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Hello everyone,

First off let me thank you all for helping build this community bigger and stronger every day. Without all of you we wouldn't be what we are today.
That being said, we may just require a bit more help from our members, or at least one of them.
As Indy (main web developer for TPB) is preoccupied with other projects at the moment. And as I am not a web-developer. Our issues with the website are building up and it is becoming a burden on both of our shoulders. There are many small things and some considerably challenging changes that we want to apply.
For that we need an experienced and capable web-developer that will help us get the website back up on its feet as we have intended it for a long time. Our site runs mainly on php+mysql.

If you think you can do this, and if you're passionate about TPB, please send us an email with how you think you can help us.


What do we want TPB to be?
We want TPB to be an open, respectable, interactive and free community for everyone that wants to talk about, share experiences, gather information etc. on breast augmentation and possible other body enhancements/modification. Equally between male and female.
There will always be lurkers and guys around for the porn factor as long as boobs are to be seen, but we can't have this site without anything visual, so that's something we will just have to deal with. But we can limit how extreme the porn factor is here and we've already reduced it by getting rid of visibly explicit content starting this year.

What needs to be done primarily, other ideas may be added later or they may change over the course of time.

Overall more subtle approach on the topic. I know that many of us prefer either the more extreme sizes or fake look, but while providing a platform for that, we should also consider the effects of presenting ourselves like that, it may scare people off or make them think they are not in the right place if they are only considering getting a D cup.
So, no huge pictures on the landing page popping 1500cc boobs in your face at screensize.
No 'extreme' lust for surgery stories on the front page as advertiser, focus more on the benefits the girls have experienced in their lives, more self confidence, better clothing, etc.
Backgrounds everywhere needs to be broken to appear less sterile.
Optimization for mobile devices is increasingly important with the vast amount of mobile devices being used nowadays, this would apply for both the forum and front page.

The forum at large is okay as it is, the community is functioning alright, the design could use some pimping though, maybe a bit in the colors of the rest of the site.
We want to build our own chatbox that integrates more nicely with the entire site than the current SMF/AJAX chat. Maybe even webcam support would be a nice feature.


This was one of the first initiatives we thought of after setting up the forum, we want to provide clear and simple information to both men and women regarding everything related to getting a boobjob.
There is a lot of misinformation and rather confusing/conflicting information out there. A small number of us are quite knowledgeable on this matter and combining our knowledge and open resources we aim to provide clear-cut answers to the most important questions women will have regarding the procedure(s). References to sources are important here.
We want to have this FAQ available as a searchable smart database ( formulate a question and it will try to find results from the FAQ document )
Also an option to check if the answer was helpful, if not, the question can be submitted to us so that we can try to find an answer and add it to our database/document.

A database of surgeons, clinics, their specialty, location and contact information. (linked with model database?)
News section, latest big news stories regarding cosmetic surgery, be it new medical achievements, new implant types, incidents, whatever.
Statistics, i'm not sure how well we can provide accurate statistics and on what exactly, maybe this should just be part of the information database, but it's interesting to review our options here.
Maybe a Q&A section on the forum with a few active surgeons is helpful too but i haven't given that much thought. This will require some more effort on our part but the framework should be in place to support this.


--Model Database--

Complete overhaul of the model-database Add several view options, icons, detailed listing (checkbox for wanted columns? Sort by column), one page or multi-page? (it loads slow currently)
The design needs a make over, it currently doesn't look attractive. The background should be broken with something to make it look less sterile.
Search option has to be refined. ( name, age, location, surgeon/clinic etc )
If a search doesn't give results, it has to promt so, don't just give an empty page.
Adding or changing new girls has to be completely remade, when a model is submitted we need to be able to view the information orderly and just have to click 'approve', instead of manually entering all of it again.
Same when somebody submits a change, only the change has to be brought to our attention, we need the ability to edit, Decline/Approve the change.
This makes it easy for everybody to contribute and for the admins and mods to manage, current method is way too time consuming, causing nobody to even work on it.
Currently people have to upload pictures, we would effectively be hosting potentially copyright material, we also have to allow the option to just put an image link that will be used in the database.


Wishes is still on the shelve but we want to bring it to life again in the future.
The framework needs to be in place.
(Possible crosslink with the model-database)

Would have loved to be part of wishes, but I have next to no computer skills and have been using mobile devices pretty much exclusively for almost a decade now... Really hope you guys can get it of the ground!

I will definitely help with the information section,  but I think everyone knows this :).



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