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If any girls who have been to plovier want to give some experiences that would be great...

Im going with Plovier in 66 days from now on :) So can share you my experiences after that. He isnt afraid to go a bit larger, and the results that i've seen are great!!!

Can't wait :D :D :D

Hi Marjon, thanks for the info, good luck with your surgery. I hope it goes well and would appreciate the experience to pass on. Slice

Since my girlfriend want breasts like Charley atwell, we get to know that Charley was enhanced bei Dr. Plovier. Charleys breasts are Perfect. Any other Girls who are "Made by Plovier?"

Was anyone able to contact him and have some basic questions answered?

All i got back from him, or rather, his office, was just to make an appointment for a consult and travel there. I tried a few times, no luck.

If ever I have motivation again to contact him, i want some questions answered before i even consider having a consult, with any doctor that is.


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