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I get a couple subscriptions per month, figured I'd share my thoughts here.

GoGo world (GogoFuckmexxx) Connectpal

Rating D-

Nothing special, she had lots of pics but the clips were really short.  Quality was pretty bad on the pics and vids, low lighting etc.  The updates were frequent but again, I'd personally prefer Quality over Quantity. 

Tanya Renee - Patreon

Rating D

Tanya is one of the hottest models in the game IMO, but she rarely posted which was disappointing to say the least. I kept my sub for 3 months before I finally got tired of the lack up updates.
When she did post the pics/clips were top notch some of the best I've ever seen but again, the updates were few and far between.  Her attitude was really bad as well, when I cancelled she messaged me and cursed me out for being cheap lol! 

She has since closed the account and moved to, and I'll probably be buying a sub there just to see what she has posted, Ill give a review of that once I do.

The Bunny Grey - Onlyfans

Rating B+

She posts regularly, but actually censors the posts that show her tits or pussy which is just dumb.  90% of the posts are of her ass, which I came to expect since that was what drew me to her, and how she markets herself.


I was given a free 7 day trial to this OF and it is much better than the original C- I rated it.  Lots more topless shots, pussy, even a couple short sex clips here.  The lighting is still pretty bad but as least you can see everything now.

Victoria Lomba - Onlyfans

Rating F-

Absolute scam of a page.  The same posts she makes on IG and Twitter and everything else she posts requires a ridiculous payment to view it.  Sends a bunch of DM's asking you to "tip her" to view her expensive vids.  Classic bait and switch tactic.  STAY AWAY, don't waste your money.


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