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Hey all,

Exciting news I’m planning on getting expanders this year! My partner has very kindly offed to pay for the upgrade. I’m looking into surgeons.

Plovier would be my first choice but he has a 2 year wait list.

I had a consultation with dr Revis and Dr Stokes. I really like Dr Stokes but don’t know any of the girls who have had work done by her. Anyone else know what she is like for xxl implants.

Kind regards

Lexy doll

Where is Dr Stokes located?


Bimbo Baby Bianca:
Also, Dr. Revis doesn't do expanders. I know you mentioned consultation with him, but just wanted to add this for clarification for anyone reading  :)

My wife is also looking at getting expanders with either Dr. Baeke or Dr. Stokes this fall, upgrading from her current 1250cc. We are leaning towards Dr. Stokes as she had a really good conversation, was very upfront, and was willing to go to the sizes that my wife is hoping to achieve.

I believe that Dr. Stokes has done Arlen Afrodita Cubanita's expanders, and the examples she showed us were also quite large and she really understood that we wanted to have the highest most overdone look possible.

Best of luck, Dr. Plovier also was in consideration, but agreed the wait times are long (work is amazing tho) and while we travel, going overseas was not the most feasible option for continued fills.


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