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Moniker Smith:
Announcing my
new vampire game:

Like my works on Literotica, this will focus on the corruption and transformation of the residents of a small town. The story will be told in a visual novel format, using a branching narrative to explore the perspectives of vampires and victims alike. This is a big project, and it looks like each scene will have upwards of 100 images. With more than 100 citizens to corrupt, that means more than 10,000 images in the finished game. I'm posting updates on Patreon, but here are a few preview images:

If you want to see more previews, check me out on Patreon. You can also follow me on Twitter for some softer images. The first game release will be out by the end of the month!

Moniker Smith:
Fixed the bbcode that was preventing the preview images from showing.

Moniker Smith:
Beta release expected next week!

Become a patron to download it and hardcore preview images. Here's another taste of the softer preview images:

Moniker Smith:
Here are some more preview images! I'm currently polishing the beta for a midweek release. Become one of my patrons to get hardcore images and a little taste of what's to come:

Moniker Smith:

The Beta version of BLOODLINES is now available to my patrons. I've created both heavy and lite versions for PC/Linux AND Mac, so enjoy!


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