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Reducing risk of capsular contracture


My wife has her pre-op consultation this coming week and we will be expected to make a final decision on the implants she is getting. She has settled on a size but is very worried about capsular contracture. I understand the best way to mitigate this is with submuscular placement and good post operative care. I have also read that there is a decreased risk of CC when textured implants are used. Unfortunately textured implants are associated with an increased risk in certain types of lymphoma and while these cases are extremely rare I am wondering if it is worth it to further decrease the risk of CC. This will have bearing on which implant line we ultimately choose as the Mentor Boost line is only available in smooth. The Mentor Xtra however does come in textured. I was wondering if anyone on here has an opinion on which would be the best way to go. Thanks.

well would you rather have a problem you can fix, or a more severe problem? aka cancer? but the breast still looks good


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