bit, lol.

Lastly, you're not using "pissed in your Cheerios" correctly. Maybe look that up too. Just don't use the same site where you found Linda's age. ;)
Amateurs / Autumn Blair
« Last post by tootske on Today at 09:19:20 am »

Lives in Dubai. She has a onlyfans page too.
didn't find her yet on tpb but guess you guys will like her.
She has a long-term bf now so only shoots with him or a couple of girls.

Although I no longer follow her onlyfans I do have some bits and pieces that might be of interest to anyone here that is (mostly) not from her onlyfans. ;)
Define "shoots with him" exactly. lol
Adult Entertainers / Re: Carol Goldnerova W4B - Sexy
« Last post by mandahuevos on Today at 09:00:42 am »

Models / Glamour / Re: Ashley Vee
« Last post by mandahuevos on Today at 08:51:22 am »

Models / Glamour / Re: Dana Hamm
« Last post by mandahuevos on Today at 08:43:29 am »

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